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Archive for the ‘Ferrari F12’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F12tdf

Although the majority of Ferraris built over the last four decades have featured a mid-engine layout, there was a time when all of Maranello’s products were front-engined. Until the mid-1960s, Enzo Ferrari felt that a mid-engine Ferrari would be unsafe in the hands of customers. That changed in 1966, when Enzo, having seen the stir Lamborghini created with the 1966-1974 Lamborghini Miura, approved the V-6-powered 1967-1980 Ferrari Dino for production. Although mid-engined supercars became increasingly popular through the 1970s, Ferrari continued to build front-engined cars into the 21st century, with the current lineup including the 2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta, 2012 Ferrari FF, and 2015 Ferrari California T.

The F12berlinetta, a full-fledged grand tourer, harkens back to the 1968-1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” of the late 1960s, and in many way to the iconic 1964-1966 Ferrari 275 GTB and 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GTO. Much like its predecessors, it spawned various one-off and special-edition models, including the 2014 Ferrari F12 TRS, 2015 Ferrari SP America, 2015 Ferrari F60 America, and the 2015 Carrozzeria Touring Berlinetta Lusso. Now, Ferrari injected more power into the F12berlinetta to create the F12tdf, a tribute to the legendary Tour de France automobile race, an event Maranello dominated from 1956 through 1964.

Originally rumored to wear a “Speciale” badge, the F12tdf is more than just a tribute car with added grunt. The F12berlinetta shell has been redesigned for improved downforce and weight has been reduce by means of extensive carbon-fiber and aluminum use. Additionally, the Italians used new state-of-the-art tech to make the F12tdf one of the quickest Ferraris out there. Find out more below.

Updated 08/17/2017: We added a series on new images and a video taken during the 2017 Monterey Car Week.

Continue reading to learn more about the Ferrari F12tdf.

PostHeaderIcon Here's How You Can Own All 350 Of Ferrari's 70th Anniversary Special Edition Models

Before any of you start hyperventilating in excitement, there are a few qualifiers to keep note of. The first is that these aren’t the actual special edition cars that Ferrari is planning to roll out as part of its 70th anniversary. These bad boys are 1:8 scale models of the real things and they come from Amalgam Collectibles, the maker of exquisite scale models that have graced these pages a handful of times over the years. Remember the 1:8 versions of the Jaguar E-Type that secretly stole the show at the 2016 Paris Motor Show? Yep, it’s the same company that’s bringing us 350 of these special edition Prancing Horse beauties.

The differentiation among these Ferraris come in the form of liveries, which we also first saw in Paris back in September 2016. All those liveries represented various designs that were pulled from Ferrari’s long and illustrious history, including “The Schumacher,” “The Magnum PI,” and “The Prototype.” All told, Ferrari has 70 unique liveries on offer, all of which will be used on five of the automaker’s current models, including the 488 GTB, 488 Spider, California T, F12 Berlinetta, and the GTC4 Lusso. Do the math and that adds up to 350 different cars, each having their own mini-me versions courtesy of Amalgam Collection.

Needless to say, the scale models come with unparalleled detail. That much we can expect from the same company that brought us those beautiful E-Type scale models in Paris. That said, they don’t come cheap either as each scale model comes with a price tag of $695. If you can stomach that much damage to your wallets, it might be best to pre-order these scale models now ahead of their initial release in July since each of the 350 unique scale models are one-offs.

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari 812 Superfast

Introduced in 2012 as a replacement for the Ferrari 599, the F12berlinetta harkens back to the 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” and, in many ways, to the iconic 250 GTO and 275 GTB. A full-fledged grand tourer powered by a no-nonsense, naturally aspirated V-12, the F12berlinetta has already spawned many one-off and special-edition models, including the F12 TRS, SP America, F60 America, Carrozzeria Touring Berlinetta Lusso, and more recently the F12tdf. After some five years on the market, the F12 received its mid-cycle facelift ahead of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It goes by the name 812 Superfast and comes with many improvements.

