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Archive for the ‘crossover’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Skoda Kamiq

The Skoda Kamiq is the company’s third crossover and its smallest SUV yet. Designed for the subcompact market, the Kamiq was created and built in China by the SAIC Volkswagen joint venture. Unveiled at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show and launched on the Chinese market in June 2018, the Kamiq is finally coming to Europe. The crossover will break cover at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. As the company’s third SUV since 2016, the Kamiq joins the midsize Kodiaq and the compact Karoq on the European market. The Kamiq replaces the Yeti, which was discontinued back in 2017, and shares underpinnings with the Volkswagen T-Roc and the Seat Arona, among other Volkswagen vehicles. It will compete with the successful Nissan Juke and its upcoming successor. Until the crossover debuts in Geneva, here’s what we already know about it.

PostHeaderIcon Skoda Vision iV Concept

The Skoda Vision iV is a concept car that previews the company’s entry on the electric car market with a vehicle built on Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform. Although it’s aggressive and futuristic exterior looks familiar, drawing cues from previous Skoda concepts, the interior is unique and innovative for the Czech brand. Set to be unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Vision iV is part of Skoda’s recently announced plans to invest around €2 billion in electrification and launch 10 EV and hybrid vehicles by 2022. The Vision iV won’t make it into production as is, but it provides hints as to how future Skoda cars will look inside and out. The concept has yet to break cover, but we have a few sketches and some information to look at until the Geneva Motor Show kicks off.

PostHeaderIcon Nissan Rogue Sport

When seen from a bird’s eye view, Nissan is actually managing its crossover portfolio quite well. At the entry-level, the Japanese automaker has the Kicks and, at the top, it has the Nissan Rogue. Nissan had the Juke to fill the gap in between, but the model was discontinued a couple of years back. Although it looked like the Kicks will have to manage two duties, Nissan quickly came up with a much better replacement for the Juke in the form of the Nissan Rogue Sport. The Rogue Sport was specially designed for the U.S. market and is not being sold anywhere else.

PostHeaderIcon Lexus UX F

Lexus needs to infuse its image with some extra sportiness because even though it does make good, credible sporty cars, it is still perceived as a brand addressed toward SUV loving soccer moms and your elderly aunt who decides to spend most of her life savings on a new luxury car to treat herself. One such vehicle could be a spiced up version of the UX crossover, the newest and smallest crossover to join the Lexus range.

If Lexus made a UX F, it would be the closest thing it could ever make to a hot hatch. The UX is already a low-to-the-ground vehicle with excellent cornering capability, so making it lower, harder, and more powerful in order to make it faster sounds like a good plan. Plus, it could also benefit from a sporty exterior makeover to go with its unusual, swooping shapes (which are not bad, just different and take a bit of getting used to).

If Lexus challenged some hot crossovers and hot hatchbacks with its spruced up UX F, then it could dramatically shift the perception of the brand and genuinely attract new types of buyers that, before this vehicle, may not ever have considered buying a Lexus.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen ID Crozz

With an impending approach of the numerous Volkswagen ID electric cars, the spy photographers come into their own finally having a proper reason to film camouflaged Volkswagens. The latest that fell victim to a spy photographer’s lens is a curiously uncovered Volkswagen Tiguan. It was wheeling, silently, in nearly the same way as that Golf Sportsvan I wrote about earlier. As it turns out, this one famously hides the body of the next Volkswagen ID Crozz. It is definitely one of the most important electric vehicles that will appear in the next year or two, and this is essentially all that we know about it.

PostHeaderIcon BMW iNext tested at the polar circle

Do you remember the BMW iNext? Yes, the one with that Bane face from Batman? Well, it has been spotted testing in some extreme conditions. The iNext was seen going through vigorous testing in the cold weather in Swedish Lapland. It looks like BMW has a lot of expectations from the electric crossover. A little off-topic, but didn’t you notice that even the camouflage is not able to cover the huge kidney grille?

PostHeaderIcon Lexus NX F SPORT Black Line Edition

The compact luxury crossover segment is no cakewalk, with huge competition pouring in from just about every corner of the globe. However, Lexus looks as though it’s holding its own here thanks to the NX. Now, the L badge is polishing up a new limited edition of the five-door and calling it the F Sport Black Line, loading it up with all the trimmings for sharper styling and a nicer experience in the cabin.

