PostHeaderIcon Toyota’s Pinball-Themed Ad for the Supra is A Nice Symmetry to How the Sports Car Has Been Received

The all-new Toyota Supra took center stage at Super Bowl LIII as the star of its own commercial. The 60-second ad, titled “Wizard,” features the Supra driving around what Toyota describes as a life-sized pinball machine as The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” blares in the background. Unlike the snoozefest that was the Super Bowl, the ad presented the Supra in a new and exciting light. The car can flat-out move, which is fitting considering that it probably dodged more obstacles than the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams players did in the first half of the game. More than that, the commercial also provided a nice symmetry on the mixed public reaction towards the new Supra. If for nothing else, Toyota’s returning sports car proves that it can dodge criticism as deftly as Julian Edelman dodges the Rams defenders.

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