Just like the transition from the FF to the GTC4Lusso, the F12berlinetta gained a significant update and a name change. Ferrari didn’t care to explain the meaning behind the new name, but it’s safe to assume that the “812” comes from the engine’s output in PS plus the number of cylinders, while Superfast is just… well… an attempt to be cool in the 21st century. This isn’t the first time a Ferrari appears to have been named by the company’s social media department, as the LaFerrari is just as flamboyant. But it’s worth mentioning that the 812 isn’t the first Superfast in the company’s lineup. The name dates back to 1964, when Ferrari offered the 500 Superfast as the top-of-the-line version of the America model.

Moving over to more important things, Ferrari gave the F12berlinetta a thorough restyling. The grand tourer sports numerous modifications front and rear, while the interior has updated tech, a few nips and tucks, and new seats. More importantly, the 6.3-liter V-12 was redesigned into a new mill that makes the 812 Superfast the quickest and most powerful production Ferrari ever built.

Continue reading to learn more about the new Ferrari F12M.

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari's Last All-Natural V-12-Powered Supercar Will Take Its Bow In Geneva

By now, we’ve already established that Ferrari will be bringing the F12 M with it to the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The successor to the Ferrari F12Berlinetta will have around 750 horsepower on tap, slightly more than the car it’s replacing and just a shade below the 769 ponies that the limited-run Ferrari F12tdf has at its disposal. But there’s also one unique element about the F12 M that could help turn the car into a legitimate Ferrari collectible car down the road. For the very last time, Ferrari will be using an unassisted, naturally aspirated V-12 engine on one of its production cars, and it will be fitted into the Ferrari F12 M.

It may not sound like a big deal today, but it most definitely when you take into account the fact that Ferrari will be using electrical assistance on all subsequent V-12 engines moving forward. The 750-horsepower output is also significant in the sense that the F12 M becomes the most powerful naturally aspirated series-production supercar that Maranello has built. Combine those two elements together, and you have the perfect recipe of a car that’s going to be insanely sought-after in the coming years.

Beyond the historical performance significance of the F12 M, the supercar is also expected to receive a few styling updates relative to the F12Berlinetta, the car it’s replacing. Early hints from spy shots suggest that the new supercar will come with a new grille, new intakes, and redesigned headlights and taillights. Likewise, the interior is also expected to get modifications of its own, although the extent of the changes is still largely unknown other than it receiving a dual-screen infotainment set-up that we first saw on the Ferrari GT4C Lusso. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess the direction Ferrari took in designing the interior of the car since there have been no clear spy shots of that section.

Naturally, the F12 M’s historic potential as the last ever Ferrari to feature an unassisted, naturally aspirated V-12 engine means that the car isn’t going to come cheap. No official figures have been released, but estimates see it as being dramatically more expensive than the $325,000 price tag of the F12Berlinetta. Using that number as a baseline and taking into account the $500,000 price of the limited run F12 tdf, it’s reasonable to assume the F12 M approach the latter’s price more than the car it’s replacing.

All in all, Ferrari is reportedly scheduling the F12 M to have a similar five-year run as the F12Berlinetta with at least one limited edition model (a successor to the F12 tdf, perhaps?) arriving as part of that timetable.

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari SP 275 RW Competizione

Although Ferrari is now mostly famous for its mid-engined sports cars, Maranello built front-engined vehicles only until 1966, when the Lamborghini Miura and its mid-ship layout changed the supercar industry. But, even though it shifted to mid-engine designs, Ferrari continued to build front-engine cars and the current lineup includes three such examples as of 2017: the F12berlinetta, GTC4Lusso, and the California. A spiritual successor to the iconic 250 series (built between 1953 and 1964), the F12berlinetta has already spawned the F12tdf, a limited-edition tribute to the legendary Tour de France, an automobile race that Maranello dominated from 1956 through 1964. Come 2017 and Ferrari launched the SP 275 RW Competizione, a radically redesigned F12 that pays homage to the 275 GTB.

Built as a one-off and designed by Ferrari’s Styling Center with help from Pininfarina, the SP 275 RW Competizione brings together the modern stance of the F12berlinetta and the iconic styling cues of the 275 GTB. Introduced in 1964, the 275 GTB replaced the famous 250 GTO on both the road and the race track. Produced until 1968 in 970 units, the 275 series run also included the race-spec 275 GTB/C, the 275 GTS convertible, and the four-cam 275 GTB/4 and GTB/4 NART. All versions were powered by the iconic 3.3-liter V-12 “Colombo” engine which, in some models, produced in excess of 300 horsepower.

