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Archive for the ‘comparisons’ Category

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Toyota Supra Vs. 2019 BMW Z4


Few sports cars can rustle the ‘ole jimmies quite like the 2020 Supra and 2019 BMW Z4. Built as a collaborative effort between the two automaker giants, each is a rebirth of a long-lost nameplate, sliding into a market where sports cars are on the decline. However, despite efforts to meet the demands of an enthusiast-driven public, many decry the Supra and Z4 as nothing more than badge-engineered twins designed to leverage fond memories. But the question remains – how do these two machines stack up against one another?

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Ford Escape (Kuga) vs 2020 Toyota RAV4


Ford has just launched an all-new, fourth-generation Escape crossover, a model known as the Kuga in Europe and some other markets. The vehicle enters one of the most competitive and hotly contested segments where all rivals are hugely talented (there really isn’t one bad car to speak of) and picking one above all others is by no means an easy task. But if you were to choose an important rival to compare the Escape to, then that has to be the aggressive-looking Toyota RAV4.

Toyota went for a dramatic visual reinvention of the RAV4 for its fifth generation since the model had really become rather boring to look at in its previous incarnation. Frankly, no subsequent RAV4 had anywhere near the visual flair of the first generation model, a car that looked better without painted bumpers and side trim – that’s how quirky and cool it was. Now, thankfully, the latest RAV4 tries to rekindle that flame, albeit with fresh, edgy styling that makes it look contemporary, although it doesn’t look visually related to the original RAV4 in the way older generations did.

The Blue Oval, on the other hand, didn’t want to risk anything with its new Escape, so it made the vehicle look pretty much exactly like a puffy high-riding Focus. That’s literally all there is to its design, so in this respect, the RAV4 is already starting to look like the more daring, flamboyant option, yet being a Toyota, it doesn’t automatically have associated shortcomings.

PostHeaderIcon Hyundai Santa Fe U.S. vs China Comparison: Which Taillights Look Better?


You should know by now that many European or U.S. vehicles are launched with longer wheelbases in China. Sadly, most of them aren’t available outside this country. Hyundai recently jumped on the bandwagon with a slightly longer variant of the Santa Fe, but there’s more to this SUV than a few extra inches between the front and rear axles. Hyundai went wild and completely redesigned the rear end.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Mercedes AMG A35 sedan VS 2019 Audi S3 sedan


Mercedes was obviously making a car to go up against the Audi S3 when it created the AMG A35 model to sit beneath the full-blown A45 model in the range. The A45 is aimed to compete against the RS3, so the A35 is for those who want most of the look and performance of an A45, but without the harsh edge associated with these more hardcore cars.

The new AMG A35 sedan was just revealed, and it’s about as close a rival to the S3 as one could hope for. They are evenly matched in terms of size, power, and performance, although they adopt very different visual styles. Even mechanically they are similar, relying on 2.0-liter turbocharged engines, all-wheel drive and their brand’s known sporting pedigree in order to stand out.

But the Audi S3 is a familiar name that’s been around for a lot longer than A35, but then again, until 2017 there was no S3 sedan, so the formula is fairly new. These cars really couldn’t be better matched – it’s clear that the two manufacturers were studying one another while they were developing these two models.

The S3 sedan didn’t really have any natural rivals, but now that the A35 sedan has come along and hot versions of BMW’s upcoming 1-Series sedan and 2-Series Grand Coupe are also in the pipeline, this segment will be heating up soon. One could argue that the A35 sedan is one of the biggest reasons for it.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Toyota Supra vs 2019 Nissan 370Z


Japan is home to some of the most iconic sports cars in history. From the Mazda MX-5 Miata to the Nissan Z-Series, you’ll find no shortage of desirable sports coupes that call the Land of the Rising Sun home. Until recently, Toyota’s contribution to that list remained on the shelves. But that’s no longer the case because the Toyota Supra is back, and it’s back with a vengeance. The Supra’s return naturally invites comparisons to its rivals in the segment, and for this reason, we’re putting the spotlight squarely on the Supra and the current face of Nissan’s Z family, the 370Z. Does the all-new Supra have what it takes to unseat a steady presence in the 370Z? Let’s find out.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Ford Explorer Vs 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee


As the best selling SUV in history, the Ford Explorer gained an almost religiously devoted customer base that has kept the legend of the Explorer alive for three decades. However, another SUV, not necessarily placed to fight a direct fight against the Explorer, has a following that’s almost as strong – the Jeep Grand Cherokee. As the new Ford Explorer flashed its body at the NAIAS and attracts customers with its numerous benefits compared to basically any other similar SUV in the segment, I wondered if there’s any incentive to still choose the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee over the new 2020 Ford Explorer. The current Jeep Grand Cherokee has its roots planted in the year 2011 when it came to be. Of course, eight years on the market have left some marks on its skin. It isn’t as advanced, as aerodynamic, nor as convenient as some of its competitors. Yet, despite its aged appearance, the Grand Cherokee is like a really robust SUV geared more towards off-road and toughness than it is towards family values and convenience. That is actually the main character difference between the two.

The biggest physical difference, on the other hand, is the fact that the 2020 Ford Explorer is a three row SUV. The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a two row SUV. Only the next generation of the Grand Cherokee (to be revealed in a year or two), will have two different layouts
– it will be offered with two or three rows. Yet, regardless of their main differences, the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 2020 Ford Explorer are roughly similarly priced.

PostHeaderIcon Please Buy a Porsche Panamera Rather Than the 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe


Porsche just unveiled the 2020 Cayenne Coupe, which is a lot like the standard Cayenne, but with a “sportier” roofline. As a fan of fast cars and less of a fan of fast SUVs, I feel as though it’s my duty to encourage anyone considering the Cayenne Coupe as their next vehicle purchase to instead take a gander at the Porsche Panamera lineup, which offers more performance, equal levels of luxury, and nearly equal practicality.

PostHeaderIcon Tesla Model Y versus Polestar 2


The scene may have been busy over the past few days, comparing the new Tesla Model Y and the very similar Model 3, calling them too similar, but the fact of the matter is, the new small Tesla crossover has a direct rival. I am, of course, talking about the Polestar 2, itself a strange model that’s neither a sedan nor a crossover – that’s right up the Model Y’s alley. These two cars are direct rivals if we’ve ever seen any, and while their styling may be radically different, they are undoubtedly targeting the same market segment. The Tesla is the more bubble-like of the two, with its strongly arched roofline, but it can seat two more people than the Volvo (in theory, at least), so at least there’s a purpose behind the hunchback design.

In terms of performance and range, the two are very close, at least if we compare the higher-spec Long Range or Dual Motor AWD versions of the Model Y to the Polestar and its single powertrain choice. You will be able to get the Tesla Model Y Performance model that will blow the Polestar 2 clean out of the water with its 3.5-second zero to sixty time, but the other two versions available from launch are comparable.

PostHeaderIcon 2019 Mercedes A-Class vs 2019 Mercedes CLA


Mercedes’ line of front-wheel drive-biased models used to be pretty simple: you had the A-Class, a practical yet rakish compact hatchback, the B-Class, a more MPV-like (or people carrier-like version of the A-Class,) and then the sleek CLA that successfully impersonated a smaller version of the sexy CLS.

However, you can now order a sedan version of the A-Class and the new CLA. Sure, the latter is certainly more dramatic to look at but not to a huge degree. If you look at both cars from the front side by side, you will notice that only the headlights are really different. From the side, you can definitely see the CLA’s coupe-like roof and C-pillar – it’s the C-pillar of the A-Class sedan that really makes it look different.

When it comes to the rear, the A-Class sedan has a unique design not shared with other Mercedes, whereas the CLA has almost identical clusters to the larger CLS. Step inside, and you’d be hard-pressed to tell which is which – spotting the interior differences is far trickier than doing so on the outside.

PostHeaderIcon 2019 Peugeot 208 vs 2019 Renault Clio

The launch of French city cars is a pretty big deal in Europe, and this year we saw all-new generations of the most important models from Peugeot and Renault. The Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio are both all-new, even though in the case of the former you can certainly tell, whereas the latter just looks like the a facelift for the previous-generation model.

Renault played it safe with the Clio, clearly stating that its exterior look is merely evolutionary, but once you step inside you will notice the radically different (and better) interior. Believe it or not, the Clio rides on a new platform that, for the first time ever, gives Renault the chance to also offer it in hybrid form.

