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PostHeaderIcon BMW Wants You To Use Your Autonomous Car For Hanky-Panky

Let’s be honest here for a minute. When you first heard about autonomous technology and realized that a car can drive itself, the thought of having car sex would have crossed your mind. I’m not judging you for it; movies have shown us that amorous activities in the car are viable and feasible. The Wolf of Wall Street’s opening scene, anyone?

Anyway, before you get distracted and drift away from this page, let’s talk about what BMW did. It released a short commercial for the iNEXT that promotes in-car sex. Well, now we know what the ‘Vision’ stands for in ‘BMW Vision iNEXT’! *wink wink*

PostHeaderIcon BMW Wants You Yo “Make Every Day Legendary” in 2020 BMW X7 SUV

BMW has very recently launched its first ever X7 SUV, a seven-seater that occupies the top position in the manufacturer’s high rider lineup. With a starting price in the U.S. of $73,900, it is $13,200 more expensive than the smaller X5, so it needs a good story to help get sales moving. In this case, it needs one that turns everyday obstacles and situations into fantastically exaggerated mythical encounters.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota’s Pinball-Themed Ad for the Supra is A Nice Symmetry to How the Sports Car Has Been Received

The all-new Toyota Supra took center stage at Super Bowl LIII as the star of its own commercial. The 60-second ad, titled “Wizard,” features the Supra driving around what Toyota describes as a life-sized pinball machine as The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” blares in the background. Unlike the snoozefest that was the Super Bowl, the ad presented the Supra in a new and exciting light. The car can flat-out move, which is fitting considering that it probably dodged more obstacles than the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams players did in the first half of the game. More than that, the commercial also provided a nice symmetry on the mixed public reaction towards the new Supra. If for nothing else, Toyota’s returning sports car proves that it can dodge criticism as deftly as Julian Edelman dodges the Rams defenders.

PostHeaderIcon Audi’s Cashew Commercial for the 2019 Super Bowl Gives Us a Look at the E-Tron GT

Super Bowl LIII is kicking off this weekend, and with it a long list of fresh commercials. Audi’s getting in on the action with a commercial it’s calling “Cashew,” featuring the German automaker’s latest and greatest all-electric concept car.

PostHeaderIcon Hyundai’s Super Bowl LIII Commercial “The Elevator” Features Jason Bateman

Hyundai is using its Super Bowl LIII commercial to promote its Shopper Assurance program for buyers, and it even tagged actor, director, and comedian, Jason Bateman, along for the ride. Given Bateman’s presence, the commercial is light with its tone with splashes of humor sprinkled in to get the audience’s attention. In the end, Hyundai isn’t promoting a specific model in its ad, though it did include a cameo from the Hyundai Palisade, the company’s all-new big boy SUV. The commercial is all about promoting Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance and, while it didn’t exactly drive home the point of what the program is all about, the ad succeeded in showcasing that it’s available for customers who need it. The 60-second spot will run at some point in the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

PostHeaderIcon Chevy Claims to be More Reliable Than Honda, Toyota, Ford; Regrets it Almost Immediately

GM launched a new Chevrolet commercial last week, and the video claims that the brand is more reliable than Ford, Honda, and Toyota. The ad has stopped airing after only a few days due to complaints from the competition, which challenged Chevy’s claims. And, rightfully so. Chevy has since removed the advertisement from the internet and television but claims that it was to focus on the new Silverado and not as a response to the video in question.

PostHeaderIcon You can still buy eight brand-new Lexus LFAs in the U.S.

Built in only 500 units and discontinued in late 2012, the Lexus LFA is often considered a collector’s item and one of the rarest Japanese supercars around. However, despite the fact that production ended six years ago, you can still buy a brand-new LFA in the United States.

PostHeaderIcon You can still buy eight brand-new Lexus LFAs in the U.S.

Built in only 500 units and discontinued in late 2012, the Lexus LFA is often considered a collector’s item and one of the rarest Japanese supercars around. However, despite the fact that production ended six years ago, you can still buy a brand-new LFA in the United States.

PostHeaderIcon This Audi Christmas Ad Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch This Holiday Season

Christmas is almost here, and automakers are rolling out holiday-themed commercials for the public. Although the main motive is to market the brand and the cars (obviously!), there are a few commercials which we remember for much longer. One such commercial, which is one of my all-time favorites, is this one by Audi for Christmas 2017 that features the RS3 and the RS7.

