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K1 - TR2 Triumph SFI-1 Auto Racing Suit - Driving Nomex Style Fire SFI 3.2A/1
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PostHeaderIcon Car Rental Service – The Critical Things To Know

There could come times when you need to hire a car. No matter what the reason is- your car is in the shop, or you need a big car for a family vacation, a proper knowledge of the entire hiring process is essential. If you are accustomed to the ins and outs of the car renting service, things become hassle-free.

So here we have come up with the critical points which need special heed before hiring a car.  Check them out, get the best car rental service and make your entire journey more enjoyable.

  1. How many of you will drive?

Is it only you who will drive the car in the entire journey? Are you going to exchange your seats and let someone else drive the car? Well, it is better to know that the more the drivers are, more the charges will be. Here, age also plays a significant role. Drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 are liable to more charges. So limit the additional drivers to get a lucrative deal.

  1. What is your car insurance policy?

Rental reimbursement insurances are covering the actual cost of the car. However, it does not cover in case you meet with an accident in the journey. Therefore, study the insurance policy properly and better splurge on those which include comprehensive coverage and collision.

  1. Are you accustomed to the travel policies?

This point becomes crucial if you want to take your rental out of state. You need to have the know-how of the travel policies and within your state and outside as well. There could be restrictions, additional fees and other issues making your journey stressful. So it is always a good idea to know them beforehand. Visit Apex Luxury Car Hire for more information.

  1. Did you fill up before returning?

Most of the rental companies prefer that you return the car with the tank full of gas. If you don’t, they take extra charges for the same. Therefore it is better to refill it near the rental outlet. It will help you to escape the substantial fee charged by the company.

  1. Do you have your accessories?

If you are traveling with a baby, you need to have a car seat and other essential equipment. Likewise, it is also important to come equipped with accessories like navigation system, safety gears, etc. Although the car renting could provide you all, they take extra charges for them. So, if you have your own accessories, it is better to come with them.

  1. Is your driving background clear?

The car renting companies check the driving records. If it is not at par, the chances of getting the rejection from them elevate. They generally look after a few crucial points like-

  • Your incidents of reckless driving
  • Accidents did by you
  • Other violations of rules like not wearing the seat belt, driving on the wrong lane.
  1. Did you inspect the car?

It is highly essential to inspect the car properly right in the rental outlet. You don’t want to give the charges for the already existing damage, right? Make sure you sign off for the presence of any dent or scratch you spot before commencing your journey. Do not hurry and rush to the sign the inspection form. It will help you escape giving the money for the things you didn’t cause.

  1. Are you going to rent from the airport?

Airport rentals are costly. They charge an additional airport fee which elevates the car rental fee considerably. Therefore it is better to hire from a location away from the airport. However, if there is no such convenience get know-how of the additional airport fee and budget out your journey accordingly.

  1. Is your credit card nearing the limit?

You need to beware of your credit card blocks. If your bank account balance is low and your credit card is nearing the limit, it is essential to update. Ask whether the car rental company offers a block on credit and debit cards or not. It ensures that the customer will have enough money to pay the bill to the company.

  1. Will you return on time?

Most of the car rental companies take extra charge if you return early.  Surprised? Well, this is true. They take additional fee not only if you return late but if you come early as well. So, if there is any possibility of change in drop-off time, make sure you know the company’s policies regarding the same.

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PostHeaderIcon Functional and Stylish: 5 Great Bed Liner Brands for Your Truck

Through daily use, the bed of your beloved truck can become easily damaged, worn, and deteriorates from a number of causes and pollutants. These can range from chemicals and water to UV damage and friction from the objects you’re hauling.

Over time, not only does this weaken the integrity of your truck’s bed, making it far more likely for damage to be caused and repairs necessary, it also doesn’t look great, and it’s easy to fall out of love at the way you look at your truck.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution; bed liners. There’s a variety of products out there that helps to add a layer of protection to your truck bed, as well as covering any visual damage. However, like all things in life, you’re going to need the right tools for the job.

This is why we’ve listed out five of the best truck bed liner brands you’re going to love. The sprays these brands produce are renowned for retaining the functionality of your truck’s bed and helps to make them look great. Let’s jump straight into it!

Durabak Company

Durabak makes an ideal choice when it comes to choosing a bed liner for your truck for multiple reasons. Most importantly, this a brand trusted by the US Navy for spraying on their truck beds, so you know you’re buying quality and functionality. The spray is used to protect against rust and general wear and tear and has multiple uses and applications.


U-POL pride themselves on providing their customers with ‘Driving Surface Perfection’ and is easily one of the biggest household, and most renowned, names in the vehicle protection industry. U-POL have plenty of products to choose from in their bed liner range, ensuring you’ll be able to find the best one for you.


If you’re looking for a bed liner that provides you with the best protection experience, it doesn’t get much better than Line-X. All Line-X bed liners come with a lifetime warranty and are ideal for protecting against all kinds of external elements.

This particular brand also boasts ultimate stick, so the bed liner won’t come off, and is great of impact absorbing, sound dampening and even comes in custom color options!

Dee Zee Truck Bed Mat

If you’re on the hunt for something a little different to the spray-on formulas, Dee Zee may have what you need. This bed liner is, in fact, known as a bed mat, which can simply fit into your truck bed as an extra layer of protection.

This is a great way to protect your truck bed since you’ll be able to add another layer, rather than just touching up the liner, and then having to reapply the coating in the future. However, this tends to be the most expensive options, and you’ll need to make sure it’s fitted.


DualLiner is a special brand of bed liner that claims to be able to do everything you could want a bed liner to do, all while offering the best range of accessibility features and layers of protection. However, while the performance is evident, it is also the most expensive, and it may not be suitable for shoppers on a budget.


This is just scratching the surface when it comes to bed liners you can use for your truck, and there are plenty more options out there. However, these brands are easily five of the best, but it does go to prove that it’s worth shopping around to see what’s out there.

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PostHeaderIcon Unique Features in Newly Released Vehicles

Automakers are always on the lookout for top trending innovative technologies when it comes to developing new breeds of cars. Today, self-driving cars are still limited to only to the very rich and wealthy but that does not mean that ordinary folks cannot enjoy innovative technologies in vehicles that they are able to purchase. Listed below are the top unique features present only in newly released vehicles from most automaker brands.

LTE 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wherever one is today, the probability is s/he is connected one way or the other to the internet. Some people nowadays even work via the internet and it’s only reasonable that automakers of today are building cars which support LTE 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. With this new form of connectivity, cars are able to do some tasks that normally people would have done when sitting at home including surfing the internet, streaming videos, music and even playing online roulette and other casino games straight from your vehicle.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

This innovative technology is basically self-explanatory, some of the new vehicles of today are able to communicate with each other on the roads. This is a crucial factor as it enhances road safety for both drivers and even the pedestrians also using the same roads. Vehicles can communicate with each other sharing information on things like traffic ahead on the road that a vehicle may be travelling. Also, they may communicate on things such as weather hazards ahead. It’s also possible for vehicles to communicate with road traffic signals such as traffic lights.


