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ZAMP - ZR-30 SFI-5 Auto Racing Suit - 1-Piece Nomex Style Fire SFI 3.2A/5 Rated
End Date: Saturday Jan-19-2019 17:53:52 PST
Buy It Now for only: $199.76
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Archive for the ‘Exotics’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Would You Pay $155,000 for a Polestar 1?

The former Volvo subsidiary, Polestar, has revealed the final pricing for its much-publicized Polestar 1 hybrid-electric sports car. That price is 155,000 euros in Europe and $155 000 in the United States, and the question is, would you pay that kind of money to own what is essentially a coupe Volvo?

Granted, the car has charisma and it benefits from advanced technologies and all that. But just Google what $150K can buy you, and you will have to doubt Polestar’s logic in pricing the 1. That doesn’t mean they’re being greedy. We’re fairly certain that even at that price they are not making much profit, if any. Maybe they should have started with a mid-size family car, something they have in mind for their second project, called Polestar 2.

The Polestar 1 is quite a machine, though. It features an Electric Performance Hybrid powertrain with an output of 600 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque. It even has a pure electric driving range of 150 km which is great. So if you can get over the fact that it looks like a two-door Volvo S90, then the 1 could be a pretty satisfying purchase. In fact, since they opened the order books in March, Polestar has received 7,000 pre-orders. That was of course before people knew it would end up being a 150 grand car, but still…

“After our public introduction at the Geneva Motor Show in March, we are excited to be back in China – one of the key markets for the Polestar brand,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer at Polestar. “It feels great to bring the Polestar brand and the Polestar 1 closer to the public here in Beijing.”

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PostHeaderIcon 2019 Polestar 1 Makes Geneva Debut in Matte Grey

2018 Geneva Motor Show marks the launch of a world tour for the all-new 2019 Polestar 1, the Swedish electric sports car created by Volvo’s former tuner and racing partner. The car arrived in Geneva wearing a dope matte grey paint job. Throughout the year it will visit other major motor shows around the world, presumably in even doper colors. 

But if you fancy one of these things you don’t have to wait all year to put your name down. Polestar will start accepting -pre-orders for the 1 starting from March 13. All you have to secure one for yourself is pay a fully-refundable deposit of €2,500. Just like the new Volvo XC40, the The Polestar 1 consumer experience is based on a new subscription model, where customers will be able to subscribe to their Polestar car for two or three years. As for the specs, the car is a powerhouse with 600 horsepower and over 1,000 Nm of torque, but the range is only 150 km which is not very good.

“This is the public launch of the new Polestar 1, and our new electric performance brand. Electromobility is the main focus of today’s automotive industry, and Polestar is at the centre of this development, introducing world-class electrified cars and ground-breaking, customer-focussed services and offers,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer of Polestar. “To date, we have received interest from over 6,000 potential customers wanting the Polestar 1 – a number which began gathering momentum from the moment the car was revealed. With our current plans to produce 500 cars per year, it’s possible that we have exceeded our production potential in these early stages. This positive reception to Polestar 1 really encourages us that our ‘Pure, Progressive, Performance’ brand proposition resonates very well with customers.”


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PostHeaderIcon Techrules REN RS Electric Racer Unveiled, Has 1,305 PS

If you need one evidence that the Chinese could soon become the king of electric motoring, that would be this. The Techrules REN RS is a racing variant of REN Supercar, an electric racing machine that uses a revolutionary new technology called Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) .

In essence, the Techrules REN RS is a hybrid. What it has is a diesel turbine that acts as a range-extender, providing extra juice while using very little fuel. The powertrain itself comprises a 28.4 kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery and with two motors at the front and four at the rear. That array of motors generates 960kW (1,287 hp / 1,305 PS). The range is 1,170 km with 80 liters of fuel in the range-extender tank. Performance-wise, the single-seat racer does 0 to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds and can reach a top speed of 330 km/h.

With limited production and only usable on a race track, the Techrules REN RS features lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and an aerospace-inspired design. Other highlights include unequal length wishbone design at the front and rear and in-board, horizontally-mounted KW three-way adjustable coilover suspension, 380 mm carbon ceramic discs, and FIA-spec safety features and fuel tank. Techrules is also partnering up with industry giants to further develop their TREV technology and find new uses for it.