Although not as famous and valuable as the rarer 250 GTO nowadays, the 275 GTB is among the most recognizable and sought-after Ferraris. All told, it’s not surprising that Maranello went as far as to redesign the F12berlinetta in order to include the styling cues that made the 275 GTB a legendary grand tourer.

Continue reading to learn more about the Ferrari SP 275 RW Competizione.

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari Launches 70 New Liveries To Celebrate 70th Anniversary

Although Enzo Ferrari founded the company in 1939 as Auto Avio Construzioni, Ferrari wasn’t recognized as a full-fledged automaker until 1947. Maranello is getting ready to celebrate its 70th anniversary next year and the celebration began at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, where the Italian brand announced the introduction of 70 special liveries that pay tribute to iconic Ferraris from the past.

Five models were selected for the livery feast: the F12beriletta, 488 GTB, 488 Spider, GTC4Lusso, and California T. Each sports car is available with any of the 70 liveries, but there’s a catch. Ferrari will only build one of each model in that livery, meaning there’s won’t be two identical cars with the same paint scheme. For instance, once someone orders a F12berlinetta in livery, that same livery won’t be offered on the same car again. However, it will be available on any of the remaining models (as long as they haven’t been ordered already, that is!).

As a result, Ferrari will build only 350 cars with the special, 70th anniversary liveries.

At the Paris Motor Show, Ferrari showed off four of its new liveries. There was an F12berlinetta inspired by Stirling Moss’ 250 GT SWB race car, a brown California T painted like Steve McQueen’s 250 Lusso, a 488 GTB that pays tribute to Michael Schumacher’s 2003 Formula One racer, and a Ferrari 488 Spider inspired by the 365 P2 that won the Nine Hours of Kyalami in 1965. The latter features the race car’s atypical metallic green paint.

The remaining 66 liveries also include several iconic paint schemes from the company’s past. There’s a red, No. 56 livery paying tribute to the first Ferrari race car from 1947, a red paint with yellow and blue accents on the nose based on Juan Manuel Fangio’s F1 car, as well as liveries inspired by the many Ferraris raced at Le Mans in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Ferrari offers Can-Am- and Sunoco-inspired liveries, as well as paint schemes based on car built for celebrities back in the day.

Each livery comes with its very own name, and some of them are quite interesting. Customers can order “The Heartthrob,” “The Patriarch,” “Gran Turismo Perfection,” “The Lucybelle”, “California Dreaming,” “The Lauda,” “The Wedding Gift,” or “The Pro.”

There’s no word on pricing, but expect these models to be significantly more expensive than their standard counterparts since they will be unique. Also expect them to sell out quickly, as Ferrari has already received inquiries about matching sets of five cars in one livery.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F12berlinetta Takes On 700-Horsepower BMW M4: Video

On the surface, a race between a BMW M4 and a Ferrari F12berlinetta isn’t a fair fight. Make no mistake, the M4 is fast, but It just can’t compete with the F12berlinetta. But, what happens when you have an M4 that packs a KK-Performance Stage 3 tuning kit? Well, that makes for a far more interesting race.

Let’s look at the tale of the tape. In one corner, you have the 3,758-pound F12berlinetta, which is powered by a 6.2-liter V-10 engine that produces 740 horsepower and 508 pound-feet of torque. It’s powerful enough to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 3.1 seconds and hit a top speed of 211 mph. In the other corner, there is the 3,553-pound, KK-Performance-tuned, BMW M4. It still rocks the same 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, but thanks to KK-Performance’s Stage 3 kit, power has been spiked up to 700 horsepower — close to 300 ponies of extra power compared to its standard 425-horsepower output.

Take all those numbers into consideration and you have a much more even fight than the slaughter that would’ve happened if the F12berlinetta raced a standard M4. So what happens when you line these two monsters next to each other and ask them to race to a quarter-mile? I don’t want to spoil the intrigue and I’m not even going to offer any hints or clues. I’ll just tell you to watch the video and enjoy the show.

