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PostHeaderIcon This Rendering Shows the True Potential of What Bugatti Could do with the Divo

Bugatti’s bonkers track weapon, the Divo, is the Chiron’s mad brother that’s been conceived to break lap records. Sadly, Bugatti won’t chop the roof off the Divo but, if it did, you’d end up with something close to Rain Prisk’s render, a machine that’s bent on ruining your hair.

We know Bugatti builds some of the most amazing cars the world has ever seen. Since it was brought back to life under Volkswagen ownership, the company founded by Ettore Bugatti managed to put out two awe-inspiring cars: the Veyron and the Chiron. In 2018, Bugatti launched the Divo, a hypercar “built for corners” based on the Chiron but with a very different look to it. It will probably not be the last special edition spawned by the Chiron but, thus far, it’s the most ludicrous the French manufacturer put out.

PostHeaderIcon Alfa Romeo 4C NIVOLA by Ugur Sahin Design

The reinvention of old shapes is somehow mystically exhilarating and reinvigorating. Especially if done properly as is the case with the 4C Nivola. Ugur Sahin Design is one of those life bearers, and its latest project is called the Alfa Romeo 4C Nivola. A car that will blossom and spiritually reimagine the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. And that was, for many, the most beautiful Alfa Romeo of all time.

After its photos surfaced on the Internet, the Alfa Romeo 4C Nivola bathed us all with its charm, historical links with the 33 Stradale (I almost wrote canonical links, because the Alfa Romeo story is more like a movie), and classic Italian glamour.

Yet, the designer behind this work of art, Ugur Sahin, is from Turkey, with the headquarters of his studio located in the Netherlands. That’s where he worked on the 4C Nivola design. It’s been in the works since he’d seen the 33 Stradale at Pebble Beach last year.

This car will not leave you listless, but packed with emotion. At least it did just that for me. I contacted Ugur Sahin, and he was more than straightforward with his answers. This is what I uncovered about the stunning Alfa Romeo 4C Nivola.

PostHeaderIcon McLaren Has a Very Interesting View of what 2050 Holds for F1

At this time of the year, F1 teams are generally working on making the perfect car for upcoming races. But McLaren F1’s sister, McLaren Applied Technologies, has imagined what F1 in 2050 would look like and has already developed a concept. Talk about being visionaries! Moniker’d the MCLExtreme, this concept looks very interesting, and we are already hyped up about it. For starters, the cars will be all-electric and ripping the tracks with speeds up to 310 miles per hour!

PostHeaderIcon What if Rolls-Royce Had a Car in Every Conceivable Segment?

For years and years, Rolls-Royce never really needed to branch out or experiment all that much. And why would it? With a long resumé of creating some of the most-respected high-end luxury sedans in the world, anything else would seem out of place. Welp, we’re heading into 2019 now, and things are getting kinda weird – Lamborghini made an SUV, the world’s quickest passenger car to 60 mph is an EV, and Apple might build a self-driving transportation pod. With that in mind, the old guard might need to step out of its comfort zone, as evidenced by efforts like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. But what if Rolls-Royce really went off the deep end? To find out, Compare the Market drew up a set of renderings that placed the Spirit of Ecstasy in a variety of unexpected places.

PostHeaderIcon Dodge Redeye Express

By his own admission, the start of 2018 wasn’t a good time for Santa Claus. He had just finished his 2017 holiday delivery schedule and found himself more exhausted than he usually was. His back was screaming, his knees hurt, and he was, in his own words, growing a “bowl of jelly” in his stomach. Six months passed and Santa was still stuck in a rut. He knew he needed to work out. He just wasn’t inspired to do it. Then, in one fateful night in June, Santa visited his favorite auto website — we think it’s Topspeed — and saw the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. The very next day, Santa called up his local Dodge dealer in the North Pole and asked to test drive the 797-horsepower monster.

We jump to the present day, and Santa’s a completely different man. His “bowl of jelly” is gone, replaced by muscles that sat on top of muscles. He credits his physical makeover to the test-drive he had back in June, saying that it transformed his outlook in life. That same test drive also inspired him to transform his old ride to match his new “shredded bod.” And so, the Dodge Redeye Express was born.