William Jin, the founder and CEO of Techrules, said: “The unique modular design of the Ren chassis and powertrain has enabled us to create a perfectly engineered high-performance track car and demonstrate our TREV technology in the most efficient way. We are working hard to grow our global capabilities in engineering and manufacturing and will soon reveal major joint ventures that will enable us to further develop our innovative technology for a wide range of commercial mobility and industrial applications.”


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PostHeaderIcon Rezvani Beast Alpha X Blackbird Is Cool Cool Cool!

Rezvani Motors, a boutique car maker from California with Persian money, which is like the new Arab money, has been establishing itself as a serious producer of exquisite sports car for the past few years. Now they seem to have finally nailed it with this, the awesome Rezvani Beast Alpha X Blackbird.

The looks and the name suggest a homage to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, but Rezvani Beast Alpha X Blackbird could only a spy car in a Bond movie or something. The thing is so loud and conspicuous, they’d see you coming from miles away. As a sports car though, a sort of big boys toy, the X is up there with the best one-off Ferraris and McLarens.

The car packs a heavily tuned  2.5-liter Cosworth engine with Carillo racing forged pistons, rods, cams, valve, springs. It generates 700 horsepower which gives the Blackbird a 0 to 60 mph time of 2.9 seconds. But even more impressive than the performance is the way this thing looks. It is honestly the coolest looking car we’ve seen in a long time, although it has to be said a large part of it is due to the matte black paint job.

All the good thing you know from the previous Beasts are present here on the Alpha X Blackbird. There is a removable hard top, SideWinder doors, custom-built seats, racing cabin, and…

Rezvani Beast Alpha X Blackbird Specs:

0-60 MPH in 2.9 Seconds
Rezvani / Cosworth 2.5 L Turbo with Intercooler
700 Horsepower
6-Speed Manual Gearbox
Sequential Automatic Optional
Carbon fiber Body
Weight: 2,150 Pounds (750KG)
Length: 165.2 Inches  (4,145 mm)
Width: 80.1 Inches (1,981 mm)
Wheelbase: 92.3 Inches (2,345 mm)
1 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

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PostHeaderIcon New Zenvo Hypercar Teased for Geneva Motor Show Debut

Zenvo, the Danish supercar maker whose fiery – like, literally fiery – products are not giving up the dream of rivaling the big names in this game, announced the debut of a new model at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Al they have to say about this new model for now is that it will delight even “the most demanding of hypercar enthusiasts.”

While details of the new Zenvo hypercar remain under wraps, the firm will be slowly but surely give us a taste of of in the run up to the Geneva Motor Show in March. Zenvo has chosen a group of social media car personalities with the most followers to support a global campaign for the new car. The main subject of the photos and films they will be making will be the TS1 GT, which if the company is to be believed will be totally overshadowed by the amazing new model.

“With everything now in place to launch this fantastic new model onto the market it is hard for us to wait patiently for the Geneva International Motor Show to share this car with the world. The fact that we are holding back to the opening day of the exhibition on March 6 is a testimony to how much we value this event. As a European hypercar brand Geneva offers an unrivalled opportunity to connect with an international audience. This is the fifth consecutive occasion that Zenvo has presented itself at the show and we have always been impressed with the phenomenal response from visitors in the know. There can be no better platform to make a splash with our latest new innovation.”

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PostHeaderIcon Glickenhaus Expedition Vehicle to Set World Altitude Record

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is best known to most of you for their bespoke Ferrari-based supercars and race cars. But they are branching out, and one of the projects they have in mind is this weird and interesting offroad vehicle. This road-legal “expedition” vehicle is being built with the ultimate goal of driving up a volcano and setting a World Altitude Record at 7,000 meters. 

That explains the design of the Glickenhaus offroader and the whole arrangement viz-a-viz suspension and wheels and underpinnings. The central driving position could also be justified in the same vein, although we have to wait and see if it makes it into the final production model. There are going to be a couple of different variants of Glickenhaus offroad vehicle, apparenlty nicknamed SCG Boot, with this four four-door Expedition version going for the Volvano record, and a two-door version called Steve for lighter adventures.