PostHeaderIcon Gordon Ramsay Spotted in His Ferrari F12tdf

Gordon Ramsay Ferrari F12tdf

Britain’s most famous celebrity chef and hard-core Ferrari aficionado Gordon Ramsay is one of the first in the country to get his hands on the new Ferrari F12tdf. He was spotted this weekend driving his bespoke TDF, featuring bespoke paint work and stripes, around London.

Finished in ‘Bianco Fuji’ white with bespoke matte black stripes, Ramsay’s Ferrari F12tdf is without a doubt one of the most unique examples of the limited edition super car in the world. The car is almost as cool as the man himself, who took his time to take pictures with the spotters and allowed them to “spot” his car to their heart’s content. What a sport!

Video by TFJJ

Ferrari F12tdf Specs:

  • Engine
    • Type: 65-degree V12
    • Overall displacement: 6,262 cc
    • Max. power output: 574 kW (780 cv) at 8,500 rpm
    • Max. torque: 705 Nm at 6,750 rpm
    • Max. engine speed: 8,900 rpm (limiter)
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Length: 4,656 mm
    • Width: 1,961 mm
    • Height: 1,273 mm
    • Dry weight: 1,415 kg
    • Weight distribution: 46% front – 54% rear
  • Tyres and wheel rims
    • Front: 275/35 ZR 20″ 10″ J
    • Rear: 315/35 ZR 20″ 11.5″ J
  • Performance
    • Top speed: >340 km/h
    • 0-100 km/h: 2.9 sec
    • 0-200 km/h: 7.9 sec
    • Fiorano lap time: 1’21”
  • Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
    • Fuel consumption: 15.4 l/100 km
    • Emissions: 360 g/km

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F12 Tweaked by RACE!


Not all tuning programs have to result in extreme modifications of body and engine. Sometimes a few light mods can give you all the visual excellence you expect from a body kit, without any of the undesirable ostentatiousness. This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta upgraded by RACE! South Africa is a case in point.

While all the body panels remain intact on the Ferrari F12 by RACE!, a few strategic changes have increased the car’s visual impact tenfold, making it miles more aggressive and sporty. The first thing you’ll notice upon laying eyes on this bad boy is the white stripe package, adorning the bonnet, rear tailgate, roof and side mirrors. The double white stripe makes a nice contrast with the metallic black of the body.


Less obvious changes on Ferrari F12 by RACE! have to do with the fill black-out treatment given to all the logos and lights and indicators. They add up to make a big difference in the overall appearance of the car, although they probably wouldn’t have such an impact if the car was white or some other light color. Last but not least, this F12 gets a set of ADV1 wheels in gunmetal grey and sizes 21 inch on the front axle and 22 inch on the rear.


The post Ferrari F12 Tweaked by RACE! appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf from Cannes

Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-0

A very fine example of the limited edition Ferrari F12tdf has become available at Ferrari Cannes. This Tour de France model is looking rather awesome, finished in a cool matte grey – which in Ferrari Parlance is called Grigio something – with black wheels.

What this color does for Ferrari F12tdf, besides boosting its visual appeal, is bring out the beauty of its aero parts and unique design elements. You don’t get to appreciate the way that front bumper works itself into an air splitter at the bottom when you’re looking at a red or yellow example of the car. The same goes for the fender grilles, the vented bonnet, and the rear valance.

Limited to 799 units, Ferrari F12tdf is powered by a 780 horsepower version of the Berlinetta’s V12 engine (+40 hp) with 705 Nm of torque (+15 Nm). What’s more, the tdf is 110 kg lighter than the regular F12 and comes with a host of electronic and mechanical features designed to make it more dynamic. The car features a rear-wheel steering system as well as a multifaceted traction control and damping system.

Performance figures for the F12tdf speak for themselves: 0 to100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h in 7.9 seconds, top speed over 340 km/h, and Fiorano lap time of 1’21”.

Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-1
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-2
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-3
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-4
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-5
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-6
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-7
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-8
Matte Grey Ferrari F12tdf-9

Via Ferrari Cannes

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F60America

Ferrari has been selling delicate, aggressive and beautiful cars with the Prancing Horse emblazoned across the hood for 60 years here in the United States. From legendary machines like the 250 GTO, to modern marvels like the Ferrari FF, the Italian company has been showing the world what a supercar should be. Now to celebrate this milestone of six decades, Ferrari has created an ultra-limited model exclusively for its American customers. Dubbed the Ferrari F60America, this special edition machine comes with a V-12 engine, no roof and a price tag of $2.5-million.