PostHeaderIcon Biomega SIN Concept

A company best known for creating bicycles is dipping its toes in the electric car business with a new concept called the SIN. No, it’s not named after the immoral act; “SIN” is actually a hat tip to the “contemporary urban sprawl of Singapore.” On that note, the Biomega SIN is a simplified electric vehicle that takes a shape similar to a lot of mobility concepts we’ve seen in recent years. A production model is planned for the future, but for now, it’s only a concept that just made its debut at the China International Import Expo.

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F40 Tribute Render

I think that we can all agree that the car that shaped the supercar landscape of today is the Ferrari F40. Not only was it the first proper and true supercar, but it spruced a whole line of successors, each of which was a breakthrough in its own right. Now, more than 30 years since its inception, we are still praising it for its remarkable technological proves and astounding performance. However, one guy – an automotive designer – went a bit further and actually reimagined the Ferrari F40 using the styling cues of the modern Ferrari cars. He made sure that the car he designed resonates with the extrovertness of the old one, but also with the sophistication that new Ferrari supercars/hypercars brought to the world. Samir Sadikhov, a graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design, invested heavily in designing the Ferrari F40 tribute. He did it in his own time as he is currently employed as a designer at Genesis. Previously, he worked on a line of astounding Rezvani cars. Yet, if you are deep within the world of cars, you may know him for a number of astounding designs he did over the years.

Nevertheless, this particular Ferrari F40 seems like one of his most striking works.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Tarok Concept

Volkswagen wants to start selling a pickup smaller than the Amarok which it plans to call Tarok and which is previewed by this very close to production concept it revealed at 2018 Sao Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil.

The vehicle revealed in Sao Paulo is nearly identical to the production model it previews, and we really expect VW to only operate major changes to the front fascia in its transition from study to series production.

Judging by the fact that its interior is identical to that of the VW Tharu, a China-only SUV related to the Skoda Karoq and Seat Ateca, it’s pretty clear the project is already in the advanced stages of development – there is nothing even remotely concept car-like about the way it looks inside.

The plan is to reportedly just sell it in Brazil, where it would sit below the Amarok in the company’s pickup hierarchy. On the local market, it’d rival models from Fiat and Renault; no plans have been announced to sell it outside Brazil yet, but it seems unlikely VW won’t try to push it in other markets as well.

PostHeaderIcon WTF? Strange, Crazy, Amazing, and Downright Stupid Things at SEMA 2018

You can pretty much see anything and everything automotive related at the SEMA show. From pure-bred muscle cars, wild exotics, monster trucks, and full-on race cars. SEMA has something for everyone to love. On the other side of that spectrum, there is a lot that may not be to your taste. From the crazy awesome to the crazy clueless, here you can find a bit of each.

PostHeaderIcon The Arctic Trucks BMW X7 Isn’t Real but We Want One

Arctic Trucks is a world-renowned off-road specialist based out of Reykjavik, Iceland whose trucks are specially designed to cross vast frozen wastelands. Their creations have a unique look, with bulging fender flares and big, oversized tires, but that look doesn’t only work on pickup trucks from Toyota, Isuzu or Nissan – it works on any high-riding vehicle, so why not the brand new BMW X7?

PostHeaderIcon Check Out This Modern Plymouth Barracuda Rendering Based on the Dodge Challenger

Plymouth was killed off as a brand in 2001 by parent company Chrysler; a move met with dismay by many fans of the brand whose roots could be traced back to 1928. But if Plymouth were still around today, it would most likely have offered a modern, reimagined version of its Barracuda pony car that it sold from 1964 to 1974.

PostHeaderIcon Raised Ford GT is another kind of Raptor

Supercars are designed and built to accelerate and go around corners quickly on smooth tarmac, but what if you have one with raised suspension, body cladding, and beefy off-road rims and tires? It’d probably look somewhere along the lines of this digitally manipulated previous-generation Ford GT and would even be decent off-road, but nowhere near as good as it originally was on-road.

