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Rumors of the Mazda’s plan to bring back a new RX sports car may be only that for now. Excited as we all are about these whispers, Mazda Corporation’s global director and senior managing executive officer, Yuji Nakemine, has turned the tables on that enthusiasm, saying that the company has no “specific plans” to create a production model of the Mazda RX-Vision, the concept that was rumored to pave the way for the return of the RX sports coupe.

Speaking with CarAdvice Australia, Nakemine described the intention behind the RX-Vision concept as nothing more but a “dream of bringing that to market in the future.” While there may still be hope of seeing the return of the RX down the road, it appears that Mazda isn’t in any rush to do it at the moment. Nakemine touched on a handful of reasons behind this stance and it appears that priorities and money are the biggest obstacles the company is facing in bringing back the RX.

At the moment, the Japanese automaker’s remains on the MX-5, the iconic sports carthat is only entering the beginning of its current generation run. Even if the MX-5 essentially sells itself in a lot of markets, Mazda is still keeping an eye out on what it can do to make those sales volumes grow. Having another model to deal with will shift some of that focus, something the automaker can’t afford to do if it hopes to make “good money” off of the MX-5.

On that note, the issue with money and the status of the RX is a real one. Nakemine made that point very clear when he said that developing a new sports car that will carry the RX badge takes a lot of money to do. Not that the company is cash-strapped at the moment, but there is that belief within Mazda that unless it can provide the finances to fund engineering and development resources, it’s not going to jump into those waters just because there’s public demand to do it.

As the executive said, the RX-Vision is an important concept for Mazda, not only because of the response it received when it was unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, but more importantly because of what it could turn into when the company recalibrates its priorities.

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