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Archive for the ‘Drifting’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Video of the Day: Powersliding vs Drifting

It’s a confusing line but there are clearcut differences. Watch the video to find out what makes a drift and what makes a powerslide.

PostHeaderIcon Video of the Day: This Pretty Damn Cool Drifting Compilation

Drifting can be fun if you know what you’re doing, but most of you don’t. So, instead, check out this video of people who do know what they’re doing!

PostHeaderIcon Video of the Day: Drifting Fails

Some people just don’t have what it takes to live that drift life….


Video of the Day: Ford GT Meets the Arctic Circle - image 755824

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PostHeaderIcon The Hoonigan Crew Lists Their Favorite Burnouts From 2017: Video

As we count down the few remaining hours of 2017, it’s always a fun time to look back at the good stuff of the past year. As such, we listed our favorite and least favorite cars of the year, recapped the debuts that either made a big splash or a big flop, and generally argued about which opinions were right and which were obviously wrong. Looks like our friends over at The Hoonigans YouTube channel are feeling the same New Years nostalgia, and as such, they put together the above-featured video listing their favorite burnouts from 2017.

Of course, The Hoonigans aren’t exactly newbies when it comes to smoking the meats. Under the tutelage of the Hoon Master General himself, Mr. Ken Block, these folks know exactly what it takes to execute a proper burnout. And we’re not talking about just revving it up and dumping the clutch – any high schooler with a busted old V-8 and a learner’s permit can do that. No, we’re talking about the art of a burnout, with something unique to lay it all down, engine note screaming in ear-pleasing internal combustion, a fine fog of vaporized tire streaming forth into the atmosphere. The Hoonigans certainly know their stuff when it comes to the art of the burnout, and this thirteen-and-a-half minute video is a lovely display of that time-honored tradition that is the gross display of power over grip.

Picking a best of the bunch isn’t easy given the quality of tire killing on display here, so we’ll leave it up to you to post in the comments your personal favorite.


Celebrity Special – Happy Birthday Ken Block! - image 746535

Read more Ken Block news.

PostHeaderIcon Take A Trip To Octane Island With Danny Trejo: Video

Look, we know what you want. Burnouts. Lots of horsepower. High speed. Roaring supercharged V-8 engines. Wheelies. Danny Trejo being a badass. We couldn’t agree more, and as such, we’d like to present you with the following 3-minute video. Created by Supercheap Auto, a car parts company based out of Australia that should definitely consider getting into full-time video production, the video has all of the above and more, and is a seriously entertaining watch. The basics are straightforward – a group of enthusiasts are dropped via helicopter onto an abandoned island. There, they run into Trejo, who’s apparently the head honcho running the whole thing. The enthusiasts are then recruited to drive fast and burn rubber. No reason is given, but none is needed – you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself to ask questions. It’s like Fast & Furious meets Escape From L.A., plus an extra dose of tire smoke just for good measure.

No joke, we’ve watched this thing all the way through more than a few times now. We have no idea what’s going on, and we don’t care. Just hit play, sit back, and enjoy the show.

PostHeaderIcon The Toyota GT 86 Re-Establishes Its Claim As The King Of Endurance Drifting

The Toyota GT86 has had a very interesting life since it burst onto the scene in 2012. It’s captivated and frustrated people from all corners of the world, and to this day, it still finds a way to make headlines. In fact, the 86’s latest news-grabbing episode has all to do with the Guinness Book of World Records, specifically the car etching its name into rarefied air by setting a new record for the world’s longest drift, going a distance of 102.5 miles with its tail out and eclipsing the previous record of 89 miles.

