PostHeaderIcon Watch Shmee Show Off a Custom Bugatti Chiron Key Fob That Might Cost More Than the House You Live In

In today’s tale of the excessive and outright ridiculous things you’ll see in the auto industry, we present to you the Awain Phantom Key for the Bugatti Chiron. Mind you, the Phantom key is not your typical car key. It’s not even a traditional car key. It’s a special key fob that’s synced to a Bugatti Chiron, and if that’s not cool enough, the Phantom Key is also obscenely expensive.

How expensive you ask? Believe it or not, but it costs around $550,000. That’s almost the expected price tag of the super exclusive and all-new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which means that the Awain Phantom Key might very well be the most astonishing piece of automotive hardware you’ll see in a long time.

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