PostHeaderIcon Chevrolet C8 Corvette by Hennessey

The mid-engined 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 has yet to arrive in dealerships, but Hennessey is already staking claim to an aftermarket program that could provide the Corvette C8 with as much as 1,200 horsepower. Company founder John Hennessey dropped the bombshell, saying that the program would bring a lot to the table in terms of aerodynamic enhancements, new wheels, and, of course, engine upgrade programs with different states of tune.

The availability of Hennessey’s program will largely depend on the Corvette C8’s market launch. The eight-generation ‘Vette was supposed to arrive this year, but General Motors has pushed the start of production to early 2021 — around February or March — due to the UAW strike that lasted a month before ending in October 2019. If you’re dying to get a hold of this 1,200-horsepower, Hennessey-tuned Corvette C8, you might have to wait around a year for that opportunity.‘’

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