Most vehicles built these days also support Bluetooth connectivity. Supporting Bluetooth connectivity means that a driver can access everything on his smartphone when s/he connects the smartphone with his/her car. This makes it possible for the driver to play music directly from a smartphone in the car. Some automakers such as Volvo are taking it one step further as drivers are now able to track their car via the smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity while at the same time it’s now possible to start the car using Bluetooth rather than the ignition key.

Voice Control

Most vehicles nowadays also come with voice control support. Voice control support is handy to every driver as it helps the driver to perform certain tasks such as making phone calls or even texting by simply pressing a button and talking with his/her smartphone connected to the car.

Wireless Charging

With smartphones becoming a default tool for most people in today’s world, it’s a necessity that every smartphone is kept powered up at all times. In order to ensure that drivers keep their smartphones powered up at all times, automakers are assembling cars which come with wireless charging capabilities. This means when a driver forgets or loses his/her charger, there is nothing to worry about as s/he can simply make use of his/her car’s wireless charging capabilities. Currently, most cars which support wireless charging support Android devices but it’s a certainty that in the near future, iOS devices will also be supported.

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PostHeaderIcon How to Choose a Car Brand When Looking For a Car to Buy

When growing up, most people tend to fall in love with one car brand for one reason or the other. No matter how petty the reason may be, the liking of a car brand may stick with a person until s/he is all grown up and looking for a car to buy.

In this instance, no other factors will influence such a person in choosing a car brand. While this is great i.e. fulfilling your childhood dreams of driving a Mercedes, Ferrari or any other car brand of one’s preference, it does come with its own shortcomings chief among them being the fact that one may fall for a bad deal due to the fact that s/he is looking to buy only one type of a car. As such, this article shares with you pertinent information which gives you hints and indicators of what to look for in a car brand other than the fact that it was your favourite car when growing up.


Suppose you finally completed the biggest deal in your life or you have won yourself a substantial amount of money in sports betting, at the height of your happiness, never settle for anything without assessing its risks and safety. Always do your research about the safety of the car brand you are looking to buy. Your research when searching for the safety component of any car brand should be comprehensive and it should include checking the expected lifespan of the car, tires, lights, dashboard, battery and fluids.

Technological Advancement

Tech is revolutionising many industries including the car manufacturing industry. As such, it’s important to always consider the technological advancement of the car brand you are looking to buy. Most tech advancements are seen inside the car hence that’s where you have to cover thoroughly. It’s also good to check how advanced the engine is i.e. if you have some knowledge about how car engines work.

Interior Comfort

You want to be comfortable when driving your own car hence it’s important that you check the comfortability of a car before buying one. There are a number of things which all add up to providing comfort in a car hence you should consider all. First of all are the seats, some come in nylon while others are all leather. Opt for the car brand which manufacturers seats you are comfortable with, in addition, you also need to check the distance from the door, the number of cup holders, as well as the way the seats move as all these, add up to the comfort in a car.


Style is also important for most people and it is the one thing which may be influenced by past preferences. Different car brands have different styles and this is one of the major factors that drivers consider when buying a car. They say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, this aptly describes style, and style really boils down to the preferences of a driver.

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PostHeaderIcon Hanging up the Helmet: 6 Important Steps to Take Before Selling Your Motorbike

Whether it is about upgrading to a new model or just getting some much-needed cash, motorcycle owners every so often come to a point when they have to sell their beloved ride. This can be an involving process since there are things you must get out of the way to complete the sale.

So, in the spirit of simplifying things for you, we’ve narrowed down the process into six simple steps to help create a smooth selling experience for you. Read along.

Start with valuation 

The very first thing you do when planning to sell your motorcycle is to determine its value. What your bike is currently worth will often depend on factors such as the make or model. Different models are likely to be popular differently at different times, which will determine the amount the bike can go for at the time you’re selling it.

Other price determining factors in this case include mileage, mechanical issues, custom features such as paintwork as well as cosmetic damage.

To gauge the current market value of your motorcycle, consider checking your local classifieds for the prices of similar models. Better still, just do a quick online valuation to get a ballpark figure.

Separate the accessories to sell separately

Next, take a quick assessment of your motorbike to see if there are any accessories on your bike that might influence the price. Instead of waiting to undergo a wearing negotiation process trying to get your buyer to pay more for the accessories, it helps to simply remove them and sell them separately.

Allocate a reasonable price estimate

For both the accessories and the motorbike, be sure to assign a reasonable price that’s not way off the mark based on your findings on the current market values. With regards to your accessories, notice that not everyone will have the same high regard for them as you do, so be ready to take a fair compromise.

Prep your bike

This is a no brainer: your bike needs to look its best to grab the attention of potential buyers and be able to fetch a decent amount.

This can be as easy as cleaning the motorcycle. Just this time, be sure to go beyond the routine cleaning and instead do an in-depth cleansing that takes care of the often-overlooked areas such as under the seat.

You may also want to apply a bit of touch-up paint to especially worn-out areas – the help of your paint retailer or paint expert may come handy in matching the original sheen. Also, tune up the bike to ensure it is in safe riding condition and starts without problems.

Prepare the necessary documentation

You’ll need proof of ownership when selling your motorbike. So, take time to put together your registration papers and other relevant documents including the safety/roadworthy certificate and have them together with any finance details, service records and remaining warranty on hand.

Take photos of your bike for advertising

Now, proceed to take your best shots of the motorcycle for uploading to the classifieds. The bike needs to have its best face forward to appeal to potential buyers, so take the photos from all sides against a nice simple background – preferably highlighting some of the selling points to grab attention.

When all’s said and done, you may then upload photos of your bike to your chosen classifieds website and wait for potential buyers to come through.

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PostHeaderIcon 3 tyre safety checks all motorists should know

The truth is, tyres are one of the most important features of a vehicle. However, despite this, many motorists fail to look after them properly. Overlooking the condition of your tyres can have serious consequences, including compromising the performance of the car itself and putting the wellbeing of you and others at risk. So, to ensure that your tyres are in tiptop condition, here are three safety tips you should know…

  1. Tread depth

So that each tyre on your car is able to grip the road properly, a sufficient amount of tread depth is crucial. UK law states that each tyre on a vehicle must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. If it’s found that one or more of your tyres is below the legal limit, you could be fined and receive three points on your licence per tyre, so it’s definitely worth knowing how to carry out this simple check.

Measuring the tread depth of your tyres is easy. You can use a tread depth gauge – this is a special device that is designed to provide an accurate measurement of the depth of a tyre’s groove.

Alternatively, you could use the ‘20p test’. Slot a 20p coin into the groove of a tyre and see if the outer section of the coin is still visible. If it isn’t, the tyre is above the limit, but if you can see this part of the coin, there’s a good chance the tyre is below the 1.6mm limit and needs replacing.

If you find that you need a new tyre, you can arrange to have one fitted by a specialist such as TyrePlus.

  1. Pressure

Over or under-inflated tyres can be dangerous. If the pressure levels in one or more tyres isn’t quite right, you might struggle to control the vehicle properly – especially when you’re travelling at high speeds. So, to ensure you’re safe while you’re behind the wheel, it’s important that you know how to measure the pressure of each tyre on your car.

