PostHeaderIcon Rivian R1T Flexes Its Muscle With Eye-Popping Towing Capacity

The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show will play host to a hot number of vehicles. Models like the all-new Porsche 992 911 will get most of the attention, but don’t dismiss a show-stopping piece like the Rivian R1T. The all-electric pickup truck comes to us by way of auto tech company Rivian, which started out in 2009 as a firm that developed products and services related to sustainable transportation. Almost a decade since its inception, Rivian finally had something to show for its decade-long plan to introduce an all-electric pickup to the market. Sure, the R1T is new to the all-electric vehicle scene, but it’s making up for lost time with an impressive array of features, none more surprising than a towing capacity that would put a lot of today’s incumbent pickups to shame.

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