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PostHeaderIcon BMW Wants You To Use Your Autonomous Car For Hanky-Panky

Let’s be honest here for a minute. When you first heard about autonomous technology and realized that a car can drive itself, the thought of having car sex would have crossed your mind. I’m not judging you for it; movies have shown us that amorous activities in the car are viable and feasible. The Wolf of Wall Street’s opening scene, anyone?

Anyway, before you get distracted and drift away from this page, let’s talk about what BMW did. It released a short commercial for the iNEXT that promotes in-car sex. Well, now we know what the ‘Vision’ stands for in ‘BMW Vision iNEXT’! *wink wink*

PostHeaderIcon BMW i Hydrogen Next Is Yet Another Fuel Cell Attempt That Promises Zero-Emission Future, But I Don’t See How It Can Happen

BMW has an exciting relationship with hydrogen-powered vehicles. Not only did it create engines that run on hydrogen (like the hydrogen-powered seven series V-12 a decade ago), but it signed an agreement with Toyota in 2013 for the development of a hydrogen-powered car. Since then, we have seen a 5 series GT with a Fuel Cell system, and, even more remarkably, a BMW hydrogen i8. Then, in 2016, BMW officials supported the claim about hydrogen’s future with the comment about the fuel cell car in 2021. It all points out that that car is the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT as they have called it during the reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

PostHeaderIcon BMW iNext tested at the polar circle

Do you remember the BMW iNext? Yes, the one with that Bane face from Batman? Well, it has been spotted testing in some extreme conditions. The iNext was seen going through vigorous testing in the cold weather in Swedish Lapland. It looks like BMW has a lot of expectations from the electric crossover. A little off-topic, but didn’t you notice that even the camouflage is not able to cover the huge kidney grille?

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