Firstly, you’ll need to discover the correct pressure for your tyres. You should be able to find this in your car manual or on a sticker on the inside of the driver’s door. This number refers to pounds per square inch (PSI).

Once you know the PSI for your vehicle, you can use a digital pressure gauge to measure each tyre. This device will tell you if you need to inflate or deflate any of your tyres.

  1. Signs of damage

It’s important that you do visual checks of your tyres too, looking out for any signs of damage or unusual wear and tear. You should keep an eye out for bulges, cuts, cracks and any foreign objects. If you notice anything like this, it’s crucial that you get it looked at by a professional. While you may be able to get it repaired, in some cases a whole new tyre might be needed.

For more useful tyre maintenance tips and tricks, check out the ‘Get To Grips With Your Tyres’ eBook from TyrePlus.

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PostHeaderIcon How to Choose a Quality Automotive Locksmith

One of the major reasons that you would need to have an auto locksmith is when you end up locking yourself outside of the vehicle and you do not have access to any other keys to get into it. You might be at the shopping mall, you might be on vacation, or you might have locked them into the car when you got to work. If you have completely lost your keys, the locksmith might need to rekey the vehicle with electronic key cutting and programming for new vehicles.

There are many reasons that this could happen, and you need to be sure that you have a great automotive locksmith there to help. Of course, you have to consider some of the elements that are important when choosing the locksmith.

One of the first and most important things to consider is the experience and options that the company can offer. Many of the vehicles out in the world today require transponders. You need to be sure that the company you are working with has transponder keys that will work with your type of vehicle.

One of the other things to consider is going to be the location of the locksmith. This is extremely important in emergencies, as you want to get into your vehicle as quickly as possible. It is important outside of emergencies, as well, since it could cost more to work with a locksmith who has to travel further afield to reach you. Therefore, you should always try to choose an auto locksmith that is as close to you as possible. Of course, you also need to be sure that they have a good reputation and quality pricing.

If you are looking for a car locksmith in your local area that can provide you with fast service and that carries a large range of aftermarket and original transponders that are easy to program, you will want to check out companies like Advanced Lock and Key. The company you choose should have good reviews, an outstanding reputation and is able to provide you with fast and courteous service for all of your locksmithing needs.


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PostHeaderIcon 3 things you should do before your next European road trip

If you plan on taking the open road this summer on your own European getaway, you probably can’t wait to get behind the wheel. However, before you set off, it’s worth making sure you and your car are fully prepared for the adventure ahead. In this blog, we take a look at three things you should do before you leave…

  1. Check your car

It’s important to make sure that your car is in tiptop working order. Some of the checks you should carry out include:

Inspect your car battery

The last thing you’ll want to deal with during your road trip is a flat battery. So, to avoid being caught out in an unfamiliar country, it pays to inspect your battery before you leave. You should be able to find instructions on how to do this in your car manual, but unless you have extensive vehicle knowledge, this can be tricky. Instead, you could arrange for a professional such as Kwik Fit to do this for you.

Assess your tyres

It’s crucial that your tyres are safe and roadworthy – especially if you’re about to embark on a road trip – so it’s worth assessing them before you leave. For example, you should check the tread depth of each one, making sure all four tyres comply with the legal requirement. The legal minimum tyre tread in the UK and across Europe is 1.6mm, so if one or more of your wheels is below this, you’ll need to get replacements. You should also measure the pressure of each tyre, as well as check for cracks and bulges in the sidewall.

Check the engine oil levels

Your engine keeps your car running, so it’s important that your oil levels are just right. Checking these levels is quick and easy. While your engine is switched off and cool, open the bonnet and look for the dipstick. Pull it out and use a cloth to wipe away the excess oil. Next, push it back into its tube and pull it out again. Look at the dipstick to see where the oil has stuck to. It should have markings on it, helping you to determine if your oil levels are low. If they are, you’ll need to top up.

  1. Plan your route

Especially if you’re heading to somewhere you’ve not been before, you’ll need to plan your route. Being clear of exactly where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and how long it will take should help you reach your destination with ease. Ahead of your journey, look at a map and pinpoint your planned route. This will help you visualise where you’re going and what stops you can make along the way.

  1. Do your research

While you might be familiar with the roads in the UK, you may not be as confident when driving in a different country. It’s important that you feel safe and comfortable while you’re behind the wheel, so it helps know what to expect. With this in mind, you might find it useful to do some research and read up on the main driving rules of where you’re going.

For instance, you might want to get to grips with the rules around overtaking, as well as familiarising yourself with some of the most common road signs. You should also read up about giving way to other motorists to avoid any potential disputes with the locals.

For more planning tips and inspiration, check out Kwik Fit’s Europe’s Road Trips: Scenic Edition eBook.

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PostHeaderIcon Home vs Car Subwoofers: How are They Different?

Looking to have that musical power-drive on a road-trip? Or preparing to break a leg at your own house party? You must be on the lookout for a music system that would be just right for both occasions: compact and blaring!

Ever thought of getting a subwoofer for that matter? If you have already, you must have also wondered if a car subwoofer can be substituted for a home subwoofer, or vice-versa.

To answer your queries, we have listed here some of the essential points of difference between a home subwoofer and a car subwoofer, for you to go through.

Active and Passive Subwoofers:

So, these are the two kinds of subwoofers that you need to know about before getting your hands on one. The active subwoofers significantly differ in design from the passive ones. You have to plug an active subwoofer to an electrical outlet when you connect it to your audio system. This is because your home subwoofer will have a built-in amplifier that powers only the subwoofer.

Whereas, on the other hand, passive subwoofers are the ones that are used in cars and have a separate external amplifier for the system that drives the speaker. The power unit used to operate the speaker will significantly depend on the size of your car and the desired volume of the system.

Know that it is cost-effective for the manufacturer to design a subwoofer with an external amplifier aperture than one with a built-in amplifier. This, in turn, can affect the way these subwoofers are designed for home and car purposes separately.

Speaker efficiency and volume optimization:

This is one of the significant points of difference between a car and a home subwoofer. Home subwoofers play at a fully optimized volume than car subwoofers. The efficiency is measured by the index of how loud the speaker performs at a given power unit.

On the other hand, a car subwoofer will require way more power units to produce the same effect.

This is simply because home subwoofers pump more air into its system to produce a surround sound effect for larger areas. Whereas, car subwoofers are designed to play in enclosed spaces, needing a lot more power to create the desired effect. This is known as the “near-field” design.

Differences in Resistance or Impedance:

Resistance difference or Impedance is the measure or index that defines the amount of opposition a conductive item holds against electric current. The resistance or impedance ratings of the speakers are measured in Ohms.

Car subwoofers generally hold an impedance rating of 4 Ohms with low voltage and high-amperage designs. Home subwoofers, on the other hand, are typically the opposite of car subwoofers with an impedance rating of 8 Ohms.

A subwoofer with lower resistance will make an amplifier use lesser amounts of electrical current to produce higher wattage units. This is why car subwoofers are efficiently designed to work with car batteries that can crank up only 12-14 volts.

But, lower resistance can cause noise distortions and interference unlike the ones with high impedance values.

