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Archive for the ‘cool fast cars’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Audi R8 V10 RWS

It should come as no surprise that while in search for a little differentiation for its R8 lineup, Audi decided to develop a special edition model that ditched one of its most important claims to fame: the quattro all-wheel-drive system. And so there it was at the Frankfurt Motor Show for all the world to see. The limited edition Audi R8 officially goes by the name R8 V10 RWS, and according to Audi Sport CEO Stephan Winkelmann, it’s a model that Audi developed specifically for purists with an “appreciation for essential driving enjoyment.”

The special edition R8 V10 is limited to just 999 units and each one of them will ditch the automaker’s famous quattro AWD system in favor of rear-wheel drive. That’s the car’s claim to fame, above all else, and it’s a claim that no other variant of the current-generation Audi R8 has. Beyond the RWD offering, the R8 V10 also features a good amount of exterior and interior changes, as well as significant modifications to its chassis and suspension to accommodate the rear-wheel drive set-up. If it’s hard to imagine what an RWD Audi R8 is all about, think of it as a lighter version of the standard R8 that’s been tuned specifically to put more control of the car in the driver’s hands. Think drifting in an AWD R8 is cool? Well, imagine what you can do with an R8 that sends all of its power in the rear wheels. This is what the Audi R8 V10 RWS is offering, among other things. Better be quick though because only 999 units will be made. Miss out on one and you’re once again staring at the aftermarket tuning scene to get your rear-wheel drive R8 fix.

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PostHeaderIcon 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show – Best In Show

Auto show season is very much upon us, kicking off in Germany with the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. This bi-annual event (passenger cars are presented during odd-numbered years and commercial vehicles during even-numbered years) traditionally brings out the good stuff, and this year was no different, with a variety of exciting, innovative, and highly desirable new rides making headlines across numerous segments.

Of course, it goes without saying that we here at are, like any other gear head, naturally inclined to seek out those things that are fast and sexy, and as such, there were a few obvious picks going on this list. If you’ve been paying attention to the news coming out of Frankfurt, you know that should include the latest hybrid hypercar from Mercedes, Bimmer’s new Le Mans race machine, and a particular Prancing Horse as well. To these obvious picks, we added a concept and even a slick SUV, plus a few other standouts. Read on for our picks of the best from Frankfurt, and feel free to post your additions and/or edits in the comments section below.

Continue reading to learn more about the Best In Show debuts from the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

PostHeaderIcon Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package

Say what you will about Porsche’s tendency to get a little carried away with its niche variants for the 911, but credit should be heaped on the company for being aware of what customers want. Take the Porsche 911 GT3 for example. By every sports car metric, the 911 GT3 is a shining example of the best of Stuttgart engineering. The only problem with it is that it’s far from being the most understated 911 in the market, no thanks to its attention-grabbing aero bits. Then there’s the 911 R, the answer to prayers coming from Porsche purists who were crossing their fingers for a manual transmission 911. The 911 R was the answer to those prayers, except it was limited to just 991 units. Enter then the Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package. Think of it as the love child between the 911 GT3 and the 911 R, carrying elements from both models and wrapping them all up in one scintillating package.

The car’s name may not roll off the tongue as smoothly as I’d like, but remember, there is a precedence in Porsche’s history of the “Touring” name being used on a 911, specifically the 1973 Porsche Carrera 911 RS Touring. So we’ve established the roots of the 911 GT3 Touring. But far more than just being a product of Porsches-gone-by and previous iterations of the current-generation 911, the 911 GT3 Touring is a car of its own devices, understated in appearance yet ferocious in performance. In my view, this is the Porsche 911 variant that purists have been waiting for.