Both variants will be available for purchase and in fact Glickenhaus says they have already received some inquiries. They have decided on a naturally aspirated V8 engine for this extraordinary vehicle, 20 inch wheels, 4-wheel-drive, and air conditioning as the main comfort amenity. As for the price, they are hoping to keep it around $100K, although the full Volcano assault version with full support for the customer will cost a bit more. Glickenhaus describes this car as a “cross between a Baja Racer and a Paris to Dakar for the Road.”

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PostHeaderIcon Alpine A110 Production Gets Underway in France

Although it’s a fairly low-volume sports car, a niche product as it were, the start of production for the all-new 2018 Alpine A110 was celebrated with a high-profile event. It brought Carlos Ghosn, Renault Chairman and CEO, and Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, down to the production line in Dieppe, which is pretty impressive. 

This is not just good news for the company or the french economy or the people employed at the revived plant, but also for those who have been waiting the release of the Alpine A110 for the past five or six years. All the evidence suggest the modern-day A110 is a fantastic sports car and a quality product. It appears to have just the right power for a super enjoyable drive, the perfect chassis, and the right balance between sportiness and everyday practicality. And of course it looks almost as cool as the original.

The first batch of production Alpine A110 models will be the Premiere Edition version.

“The revival of Alpine production in Dieppe, where the original Berlinette was made almost 50 years ago, presented us with a challenge, but we rose to it together, with backing from the state, the region, the local urban district, Groupe Renault and the Alliance. Investment totalled more than €35 million, 151 people have been recruited and the factory has been refurbished. The excellence and French-style elegance that the brand stands for are more than just claims; today, in Dieppe they are an industrial reality,” declared Carlos Ghosn.


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PostHeaderIcon Lighter, More Powerful Alpine A110 Sport in the Works

Jut as the resurrected Alpine A110 gears up to hit the market with the Premiere Edition news emerges that there is an even more awesome version of the sports car in the works. It’s called Alpine A110 Sport and as befits that name it is lighter, tighter, and more powerful. 

Wheres the regular A110 is a sports car for every opportunity, in that it is a brilliant all-rounder, the upcoming Alpine A110 Sport will be more focused on speed and performance. Code-named ‘Sport chassis’ at Alpine, the car will get a tweaked version of the 1.8 liter turbo four-pot that powers the standard model with 300 horsepower. It should, in theory, enables the Sport to make 60 mph from standing still in about four seconds.

It remains to be seen how Alpine engineers are going to achieve their goal of lightening the already featherweight A110. The word is they want to slash another 50 kg off the dry weight of the A110, mostly by taking away interior trim and garnish. They will also stifen the suspension by about 20 percent. These changes would make the Alpine A110 Sport a tad less comfortable than the regular model and not suitable for daily driving. But on the upside it will increase the driving fun of the car, especially on the race track.

Needless to say, the transmission softwarte will be updated for sharper changes, the exhaust will be tweaked for an angrier note, and the steering and stability system will be revised in line with the other upgrades. We are also looking forward to see how this Sport A110 looks like. But we won’t find that out until summer of 2018 which is when it’s due for release.

Via AutoExpress

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PostHeaderIcon 2018 Alpine A110 Premiere Edition Priced from €58,500

Finally, the new, modern-day Alpine is ready to hit the roads, going on sale in five days. We’ve waited a long time for this thing, but all the evidence suggest 2018 Alpine A110 is well worth the wait. I’m afraid, however, the privilege of enjoying one is a bit costly, as the sports car starts at €58,500.

The good news is though, that is the base price for the limited edition 2018 Alpine A110 Premiere Edition. Regular models will be less expensive. But the launch model is the really irresistible one, if just for the fact that they are making only 1,955 units of it. That is a tribute to the year Alpine was founded. The A110 Première Edition come as standard with lightweight 18-inch Otto Fuchs forged aluminium wheels, an active sports exhaust, Focal audio system, carbon fibre interior accents, brushed aluminium pedals, leather-trimmed Sabelt one-piece sports seats, a numbered Première Edition plaque on the centre console and tasteful Tricolore badges on the rear pillars. The order books will soon open for the standard versions.