If you are looking for that thunderous sound quality with ultimate clarity, then you are possibly looking to get a 12-inch subwoofer for yourself.

Unlike a regular speaker which often falters in producing a low-end tone or a good bass, a 12-inch subwoofer is designed to create that desired sound effect. These deliver perfect tonal clarity with precise music-range detection.

So, if you want to feel that booming bass to dance the night away, the best 12 inch subwoofer is what you should definitely go for.

A quick guide to 12-inch subwoofers:

  • Conical speakers are better at producing good bass than the round ones.
  • Aluminum and magnesium speakers perform better because of low-frequency response. Fiber ones are more durable.
  • Go for a build which has a strong and tight enclosure that ensures a great bass and high tonal clarity.
  • Go for a subwoofer with dual voice coils instead of the ones with a single coil, especially if you’re looking to install multiple subwoofers in the future.
  • RMS power handling and frequency ranges are the vital aspects to determine a good subwoofer.
  • The impedance value is generally 4 Ohms with subwoofers, but there are few that come with higher ratings like 8 Ohms. Be sure to check the compatibility of such speakers with your amplifier to manage power handling and consistent distribution.

No matter what kind of sound system you go for, make sure to end up with a fair deal for your money and good music for your ears. These were a few tips and suggestions to assure just that.

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PostHeaderIcon How To Secure A Great Car Leasing Deal

Leasing a car with a lucrative deal is not a child’s play. Even the car holders fail to get a good and profitable contract. However, a little know-how of specific tactics can help to walk you through Great Car Deals. There are certain points which need proper heed to ensure that you get a perfect vehicle.

It is vital to choose only after elevating your information about lease specials and knowing the market value of the vehicle. Getting a complete insight into the monthly payment schedules and possible negotiations require equal attention.

Leasing the car is a wonderful alternative to way to lead your kind of lifestyle and get a vehicle of your own. Therefore, here we have come up with certain leasing strategies keeping which under the belt will secure your car leasing deal and make it more remunerative.

  1. Opt to the cars that retain their value

Leasing car means paying for its depreciation where your payment also includes interest, tax, and other additional fees. Your monthly lease payment becomes less if your vehicle retains its value for long. Apart from this, getting a car whose resale value is high also makes the deal profitable. It means that the residual value which is the car’s resale value after the lease expires will be great.

Different websites are floating in the market that deals with the leasing of vehicles. You may search the best lease car in various sites and opt to those with best residual value.

  1. Look out for leasing specials

Most of the manufacturers advertise special leasing offers for the cars that are not selling as per the plan. These special offers endow numerous benefits. There could be a lower monthly payment or low-interest rate. All that you need is to search for such alluring offers from the manufacturers. Apart from this, it is also vital to ensure that the manufacturers are not calling for high down payment. In the lease language, it is called as drive-off fees.

  1. Note the price of the car

You are leasing, not buying but still knowing the true market sales value of the car is vital. You may search different websites that provide the fair market value sales price of different cars. Look out for the car you are choosing and note down its invoice price. It will give you the idea as what dealer is paying for the car. It will give you an idea about the lowest price you could ask for.

However, in a few models, there are customer cash rebates due to which the dealer may rate the car much less than the invoice.

  1. Get quotes from different dealers

Once you get the know-how of the target sales price, it’s a good idea to get quotes for the car from the dealers. You may contact them directly or through their website and request a quote for the car you like. Since you have already done enough homework and gained an insight into the sales price, show some confidence while talking. Make sure you don’t tell them that you are planning to lease. Just ask for sales price and ensure they provide you the best rate.

  1. Mark the best deals

Now, this is one of those sections which require a little effort. Once you get the quoted rates, it’s the time to review them thoroughly. It might be possible that a seller quoting higher price is endowing better features. At the same time, there could be the possibility of getting the same car at a lesser price and fewer features. It all depends upon your personal choice and needs as to which features you are craving.

You can get a good idea by comparing the quoted rate with the invoice price. The difference between the two speaks a lot about the seller and your deal.

  1. Ask for lease payments

Once you finalize a car tell the seller that you have changed your mind from buying to leasing. Ask the salesperson to provide you with the sales price as the lease payment as well. The next step is to set your parameters, for instance, a 36-month lease with 12,000 miles and $1,000 in drive-off fees. Ask the dealer to fix your contract for a monthly payment.

  1. Stamp up your deal

Once the monthly payments fit into your budget and all other terms and conditions meet your requirements, it’s time to close the deal. The last step is to request the dealer to deliver the car instead of a pickup. You may set it as your condition which will help you to escape getting upsells in the finance and insurance office.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign the contract only after double checking all the papers and figures. Secure a great car leasing deal and live life king size!

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PostHeaderIcon The Difference Between Auto and Motor Insurance

Driving a car is known to be different than driving a motorcycle for the obvious reasons. Similarly auto insurance is regarded different than that of motor insurance. Having a motor insurance never means you have also covered your car under this insurance. As per the statistics, there are around 33,783 deaths associated with motor vehicle accidents every year. Of that, about 4,000 are involved with motorcycle accidents. This is why you need to always have auto and motor insurance in General Insurance.

Important facts to Know about Motorcycle Insurance

When you are exploring details of the motorcycle insurance policy, you will see a noticeable contrast between this and car insurance policies that you have had in past. It is because motorcycle riding is definitely riskier business than driving car and this is what is reflected in expense and scope of motorcycle policy. Even it is regarded more dangerous it never means that you are not supposed to reduce its risks or reduce the insurance rate.

What Will My Motorcycle Insurance Policy Cover?

  • A standard motorcycle insurance policy basically includes bodily injury as well as property damage liability insurance that you need to have. On the other hand, there are some other optional coverage like comprehensive and the collision insurance available for you to go for as per your needs and requirements. Your bike along with its value is likely to determine as to which motorcycle insurance coverage you are required to go for.
  • Apart from these there are some other factors that also determine the type of insurance you need to go for such as the amount of protection you want from insurance, whether or not you want proper coverage for your injuries etc.

Important Facts to Know About Car Insurance

Before you proceed to avail the much needed car insurance, it is really important for you to explore about some important facts about this insurance for your own convenience. Knowing these important facts will surely be beneficial for you in many ways for sure.

One important fact is the type of car insurance. There are two types of car insurance namely third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. When you go for the third party car insurance, it basically covers the damage, injury or death of third party. The Third Party could be anyone ranging from people in the other car, pedestrians walking on road, or anybody else who is not present in your car.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for the comprehensive car insurance then it has its own set of benefits and significances. This insurance is there to cover the third party liability insurance and it is mandatory as per the IRDAI. On the other hand, it also covers the damage or loss or theft incurred to the insured car.

What Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover?

There are various things that are covered by standard car insurance policies. Some of these coverage is described below.

  • Bodily injury liability: this is likely covers the bodily injury claims of the people if they get injured in accidents.
  • Damage liability: This is also supposed to cover the property damage to the third party such a pedestrians or other car involved in the accident.
  • Medical payments: The required payment is done to policy holder as well as other passengers in policy holder’s car.
  • Under insured and uninsured motorist coverage: This coverage is there to give you protection when a negligent driver has no sufficient insurances. In most of the states, it is to cover various bodily injury losses but in few states property damage losses are included in the coverage.

