PostHeaderIcon Custom Mercedes-Maybach V-Class – an Exceptional Coach – Exclusive Images and Video

What you are seeing on these photos is a specially prepared Mercedes-Benz V-Class rigged out with Maybach gear. Of course, it is not a stock production model, but a finely customized V-Class probably produced for the French coach-limousine service – CLS Paris – where it is currently in service. This particular Maybach V-Class was filmed some time ago on the streets of Paris, and within the CLS Paris coach service, it complements the fleet with a couple of other high-end cars – including the equally black Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

In contrast to any other stock V-Class, this particular one comes with a fully customized interior – the same quality found in Mercedes-Maybach cars. That’s what makes this particular V-Class that incredible in the world of cars.

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