PostHeaderIcon Hyundai Health Care Cockpit Shows The Future Of Stress-Free Driving

By now, it’s not hard to imagine what automakers are capable of showcasing when it comes to technological advancements in the industry. It’s hardly a surprise then to see a company like Hyundai troop to the Consumer Electronics Show to introduce a new concept cockpit that can not only monitor the health of its occupants, but also manage stress levels that are often produced by driving.

The concept itself is called the Health + Mobility Cockpit and like most prototypes of its status, it’s been designed to include features that are not readily available in today’s market, but could end up getting there provided that advancements in technology pave the way for that opportunity. Among the pertinent features of the Health + Mobility Cockpit is what Hyundai calls “Mood Bursts,” which uses sensors to detect a driver’s specific mood at any given point in time while he’s driving. In the event that the system detects the driver losing concentration, an “Alert Burst” is triggered in the cabin. Conversely, a “Calm Burst” is activated when the system detects that the driver’s stress levels are increasing. Seems ideal for traffic situations.

It’s largely unclear how these “bursts” manifest themselves inside the cabin, but at least one example for the “Alert Burst” comes in the form of the system automatically adjusting the driver’s seat in a more upright position in the event that the driver is losing focus on his driving.

Not surprisingly, lighting manipulation is another prominent feature of the Health + Mobility Cockpit since there have been numerous scientific studies done on the effects of light and color to a person’s mood and awareness. According to Hyundai, the cockpit is capable of adjusting its lights system depending on the mood of the driver with specific levels attributed to warm and cool lighting. Likewise, the system is also capable of manipulating the smell inside the cockpit, thanks in part to what the company refers to as an “advanced scent system” that disperses different aromas like eucalyptus and peppermint depending, once again, on the mood and energy levels of the driver.

Physically, the steering wheel-less Health + Mobility Cockpit looks like your garden variety concept interior, which is to say that it’s a fresh interpretation of a cabin that has yet to be done in the current landscape of the industry. Instead of the traditional seating configuration, this cabin features one executive chair in the front that can swivel at least 180 degrees and a J-shaped lounge couch on the back that extends to the front passenger area where a chair is noticeably absent. Up front is a horizontal block dashboard that extends from end of the interior to the other and atop the dash sits an equally long and massive digital display unit that contains every pertinent configuration and information needed by the car.

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