The Difference between Insuring a Car and a Motorcycle

It is important for you to know about the difference between a car insurance and motorcycle insurance.

  • Motorcycle insurance is comparatively more expensive: Motorcycle cost you less than a car but still motorcycle insurance is more expensive this motorcycle accident is more common. If you ride a motorcycle, then you are 5 times more likely to get injured than that of riding car.
  • It is not mandatory to always have motorcycle insurance: In most of the states, it is not always mandatory to have motorcycle insurance. In case you have a clean driving record then you are not required to have insurance. On the other hand, if you have accident history then you must have insurance.

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PostHeaderIcon 5 of the Most Essential Off-Road Truck Accessories

Off-roading is an extremely thrilling experience. The thrill of taking your big rig through terrain that most land vehicles find to be impassable is more than enough to attract a large number of enthusiasts. But the sport is not without peril — there is a plethora of things that could go wrong. Sometimes this can even results in injury, or worse, death.

Common sense would dictate that as big truck enthusiasts, we need to be ready for any scenario that might befall us during our thrill-seeking sessions. This is especially true for those who are just starting to get into the hobby. So without further ado, here are 5 of the most essential off-road truck accessories:

1. Traction Mat

There’s a big reason that it’s common to see expedition vehicles with traction ramps mounted onto their roof racks. These ramps are extremely useful in situations where you find that you’re stuck because your tires aren’t gaining enough traction. You simply unfold the traction ramps and wedge them under your stuck tires.

2. Deflator

If you’re planning on taking on trails that are mainly composed of deep sand and rock, then it’s most recommended that you reduce the air in your tires to increase traction. This also reduces the chance that you get stuck in sand, which is a headache to say the least! You need a deflator because you need to go below 15 PSI — off-road tires often come inflated at 30 PSI — and getting rid of all that air is going to take a lot of time without one.

3. Tire Inflator

Once you finish trekking over sand and rock, you’re going to want to re-inflate your tires to road-worthy pressure. Obviously, blowing into your tires is off the table. Even if you had the lung capacity of Michael Phelps, you’re not getting any results anytime soon. A heavy-duty tire inflator is nothing short of essential for this reason.

4. Tool Kit

With all those moving parts and the steep trails, there’s going to be a high chance that something in your truck is going to break. As a general rule, it’s best to come prepared, both in terms of tools and in terms of technical know-how.

5. Medical Kit

Sometimes injuries simply cannot be avoided. There will be times that no matter how much you try, you still might end up in an accident, whether it’s by your doing or somebody else’s. The important thing here isn’t whose fault the accident is — you need to be able to overlook that for the time being to be able to respond appropriately to any emergency.

Bonus: Be sure to equip your truck with safety features

There are a wide variety of safety features to install in your truck. These can range from a low center of gravity chassis to an AWD continuous mode. We recommend that you get these features from this TATRA supplier in Australia, as these are some of the best on the market.

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PostHeaderIcon Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs Repaired

An exhaust system in your motor vehicle is one of the most important assets your car has (and a very large one).  Without this working efficiently, your car performance will be severely impacted and you could be damaging the environment with dangerous emissions being released.

Replacing an exhaust system could be pretty expensive therefore by keeping an eye on early warning signals that there is something is wrong is important. There are clear government national and international target issued in respect to emissions targets therefore this asset is looked at very carefully during car services. Here are some pointers below as to some of the signs to look out for and take action on before a minor problem could become something a little more serious.


If you think of all the fumes that are released from an exhaust system, there is always going to be some moisture.  Do not let this alarm you as this is pretty normal.  If however you notice excessive leakages (usually more evident when you are parked up) this could be a sign of problems.  If your exhaust is leaking then the impact of this is that your car engine is having to work a lot harder and this will impact your performance.  In addition, the leakages will damage the environment therefore important that this is seen to by a qualified mechanic.  These leakages can also appear pretty much anywhere in the exhaust system and could be at a specific joint.

Exhaust Noise

Another potential sign that something is wrong will be the vibration and noise coming from the exhaust.  Noise and slight vibration is normal however if you notice a step chance in this respect then there could be something wrong, get it booked into a mechanic to check out.   Excessive vibration will also not only be visible from the outside but when you are seated inside the car, it is something that can be potentially felt throughout by you or your passengers.

Engine Noise

Believe it or not, if the noise of your engine increases a lot, the root cause of this could be a faulty exhaust system.  If your exhaust is not working correctly then the engine needs to work a lot harder.  The full exhaust system is pretty large and it is not just the pipe that comes out the back of your car- It takes up the length of your car.  If you have a potential leak at the manifold then you can expect your engine to react with a much larger noise coming from it.   Again, this is all something that needs to be looked into quickly as it can be harmful to people and the environment.

These are just some of the most common signs of a potential problem with your exhaust.  If you notice any of these it is worth examining a little more closely and potentially get the help and assistance from an expert like a trained mechanic.

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PostHeaderIcon Steps To Follow After A Car Collision

A motor vehicle accident can occur at the drop of a hat, which is why it is crucial to be prepared in advance. Of course, there is truly no way to prepare for such an event, but you should know how to behave and what to do. No one knows better about motor vehicle collisions than law enforcement officers who assess the scenes. So, if you really want firsthand information and recommendations, you should contact your local police department. In the mean time, you can read the tips provided below to help jumpstart your effort.

Always Stay Calm

No one truly knows how he or she would react to being involved in a collision. However, it is crucial to remain calm throughout the process. If you do not remain calm, everything will only get worse. If you are calm, you will be able to think more clearly and handle the situation appropriately.

Always Put Safety First

The first thing you want to do is make sure you and your vehicle is in a safe location. Law enforcement officers recommend moving vehicles involved in minor accidents to a safe location. Once you reach a safe location, you should turn on your hazard lights and turn off your vehicle. If you have access to flares, warning triangles or cones, you should place them around your vehicle to alert oncoming drivers that you have been involved in a collision.

Call 911

Once your vehicle is in a safe location, you will need to dial 911. Alert the dispatcher about the accident and request an officer to come to the scene. The dispatcher will dispatch an ambulance out to the scene. Once the officer arrives to the scene, he/she will begin filling out a police report. This document contains crucial information that will play a key role in filing a claim with your auto insurance company. The experts at the Collision Center recommend filing a police report, because it will help establish who is at fault.

Gather Information

Even if you are expecting a police officer to arrive at the scene, you should collect information from the other drivers involved in the accident. The information that you will want to collect is the names of all the passengers and drivers. Also request their contact information, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions, including year, make and model and insurance policy numbers. You should also provide this information to the other drivers as well.

Also get the police officer’s badge number and name. Document the accident scene address and/or location, if at all possible. All of this information will come in handy for the claim process.

Take Photos Of The Scene

If you have access to a camera, you should take photos of the accident scene and all the vehicles involved in the accident. However, you should not start snapping photos, if you are not in a safe location. Even if you are tempted to do so, it could increase your risk of being involved in another accident that could potentially be worse than the first one.