South African journalist Jesse Adams takes the distinction of piloting the 86 in the record slide, upending German racer Harald Müller’s record-setting attempt in 2014, which he set while drifting… a Toyota GT86. So basically, the GT86 beat the GT86 for the record, an achievement not lost on anyone who swears by the coupe’s ability to kick its rear out for extended periods of time. The record has yet to be verified by representatives from the Guinness world records, but all signs point to it getting the nod since the model that was used was largely stock in configuration except for the larger fuel tank that was put in place in the spare-tire well. So once more, all hail the Toyota GT86 as the kind of endurance drifting. I’d say it’s a title that the car isn’t too keen on giving up anytime soon.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon The Hoonigan Crew Goes Opposite Lock In Crosskarts: Video

The major automakers boast all the time about offering a “pure” driving experience, but even the most hardcore street machines can’t compete with this – say hello to the Crosskart. Essentially a four-wheeled, rear-engine, high-performance speed pod, this is a machine that you wear like a tight pair of jeans. Strap into the single-seat cockpit, plug in the steering wheel, and hit the throttle, and you’ll be enjoying the high-revs of a 750 cc engine motivating the rear axle through a six-speed sequential transmission. Course corrections come courtesy of a quick-ratio steering system and hydraulic handbrake, and with roughly 150 horses on tap to motivate just 680 pounds of curb weight, rest assured it’s got what it takes to tap into your adrenaline reserves. And that’s exactly what the Hoonigan folks got to experience, as documented in this 14-minute video.

The video follows the crew on a field trip to Grange Motor Circuit in Southern California, where Crosskart USA provided a few examples of the aforementioned speed pods. Per usual, the Hoonigans put their feet down and hang the ass end out, displaying some slick tandem drifts on the tight race track. Hearing the engine scream alongside the screeching tire noise is a real treat, while the in-car shots and jaw-dropping drone footage capture what appears to be illegal levels of fun. Sign us up. Please?

PostHeaderIcon Car Throttle Gets Technical About Getting Sideways: Video

The term “drifting” gets thrown around a lot these days. Hell, some manufacturers will even add it as a specific driving mode. But what is drifting really, and how is it different from any other form of ass-out oversteer? Car Throttle decided to drill down and figure it out in this nine-minute, 51-second video. Commence the tire smoke.

At the heart of the video is the difference between powersliding and drifting, which is explained by Car Throttle’s resident “Driving Badass” Alex Gassman as such – “drifting is everything you do on the way into a corner and powersliding is what happens after the apex.”

Sounds simple enough. Playing the part of tire killer for this demonstration is BMW’s M2 coupe, which manages to kick out the rear with ease thanks to the 365 horses provided by a front-mounted turbocharged six-cylinder. It also looks pretty good doing the whole sideways in slo-mo thing.

Gassman not only demonstrates both types of oversteer, but also provides some helpful hints if you wanna try it out for yourself at your local closed course. Of course, if you do decide to explore either drifting or powersliding, make sure you do it legally in a safe, controlled, environment.

PostHeaderIcon Focus RS Drift Mode Created By Accident And We're All Better For It

Accidents aren’t always bad. In 1928, Alexander Fleming accidently discovered penicillin after a petri dish was left exposed near an open window. And while the new Ford Focus RS probably won’t be wiping out any deadly, civilization-threatening bacteria any time soon, it will be fun as hell to play around with, especially with the ass-out AWD antics of Drift Mode activated – a feature that was apparently just an accident.

In a recent report from Australian publication Motoring, Tyrone Johnson, vehicle and engineering manager at Ford Performance, revealed that the crossed-up handling setting was originally discovered during the development of the RS’ AWD system, and was not part of the hot hatch’s original design plan.

Johnson said that it all started with a test session conducted by two engineers, one behind the wheel, the other in the passenger seat tweaking the AWD with a laptop.

“And they are talking and he says ‘oh let me try this out’ and he tries it and he says ‘oh that’s cool can you give me more of that’ and he gives him more and he says ‘that’s really cool’ and then it starts working,” Johnson said. “I guess it’s just because we are a bunch of crazy guys. We just do things.”

After exhibiting the benefits of Drift Mode to global technical and development chief Raj Nair, the feature was officially slated for production.

Ford says Drift Mode is not for use on public roads, but that hasn’t stopped safety groups from voicing their outrage at its inclusion on the new Focus RS. Some have even demanded that it be outlawed.