The rear-wheel-drive 2018 Alpine A110 Premiere is powered by a 252 PS turbocharged, 1.8-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine. That power has to haul around just over 1,100 kg, and that makes the sports car pretty nippy. You know the handling of this car is going to be sweet as honey just looking at it. But to make sure it won’t disappoint, Alpine engineers have given it double-wishbone suspension, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres measure 205/40 R18 at the front and 235/40 R18 at the rear,and 44:56 weight distribution. There is also large and powerful brakes and stability system you can fully disengage. The A110 sprints from 0 to 62mph in 4.5 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited at 156mph.

What we love about the new Alpine, besides the performance, is that it’s a fun sports car that can be used everyday. Granted, with only 100 liters of storage space it is not long-distance cruiser. But if you are a single guy or gal the A110 is the perfect daily driver because, unlike an ordinary city runabout, it brings a smile to your face every time you get in it.

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PostHeaderIcon Rimac Concept Two Set for GMS 2018 Debut

You are all familiar, I am sure, with the Croatian hyper car maker Rimac, the creators of the giant-slayer that is the Concept One. Currently they are hard at work developing their second model, code-named Rimac Concept Two, to have it ready for debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. 

Given the specs of Concept One, one would expect Rimac Concept Two to take a different approach and give luxury and comfort a hyper priority than performance. After all, Rimac has nothing to prove anymore in that aspect. And they are going that way, making sure the Two is more luxurious and more comfortable. But they also want to make it faster than its predecessor. The figures they have mentioned in terms of output are 1224 bhp and 1180 lb-ft of torque. Given Rimac’s history, you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to deliver that.

Rimac Concept Two has a lot more value for the company than the One, seeing as the Two is actually a production model. They did make 8 units of the One, true, plus a couple of track versions. But the Two will be produced in at least a 100 copies, making it a fully-fledged hypercar capable of giving a lot of trouble to the established hierarchy. The car delivers the same performance as a Chiron, but it’s zero emission and a lot less expensive. What’s more, Rimac brand has a lot of prestige now. It’s one of the coolest brands thanks to stunts such as this.

While turning themselves into a proper manufacturer of high-end cars, Rimac continues to supply other makes with sophisticated battery an connectivity technologies. This is the cool thing about the EV revolution in the auto industry. You get firms like Rimac from Croatia coming up putting all the big dogs of the business to shame. Keep it up boys!

Via Autocar

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PostHeaderIcon 2019 Aria FXE Is the Latest 1,000+ hp Hypercar

The art of 3D printing is enabling more and more individuals who have a vision for the perfect supercar to actually make it happen, provided their bank account is stout enough to support this hobby. This is the latest of this bunch, the Aria FXE, built by an American startup using borrowed engines, ready-made carbon parts, and of course, 3D printed bits. 

Unlike most other cars of this kind which tend to be ultra-futuristic in looks and technology, the 2019 Aria FXE has something of the old-school about it. The design brings to mind 90’s supercar what with its large intakes, pronounced aero parts, roof scoop and big rear wing. It’s a fine look, but not something that would immediately give you the fizz, as a proper hypercar should. Aria should have taken a leaf from the other US-based supercar maker, Rezvani, whose designs make you all hot in the pants even before you hear about the specs.

The Aria FXE, then, is more on the discreet side of things. It doesn’t exactly shout about its capabilities, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t got none. The FXE is powered by a hybrid system consisting of a V8 petrol engine mated to a couple of axial-flux induction electric motors. Whatever that is, the result is a mighty impressive 1,150 horsepower output which, according to Aria, enables the FXE to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 210 mph.

The way these things work, the Aria FXE will have a price tag well over one million dollars. The company is planning to make 400 units of this car, as that is the only way they could see some profit. They also offer a low-fat FE version which doesn’t have the electric motors, thus eliminating the only reason you might be interested in one in the first place.