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PostHeaderIcon Best Dirt Bike Apps for 2018

You’ve got a dirt bike. You’ve got a smartphone. You’ve taken the time to engage in some first rate dirt bike customization. So why not put the finishing touches on your off road experience by fitting out your smartphone with some amazing next gen dirt bike apps? There are a surprising number of high quality, innovative, useful apps out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Here are 5 we consider to be the best.

5 of Today’s Best Dirt Bike Apps

1. CoPilot GPS

Sometimes a dirt biker will find themselves far from a cell phone tower and in need of some directions. What to do? Well, if you download CoPilot GPS before you go on your epic dirt bike sojourn you’ll be all set. Unlike most motorcycle ride tracker apps CoPilot doesn’t require you have an Internet connection. That’s because as soon as you install it the app automatically downloads a full range of maps for your region. This way you’re never without an accurate map with precise GPS coordinates. For Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

2. Mototrack TOUR

Mototrack TOUR is another motorcycle map app with a difference. It’s one of several apps available today that will record your route as you go for later retrieval. The difference here is that all you have to do is hit ‘record’ and the app records continuously until you reach your destination and stop recording. The best part is that even if you are out of cell phone range it can use GPS data to continue recording your route. That way you never get lost. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

3. Pocket First Aid & CPR

Things don’t always go the way you want them to on the trail. Pocket First Aid & CPR provides you with simple, easy to follow first aid instructions including a step by step video guide to performing CPR the right way. There’s nothing worse than being in an accident far from anywhere and not knowing the right steps to take to ensure survival. Download Pocket First Aid & CPR and leave the guessing games behind. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

4. WeatherBug

A motorcycle route app is great. But if you know exactly what the weather is going to be you improve your chances of avoiding tough situations. WeatherBug has virtually every last corner of planet earth covered so no matter where you go you can get an accurate, up to date forecast of conditions there. Severe weather alerts, live cams and the ability to access relevant images uploaded by other users are all on tap. And best of all it’s absolutely FREE. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

5. Rain Alarm

Rain Alarm is a really simple idea. It’s like a motorcycle tracker app that finds current weather radar in and around your area. You are able to see if everything is clear or if inclement weather is moving in. You can even configure bad weather alarms which will sound if the app detects rain heading in your direction. And you can tweak those alarms to sound at different distances. Say, when the rain is 5 miles away or when it’s just about to hit. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.


Great dirt bike apps are changing the dirt bike experience for the better. Enabling more exciting excursions that are also safer. Download any of the above motorcycle riding apps and join the brave new world of dirt biking.

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PostHeaderIcon Dubai: a wide-eyed view of the supercar capital of the world

No country in the world says exotic supercar more than Dubai. Emiratis and expats there are obsessed with opulent supercars. The glitzier, the better. In fact, supercars are so normal in Dubai that owners are customising their high-end cars to make them extra special.

So why is Dubai the supercar capital of the world? This masterfully planned city is filled with ostentatious luxury and audacious architecture from its swanky hotels, sumptuous shopping malls and spectacular skylines. Supercars simply don’t look out of place and are a natural part of Dubai’s hyper-consumerism. It’s all about keeping up with the Jones’s. Supercars are a status symbol and you quite simply aren’t cutting it if you don’t have one.

Why are there so many supercars in Dubai?

Now business is booming again in Dubai and with no tax to pay on supercars, they can be purchased for half the price we’d pay here in the UK. The most obvious reason why there are so many supercars in Dubai quite simply comes down to the fact that most people who live in the city are rich. Turki bin Abdullah al “Saud” of the House of Saud is only in his mid-twenties and owns a fleet of not supercars, but hypercars. It’s insane.

When the economy tanked in UAE at the height of the financial crisis in 2008/09 lots of supercars were abandoned, and lay dust-ridden on the roadside. Why? In most Muslim countries in the world where Islamic Law applies, the relationship to money is much more regulated and debt is a crime.

For those supercar owners who lost their investments when the crisis hit, their only choice was to go to prison or flee abroad. Since the majority of people living in Dubai are expats, many affected by the financial crash just went back home. Leaving everything behind, including their cars. We’re going back a bit now, but in 2011, one Ferrari Enzo worth more than $1million ended up abandoned in an airport parking lot, and ended up in a police pound. Complete sacrilege!

Your visit to Dubai

If you are travelling to Dubai for the first time, expect a ‘cargasm.’ Supercars are every bit as common in Dubai as Ford Fiestas and Vauxhall Corsas are on the roads back in the UK. Expats living in Dubai don’t bat an eyelid at a gold Bugatti Veyron or a neon green Lamborghini Gallardo. The luxury supercar is a part of the city’s fabric.

In prep for your Dubai experience, why not have a go at a supercar-driving day in the UK before you go? There are plenty of options available for track days, though experience day provider Into the Blue has an extensive range of rated options, which you can see here. If observing the supercars in Dubai gets too much, and you simply must have a go, book yourself in for some circuits at the Dubai Autodrome!

Police super cars

Super cars aren’t just the domain of the rich and famous in Dubai. The Police in Dubai own the world’s fastest police car. Police officers across the world are usually associated with pretty dull, uninteresting cars when it comes to patrol vehicles. In the UK most police vehicles are nothing to write home about. We are used to seeing Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra cruising around our streets.

Well, not in Dubai. Nowhere else in the world would you find a police car as outlandish. With a suite of supercars at its disposal the Dubai police force have a 14-strong fleet of supercars, including a Bugatti Veyron, a bespoke Aston Martin One-77 (one of only 77 available in the world!), a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari FF and a Bentley Continental GT. As well as supercars, Dubai Police are aiming to have at least 25 per cent hybrid or electric cars by 2030, and have already added three hybrid Porsche Panameras and two BMW i8s.

The Veyron, though, is the cream of the Dubai Police’s supercar crop, with a staggering top speed of 253 mph (407 km/h). Its 16-cylinder engine produces 1,000 horsepower, sending it from 0 to 60mph in just two and a half seconds. That’s a pretty impressive police chase.

It would be easy to assume the Police need supercars simply to keep up with the villains in supercars. It’s not the reason they have such a head-turning fleet. The fleet isn’t actually used for high-speed chases. According to Major Sultan Al Marri of Dubai police’s General Department of Transport & Rescue, the supercars are part of a drive to improve communication with the public. They are driven around high-profile areas of the city.

Ambulance responders

The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) has launched one of its fastest responders, an ambulance super car that travels at a speed of 200kmph. It is the first of its kind and is equipped with first aid boxes and other equipment required by ambulances.

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PostHeaderIcon 8 essential driving tips if you’ve never driven a motorhome before

If you are one of the growing numbers of people deciding to take to the open road with a motorhome, then we’ve got a list of helpful tips to ensure that your journeys are stress free and you enjoy many happy miles at the wheel of your new home from home.

Can you legally drive it?

First things first. Before you’ve even bought your vehicle, you should check out the legalities of what you can and can’t drive based on your actual driving licence. Don’t be tempted to buy a spacious motorhome to fit in all your kit and give you plenty of room to move around in only to discover that you can’t even drive it off the sales room forecourt!