Unsurprisingly, we here at TopSpeed think the controversy is simply ridiculous. What’s more, it reveals an equally absurd (and potentially dangerous) double standard.

Read on for our defense of Drift Mode.

Continue reading for our take on Drift Mode.

PostHeaderIcon Drifting Tanks Make For Awesome Viewing: Video

Drifting cars are awesome. They bring some joy to my life. But you know what’s better than drifting cars? Drifting tanks and Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs)!

Check this video out: that’s the United States Marine Corps. performing joint exercises with the Norwegian Telemark Battalion in the wintry landscape of Norway. Part of this training apparently involves driving tanks and AAVs in frigid environments. And, as the video so awesomely demonstrates, the sight of these 60-plus ton machines of warfare performing drifts is pretty incredible.

I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is to drive normal cars in conditions like this, but a tank and an AAV? Forget about it. This is some specialized skill we’re watching here. It may look awesome from our perspective because we only get to watch it, but for those guys, this is the kind of skill that could play a huge role in winning a battle.

Much respect to these fellas.

PostHeaderIcon Helicopter Vs Drifting Toyota GT86: Video

Felix Baumgartner became a household name when he bailed out of a perfectly good, balloon-borne craft and parachuted back to earth from 24 miles up. While that certainly took nerve, his latest stunt shows his prowess with the Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo-105 helicopter, and I gotta say, the man has mad skills. Felix chose Polish racer Jakub Przygoński for his drifting skills in a slightly modified Toyota GT 86 to serve as his “worthy opponent” in this little skills battle. All Felix has to do is keep up with a 1,000-horsepower race car – sounds simple, right?

The event, simply called “Red Bull Heli Drifting,” took place at the Debrzno Airfield, where the athletes and film crews would have plenty of room to work. (Face it, nobody wants to be too close if the heli and the car get tangled up.)

The resulting video footage will have you on the edge of your seat, and even non-pilots can appreciate the skill displayed by both men. My wife and fellow writer, Allyn Hinton, took one look at the stillshots and said “I’m glad I’m not his mother/wife/girlfriend!” Little does she know that I would do this in a heartbeat if I were even half as good as Felix.

Continue reading…

PostHeaderIcon Adrenaline Fix: Chasing a Drifting Race Car in a Helicopter


If the name Felix Baumgartner sounds familiar to you, that’s because not that long ago this dude made a free fall jump from the edge of the space. That was his idea of a moderately fun evening. Now, teaming up once again with Red Bull, he’s come up a cool game that will keep him amused for a little while. It’s him in an aerobatic helicopter, which he has just learned how to fly, chasing a drifting race car.

The idea apparently came to Felix why he was playing with his toy chopper. So he called Polish drifting ace Jakub Przygo?ski to see if he fancies racing his 1,000 horsepower Toyota GT86 drift car against his Bolkov BO105 aerobatic helicopter. Here’s what happened next:

We wonder what this guy will come up with next. And how long before he hurts himself beyond repair in one of these stunts.

Helicopter Chase Driftcar

The post Adrenaline Fix: Chasing a Drifting Race Car in a Helicopter appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Watch Lewis Hamilton Drift a Mercedes Like a Boss

Lewis Hamilton Drift

As a Formula 1 driver, and a two-time world champion one at that, Lewis Hamilton likes to go around corners in the most precise and calculated fashion in order to achieve the best possible time. He has been doing this since he began karting as an 8-year-old. So you would think Lewis hates drifting and doesn’t even know how to do it. Well, you would be wrong!

In this short video we see Lewis Hamilton drifting a Mercedes E63 AMG around a tight and technical track like an absolute boss. This is the exact opposite of everything he’s been taught as a track racer, but the boy has enough mental capacity to master both arts.

So if you haven’t already been envious of Lewis Hamilton we are fairly certain this video will do the trick. The young man has already been the world champion twice, he is a celebrity, a multimillionaire, dates singers and supermodels, owns a Zonda and a P1, and now we know he can drift too.


The post Watch Lewis Hamilton Drift a Mercedes Like a Boss appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari Enzo and F40 Enjoy a Spot of Grass Drifting!