PostHeaderIcon Holden Bathurst Time Attack Concept

Just when you thought nothing truly exciting could come out in 2018 with the Holden logo on the hood, here’s the Bathurst Time Attack Concept. It was developed as a futuristic race car to mark the 50th anniversary of the company’s first major win at Bathurst.

The R&D department at Holden, in Australia, set about proving that Holden isn’t just a badge GM slaps on the Buick Regal. So they came up with a groundbreaking concept that uses fans that direct airflow in order to improve downforce through each and every corner the car tackles. It’s low, wide, electric and it isn’t real. It’s similar to a Gran Turismo concept car without being one. But we wish they’d make it.

I mean, look at it. Check the tunnels that run on either side of the monocoque, the ginormous diffuser at the back, the rear wing, everything looking like it came from 2040. And it does, in a way, because all the tech that the AVD group crammed in it isn’t all here – yet.

PostHeaderIcon Bentley and the RCA Team Up to Sketch the Future of Elegant Motoring

Bentley, one of the world’s most sophisticated and luxurious marques, has collaborated with second-year design students from the Royal College of Arts (RCA) to envision its future. The students were asked, “What will British luxury mean in 2050?” Out of the 24 responses, four were selected by the lecturers at the college and the Bentley Design Team.

PostHeaderIcon Holden’s Bathurst Time Attack Concept Car is a 1-Megawatt Beast!

This new concept car is more than just a development for Holden. This year, Holden marks the 50th anniversary of its first victory at the Bathurst, and also its 70 years since it produced its first car. Dubbed the Time Attack Concept Racer, this car has 1,341 horses to power it. However, Holden has no plans to build it! Funny, right?

PostHeaderIcon Renault K-ZE

Renault is previewing its future mini electric crossover with the K-ZE concept revealed at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Taking a closer look at the K-ZE, it becomes immediately apparent that it is, in fact, just a dressed up Kwid (which Renault already sells in emerging markets) which has had its internal combustion powertrain swapped out for a full-electric one.

The future electric crossover will look much closer to this concept, than it will to the current Kwid, although it will maintain its basic body shape. What will set it apart visually more significantly are the new, redesigned front and rear fascias, as well as various details around the exterior. It also promises to offer “class leading” range for a vehicle in its size-bracket.

PostHeaderIcon Renault Shows Off Futuristic AEX Infotainment in Paris

Renault showed off at the Paris Motor Show with its new personal assistant, the Augmented Editorial Experience, or AEX, which was developed as an A.I. that would help the driver and the other occupants of the car enjoy each trip to the fullest.

PostHeaderIcon This Rendering of the 2020 BMW 4 Series with 3 Series Styling Gives a Glimpse Into the Future

We enthusiasts are hungry people. Even greedy at times. Now that the new BMW 3 Series has finally been revealed, we can begin speculating about the 4 Series and the updates it will receive. BMW is already working on the new 4 Series, as spy shots of the 4 Series convertible with a soft top in heavy camouflage were captured. Even though they hardly revealed anything, it was enough to conclude that there will be a lot design-sharing with the 3 Series. However, now we have a rendering of the hard-top coupe, and we must say it looks delicious.

PostHeaderIcon Skoda Vision RS

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, the Skoda Vision RS shows the path the Czech manufacturer is likely to take for the next generation of its cars. This is a hatchback, sized like a Volkswagen Golf, but sharpened up to the level of a hot-hatch. The Vision RS, a concept car, rolled under the Paris Motor Show lights with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gas engine producing 148 horsepower but assisted with an additional electric motor good for 100 horsepower. As a hybrid, the Vision RS demonstrates Volkswagen’s uncanny ability to craft modern compact cars and transform them into hot hatchbacks – a type of a car the company is definitely versed in (just remember the Golf GTI, the Leon Cupra, the Audi S3, and the Octavia, among others).

PostHeaderIcon The Future of Renault Lies in this KWID-Based Electric Crossover Concept from the Paris Motor Show

Renault premiered the grand stage with an all-electric crossover concept called K-ZE. It will eventually head to the production line and reach the masses next year. The concept looks funky, and the production version may not be very different from the concept. Given the segment Renault has slotted it in, the car will most likely fetch big sales numbers.

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