If you passed your driving test prior to 1997, you’re automatically entitled to drive vehicles in the C1 category. These are vehicles up to 7,500kg. However, there is a slight complication when you hit the age of 70 as you are likely to lose the C1 category when you renew your licence, though this can be rectified by enlisting the help of your GP.

If your driving licence was issued after January 1997, it will only cover you to drive small motorhomes up to 3,500kg. You will need to sit another test to allow you to drive vehicles over this weight.

Do you have motorhome insurance?

You’ll need to ensure that you have your motorhome covered by insurance, so it’s a good idea to use a comparison website – see Compare Van Insurance for a comprehensive review of the market – in order to get the best insurance quote and the right type of cover for your circumstances. Remember to mention any modifications your motorhome may have, as well as where you are going and whether other drivers will need to be covered on your policy.

Where can you park?

It might seem obvious but you need to consider where you are going to keep your motorhome when you are not on the open road. Is your driveway big enough? Or is there a something in your house deeds which might prevent you from parking it outside your home and within the boundaries of your own property? If you are leaving it on the highway, make sure that there are no bylaws that say you can’t.

Have plenty of trial runs

Don’t leave your first experience behind the wheel to the day you set off on your first adventure.  You are asking for trouble and it would be a shame to spoil your holiday because of a mishap. Instead, take your new motorhome out on a few short trips so that you get used to how it feels compared to driving a car. You’ll soon learn what you can and can’t do without any nasty consequences. And in case anything should go wrong, you’ll have time to put it right before you go on holiday.

Size does matter

A motorhome is likely to be much bigger than anything you’ve driven before. Even a small motorhome will seem daunting at first, but with a bit of practice you’ll soon be handling it like a pro. Drive carefully and slower than you would normally, and be extra careful when you brake, since the extra weight of the vehicle means it needs longer to come to a stop.

You need to know your new vehicle’s dimensions, especially its height and width. Many car parks have height restrictions, while multi-storey car parks and low bridges are a definite no-go.

Don’t try to get as close as you can to the supermarket by squeezing into a car sized space – a motorhome simply won’t fit. Much better to park further away from the shops and use two spaces and a bit of leg work.

Country lanes can have narrow places with obstacles such as boulders that stick out or overhanging branches that can make a nasty dent if you’re not careful. If you have a very long vehicle, it is likely to have quite an overhang at the back, which is in danger of swinging out further than you think. Be mindful not to side swipe another vehicle, pedestrian or obstacle when you’re turning.

Another consequence of a long vehicle when turning is the backend cutting the corner. To counteract this, go out further into the junction before making the turn to ensure that your backend doesn’t mount the kerb, or worse.

Be a considerate driver

Talking about speed, you are likely to be travelling at a slower speed than ordinary road users. Bear in mind who is behind you, especially on country roads where it is difficult to overtake. Other road users will appreciate it if you pull over from time to time to let them pass.

Driving speed and the UK’s legal limits

The last word on speed goes to the legal speed limits on UK roads which, incidentally, are the same for cars as for small to medium sized motorhomes that weigh less than 3,050 kg when un-laden. If you have a heavier motorhome, then you need to stick to 50mph on single carriageways and 60mph on dual carriageways. Motorways are still 70mph, regardless of the weight of your vehicle. Here’s a handy overview of legal speed limits.

Safe motoring checklists

Before setting off from home or from an overnight stop, be sure to check that everything is battened down and secure. Driving off with a satellite dish or aerial on the roof, air vents open or windows not secured could prove costly. Similarly, failing to secure any things such as bikes on a rack or your electric hook-up is not desirable. Finally, make sure everything inside is secure so that you are not distracted by things rattling around whilst driving.

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PostHeaderIcon 5 Things to Look for While Buying Used Motorcycles

Buying a used motorcycle is not that hard. You just have to know what to look for, in order not to end up with a stinker. A simple guideline and good negotiations skills can help you buy a quality and functional motorcycle, depending on the depth of your pocket.

Consequently, since you know what kind of motorcycle you want. You can take the initiative to learn as much as possible before making the purchase. This way you know its features in and out, as some might be mistaken for serious faults.

Likewise, arming yourself with some basic mechanical knowledge will not hurt. It can actually make it easier for you to buy the bike of your dream. Easy to use and maintain. Either way, you can always consult an experienced motorbike mechanic.

Now that you know what you want, it is time to choose a seller. You will have to do some research either online or offline, depending on what you are looking for be it a V-twin motorcycle or any other type out there.

For a V-twin motorcycle, you can make you pick at ChopperExchange. It is the best website for finding reliable dealers in quality used American V-twin motorcycles.

Here is a guide on what to look for while buying a used motorcycle.

1.     Body Work

You should check for the general condition of the motorbike, from paint to chrome condition. This includes any repaired parts. The chrome should be shiny and rust-free.

You should also look out for dents, broken side-cover tabs and scratches, especially on the fenders and side covers. As for its seat, keep an eye for any collapsed foam, tears and missing trims.

Its windshield should be properly mounted, no cracks or glazing. Likewise, check its saddlebag and ensure that the hard bags have no damage signs. As for the soft bags, check for tears or abrasions.

2.     Engine

A quality used motorcycle should have the correct level of relatively clean oil. You can inquire when it was last changed before settling on it, especially if you are making an online purchase. Fresh oil is always a good thing for a motorbike but also check for any signs of neglect or misuse.

Consequently, look out for any exterior physical damage to its exhaust, especially the rust bubbles. Look out for any broken part or hardware, particularly on its cylinder head.

3.     Handlebars

Even though you are buying a used motorbike, you should still settle for something worthy with fewer after purchase repairs, no matter how small it seems. Therefore, make sure that the handlebars, as well as the grips, and mirrors are in place and in good condition.

Moreover, its levers should be straight and in great condition. You can check its ends for any scratches. If there is any then the motorbike was dropped somehow.

4.     Fuel Tank

The fuel tank should be in good condition from physical observation. Moreover, the tank should be well mounted with no signs of leaks. If you are buying online, you can request for pictures of its internal rust.

In relation, its fuel hoses should be properly secured and in good condition, if not move along.

5.     Front Fork

Check for any dents on the steering head bearings. Note that indented bearings will have to be replaced. As for the fork tubes, they should appear straight if you are viewing from its side, so make use of your eyes. Besides, the fork tubes should be parallel with the wheel centered.

The fork seals should also be in tip-top shape and condition. So keep an eye for any signs of leaks, torn dust covers and any other unusual kind of wear.


Therefore, you should do your own research first before opting to buy a second-hand motorcycle, as cheap can turn out to be expensive in the end. Do not forget to check the engine numbers as well.

Likewise, you should always consult with your local DMV before buying any used motorbike, especially one with numbering issues, be it non-matching numbers or alterations.

Overall, you can start with the above pointers to stay the course, while buying a used motorcycle.

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PostHeaderIcon The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

In today’s modern era, we all love to do some gaming on our phones or platforms on the internet, it is by no means an exaggeration that one of the most seek out games are online slot games, many game developers and making thousands of variations of Slot Games online in the term of themes and how they function.