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PostHeaderIcon Selective Breeding Brings About an Ugly Supercar – The Mercedes-AMG Project One

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is here, and the first thing that comes to mind for me is that Mercedes really needs to quit playing with people’s emotions. Under the metal, you’ll find a 1.6-liter V-6 that features a unique setup straight from Formula One. It features a single turbo charger that is assisted by an electric motor to go with another electric motor in the crankcase and two motors at the front axle. The motor inside the turbocharger (not sure how that’s going to stand up to the excessive heat of the exhaust) spools up the turbo while the electric motor attached to the crankshaft via a spur gear. It delivers as much as 120 kW of power while the turbo charger is spooled by a 90kW motor. The engine sits in the middle of the vehicle, just ahead of the rear axle, and can handle speeds as high as 11,000 rpm. This is made possible by pneumatic valve springs instead of the typical mechanical springs. Meanwhile, the motors on the front wheels drive each wheel individually and can reach speeds as high as 50,000 rpm – 30,000 more than cure “state of the art technology.” All told, the Project One promises a system output of over 1,000 horsepower and a top speed “beyond” 217 mph all from that tiny engine and four electric motors.

The battery system itself is an 800-volt system, so that’s double the usual voltage associated with plug-in hybrids, is stored in the floorboard just behind the front axle. The actual capacity of the battery is unknown at this time, but Mercedes promises that maximum acceleration will get you up to 112 mph in “under six seconds” thanks to the electric motors and V-6 engine. Shifting duties are handled by an automated, eight-speed manual transmission that is said to have been developed from scratch for the Project one. It can shift itself or be shifted by the paddles ahead of the steering wheel. So, with that in mind, it’s basically an automatic transmission so don’t let the previous wording fool you – there’s no clutch pedal here. The onboard electrics are powered by that massive lithium-ion battery as well, but it is done by a converter that’s built into the battery system to prevent oversupply by the high-voltage system. There’s a lot more to this car than power output and performance, though, so let’s talk a little more about the exterior and interior design below.

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PostHeaderIcon TVR Griffith

Well, Folks, the day is here. TVR has shocked the world by debuting the new TVR Griffith at the Goodwood Revival. One of the most anticipated cars of the year, the Griffith has a lot to live up to, but luckily the team responsible for this piece of rolling artwork has managed to deliver a car that resides well above our expectations and should send marques like Aston Martin and Jaguar running for the hills. Featuring a look that reminds me of an FD-gen Mazda RX-7 on steroids, the Griffith features a stunning design, a 50:50 weight distribution, a Cosworth-enhanced V-8 that’s good for at least 400 ponies, and a Magnum XL gearbox that can handle as much as 700 pound-feet of torque. It’s beautiful iStream architecture provided by none other than Gordan Murray, paired with that beautiful carbon composite body means we’re talking about a car that isn’t only exceptionally light but exceptionally strong as well and could very well push TVR beyond being the brand it once was as it steps into the ring with the big boys for the first time in nearly two decades.

The car was presented for the very first time in Launched Edition spec, a model that will go for £90,000 or about $119,000 a current exchange rates. It boasts a full leather interior to go with custom wheels, a special paint selection, and a bespoke infotainment system. A good number of these have likely already been spoken for so if you’re hoping to get one of the first models that rolls off the line, you might want to get with TVR quickly as once they are spoken for, that’s it. Production is slated to start sometime in late 2018 with a total of 500 Launch Edition models on the bill. After that, you’ll be stuck with the standard production model, which will likely go for a bit more once in production and ready to hit the streets. So, with that in mind, we should start seeing the Griffith on the street in the next couple of years, so let’s talk more about this stunning masterpiece and see just what it brings to the table.

Continue reading to learn more about the 2018 TVR Griffith.

PostHeaderIcon Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

The Lamborghini Aventador is crowned as Lambo’s most iconic model, and since its introduction in 2011, the family has grown considerably. After the base Aventador hit the road, it paved the way for models like the Aventador J, the LP 750-4 SuperVeloce, the Dreamliner Edition, and was even used as the basis for cars like the Veneno and Centenario. By the time late 2016 came around, the car that was responsible for the aforementioned models – and replaced the Murcielago in the lineup – was due for an update that brought about a revamping of the car’s aerodynamics and its chassis to go along with a mild update to power output as well. Now, in early September of 2017 – at least a month before the new 2018 Aventador S will be delivered to the first customers – Lambo has decided to present us with the Aventador S Roadster, a topless version of the new S that is destined to stand out next to its less-frisky counterpart by means of unlimited headroom packed into a head-turning package.