PostHeaderIcon Santa goes through a makeover this Christmas thanks to Audi: Video

This year, we’re getting a new, fancier and slimmer Father Christmas and it’s all thanks to Audi and their luscious RS5 4-door coupe. The German manufacturer proudly presents us ’New Santa’ in the Christmasy ad they’ve released ahead of the holiday season

PostHeaderIcon Can New Mercedes-Benz Commercial With Santa Make You Lease An SUV Or A Sedan?

I love nice and fun commercials. Especially from car companies, because well, I am a car guy. I will never forget the one about the BMW M5 E39 for example. YouTube it, it is worth it. While I still find the ones prepared for the NFL Superbowl superior to all others, let’s face it, we are greeted with ever nicer commercials for the most important days of the year – Black Friday, Christmas/New Year sales and that. Believe it, Thanksgiving is important, but I question is it as important as Black Friday?

Despite the importance, right now we are greeted with a really cool Mercedes-Benz Christmas commercial. Ok, it is not a Christmas commercial, but actually, a TV spot promoting their Winter Event that is heavily inspired by Christmas and New Year.

PostHeaderIcon BMW sideways carol commercial captures the Christmas spirit

Back in 2012, the Swiss arm of BMW created a special Christmas video to thank its local buyers for choosing a BMW, and what resulted is one of the funnier videos I’ve seen in recent years. The help of a racing driver is enlisted, and he’s tasked with driving a BMW 135i around a track with four passengers trying to sing Christmas songs.

PostHeaderIcon Crossfit Santa Gets a New Ride This Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner and we can see a lot of holiday-themed commercials on television and over the internet. In fact, even automakers get creative during this season and some of them stand out. This particular video by Audi is here to put people into a festive mood by featuring a crowd-pulling celeb – Santa Claus.

PostHeaderIcon BMW’s New Holiday Commercial Shows Off Technology with Christmas Spirit

The holiday-themed videos that car companies generally come up with are funny and hilarious; something that is not very deep and spreads only joy and happiness. But then there are some videos like this one from BMW; emotional, touching and heart-warming. The German also modestly shows how technology is changing the lives of people.

PostHeaderIcon Dodge Preps For Xmas With Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Sleigh

With Christmas around the corner, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is the latest car to get a sleigh makeover. Introduced as part of Dodge’s “Big Finish” campaign, the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Sleigh stars in a new commercial called “Upgrade” alongside retired WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg, who happens to play a pretty jacked-up Santa Claus. With muscles coming out of his ears, Santa decides to keep with the profile this holiday season by commissioning his elves to make improvements to his current sleigh. The result, as you can see, is a sleigh that’s going to make a lot of pony car enthusiasts wish they had the means to do the same thing.

PostHeaderIcon Ford Subtly Calls Out The Chevy Silverado and Ram 1500 in Latest F-150 Ad

The Ford F-150 has been the undisputed king in the full-size pickup segment, and the Blue Oval isn’t getting tired of reminding everyone where the line behind the F-150 starts. Ford’s latest chest-puffing piece comes in the form of a 30-second commercial that reinforces the F-150’s leadership in the full-size pickup segment. Without specifically mentioning its rivals, Ford is throwing a bucket of reality to the rest of the market, letting everyone know that no matter what they do, they’re not going to beat the segment’s resident big dog.

PostHeaderIcon Chuck Norris is Tough and So is the New Toyota Tacoma Pickup, Apparently

We all have our favorite Chuck Norris jokes, but apparently, we all forgot about the power of his autograph. That’s right; it’s been scientifically proven that Chuck Norris’ signature can turn random objects into all-conquering superheroes. Take a look at what happens to the Toyota Tacoma once it got bestowed with Chuck’s perfectly legible John Hancock.

PostHeaderIcon The UK Bans BMW Ad For Depicting Dangerous Driving

When you consider the constant bombardment of advertising that we all must endure on a daily basis, it comes as no surprise that grabbing the attention of consumers is no easy feat. Bimmer thought it had the right recipe with this ad aimed at the U.K. market, but apparently, it violates the sensibilities of regulators by depicting “dangerous” and “irresponsible driving.”

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PostHeaderIcon Video of the Day: Funniest Car Insurance Commercials

These are just great – guaranteed to give you a good laugh.


