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The Toyota Supra has arrived at the 2019 SEMA Auto Show, and in true form, we’re not just talking about one Supra at SEMA. Nope. There are multiple Supras in attendance at SEMA, each wearing a different alter-ego. One of these models is called the Supra Heritage Edition. It’s the most subtle of the Supras in SEMA, but it’s also the one that we identify with the most. Part of the Supra Heritage Edition’s appeal is its connection to the aftermarket tuning world. Toyota created it as an homage to the tuning scene, something that past versions of the Supra were all very familiar with. Granted, the Supra Heritage Edition doesn’t boast any of the over-the-top madness that past custom Supras could claim, but as a celebration of the relationship between the nameplate and the aftermarket tuning scene, the Supra Heritage Edition is as good as it gets.

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