So that sounds good and all, but what does it really mean? Well, it means that the world’s only super sports roadster with a mid-rear V-12 is its own standalone model that’s highly customizable with five different interior configurations, and an unlimited choice of exterior colors via the Ad Persona program. It takes four-wheel drive to an all-new level alongside things like the active suspension system, four-wheel steering system, and Lambo’s classic LDS and LMS systems that were revised specifically for the Aventador S Roadster. So, even though the Aventador S Coupe is still fairly fresh in our minds, it’s time to take a good look at its topless counterpart. And, you better hurry if you want to be informed – this baby makes its first official debut to the masses at none other than the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Updated 09/18/2017: We added a series of new images taken during the car’s official debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster.

PostHeaderIcon Everyday Life With the 2017 Honda Civic Type R

Honda’s new Civic Type R is a beast on the track. Its 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque are more than enough to push this 3,100-pound car toward speeds anyone besides a pro driver should feel comfortable with. My time with at The Ridge Motorsports Park proved that much. Yet, despite the Civic Type R’s race-bred underpinnings, it’s still a Civic hatchback. That means it should be easy to live with, easy to drive slowly, and easy to throw cargo into. So, how’d it do?

Wonderfully. The Civic Type R still offers a pleasant driving experience around down. The light clutch and short-throw shifter are just as enjoyable on the street as on the track. And despite their heavy bolstering, Honda’s front bucket seats are comfortable to get into and easy to get out of. They remain supportive over a long drive, too. The rear seats aren’t touched in the Type R transformation, so they remain spacious for the Civic’s class, yet do lack a center armrest and air vents.

But the value really arrives when it’s time to haul stuff. The Civic boasts a class-leading 25.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second- row seat. Fold the 60/40-bench flat, and the Civic Hatch has 46.2 cubic feet of room. The hatchback’s rear opening is wide and tall, allowing for ungainly items like furniture and boxes to easily slide in.

When it comes to storing everyday items like drinks and cell phones, the Civic offers tons of options. The center console is ingeniously designed with a deep container under the armrest. It houses three cup holders – two of which are mounted midway down on a slidable track. The third is way down low, perfect for those Trenta-sized Starbucks drinks. A small storage cubby ahead of the shifter is great for phones and knick-knacks. A cable pass-through lets charging cables run into the lower tier area where Honda locates the USB and 12-volt charge ports. Large door pockets add to the usable (and reachable from behind the wheel) storage space.

On the downside, the Civic Type R rides on 245/30ZR-20 performance wheels and tires. While great on smooth pavement, the 30-series sidewalls offer little cushion from potholes and bumps. This leaves the active dampers with all the work of quelling uneven pavement. Road noise is prevalent, too, imitating mostly from the rear of the interior. Long drives on older pavement might spur on a headache from those sensitive to booming noises. I don’t remember noise being an issue in the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback EX-L Navi I previously tested, so it’s likely a trade-off for the added lightness and stickier rubber needed to make the Type R perform. In truth, these negligible complaints won’t turn away those eager customers. The Type R isn’t trying to pass as a Cadillac, after all.

Thankfully, the firm ride is about the only trade-off for upgrading to the Type R over the standard Civic Hatchback – at least in terms of everyday livability. The big wing and aggressive aero bits might make it a target for speeding tickets. Just ask one of the journalists at this press event…

PostHeaderIcon The 370Z Continues to Show its Age, Yet Nissan Refuses to Kill it

As excited as it was to hear rumors that Nissan was bringing thesuccessor to the 370Z sports car at the Tokyo Motor Show, it appears that the hype has fizzled out even before it had a chance to be worth anything. The latest word coming from former Nissan Australia Managing Director, Richard Emery, who has come out saying there are unlikely to be any plans for a new Z concept anytime soon.