Slot games have been mainly divided in two main categories which are 3 reel and 5 reel slots, they both have a huge amount of variations on themes such as movies, stories, adventure, horror, speed, motorcycles, countries, tourist locations, fantasy aspects, lifestyle and so on and on… today we explore of one of the most extended themes which is automobiles and cars games and the world that surrounds them entirely, as there are lots of them.

Before we do this list we do want to say that you should try to find a website you can trust and feel comfortable about, especially if you will play with real money, of course you can switch later or create an account on as many sites as you want! A site we recommend is because you can see at the bottom all the certifications, but if you decide to go check out others do look into all the legal terms and certificates they have!

So here are our top car themed slot games, enjoy!

1. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem .- Like sports and muscle cars? Slick design and amazing electronic music? Multiplier mayhem handles all of these with a night theme well rendered visual style, as also a system of multipliers in-game and a thread victory layout that enhances the possibility for you to make some nice cash or just have fun like a speed maniac!

It also features a huge bonus system through free spins that can be earned by pulling out three “scatter” combo, it will give you 10 free spins and if you pull out turbos 3 turbos among those ten free spins you will be given 4 extra spins and a x4, x5 and even a x6 coin multiplier.

2. Racing for Pinks Slot.- If you are still on the side of being a speed demon and get mad cash or mad adrenaline rushes, Racing For Pinks, as the previously mentioned, it is a 5 slots game with a plausible amount of combos and victory outcomes that is all about street racing the very expensive cars, the design is also pretty good as the music and will not bore you out quickly, we assure you that!

3. Reel Heist Slot. Speed is for the cops, specially when chasing robbers, dodging other cars and pulling out stunts to not miss the track, Reel Heist Slots embraces this concept to a high-end and with an amazing design, great visual attributes and addictive game play you will not be bored at all! Reel Heist Slots is hosted in quite a few sites, if you are a cops fanatic! This is the game for you! It also offers an extra bonus of 2000x times for “catching the robbers” mode, which will indeed amount to a hefty nice prize!

4. Midnight Racer.  Midnight race has earned it’s fame for having a history behind the motor theme, it features three main characters Kumiko, Hans & Hector, just as Drive: Multiplier mayhem, it features a combo that allows free spins for an extra bonus.

5. Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive. Are you a fan of road and automobile trips? Mega Moolah 5 is one of, if not the most popular road trip themed Slots Game as it features a huge combo, their developers, Microgaming, know how to do things right as they implemented also a system of multipliers and free spins they also have a progressive jackpot that can build up to the 6 digits if you are lucky enough!

6. Desert Drag. Desert Drag is perfect for all of us who love drag racing in open spaces, highways and dirty areas! It features a rock-blues soundtrack that catches you from the very beginning, simple and quick game play and a classic threaded system, although it does not feature multipliers, it does have a system of bonus rounds that can raise the odds!

7. Highway Kings. Highway Kings is for the truck lovers, although the design is not so sleek it does play out rather well, it is fast paced and has a more classical feel to it, it has a 9 pay-line threaded system as all the mentioned before but features a x10 and a x100 multiplier which of course, can transform a digit into hundreds!

Now that you must be on the edge of your seat to go check them out, we will not stop you, of course there is and endless amount of combinations waiting for you to discover, go, and be the speed devil that will put your luck to test and earn big cash! With all these options, the word “bored” doesn’t fit anywhere.

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PostHeaderIcon Why You Need a Trusted Auto Locksmith

There’s a lot to love about restoring and collecting classic cars. They can be very valuable, but they’re also a delight to drive, giving you a direct connection to the past. However, as an enthusiast, you’ll also need to forge relationships with automotive professionals. You’ll need a trusted mechanic, an auto parts supplier, a body shop, and even an auto locksmith. Why worry with a locksmith, though?

Door Locks

One of the most common types of damage to classic cars is to door locks. A little water and years of exposure is all it takes to turn what was once a well-oiled mechanism into a nightmare of rust and jagged metal. A trusted auto locksmith can replace that door lock quickly and easily.

Boot Locks

Getting into the boot of a classic car can be a challenge. Rust and exposure can do a number here, but there’s also the possibility of damage from accidents and impacts. A trusted auto locksmith will be able to open the boot and replace the damaged lock.

Ignition Cylinder

As a classic car enthusiast, you’re accustomed to seeing wear and tear on car keys, particularly the ignition key. However, the interior of the ignition is also subject to wear and tear. Eventually, it wears to the point that replacing the cylinder is necessary. The right locksmith can replace the ignition cylinder and the ignition switch.

Cutting Replacement Keys

Finally, it’s no rarity for the keys to a classic car to be lost. That could make the difference between you buying that long-sought after car and holding off. The right auto locksmith can cut keys for most classic cars while you wait, right there on site.

With the right locksmith, you have access to a trusted automotive partner that can help in many different situations, from lock replacement to ignition troubles. If you’re a classic car fan and need a bit of help with a key-related issue, you should learn more about companies such as Advanced Lock and Key who are professional locksmiths that can help you.

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1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS! same car from the Better of Dead movie!!
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End Date: Monday Oct-22-2018 12:00:11 PDT
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1966 Ford Mustang GT 5-speed 1966 Ford Coupe GT Mustang 289 5-speed A-CODE
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2016 Ford Mustang GT350 2016 Shelby Ford Mustang GT350
$49,999.95 (0 Bids)
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1966 Ford Mustang convertible 1965 FORD Mustang Convertible
$2,650.00 (21 Bids)
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1972 Chevrolet C10 1972 Chevy C10 Cheynne Z84 350 Factory AC Power Steering Power Disc Brake
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1968 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 1968 Ford Convertible GT Mustang 289 C-CODE Power Top - Power steering -
$12,100.00 (47 Bids)
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1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 1970 mach 1 mustang Mad Max
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1971 Ford Mustang CONVERTIBLE 1971 ford mustang convertible 4 speed
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End Date: Tuesday Oct-23-2018 17:47:43 PDT
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1965 Ford Mustang 2door 1965 mustang convertible
$2,650.00 (23 Bids)
End Date: Sunday Oct-21-2018 14:00:16 PDT
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1970 Ford Mustang 302 Convertible 1970 Ford Mustang 302 Convertible Automatic
$5,900.00 (46 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday Oct-23-2018 9:33:16 PDT
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2010 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 2010 Ford Mustang Convertible GT
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1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 1966 ford mustang 2+2 raven black 4 speed c code
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1970 Ford Mustang Convertible 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible
$11,300.00 (14 Bids)
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2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe S Coupe Automatic Back up Cam Sunroof 6.2L V8 2017 2016 2015 Camaro rs ss 1ss
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1964 Ford Mustang Convertible 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible
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$3,750.00 (30 Bids)
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1970 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS  1970 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 
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2013 Ford Mustang Supercharged GT 2013 Ford Mustang GT
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2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Texas Direct Auto 2010 2SS Used 6.2L V8 16V Manual RWD Coupe Premium OnStar
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2011 Ford Mustang GT Premium 2011 Ford Mustang GT Premium, 5.0, Manual, Black, Extras - low miles
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