Video of the Day: Ford GT Meets the Arctic Circle - image 755824

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PostHeaderIcon Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Romantic Vintage Car Ads

Originating a Western Christian feast day honoring early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day has grown into significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance. Initially popular in England and English-speaking countries in the 19th century, it spread to other countries around the world in the second half of the 20th century. Although not a public holiday, it’s become so important that many companies and retailers are spending a lot of money on advertising ahead of February 14th. Automakers have also joined this trend, and nearly every important manufacturer launches a romantic video around this date.

But the romance theme has been used for car advertising since the early days of the automobile. Although not necessarily related to Valentine’s Day, it’s a theme that goes back to the early 1900, and it has been used quite extensively in the 1960s and 1970s, especially in the United States. Modern commercials are pretty cool too, but for this year’s Valentine’s Day, I’m looking back over a handful of vintage, printed ads just to see how carmakers were approaching this theme back in the day.

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The Classic Beach Scenario

Valentine's Day Special: 5 Romantic Vintage Car Ads - image 768369

Pontiac’s ad for the 1964 Bonneville is as classic as it gets. Although the description doesn’t say a word about romantic walks on the beach or a getaway with your loved one in a convertible, the image suggests just that. Actually, many 1960s print ads exploit this theme with a close-up on a big, fancy car and a background showing the sun setting above the sea, a sandy beach, palm trees, and a well-dressed, middle-aged couple. Unless the car is a Volkswagen Microbus and the fancy couple is replaced by young people in bathing suits that are carrying surfing boards.

The Love Bug

Valentine's Day Special: 5 Romantic Vintage Car Ads - image 768370

Volkswagen’s “Love Bug” is arguably among the most iconic car commercials ever released on print. The image with the two Beetles almost side by side and the drivers sticking their heads out the window to kiss has inspired many ads since then, including one for the modern Mini Cooper. Although image itself is romantic, the text is rather cheesy. Sentences like “a sweetheart of a deal,” “lovely racing type wheels,” and “cute black trim” shouldn’t be on a car poster (unless it’s a Nissan Figaro), but I guess it was a good way to get to the younger audience back in the 1960s. But “Love Bug” wasn’t just a title for an ad. It was an actual limited edition version of the Beetle inspired by the 1969 “Herbie: The Love Bug” film. Oh, did I mention that these cars were available in “red hot red” and “luscious lime green?”

Falling in Love with a Volvo

Valentine's Day Special: 5 Romantic Vintage Car Ads - image 768366

While the previous ads are more about spending time as a couple, Volvo’s commercial for the 1977 GT is a love story between a man and his Swedish coupe. There are no subliminal messages and no romantic landscapes, just a guy washing his Volvo GT in front of the garage. And the story about how he fell in love with the GT while servicing his other Volvo at the dealerships. Sure, not many people trade in a 35,000-mile vehicle to get a brand-new one just like that, but I can definitely see it happen. An ad for single men on Valentine’s Day I guess?

The Buick Love Story

Valentine's Day Special: 5 Romantic Vintage Car Ads - image 768367

This ad is not only the oldest, dating back to 1939, but it’s also the most serious in this list. It takes a couple of minutes to read it, which makes it way too time consuming for the 21st century. I don’t know if this was the norm 80 years ago and if this commercial had notable results, but it’s definitely different. More than half of the poster tells the story of a traveling salesman trying to convince an attractive woman to take a ride in his fancy car. At the end of the rather lengthy dialogue, during which the man mentions all of the car’s features, he finds out that the farmer’s daughter is actually driving the same Buick. It all end with the woman asking him to “race to town.” Not likely to happen in the real world, but bringing a woman in a discussion that would usually take place between two gearheads turns it into a love story. Sort of.

Forget about them Italian Supercars

Valentine's Day Special: 5 Romantic Vintage Car Ads - image 768368

And we’re down to my last ad, which is not only the cheesiest, but it also comes from a Japanese automaker we don’t hear much about these days. I’m talking about Daihatsu, a company known for its utility vehicles, kei cars, and innovative technologies. This ad is about he Hijet, a really small MPV that made big waves in Asia and Europe between the 1970s and the late 1990s. Very small MPV are difficult to promote because they’re not exactly spacious and use really small engines, but Daihatsu found a funny way to make it stand out by dubbing it a “little babe-magnet” and calling out gearheads to forget Italian racers if they want to find a date. The “picks up five times more women than a Lamborghini” punchline is clever and funny at the same time. Okay, so it’s not exactly romantic, but it’s the kind of ad that single man can relate to.

Any other vintage ads I should have included on this list? Make sure you drop them in the comments box below.

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