The car is based on the most powerful GT car that Ferrari currently sells, the F12 Berlinetta. The 6.3-liter carries on unchanged, but visually the car has received a very thorough overhaul. Every piece of this car’s design has been created to pay homage to the previous 60 years of Ferrari heritage. Only ten of these cars are being produced, a nod to the 10 GTS4 NART Spiders that Ferrari imported for US customers on the request of Luigi Chinetti. Luigi Chinetti was the founder of Ferrari’s North American Racing Team, and the white stripe across the exterior of the car pays tribute to the team’s preferred livery.

This is easily one of the most limited and sought after Ferrari models in decades. As such, all 10 models were already sold before the car was even announced.

Updated 01/25/2016: The first out of ten F60 American units was delivered during this weekend during the 25th annual Palm Beach Cavallino Classic.

Continue reading to learn more about the 2015 Ferrari F60America.

PostHeaderIcon Azzuro Dino Ferrari F12tdf Sighted in Luxembourg

Azzuro Dino Ferrari F12tdf-1

Even though Ferrari F12tdf is not exactly a rare car – at least by special edition Ferrari standards – with 799 units being produced, it is still a rare sight out in the wild. It is doubly rare, finished in a special livery like this utterly magnificent Azzuro Dino.

So far we had only seen the F12tdf in red and yellow, which are fine colors for this car. But this Azzuro Dino Ferrari F12tdf knocks both of them out of the water with its unique shade of blue, matte black wheels, and yellow accents. Whoever’s ordered this bad boy certainly had a unique taste in cars. This tdf was delivered in Luxembourg, so we will be seeing it out and about in Europe in the near future.

Azzuro Dino Ferrari F12tdf-2

To recap, Ferrari F12tdf is a hard-core version of the F12 Berlinetta with 100 kg lighter weight and 40 extra horsepower. The car also features a revised chassis and a new rear-steering system, as well as different electronics that are supposed to make this beast more drivable at the limit. But make no mistake, the F12tdf is still a rampaging stallion that can kill you instantly if you make a mistake with it.

Photos by TVH Photography

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PostHeaderIcon Spectacular: Ferrari F12tdf at Hotel de Paris

Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-0

Monte Carlo is the kind of place where seeing a car as rare as the Ferrari F12tdf is not rally a surprise. But even by Monaco standards, the tdf is an absolute hottie, on the evidence of these photos which show the car parked in front of Hotel de Paris.

You see, the way things works over there in Monte Carlo, if you turn up at Hotel de Paris in a car  sexy enough, they allow you to park it in front of the hotel because it makes the scenery even nicer. That is until something cooler turns up, in which case the valet will take you car away and hide it in some parking lot, making room for the more awesome car in the front.

Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-1
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-2
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-3
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-4
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-5
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-6
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-7
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-8
Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris-9

In the case of the Ferrari F12tdf, the car is evidently deemed interesting enough to be granted a place right in front of the hotel’s entrance. Now that is saying something. Of course, that could be because only a handful of production F12tdf models have so far been delivered and the car is still a rare sight. When they start flooding Monaco streets, then obviously they will be sent to the parking lot!

Photos by Dphotographymc

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PostHeaderIcon Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo by KBS Motorsports

Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-0

The guys at Singapore’s KBS Motorsports are probably the only tuners who have got to work with more than just one Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo, what with it being a limited edition of just 15 units. They recently finished putting some new touches on this white N-Largo, increasing its sex appeal by a factor one thousand.

KBS’s Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo has received in this treatment a new set of Forgiato F2.10 finished in carbon with gold lips, and also a series of Mansory F12 interior upgrade parts in a unique silver carbon. This car is shaping up to be the sickest, most unique Ferrari F12 in the world, even more so than Mansory’s own F12 La Revoluzione.

As for the styling kit itself, Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo comes with custom wings, bumpers and fenders, featuring a massive carbon front splitter up front, wide front wings, custom side sills and carbon skirts, new rear fenders, revised rear fenders with carbon diffuser insert, and a tall carbon fiber rear wing.