Speaking with Motoring, Emery said that there are no plans to introduce a replacement study for the 370Z. His comments also came a few days after the automaker unveiled the 2018 370Z in Europe, packing some aesthetic improvements in the exterior and interior. Considering these recent developments on the front of Nissan’s Z sports car family, it does look like all those talks of a successor were premature. It doesn’t mean that they were unwarranted, though. The fact remains that the 370Z is eight years old and (should be) at the end of its lifecycle. It’s certainly possible that Nissan is giving the sports car one final facelift before officially launching the successor. Whether that’s a couple of years from now or not, it’s going to be a while.

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PostHeaderIcon Dodge Viper ACR Almost Breaks Seven Minutes At The Nürburgring: Video

It may not have succeeded in reclaiming the Nürburgring production car lap record from the Lamborghini Huracán Performante, but finally, the Dodge Viper got the proper send-off it so richly deserves, all thanks to the passion and determination of the Viper Owners Association. Relentless in their pursuit of Nürburgring glory, members of the group continued to bang in laps around the Nürburgring in an effort to unseat the Huracán Performante’s record lap time of 6:52.01. It failed to even get close, but that shouldn’t take away from the accomplishment of squeezing in a lap time of 7:01.3 around the 12.9-mile lap.

Yep. Against all odds, drivers Dominik and Mario Farnbacher and all the people involved in the endeavor managed to improve on its previous fastest lap of 7:03.23, coming a second over actually breaking the seven-minute barrier. The achievement is made even more impressive by the fact that these Viper owners had little to no help from Dodge or FCA to bring the Viper ACR to the famed German track. The collective relied on a fund-raising effort and a few sponsors to even come this far in their quest and while they did fall short of their ultimate goal (the Huracan was still nine seconds faster around the track) they have nothing to be ashamed about.

They did what FCA and Dodge should’ve done in the first place. They gave the Viper a proper tribute and had they not crashed out, who knows if they could’ve really broken that all-too precious seven-minute barrier. It doesn’t matter now, nor should it because the Viper Owners Association represented the Viper about as well as they could. Well done, guys.

PostHeaderIcon Missed Out on the Cool Porsche 911 R? You’ll be Able to Buy One Soon

Introduced in 2016, the 911 R is arguably one of the greatest sports cars Porsche has ever built. Essentially a wingless GT3 with a manual transmission, it was designed as the ultimate purist 911 and it was received with great enthusiasm. Interest was so high that all 911 units were sold before the car’s official launch, despite a $184,900 sticker that was $9,000 higher than that of the 911 GT3. What’s more, the 911 R began to fetch more than $1 million on the used-car market after only a couple of months on the road. All told, it was way too exclusive to become a proper purist sports car since only a few rich customers had access to it. But things could change in the near future.

According to Porsche R&D boss Michael Steiner, the German firm plans on launching a purist version of the 911 with a regular production run. Speaking to Autocar at the launch of the new Cayenne, he said that Stuttgart sees “potential for more purist versions of sports cars with no limitation” on production numbers. This could mean that Porsche might introduce a model similar to the 911 R as a regular member of the Porsche family instead of a highly limited edition that would send prices through the roof and leave many enthusiasts out of the picture.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Mercedes-AMG Project One

Just a few years ago, Mercedes floated plans to create a new hybrid hypercar, one that would dominate in the burgeoning world of electrified ultimate-performance machines. The German automaker confirmed those plans a year ago, and now, with AMG celebrating its 50th anniversary, the uber-car has made its big debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Mercedes says the new mega-machine brings “the very latest and efficient, fully-fledged Formula 1 hybrid technology to the road.” That includes a 1.6-liter V-6 that’s shockingly similar to the powerplant in Merc’s F1 car, spinning to 11,000 rpm and producing upwards of four figures. Drivers sit in a carbon fiber tub, stick harder with active aerodynamics, and turn better with push rod suspension. All impressive stuff, to be sure, but is it enough to topple the current top-dog performance machines?

