PostHeaderIcon Can New Mercedes-Benz Commercial With Santa Make You Lease An SUV Or A Sedan?

I love nice and fun commercials. Especially from car companies, because well, I am a car guy. I will never forget the one about the BMW M5 E39 for example. YouTube it, it is worth it. While I still find the ones prepared for the NFL Superbowl superior to all others, let’s face it, we are greeted with ever nicer commercials for the most important days of the year – Black Friday, Christmas/New Year sales and that. Believe it, Thanksgiving is important, but I question is it as important as Black Friday?

Despite the importance, right now we are greeted with a really cool Mercedes-Benz Christmas commercial. Ok, it is not a Christmas commercial, but actually, a TV spot promoting their Winter Event that is heavily inspired by Christmas and New Year.

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