Other exclusive N-Largo touches include new mirror caps, a custom vented bonnet with carbon inlets, blacked-out lights, and burnt tailpipes connected to a sport exhaust system.

Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-1
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-2
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-3
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-4
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-5
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-6
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-7
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-8
Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo KBS-9

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PostHeaderIcon An Intimate Look at Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-0

So as the first production units of the limited edition Ferrari F12tdf start to arrive at showrooms on their way to their lucky owners, we get to see the car in live, untampered photos. And as good as this tdf looked in press photos, it’s even hotter just sitting in the showroom like a normal car!

This rather special Ferrari F12tdf has been delivered to Ferrari Cannes where it probably goes under some preparation like detailing and paint protection before the owners comes to pick it up. The Rosso Corsa paint job on this particular tdf helps you appreciate the new styling details of this model by accentuating the carbon fiber parts.

So you notice Ferrari F12tdf comes with an extended front spoiler lip with side flaps, carbon aero bridges on front wings, carbon rear apron and bumper inserts, louvered rear fenders like the ones on old Ferrari racing cars, and a newly designed rear hatch. This car also features matte black wheels which go really well with that exterior color.

Limited to 799 units, Ferrari F12tdf is powered by a 780 horsepower version of the naturally-aspirated V12 engine yo find in the Berlinetta, while shedding 110 kg. The new aero kit gives it around 90 percent more downforce which, combined with the new electronics and rear-steering system, should make it more drivable.

Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-1
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-2
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-3
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-4
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-5
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-6
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-7
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-8
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-9
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-10
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-11
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-12
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-13
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-14
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-15
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-16
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-17
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-18
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-19
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-20
Ferrari F12tdf Cannes-21

Photos by Ferrari Cannes

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PostHeaderIcon Vitesse AuDessus Ferrari F12tdf Gets a Carbon Body

Vitesse AuDessus Ferrari F12tdf-1

If you are one of the lucky 799 people who got to order a Ferrari F12tdf, chances are you are not going to have it re-bodied just yet. But for those crazy ones out there who might get bored with their Fezza after about two days, French firm Vitesse AuDessus has come up with a solution.

What they are proposing is replacing the body panels on Ferrari F12tdf, traditionally made from aluminum, with carbon fiber pieces they produce themselves. This extremely expensive and time-consuming treatment will make the car stand out as they are going to just clear-coat the carbon and leave it on display. It also reduces the weight of the car by a hefty 160 kg.

Vitesse AuDessus Ferrari F12tdf-2

Now, since it is a painstakingly difficult process to re-body a car like the Ferrari F12tdf with carbon fiber, Vitesse AuDessus is only going to do up five cars, and they are projecting a cost between hundred to two-hundred thousands dollars for the job. Their full carbon F12 certainly looks cool in the renderings they have released, But the tdf is a car you want to drive not show off with. And as enticing as the weight saving is, we’re not sure it’s worth the hassle.

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F12tdf Tested by Autocar

Ferrari F12tdf Tested

So the old boys at Autocar magazine become the first journalists to get some wheel time in the new Ferrari F12tdf, a beefed-up, limited edition version of the Berlinetta super Grand Tourer. They sent their boy Matt Prior to Fiorano where he was allowed only a few laps of the legendary track. But with a car like the F12tdf that’s all you need to make sure it is an engineering marvel.

Before you watch the video, we should point out that Ferrari F12tdf is named as such because the Italian wanted to pay homage to the Tour de France road races of the 1950s and 1960s and race cars like the 250 GT Berlinetta. The new car even features some styling cues borrowed from the old racers.

Engine-wise, Ferrari F12tdf boasts the same V12 engine you find in the normal F12 but here it’s been upgraded to 770 bhp and 520 lb-ft of torque. What’s more, the car is also 100 kg lighter than its standard counterpart and comes with a whole lot of fancy new technologies to make it more drivable. It has a rear-steering system which simulates a shorter wheelbase, thus improving the car’s cornering. It also has sophisticated traction control and stability system, so it is less scary than the Berlinetta as well.

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F12tdf Promo Clip Is Mesmerizing!

Ferrari F12tdf Promo Clip

So yesterday we showed you the Ferrari F12tdf in a good deal of action at Mugello circuit where it made its official track debut in the hands of Ferrari F1 drivers. Now the Italian company follows that up with an absolutely marvelous promotional video shot at Fiorano.