Regardless, the Project One is already a massive hit, garnering huge attention for Mercedes-AMG and nearly selling out even before its big sheet pull. Drawing from Mercedes’ championship-winning experience at the top of the motorsport heap and developed with input from various AMG Formula 1 team members, the Project One is the very definition of a halo car, promising to set the technological drum beat by which all future AMG cars will dance. Read on for the juicy details and specs.

Updated 09/18/17: The Mercedes-AMG Project One has arrived, and we’ve got all the info you need right here. Also, check the “Pictures” tab for some images taken in Frankfurt.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

PostHeaderIcon 10 Great Cars Nobody Cares About

It is the year 2017. The crusade on the car as we know it is in full swing. As a result, our roads are filled with crimes against humanity such as the Toyota Prius. Furthermore, the United Kingdom decided to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040 [1]. Germany is also considering a similar plan [2]. Many major cities, predominantly in Europe, are going car-free in places.

As a result, this makes the world a very dull place for those of us who love cars. The majority of the population cares less about acceleration or handling and more about gas mileage and stupidly overly complicated infotainment systems. Hence why more people drive about in Honda Civics and Toyota Priuses than cars that are somewhat interesting, such as the BMW 3 Series or a Saab of some sort. As a result, many exciting cars are overlooked by the majority of the population, even by us car enthusiasts. So, here is a list of 10 superb cars that time has forgotten.

PostHeaderIcon Lewis Hamilton Joins The Teasing Game Ahead Of The AMG Project One’s Debut: Video

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show can’t come soon enough. I know there’s going to be a lot of must-see attractions at the event, but one car that I’m looking forward to the most is the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar. It certainly isn’t helping my anxiety then that Mercedes-AMG has released a series of teasers for the F1-powered hypercar with no less than three-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton in it.

Ok, so we don’t actually see the car in this particular 30-second teaser, but we do see Hamilton walking inside a garage with some of the most recognizable AMG cars in the performance division’s 50-year history. Chief among them is the iconic 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300CE 6.0 AMG, regarded by many as one of the finest AMG cars in history and a worthy one to bear the nickname “The Hammer.” Hamilton spends a few seconds talking about this specific car in the teaser before walking away into a secret door of some kind. Obligatory password and eye-scan later and a door opens to a mysterious room that’s emitting electric lime lighting, not coincidentally the same shade used by the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. The teaser then cuts to black with AMG’s promise of the “future of driving performance.” There are three more teasers of this kind that you can all check out below as Hamilton also talks about the 1969 300SEL 6.8 AMG (the Red Pig), the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT-R (the Beast of the Green Hell), and the 2013 Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive, the world’s first-ever fully electric supercar.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Bentley’s Rotating Display in the Continental GT Will have you Feeling Like James Bond!

The third-generation Bentley Continental broke cover the other day with a brand-new design and a ton of cool features. Inspired by the cool EXP 10 Speed 6 concept on the outside and powered by a new W-12 engine that cranks out more power than most Ferrari-built V-8s and V-12s, the new Continental GT also boasts a new interior packed with a huge amount of luxury features and technology. But, while the new Koa wood veneer and the “diamond-in-diamond” upholstery are pretty impressive, it’s the Rotating Display that blew me away.

While I’m not a big fan of fancy gadgets, I must admit that the Rotating Display is one of the main reasons why I’ve fallen in love with the new Conti GT. Let’s face it, it’s the kind of feature you’d find in one of James Bond’s car, along with machine guns hidden behind the headlamps. And known James’ weakness for British cars, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the grand tourer in the next film. So why am I so excited it about this? Well, I like clean dashboards with massive wood veneers as much as I enjoy high-resolution screens. Having both was impossible until now, so it’s like a dream come true.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Oops: Newly Wed Couple Crash a Rented McLaren 650S

A wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days in a person’s life. It’s especially important for the bride and groom, though I can argue that guests can have their own version of fun at these events. Unfortunately, things can still go awry, as one person will attest after crashing a rented McLaren 650S into a tree in what could very well be one of the most ill-timed and expensive attempts at showing off.

