PostHeaderIcon Car for Sale: Unique 2011 Ferrari SP30 One-Off by Ferrari Special Projects

As you know, Ferrari will build you a unique model based on one of the cars they’re currently making if you’re wealthy enough to pay for the bill. Such a car is this, the SP30, which started life as a 599 GTO and went through a dramatic makeover receiving 458-style headlights and taillights that are identical to those on a 599 GTB.

Ever since Jim Glickenhaus and a few other Ferrari aficionados bathed into the limelight with their one-off Ferraris, the Maranello-based manufacturer realized there’s a market for ludicrous personalized cars made-to-order by very rich customers. Thus, Ferrari created the ’Special Projects’ program that helps long-standing Ferrari collectors that aren’t interested in buying just any boring model that rolls off of the production line to bring their vision to reality.

The SP30 was born back in 2012 and has since only traveled 65 miles according to the odometer. It’s so pristine that it even has the plastic wrap on the infotainment screen. RM/Sotheby’s wants you to send an inquiry if you’re interested in the price estimate, so we had to dig a bit to find the estimate and, in the end, just as expected, the auction house looks to get big bucks on the SP30: between $4.5 million and $5.7 million, to be precise.

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