Peugeot has done one better, though. Its 208 looks striking and fresh both inside and out, borrowing design cues from the larger 508. Overall, therefore, it nudges in front of the Clio in terms of the way it looks and, on top of this, Peugeot will offer it in full EV guise under the name e-208. To make matters even better the e-208 is apparently going to have excellent range too.

However, Peugeot’s flamboyant approach to the design and styling of the 208 might put some people off completely, so even if on paper it may already sound like the winner in this company, the fact of the matter is there’s a lot more to it, and they need to be analyzed side by side.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Tesla Model Y Vs 2019 Tesla Model X

The 2020 Tesla Model Y is here, promising all the tricks and tech that the California brand can muster, but in a small, yet practical package. But the question is this – how does it stack up against the Tesla Model X SUV? To find out, we compared the two in terms of their exterior design, interior design, and powertrain specs.

PostHeaderIcon Visual Comparison: 2020 Tesla Model Y vs. 2019 Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s obsession with simplistic futuristic design is perhaps best captured in almost terrifyingly similar stature of its two most important cars – the Tesla Model 3 and the recently revealed Tesla Model Y. Unraveled secrets of the new mid-size electric crossover led the world almost unanimously settle on the fact that the new Model Y is essentially an ideal conjugation between the reasonable Model 3 and the lush Model X.

While the design cleverly infiltrates the new mid-size crossover into the world of more expensive coupe-looking propositions on the market, it also resoundingly accepts all the styling cleverness of Tesla’s cheapest model. The Tesla Model Y differs from the Model 3 in what seems to be a few minor details, but it is clear that all of them matter a lot. I explored all the design minutiae between the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model X for you, and it becomes clear – the Tesla Model Y is the smartest thing Tesla ever did. And that because almost nothing is entirely new.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Ford Explorer vs Honda Pilot

Ford has completely redesigned the Explorer for the 2020 model year in the quest to surpass its many talented and popular rivals. One of those rivals is the third-gen Honda Pilot that has been around in its current form since 2016 and recently facelifted for the 2019 model year. Both models are popular, but now that the new Ford is out, is a mere facelift enough to keep the Honda up to date and competitive?

The latest Explorer changes the previous model’s formula a bit through the fact that its platform is now rear-wheel-drive biased. It is also lighter than before, offers better performance, better fuel economy, and Ford is even going to make a hot ST version of it. Honda’s Pilot refresh brought with it more aggressive exterior styling, new tech (especially on the safety front, with the full Honda Sensing suite), but no new engines – only one non-turbo V-6 is offered.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Mercedes CLA vs 2019 Jaguar XE

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA aims to hit above its weight on a regular basis, eyeing compact sedans that are usually the prey of the bigger C-Class. It only makes sense, then, to compare it with Jaguar’s own luxury compact sedan that wants a piece of the C-Class’ and 3-Series’ market, namely the XE. Can Jaguar hold its own against the latest coupe sedan with the three-pointed star on the nose?

Right off the bat, we have to point out that Jaguar will introduce a facelift to the XE at some point this year that will not only include a more aggressive look but also address some of the issues inside the cabin like the lesser materials used on the current version. However, as the revamped XE isn’t here yet, we’ll only talk about the one that’s on the market today that looks and feels about the same as it did back in 2016 when it was introduced. Let’s see if the four-year gap between these two cars is visible.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Dodge Durango

The Ford Explorer remains one of the most popular SUVs in America, but the previous-generation model had one thing going against it: age. It entered the market in 2011, and while a 2018 facelift injected some life back to the SUV, it was only a matter of time before Ford ultimately replaced it with a next-generation model. Well, that time has come. The sixth-generation Ford Explorer made its long-awaited debut at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, and it didn’t take long for the SUV to serve notice to its rivals. The Explorer is back, baby, and it’s back with a vengeance. That should serve as a warning to Dodge and its Durango SUV. Just like the Explorer is to Ford, the Durango is one of Dodge’s biggest moneymakers. Unlike the Explorer, the current version of the Durango is toiling on the back-end of its generational cycle. The next-generation Durango is coming, but there’s no specific timetable on when it’s poised to arrive. So as the all-new Ford Explorer flexes its muscles in the segment, the current Durango has to resist the Explorer rush, at least until the cavalry arrives. Is it up to the task against the all-new Ford SUV? Let’s find out.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 VW Jetta GLI vs 2019 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Volkswagen has finally given its Jetta sedan for North America the power, exclusivity, and extra sporting edge that some enthusiasts felt were missing from the package. The new 2020 Jetta GLI has addressed all those concerns and is now a model with enough brawn and sophistication to go head to head with all the sporty sedans in its size and price brackets. If you’re into fast driving, then you will be happy to note the new Jetta GLI gets the exact same engine as the (Golf) GTI, a standard limited-slip differential, and a snappy six-speed stick shift.