Be advised, the footage you are about to see can make you numb with astonishment and then drive you mad with desire. We can’t imagine what it’s like to actually drive a Ferrari F12tdf. It’ll probably kill you with a sudden surge of adrenaline and dopamine!

Here’s how Ferrari sums up what is good about the F12tdf, built as a limited edition homage to the company’s road racers of the 50s and 60s:

The F12tdf is a concentration of technical innovations which involve all those areas central to Ferrari’s DNA: engine, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics. As a result, in terms of acceleration, roadholding and agility, the new berlinetta is second to none. The F12tdf’s performance is assured by the 780 cv, naturally-aspirated V12 derived directly from the F12berlinetta’s multi-award-winning engine. The car’s exhilarating dynamic behaviour, specifically its lateral acceleration in corners, is due to an 8% increase in the ratio of the front tyres compared to the rear ones. The car’s natural tendency to oversteer as a result of the change in tyre sizes is compensated for by the innovative rear-wheel steering system – known as the Virtual Short Wheelbase, which is integrated with the other vehicle dynamic control systems – that guarantees the steering wheel response times and turn-in of a competition car while increasing stability at high speed.

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PostHeaderIcon Ferrari F12tdf Filmed in Action at Mugello

Ferrari F12tdf-action-1

The new Ferrari F12tdf made it track debut this past weekend at the Mugello circuit in Italy where the spectators got their first taste of its performance. Ferrari brought three F12tdf units down to the track with their three Formula 1 drivers, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, and test driver Esteban Gutiérrez.

So here’s you first proper look at the Ferrari F12tdf in action. You get to hear the soundtrack of the engine, see the car wrestling the track, and also – thanks to Kimi – watch it perform some tiny donuts.

Photos and Video by Marchettino

Ferrari F12tdf Specs:


Type 65° V12
Bore and stroke 3.7 x 2.96 in (94 x 75,2 mm)
Total displacement 382.13 cu in (6262 cm3)
Compression ratio 13,5:1
Maximum power ** 574 kW (780 CV) at 8500 rpm
Specific Output 92 KW/ cu in (125 CV/l )
Maximum torque 705 Nm at 6250 rpm
Maximum revs per minute (limiter) 8900 rpm

Dimension and Weight

Overall lenght 183,3 in (4656 mm)
Overall width 77,2 in (1961 mm)
Height 50,1 in (1273 mm)
Wheelbase 107,1 in (2720 mm)
Front track 65,9 in (1673 mm)
Rear track 63.7 in (1648 mm)
Dry weight* 3119,5 lb (1415 kg)
Kerb weight* 3351,0 lb (1520 kg)
Weight distribution 46% Front – 54% Rear
Fuel tank capacity 24.3 US gal (20.2 UK/gal – 92 l)


Maximum speed over 211 mph (340 km/h)
0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) 2,9 sec
0-124 mph (0-200 km/h) 7,9 sec
62-0 mph 30,5 m
124-0 mph 121 m

Ferrari F12tdf-action-2

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PostHeaderIcon Up Close with Giallo Ferrari F12tdf

Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-0

So far we have only seen the new Ferrari F12tdf in a bunch not at all satisfying press pictures, a couple of official videos, and some bad spy photos snapped at a dealership. This time though a yellow (giallo) was caught in Maranello and shot as if it was a promotional photoshoot or something.

These pictures offer the best look yet at the Ferrari F12tdf and allows you to really contemplate its controversial design features – features that might not be very easy on the eyes, but are designed to be almost perfect aerodynamic and weight-wise.

The TDF is about a 100 kg lighter than the Berlinetta upon which it is based, and it packs 40 more horsepower as well. That weight saving is an amazing feat, considering the car comes with an innovative new rear steering system. The design of the new aero kit is also very effective in producing downforce, which Ferrari says has been increased in the TDF by a whopping 100 percent compared to the F12 Berlinetta.

That is very good news when you are dealing with a car that can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 340 km/h. Ferrari F12tdf is limited to 799 units.

Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-1
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-2
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-3
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-4
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-5
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-6
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-7
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-8
Giallo Ferrari F12tdf-9

Photos via Zero2Turbo

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