PostHeaderIcon Mazda’s Skyactiv-X Technology Could Make the Wankel Rotary Engine Feasible Again

The return of rotary engines in Mazda’s stable has been a constant rumor ever since the last Mazda RX-8 left the factory what seems like an eternity ago. The Japanese manufacturer acknowledges this and, now, with the introduction of the Skyactiv-X engine in the new Mazda3, we might finally see the Wankel technology return in a modern guise.

Mazda unveiled the new Mazda Mazda3 at the L.A. Auto Show this week and it’s a looker, there’s no doubt about. It gets better when you realize that it also features some neat technology in the form of the Skyactiv-X engine which attempts to replicate the way diesel engines work with a gas engine. This new technology might be the gateway to a return of the rotary engine. We already know Mazda plans to bring the Wankel back and use it as a range extender for some of its hybrid cars in the future but we’re hoping for more, we’re hoping for a new RX, and this might be the way to get it.

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