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Automatic car washes seem to be a fantastic, convenient, and quick alternative to a traditional hand car wash. However, the experience has shown that using an automatic car wash can do more harm than good. Abrasive materials can scathe the paint and the clear coat, while brushes usually make so-called spider web marks on the exterior, reduce the shine, and blemish the exterior of the car.

Brushless car wash systems promise to reduce the possibility of the damage, offer eco-friendly washing solutions, and deliver a better product in the end. However, over time they have also manifested some significant drawbacks and disadvantages compared to a classic hand-wash and, in some instances, brushless car washes can do even more damage than the standard automatic car wash solution.

You will learn here all the pros and cons of the automatic car wash systems and brushless car wash systems. Furthermore, you will learn how to prepare your car before an automatic car wash and reduce the possibility of any damage.

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