PostHeaderIcon What if Rolls-Royce Had a Car in Every Conceivable Segment?

For years and years, Rolls-Royce never really needed to branch out or experiment all that much. And why would it? With a long resumé of creating some of the most-respected high-end luxury sedans in the world, anything else would seem out of place. Welp, we’re heading into 2019 now, and things are getting kinda weird – Lamborghini made an SUV, the world’s quickest passenger car to 60 mph is an EV, and Apple might build a self-driving transportation pod. With that in mind, the old guard might need to step out of its comfort zone, as evidenced by efforts like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. But what if Rolls-Royce really went off the deep end? To find out, Compare the Market drew up a set of renderings that placed the Spirit of Ecstasy in a variety of unexpected places.

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