Specific details on what happened are still unclear, but the end result is as crystal as they come. The rented McLaren 650S incurred significant damage because the driver thought it was a good idea to mess around with the supercar’s launch control figure. I’m not sure if the driver didn’t know the purpose of launch control or he just made a mistake in engaging it; it doesn’t matter now either way. The point is that because of his tomfoolery, the 650S’ front end is barely recognizable after smooching with the tree. The hood looks like a crumpled piece of paper and both air bags actually deployed. All of that means that the 650S probably launched close to where the tree was and the suddenness of the car’s acceleration startled the driver, leaving him with precious little time to correct his error to at least avoid hitting the tree.

I don’t know who’s going to have to foot the bill for the supercar’s repairs, but I can tell you that given its state, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cost of repairs goes up to six figures. Lesson learned, folks. There’s no harm in renting a McLaren 650S for a wedding and then proudly show it off to all the other guests. Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. And don’t forget to purchase the best insurance policy at the rental counter.

PostHeaderIcon The Chevy Corvette ZR1 Spotted with Less Camo; Proves Porsche and Ferrari Should Worry

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen the upcoming Corvette ZR1 out testing, with the last outing taking place on the Nurburgring in mid-April. The trail has since gone cold, but all that changed earlier this week when it was caught filling up with that sweet liquid gold we call gasoline. Even better yet, the prototype that was spotted is also half naked, giving us the best look at the coupe so far. Naturally, the entire front end and a small portion of the rear is still wrapped in the psychedelic camo that we all love to hate, but the lack of camo in the middle shows us that the ZR1 will, indeed, have the same rear quarters, roof, and doors found on the Stingray, Z06, and Grand Sport.

So far, there’s not a lot we know about the ZR1. It’s pretty much certain that the V-8 under the hood will be force fed, but whether or not that happens via a supercharger or a pair of twin turbos is still up in the air. We’re also not sure what it will deliver in terms of power, but with the Z06 cranking out some 650 ponies and the last-gen ZR1 making 638 ponies, we’re expecting no less than 700 horsepower out of the gate if not a little more.
It should be able to tackle the 60-mph sprint in less than three seconds and will top out at more than 200 mph if you’ve got the balls to push it that hard. And, it’s about time that a C7-gen ZR1 makes its debut – the typical wait time for the ZR1 trim is about three to four years after the generation was introduced and 2018 will be the fourth year for the C7. So, we should be looking at a mid-2018 model or 2019 model at the latest. What can we spot in these new spy shots? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a better look real quick.

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari Isn’t Done Building LaFerrari Apertas

If any of you missed out on scoring any one of the 209 Ferrari LaFerrari Apertas, fret not because the Prancing Horse is building a 210th model. The only catch is that you might have to pay more than the reported price of $4 million for the roadster version of the LaFerrari. See, unlike the first 209 models, the 210th LaFerrari Aperta will be auctioned off at RM Sotheby’s auction on September 9 to benefit a yet-to-be-named charity.

The decision to add another LaFerrari Aperta to the mix comes in the wake of a similar move by Ferrari to build a final production LaFerrari – the 500th model – to help raise funds for the National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund back in December 2016. That auction took place to help victims of a deadly earthquake that floored Central Italy last September. With the LaFerrari Aperta actually being a rarer model than its hardtop counterpart, there are expectations that the car will sell for a much higher price than the $7 million somebody paid for the 500th LaFerrari. Still, RM Sotheby’s is keeping a conservative estimate on the car, even going so far as to peg its sale at a price between $3.5 million to $4.7 million, or right around the same amount that all 209 standard production models cost. Regardless of how much it goes for, the mere fact that there’s another one up for grabs should be enough to invite a bidding frenzy. At the very least, those who felt they got the short end of the stick when the car was launched will now have the opportunity to get their hands on one.

