PostHeaderIcon 2020 Skoda Octavia: All We Know so Far

The Octavia is unquestionably a money maker for Skoda, a Europe-wide phenomenon that has been sweeping the continent since the original debuted in 1996. The latest (third) generation model has also proven highly popular and is still selling well today, despite the fact that it was actually launched way back in 2013. Now an all-new model is on the verge of being launched and we don’t expect it to be a misstep for Skoda. The Czech automaker will want to put its best foot forward with the fourth-gen Octavia since, even though it is not a high-riding crossover, Skoda sells nearly 400,000 units per year in Europe, among its different versions.

However, Skoda has changed its model structure with the release of the new Scala hatchback, and it’s this model that now occupies the spot in the range that was previously taken up by the Octavia. Well, they’re sold alongside right now, but that’s only until the new Octavia arrives. All information seems to point to the fact that it will be sold as a more expensive and more upmarket offering – this is a formula change compared to before when it had to fill the range now occupied by the Scala.

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