Ferrari Enzo F40-grass

It may seem unnatural at first to see a Ferrari Enzo and a Ferrari F40 on the field, sliding about on the wet grass. But if you were 18 years old and rich, and has your own estate with a backyard the size of Cotswold, that’s what you would do. You would wake up one day and say I know, I wanna drift my Enzo on the field today!

So don’t hate this guy for doing this. He is only following his instincts and making the best use of the toys he has. Personally, we would just go fishing in that beautiful little pond and drive the Ferrari Enzo on the road, but a little grass drifting has never harmed nobody:

This is actually a win-win situation. The wet grass has little friction so the cars can slide easily without totally wrecking their tires. What’s more, since the Enzo and the F40 weigh very little, at least compared to cars usually used for country driving like a Range Rover, the field isn;t damaged that bad, either. This is environmentally conscious hooliganism!

The post Ferrari Enzo and F40 Enjoy a Spot of Grass Drifting! appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Chevy Silverado 2500HD Proves Work Trucks Can Drift

Who says pickup trucks can’t drift? And I’m not talking about custom-built rigs like Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s F-150 Street Truck. No, this is a high-riding, 4WD, Chevy Silverado 2500HD with a cargo rack, a missing tailgate, and a banged-up front bumper. This truck seems about as ordinary as it gets.

Chevy Silverado 2500HD Proves Work Trucks Can Drift originally appeared on on Friday, 1 May 2015 13:30 EST.

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PostHeaderIcon How To Race Your Car: Part 2

Pick your poison – whether it’s a full-throttle blitz down the quarter mile, heavy trail braking at the autocross, a frenzied dice on the road course, a driveline-thrashing clutch kick at the drift event, or gravel-chucking insanity in a rally car, racing can transform even the most mild-mannered citizen into a superhero.

The truth is a lot of people have the desire, but end up couching it for one reason or another. Expense, accessibility, even intimidation can keep would-be racers at home. But here’s the thing – taking your passion to its limits is easier than you might think.

In Part 1 of this series, I gave a general overview of different entry-level motorsports, a few of the more prominent race organizations operating in the U.S., what to bring to the track, and what to expect once you get there.

For Part 2, I’ll dig a little deeper into the specifics of amateur auto racing, including car suggestions, a breakdown of costs, and an analysis of modifications.

Continue reading to learn more about how to race your car.

How To Race Your Car: Part 2 originally appeared on on Monday, 6 April 2015 10:00 EST.

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PostHeaderIcon Video: Toyota GT 86 Drifted On Mountain Pass

Sympathy is not a common trait among racing drivers, no matter the category. Watch a GT race and you’re sure to witness plenty of fender rubbing as those behind the wheel attempt to edge out rivals. Rally pilots will literally roll a car into the undergrowth, get out, tip the thing so the rubber is facing down, and continue on their way.

And as this video clearly demonstrates, drifters are no better. Never mind the twisted suspension or dented bodywork wrought by a crash. Even when a drifter gets it right, it’s not necessarily good news for the machine in question — particularly the engine.

That’s because drifters are usually far too concerned with maintaining a slide to bother with things like bent valves, spun bearings, and shattered pistons. There’s steering angle, weight transfer, and momentum flowing through their brains, not the wrench time required to fix all the nasty results of a pinned right foot.

Thankfully, there are some engines out there that revel in the abuse. One such masochistic powerplant is the Toyota 2JZ, most commonly known as the motive force lurking under the hood of the fourth generation Supra. This overbuilt, 3.0-liter inline-six boasts a reputation for being absolutely bulletproof. Some even claim it’s capable of producing 1,000 horsepower on a stock bottom end.

Hit play to witness evidence of its sturdiness, not to mention a thrilling first-person perspective of a prolonged skid up a Norwegian mountain pass.

Click past the jump to read about the Toyota GT 86.

Video: Toyota GT 86 Drifted On Mountain Pass originally appeared on on Sunday, 1 February 2015 12:00 EST.

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