One of the new Jetta GLI’s main rivals is the2019 Honda Civic Si sedan, a very hard contender indeed. The Civic Si has a smaller displacement engine than the Jetta GLI, and has less power, but it is also quite a light car, one renowned for its excellent handling and road manners. It also looks somewhat sportier than the Jetta too, especially if you see its trunk lid-mounted wing, the center exhaust, and the aggressive overall design and stance.

If this were purely a visual comparison to discover which car looked more aggressive, that distinction would automatically go to the Civic Si. But it’s not all about the visuals, especially since the Jetta is more powerful than the Civic and it also has a more sophisticated independent rear suspension that VW doesn’t offer on any other Jetta model.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Toyota Supra vs Toyota GR Supra Performance Line TRD Concept

Only weeks after the official debut of the new 2020 Toyota Supra, the Japanese brand has released what could be considered a spiced up version of the same car – the Toyota Supra TRD Concept. Revealed at the Osaka Automesse, the GR Supra Performance Line TRD Concept is a looker, but I wonder do you find it as dashing as the Supra mk4 TRD 3000GT. Yup, that was a thing, and that particular Supra had the TRD developed body kit along with a number of other attachments. I will leave the comparison between the awesome Supra TRD 3000GT with the new Toyota Supra TRD concept for another day, but now, I’d like to explore and propose to you what the modern Toyota Racing Development team prepped for the latest Supra. I told you numerous times that I like the way the new car looks, but can the TRD Concept further sharpen my desire for it?

PostHeaderIcon 2019 GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate V.S. 2019 Ram Multifunction Tailgate

It’s the dawn of a new age for pickup trucks these days as the RAM 1500 and the GMC Sierra square of in a battle of wits involving their respective…tailgates. Unlike in the past where pickups are usually compared by the amount of power they produce or the amount of weight they can carry or tow, we’re entering a new frontier where the term “trick tailgate” is about to become one of the most important elements of a pickup, if it isn’t there already. GMC was the first to showcase its six-function MultiPro tailgate in 2018 on the Sierra truck. It took some time, but RAM has responded with its own trick tailgate, known as the MultiFunction tailgate, at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. So, now that we’ve seen both tailgates and tinkered with them on separate occasions, which of these two is better? For that, we look at the Tale of the Trick Tailgates.

PostHeaderIcon Old versus New: How different is the 2020 Subaru Legacy to its predecessor?

Subaru has revealed an all-new seventh-generation 2020 Legacy sedan at the2019 Chicago auto show, but right off the bat it was criticized for playing it too safe with its design and styling. Some even say it looks nearly identical to the vehicle it’s meant to replace and while that is an overstatement, you really have to look at the fine details to be able to tell them apart.

And that’s what we’re going to do here, put the two models side by side and dissect their differences so that you don’t have to. Besides, Subaru has been doing this whole conservative, evolutionary design approach for most of the last decade now, but if you remember crazy cars like the SVX coupe from the company’s past (as well as the current BRZ), you know it wasn’t always so restrained.

In the press release that accompanied the reveal of the new model, Subaru mentioned it rides on the company’s new Subaru Global Platform it introduced in 2017, its new 2.4-liter turbocharged boxer with 260 horsepower, improved interior with extra tech and last but not least the car’s “bold design” that follows a “Dynamic x Solid” philosophy. But let’s see the two cars side by side first, then start judging them.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Redeye

The Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 returned after five years with more power than ever, a menacing body kit and, for the very first time, a race-spec rear wing. With more than 700 horsepower coming from a supercharged V-8, the Shelby GT500 is notably more powerful than its traditional rival, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. So which modern muscle car is good enough to compete with the 2020 Shelby GT500? I think it’s the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, a car that FCA created to bridge the gap between the regular Hellcat and the drag-prepped Demon. Here’s how they compare.

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