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PostHeaderIcon XING Mobility Miss R Is Tesla Roadster’s Asian Cousin

You may not have hear of XING Mobility, but they have been in the business of making electric powertrains for some time. They are a supplier of such systems to car makers the world over. But now they want in on the game itself, and they have a player called XING Mobility Miss R.

OK, so the naming of this electric supercar is not particularity brilliant. But wait until you hear about the kind of performance it promises. There ain’t nothing miss-y about the numbers this car can pull. According to the Taipei-based firm, XING Mobility Miss R has one megawatt of power which is about 1,341 horsepower,produced by 4 independent 350V motors. Since the Miss weighs next to nothing, they say it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.8 seconds, and to 200 km/h in 5.1 seconds. Those are better records than that of the new Tesla Roadster.

In fact, XING makes it quite clear that they are gunning for Tesla’s crown as the world’s fastest electric sports car. Well, fastest accelerating that is, seeing as Miss R has a top speed of only 270 km/h. They are still developing this thing, but they probably need a nicer design if they want to take on and beat Tesla’s sexy Roadster. What XING Mobility Miss R has going for it though is the battery technology. They are using an innovative system with LEGO-like battery modules which house 42 lithium-ion cells, sitting in a bath of 3M Novec 7200 Engineered Fluid used for high-caliber cooling.

But instead of focusing on range XING believes their fast-swapping method, which allows you to take the empty battery pack out and put in a charged one in 5 minutes, is more convenient. Be that as it may, they cannot realistically expect to win the battle against Tesla for one very simple reason. Whereas the new Roadster is priced at $200K, the production version of the Miss R, if they get to that stage, will be upwards of $1 million USD apiece.

Via Motor1

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PostHeaderIcon Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 004S Has Central Driving Position

You probably know American rich man Glickenhaus from his previous one-off, custom Ferraris. Well, what started as a hobby for him is now a legit business, and this is the latest production of his company. The new Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 004S is an Italian-American McLaren F1 with the steerign wheel right in the center. 

That makes the SCG 004s a three-seater, so you have two of your buddies with you as you go a cruise around the lawn of your favorite concourse. They won’t be awfully safe though, and neither will you. The design and layout of the dashboard in this car is pretty old-fashioned.It brings to mind racing Ferraris of the 60s, which means it is an absolute delight sitting in that cabin.

Cameron Glickenhaus ha ambitions to become the modern-day Enzo Ferrari by directly emulating him. His ultimate goal in designing and building Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 004S, and the other model that went before it, is for him to race at Le Mans. But he has to produce a number of road-going model and sell them to public to be eligible for the race. So there will be up to 325 units of the car sent out ot the wild over the next two or three years. And they will come in various forms, including GT3, GTE and GTLM competition. The support for the 003C will continue for the time being.

As for the specs, the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 004S is powered by a 5.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine developing 650 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque. That power has to haul only 1,179 kg thanks to a carbon chassis. The driven wheels are on the rear and their diff is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox. All very vintage stuff, but SCG does offer a paddle shift option as well.

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PostHeaderIcon Devel Sixty 6×6 SUV Has 700 hp, Insane Looks

They call it the baddest truck in the world, and they have a point. The Devel Sixty SUV, unveiled at Dubai Auto Show, is almost certainly the craziest thing you have ever seen on, well, six wheels. And the craziest thing about it is they are actual going to produce and sell it to the public!

Compared to this, AMG’s 6×6 G63 looks like a Honda Civic. Devel Sixty 6×6 SUV is modeled, by the looks of things, on military personnel carriers. It even has military-grade wheels and tires and chassis, and night vision system, of course. It’s not armored though, at least in its concept form. The Sixty looks childish to be honest, but that’s kind of what’s cool about it. It could prove less effective in helping you survive the apocalypse than a Prius, but that doesn’t take away from how awesome this creature is.

Powering the Devel Sixty 6×6 SUV is a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine developing 700 horsepower and over 1,000 Nm of torque. It claims to hit 100 km/h from 0 in 5.8 seconds on any kind of surface you can imagine. It’s a pity, though, Devel didn’t put their 5,000 hp, 3,700 Nm of torque W16 engine in this car. That is probably because it’s not real.