PostHeaderIcon The 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport Is Semi-Autonomous But Still Only With An N/A Engine

Apart from the Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition Package, Nissan showcased the 2020 Rogue Sport at the dawn of the 2019 Chicago Motor Show. The exceptionally successful small compact SUV has been slightly updated inside out with Nissan especially focusing on safety. Considering that Kia revealed the new Sportage at the show and gifted it with all kinds of safety gear, I can only say that the compact crossover segment is really evolving. All new cars from the segment are exceptionally well endowed with all kind of safety gear. With a bit of markup though, the new 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport easily surpasses the rest. You can have the small and fairly cheap 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport with a freaking ProPILOT Assist system (a semi-autonomous driving system). True, the tech was available on the European Qashqai (the Rogue Sport for the Old Continent) before, and for the U.S. in the Rogue. Nevertheless, with it in the Rogue Sport, I am rather confident that the tech will be scaled down to basically all Nissan cars.

PostHeaderIcon A Hot Lexus UX F Crossover Could Be in the Works – Here’s What it Will Look Like

Lexus does make some nice sporty cars, but it’s not really perceived as such because most of its sales volume consists of cushy sedans and high-riders, most of which are also electrified. Having an electric motor on board to boost performance and economy certainly doesn’t hinder sportiness, though, so don’t be surprised if Lexus starts churning out hot F-badged electrified models, the first of which could be its new UX baby crossover.

PostHeaderIcon The Rumors Were True! Volkswagen Really is Making a New Beach Buggy, and It Comes to Geneva

Fifty years after the Beach Buggy took the U.S. by storm, Volkswagen is reaching back into its retro vault to introduce a new buggy concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The new concept will sit on VW’s Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) platform and will carry the identity of an all-electric dune hopper. Specific details are still scant at the moment, but if anything, the new concept is the perfect shot in the arm for those who have been waiting for a new buggy to come out of Volkswagen in the last five decades. The yet-to-be-named concept — for now, Klaus Bischoff, Head Designer at Volkswagen, calls it the “e-buggy” — will make its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show this coming March.

PostHeaderIcon 2019 Toyota RAV4 – Quirks and Features

As one of the most anticipated Toyota vehicles in recent years, the newest 2019 Toyota RAV4 debuted as a completely redesigned model. With an all-new exterior, new modern-age interior, and more tech than ever, the new RAV4 managed to jump up the highest step in the imaginary hierarchy of the compact SUV segment in one swing. Safety was paramount for Toyota engineers, and the new RAV4 now has a full safety suit as standard. This includes features like automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure alert with steering assist. No other similar car has a safety suit as comprehensive as the one in the Toyota RAV4 in its standard form. Regardless of all the imaginable family-friendly features, the Toyota RAV4 somehow managed to stay cool with an appeal that never ends. Now, I’m going to give you 12 awesome facts about the new 2019 Toyota RAV4.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Chevy Traverse

The Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro battle may be the most iconic rivalry among Detroit-based automakers, but it has fallen behind the SUV wars in recent years. Both Ford and Chevy are playing hard on the crossover market, and the midsize war just got a lot more interesting now that the Traverse has a brand-new Explorer to take on.

While the Explorer has been around since 1990, the Traverse was born rather recently, in 2008. But despite being only 11 years old as of 2019, the nameplate enjoys great success. It’s not as successful as the Explorer, America’s best-selling SUV, but it definitely has what it takes to give the Ford a run for its money. How do these SUVs compare? Find out in the comparison below.

PostHeaderIcon Ford’s Mustang-inspired Electric Crossover is Coming Sooner Than You Think

After it was confirmed that Lincoln will base its first electric car on top of the chassis of the future Mustang-Inspired electric crossover, now Ford actually laid out its plan for the introduction of that Mustang-inspired crossover. A “Full Year Earnings Review and 2019 Outlook” document, released only hours ago, shows that Ford will reveal an all-new “all-electric utility this year and put it on sale in 2020.” This will basically be the first car developed by Team Edition – a Ford subdivision focused on development of electric cars.

Ford has been playing with the electric Mustang-inspired crossover idea for months now. First Ford planned to name it the Mach 1, but after the fan backlash at the mention of that name, the company swiftly trademarked the Mach E and the Mach-E nameplates. It is not yet sure if the crossover will bear that name at all, but it seems that everything points in that direction.