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PostHeaderIcon Lamborghini’s Future Car Lineup Will Leave Plenty Of Jaws On The Floor

Now that the Lamborghini Urus is close to hitting dealerships, the Italian automaker is setting its sights on its future, and if new reports are to be believed, that future is going to be packed with enough supercar mayhem to quench the thirst of enthusiasts for a generation. That’s because Lamborghini is now thinking big on plans to usurp the likes of Ferrari and McLaren, and it’s doing with so with a rush of iterations for the Huracán to go with big plans for the eventual successor to the Aventador. If Lambo is successful in giving life to these plans, it could potentially swing the tide of supercar sentiment back to the side of the Raging Bull.

According to Automobile Magazine, Sant’Agata is planning to expand the Huracán lineup to include Speedster and Barchetta versions, which effectively will be lightweight versions of the existing Huracán that will be developed with an eye towards infusing these models with racing credentials. Speaking of lightweight offerings, a lighter version of the Huracán Performante is also in Lambo’s plans, as is a Targa version, a configuration we rarely see from Lamborghini. In fact, you’d have to go all the way back to the super limited Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster from 1999 as the last Lamborghini to feature a taiga-style roof. On the higher end of the Huracán range, Lamborghini’s future plans could include a hardcore Superveloce model and an even more hardcore GT3 Stradale version. That’s six potential future variants for the just the Huracán, and that doesn’t even include the Huracán Safari, a never-before-done version that will feature, among other things, a height-adjustable suspension, bigger wheel arches, all-terrain body protection panels, all-wheel drive, and four-wheel steering. Oh, Lamborghini reportedly has big plans for the Aventador’s successor, too.

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari Portofino

Launched in 2008, the Ferrari California is the company’s only convertible grand tourer. At first powered by a naturally aspirated V-8, it received a twin-turbo unit in 2014, when it was redesigned and rebadged as the California T. Come 2017 and the drop-top was once again upgraded, this time around gaining more significant changes on the outside. The nameplate was again modified, which comes at no surprise given that the facelifts of both the F12berlinetta and FF brought new names into dealerships. The California was renamed the Portofino, and it’s now more powerful than ever.

While the California name was rather familiar and dates back to the late 1950s, the Portofino is a brand-new nameplate for the Italian firm. But much like California, it was also borrowed from a geographic area, this time around from the Italian town of Portofino. Ferrari explains that this name was selected because the city has become ” internationally synonymous with elegance, sportiness and understated luxury.” It may take a while to get used to seeing this name on a Ferrari, but needless to say, it’s more than appropriate for the redesigned California. Keep reading to find out why.

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PostHeaderIcon First U.S.-Spec Bugatti Chiron Finally Gets Delivered

For those who have ever special ordered a vehicle, taking delivery is arguably one of the most exciting feelings in the world. Now, imagine if the car you’re taking delivery of has 1,500 horsepower at its disposal, is limited to just 500 units, and has a price tag that exceeds $3 million. I can’t pretend to know what that feeling’s like, but I do realize the magnitude of seeing a Bugatti Chiron in the flesh for the first time, even if it’s not mine.

Judging from the smile on his face and the giddiness on his step, YouTuber TheStradman had a similar reaction when he captured the first U.S.-spec Chiron get delivered to its dealership, O’Gara Coach in La Jolla, California. The car’s owner – a man named “Hezi” – who also happens to be the same guy who took delivery of the first U.S.-spec Lamborghini Centenario. Not that it’s making me any less jealous, but seeing the process by which the Chiron is delivered and the specific inspections that go on after it provides a good insight on how meticulous the whole thing is. To his credit, TheStradman does a good job of setting the table up, documenting the whole process from the time the car arrives through a massive delivery truck all the way to the actual inspections that go on in ensuring that every available space of the Chiron is built up to Bugatti’s standards.

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