At any rate, other notable highlights of this bad boy include portal axles with independent suspension for each wheel, carbon fiber body (as if lightness is a matter of concern here), 6 Pilot automatic fully adjustable seats, GPS, and tire inflation system. They say the Sixty is street-legal, but what streets they have in mind we don’t know. They will make one for you in a year, however, if you place an order today and pay them $450,000. 

In the immortal words of Quentin Tarantino, this thing is one bad mothafucka!

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PostHeaderIcon Tramontana Supercar Gets Gold Interior from Vilner

The Tramontana is a Spanish supercar designed to the closest thing to an F1 car for the roads. Obviously, that makes very little sense, which is why the thing didn’t catch on. But it did catch fire though, on more than one occasions, sometimes while on TV. Anyway, Bulgarian tuner Vilner has got hold of one recently and they went gold mad on it for the SEMA show. 

Vilner’s Tramontana differs from other models – which also boast interior designs from this tuner – in that it has a much stronger luxury feel to it. Following the exterior theme of black surfaces complemented with gold accents, the cabin is wrapped in fine black leather and Alcantara, contrasting with the golden leather of the seats which, apparently, is modeled on ancient thrones. Same style and materials can be found on both sides of the cockpit and even the floor mats are made from leather, Alcantara and that “golden leather” elements.

The attention to details in this Tramontana is pretty amazing. But then you wouldn’t expect anything else from Vilner. They have wrapped teh sun visor in Alcnatara and garnished it with gold edging. The dials and knobs have gold surrounds. There’s gold stitching and a steering wheel that appears to have been taken from a captured spaceship belonging to third army of the planet Zaa. As a reminder, AD Tramontana is powered by a Mercedes-Benz bi-turbo V12 with 888 hp. It weighs just under 1,300 kg, and it has a reputation for being extremely wild and, well, fiery.

 “You are nobody in the automotive custom scene if you’re not at SEMA,” says Atanas Vilner, founder of the namesake art studio Vilner. “We were there as an exclusive partner to the Spanish supercar brand AD Tramontana”

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PostHeaderIcon ATS GT – Italian Exotica with €1,150,000 Price Tag

Normally when a new-born supercar with a million euro price tag appears on the radar we tend to look at it with some skepticism. After all, many have many before who claimed big things, but no one remembers them today. But in the case of the new ATS GT one cannot help thinking here’s something solid, something with real value to it.

Part of that could be because of the brand itself. Dating back to the 60s, the Italian firm was set up by a bunch of ex-Ferrari engineers and technicians. Now that is always a good starting point. But the resurrected model does not rely solely on the merits of its ancestors,namely the ATS 2500 GTS. It’s a bloody good supercar in its own right with the looks and power and exclusivity to back up the name.

Here’s a detailed look at this beauty in one seriously cool slideshow:

Limited to just 12 units, each priced at €1,150,000, the ATS GT features gullwing doors with touch sensors instead of handles, red and gold stripes, a very neat aero kit with pronounced diffusers and spoilers, forged aluminium wheels (20” front, 21” rear), and plenty of carbon fiber inside. The minimalist design of the cabin is an homage to the racing machines the GT tries to emulate. So you get ultra-thin digital Cluster TFT screen,surrounded by an aluminium frame, and the central touchscreen for managing all the other functions including various suspension and powertrain modes.

But the meat of the package is the bi-turbo V8 engine with either 650 or 700 bhp output. The motor features dry-sump lubrication like a racing car and, in the fastest mode, can propel the ATS GT from 0 to 60 mpg in 3 seconds flat and on to a top speed of 206 mph. The 1,300 kg speed machine also boasts a mechanical differential and 7-speed box for maximum fun around track, and of course a sonorus Italian exhaust system is also present.