PostHeaderIcon 10 Surprising Vehicles with More Power than the 2020 Toyota Supra

It seems fair to say that many people were underwhelmed by the Toyota Supra. People knocked Toyota for the Supra’s looks. Some were upset about its high pricing. And a lot of other people didn’t think too kindly to the engine choices that Toyota prepared for its returning sports car. A base version that produces less than 200 horsepower? Really? The range-topping version of the Supra does have 355 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque at its disposal, but even that came from a BMW-sourced engine. Truth be told, the Supra’s 355-horsepower output isn’t that bad. But it also could’ve been higher, especially when you consider that so many other models from different segments can carry that much power without having to be a sports car, specifically one that has to carry the legacy of one of Toyota’s most iconic nameplates. If you’re wondering how many vehicles have more power than the 2020 Supra, we compiled a list made up of 10 of them. And, if for nothing else, this list may surprise you.

PostHeaderIcon Geely Has Apparently Decided to Rip Off the Design of the BMW X4 for its New Volvo XC40-Based Crossover Coupe

China has been known for putting out some outrageous knock-offs over the years. BMW seems to be a favorite of Chinese carmakers that can’t quite get around designing a car on their own. Geely seems to continue the trend in a more subtle manner with their latest crossover, the FY11.

No, this is not the facelifted BMW X4 or its big brother, the X6. This is, in fact, what Geely calls its most driver-focused car yet. It’s a coupe-bodied crossover, so the statement in itself is dubious, but it’s not as dubious as the variety of styling cues that basically tell us one thing: Geely’s designers watched too many BMW promotional videos before getting to the task of penning the FY11. It’s underpinned by the same platform as the XC40 from Volvo, and it will be followed by an all-electric sedan and an MPV as Geely looks to extend its range further.

PostHeaderIcon Audi Q2 e-tron

Audi is in the advanced stages of testing an all-electric version of its Q2 crossover, the smallest high riding vehicle it currently sells. The Q2 e-Tron (which is what it will most likely be called) will complete the Q2 lineup that also includes the SQ2 performance model, as well as an extended wheelbase Q2 destined for the Chinese market. The Q2 EV won’t differ much visually from other models in the range, but with a careful look, you will be able to spot that it is the battery powered model. The camouflaged prototype snagged by our spies has no exhaust pipe, for instance, and it’s bound to have additional small exterior giveaways as to what it is. It’s also been suggested that the Q2 e-Tron might use the lengthened platform of the Chinese-market model, but at the moment we really cannot make a definitive judgment on that based solely on this batch of spy shots. Furthermore, the Q2 e-Tron may only be sold in China, although there is a good chance it will reach Europe as well – this would represent the first sale of a long-wheelbase Chinese-market Audi model in Europe.

PostHeaderIcon Porsche’s Design Division Gets Its Hands On The Latest Macan S

All of you must have heard of Porsche’s in-house design division unless you are living under the rock. Known as Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, it became famous for working on the pre-facelift version of the Macan Turbo last year. Moniker’d as the Macan Turbo Exclusive Performance Edition, Porsche priced it at €166,091 ($190,492) – more than twice the price of two entry-level Macans. Now, the new Macan S is going under the Porsche Exclusive Knife.

PostHeaderIcon GM Will Debut Something at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, but It’s Not the 2020 C8 Chevy Corvette

2017 Cadillac XT5

The 2019 Detroit Auto Show is very nearly here, and we’ve been getting a steady stream of updates on some of the latest and greatest slated to show. Near the top of the list is the new Cadillac XT6, which looks to bolster Cadillac’s lineup with a more profitable crossover replacement for its current line of sedans. And although that’s exactly what Caddy needs to bolster sales, we were hoping to instead catch a glimpse of the new mid-engined C8 Corvette.

PostHeaderIcon New GM Trademark Points to a Production Run for a Recent Sexy Concept

Earlier in April, at the Beijing Auto Show, Buick revealed a new high-tech compact crossover concept, called the Enspire, that featured a huge number of exciting features and design cues. Now, it’s looking like that concept will soon hit the production line, but the question is – what will it bring to the table?

PostHeaderIcon China-based Nio Launches a New Electric SUV with 317 Mile Range

Chinese startup Nio, commonly referred to as the Chinese Tesla, has unveiled a new midsize electric SUV that will be known as the ES6. It is the company’s second offering after the larger ES8. The new SUV marks the company’s presence in the affordable market segment, which should bring in volumes. Nio seems quite confident about it, but is it really all that special?

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