Length 4,700mm
Width 1,960mm
Maximum height 1,210mm
Wheelbase 2,670mm
Dry weight 1,300kg
Boot capacity 2.30m3

Engine and transmission
Bi-turbo V8 engine with dry-sump lubrication
Displacement 3,799 cc.
Power 478 KW / 650 bhp at 7,250 rpm – Optional Upgrade 515 KW /700 bhp
Maximum torque 678 Nm – Optional Upgrade 750 Nm
Euro 6 certification
Rear wheel drive
7 speed automatic ATS transmission

Maximum speed: more than 206mph
0 to 60mph: 3.0 seconds with launch control
0 to 120mph: 9.9 seconds
CO2 emissions 275 g/km
Fuel consumption
City 18 lt./100 km (15.6mpg)
Highway 9 lt./100 km (31.4mpg)
Combined 12 lt./100 km (23.5mpg)

Forward and rear double wishbone suspension
Shock absorbers with adjusting rings
Active electronic setup
ESP stability control
Brakes with carbo-ceramics discs
20” front wheels; 21” rear wheels
Front tyres 255/30R20 ; rear tyres 355/25R21
Tour-Sport-Race driving modes
Multi material chassis (aluminium alloy and carbon fibre) capable of outstanding strength and torsion

Active instrument panel
Central touchscreens that interact with the main instrument panel
Prima Orchestra Professional Sound System
Parking cameras
Tyre temperature and pressure information

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PostHeaderIcon Gordon Murray Supercar Teased Under IGM Brand

After decades of helping other people build awesome supercars, from McLaren F1 to the new TVR, the automotive legend that is Gordon Murray wants to make something he can put his own name on. This is it – well, its silhouette at least – a supercar that will be built under Murray’s resurrected IGM brand and said to be so advanced, it’ll make McLaren P1 look like it’s from the Fifties. 

Murray’s love of aerodynamic is apparently given free reign in the design of this as yet unnamed supercar. They say it “will incorporate some of the most advanced aerodynamics yet seen on a road car.” Latest material and technology will be employed in the building of this machine, and great care will be taken to ensure “light weight and driving pleasure” remain the main of focus of the development team throughout.

The new Gordon Murray supercar will be based on his iStream platform just like the new TVR Griffith. IT features high-strength aluminium sections in place of the steel used in iStream and iStream Carbon. The gains in terms of weight saving are huge, and the strength is among the best. iStream superlight is the ultimate development of iStream technology and promises to be the lightest and most efficient process for body-in-white manufacturing for decades to come. There is no word yet as to what sort of powertrain this creature will boast.

The invitation-only ‘One Formula’ exhibition at Dunsfold Park gathers – for the first and possibly only time – almost every race and road car from Gordon Murray’s 50-year career. The exhibition also celebrates the 10-year anniversary of both the Gordon Murray Design business and iStream manufacturing process, as well as the 25th year since the McLaren F1 road car entered production. On display are 40 different vehicles and designs, including familiar milestone cars* as well as those that have never or rarely been on show before. The exhibition charts the history of advanced aerodynamics and composite technology in each of Gordon Murray’s projects, and features detailed insight into Gordon Murray Design’s ground-breaking iStream manufacturing technology.

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PostHeaderIcon Hennessey Venom F5 – Details, Specs, Pricing

As the new American hypercar Hennessey Venom F5 is making its world debut at the SEMA show 2017, the tuner/car maker released first official details of this magnificent monster. Replacing the old Lotus-based Venom, the F5 features home-grown American everything and claims some American-sized numbers too. 

Powering the Hennessey Venom F5 is a 1600 bhp Hennessey Twin Turbo V8 Engine mated to a 7-speed single clutch paddle shift transmission. Tipping the scale at 2,950 lbs, the rear-wheel-drive F5 accelerates from 0 to 186 mph (300 km/h) in under 10 seconds and flat out can reach 300+ mph. It is also said to do the now trendy 0-400-0 run in under 30 seconds.

Boasting new and cutting-edge carbon fiber chassis and body, Hennessey Venom F5 also looks the part. It’s low and hunkered down and has a special design cue with three circles featured on the exhaust pipes and inside the cabin for the air vents. The design is not very artistic per se. If you are used to stuff like the Huayra or Regera the F5 will not tingle your tingly bits at all. But it’s a neat and clean look this car has, and more importantly it’s functional aerodynamically.

Hennessey Venom F5 hardtop will be produced in 24 copies, each priced at $1.6 million US dollars.

“We’ve designed F5 to be timeless so that in 25 years it will still have a level of performance and design that will be unmatched,” said John Hennessey, company Founder and CEO. “The F5 is an all new car, designed and built from the ground up, from the engine to the chassis. We expect the Venom F5, named for the most powerful tornado speed winds on the Fujita scale, to be the first road car capable of achieving more than 300 mph and have worked closely with Pennzoil to get us across the finish line.”

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PostHeaderIcon 2018 Alpine 110 Cup Race Car Officially Unveiled

Alpine revealed today the racing version of the new A110 which they had promised a while ago. Lightened and more focused, the 2018 Alpine 110 Cup is an affordable race car which you can use for Alpine Europa Cup, or for having enormous bouts of fun on track days.

Alpine 110 Cup Race Car is designed, developed and produced by Signatech, who will also sell the car for around €100,000 apop. With a weight of 1,050 kg and power output of 270 hp (18 more than the road car) mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox, the A110 Cup features racing suspension with 40mm lowered ride height compared to the standard car. Of course, the Öhlins spring-shock absorbers are compression- and rebound-adjustable. Boasting a roll cage and new sub-frames as well as Michelin slick and treaded are other highlights of the tiny racer.

Since Alpine 110 Cup will be ought predominately by gentleman racer and, well, rookies, there has been no compromise on safety features. The car comes with specific Sabelt bucket seat with built-in head restraints, six-point HANS-compatible harness, automatic fire extinguisher, dry battery, master switch, etc. There is also Brembo brakes with large discs ABS and traction control systems, which may be adjusted or disabled.The adjustable pedal box and steering column help adapt the driving position to suit all shapes and sizes of driver. You even get air con!

Bernard Ollivier, Alpine Deputy Managing Director: “The fact we have created the Alpine A110 Cup and a dedicated competition in which they will compete, the Alpine Europa Cup, is yet further evidence of our love of motor racing. We wanted the A110 Cup to be a genuine race car, a particularly refined machine equipped with high-end features geared towards performance. Alpine Europa Cup competitors will therefore be able to enjoy driving a very beautiful car, which will set new standards in terms of efficiency. The organisation of the competition will also meet Alpine’s demanding requirements, featuring rigour and professionalism on the track, but a fun and friendly atmosphere in the paddock. The Alpine Europa Cup will equally be used as a means of reaching out to our community of fans throughout Europe.”

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PostHeaderIcon Apollo Intensa Emozione Has Cool Looks, 780 Horsepower

You may remember Apollo for the technically brilliant but catastrophically Gumpert supercar. That car wasn’t really a success since it caused the company to almost go bust. Now, though, they are back with this, the Apollo Intensa Emozione, and it seems they have got it right this time. 

Apollo has been trying for a few years to come up with a great hypercar and they even came up with some proposals. All of that effort culminates in the IE which seems to flawless, whether you look at its design or technical specs. Packing a 6.3 liter V12 engine with 780 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque, Apollo Intensa Emozione certainly has enough power to be allowed in the hypercar club. And as for the looks, well, OMG!

You’d be forgiven to think it’s a new Pagani the first time you lay eyes upon Apollo Intensa Emozione. It has the same delicacy and art we know from that brand, but it’s more aggressive and motorsport-y. The huge wing and shark fin and large spoilers reminds us of LMP1 cars, while all the twisted lines and tortured surfaces brings to mind a modern art sculpture. And it’s a sculpture made from carbon fiber, just like its monocoque which weighs only 105 kg.

Apollo Intensa Emozione comes with Brembro carbon ceramic (CCM) and bespoke Michelin tires capable of handling up to 2G. suspension-wise, you have Formula One inspired double wishbone with full push-rod and rocker arm architecture. The car even has four air jacks in the fashion of endurance race cars.

The IE is an old-school kind of hypercar with a naturally aspirated engine and sequential 6-speed gearbox. But it doesn’t really matter because they are only making 10 units of it. It is really more of a statement than a commercial product, and in that sense it is magnificent.

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