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Archive for the ‘future cars’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Someone Caught the Mid-Engine 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette Driving Around California

The mid-engine Corvette is some 40+ years in the making and, come 2020; we’ll finally get to lay eyes on the first official, production Vette that sports a mid-engine layout. Previous GM engineers say that the lack of a mid-engine Vette up to this point has fallen on buyers and GM’s financial stability. And, you can’t really blame true Vette enthusiasts, either, considering the fact that the tried and true front-engine layout of the Vette has worked well since its inception. At this point, there are still a lot of unknowns surrounding the C8 mid-engine Corvette. It could be sold alongside the more traditional front-engined model, or it could be its own standalone model. It will most certainly take on a different crop for competition, including those from Ferrari and Lamborghini among others. We’re still waiting to see the new C8 mid-engine Vette in all its glory, but it was just spotted cruising the streets of California.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Exclusivity Will Drop as the Brand Aims to Taken on Ferrari in the Next Decade

The days of Koenigsegg holding court as one of the most exclusive automakers in the world could come to an end soon. A report from Bloomberg revealed that the Swedish automaker plans to boost its output of performance cars to hundreds of models per year by 2022. Making up most of this increased output is a new “entry-level” supercar that Koenigsegg promises will feature an engine that has better acceleration and efficiency. This yet-to-be-identified model will command a price of $1 million per unit. The goal, according to company boss Christian von Koenigsegg, is to put the company in equal footing with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen is approaching the end of the development phase of the new Volkswagen Golf 8 – the most connected Golf of all time. But before I proceed with bombarding you with all the incredible things I’ve learned about it, let me just give you a glimpse of its importance through my experience.

It was 2004, my finishing year of elementary school when Volkswagen revealed the Golf MkV GTI. I remember that day vividly because that was the day I was directly exposed to the culture of the Volkswagen Golf aficionados that I subconsciously wanted to avoid. That day, during recess, one kid came running in the schoolyard carrying a ProAuto car magazine in his hands and basically yelling, “New GTI, New GTI.” He did not buy lunch out of his pocket money, but a car magazine with a GTI on its cover. Every single kid that had heard him charged at him to see what kind of a Golf the new GTIwill be. I ran too. I was struggling to see what the new Golf looks like and we all jostled each other to get a glimpse of the car.

That moment alone changed my perception of Golf for a lifetime. And, believe it or not, that car magazine I was telling you about – I started working there some years later.

Now, exactly 15 years after I saw the Golf MkV GTI for the first time, I have the opportunity to witness the reveal of the Golf 8 (and I believe the GTI). 15 years ago, Volkswagen proudly chanted in its press release “It is [Golf GTI] stronger, better and more sought after than ever.” The Golf MkVIII will be exactly that – stronger, better and more sought after than ever. But also, more connected than ever.

PostHeaderIcon Here’s Your First Look at the Aston Martin Project 003

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show is only two weeks away, and automakers are already rolling out teasers of vehicles they will showcase in Switzerland. Among them, there’s the Aston Martin Project 003, a new hypercar that the British firm is looking to launch in 2021. We only have a teaser shot and little info right now, but Project 003 looks and sounds exciting, to say the least.

PostHeaderIcon The 2021 Lexus IS Could Inherit the 2020 Toyota Supra’s BMW-Sourced Inline-Six

Is it possible that Toyota’s existing partnership with BMW could extend into a Lexus? That’s what a report from Japan’s Best Car magazine is saying. According to the report, the next-generation Lexus IS sports sedan will be powered by the same 335-horsepower, 3.0-liter, turbocharged, straight-six that you can find under the hood of a recently released Toyota sports car that’s been dominating the news lately. If the reports are true, the next-generation IS could share the same engine with the Toyota Supra and, by extension, the BMW Z4. Whether using that engine is enough to elevate the IS’ standing in the premium compact luxury market remains to be seen. It would definitely be interesting to see it compete against BMW and the almighty 3 Series with an engine that comes from, well, BMW.

PostHeaderIcon MINI John Cooper Works GP

Mini is a company that should be taken seriously when it sets about building a performance car. That’s why we stood up and listened when, late last year, we heard that the Mini Cooper JCW GP was coming back in 2020 after what will be a seven-year hiatus. Now, we’re seeing the first spy shots and, as you’d expect, it’s the Cooper JCW dialed up to 11 with some cues ported straight from the devilishly cool 2017 Cooper Works GP Concept. We want it now, together with its +300 horsepower!

Traditionally, the GP version of the Cooper Works is the ultimate performance model. In the past, John Cooper Works, which is long for JCW, built two GP models based on the previous two generations of the Mini. Of the last GP, which bowed out in 2014, only 2,000 examples exist, and just 500 were sold in the U.S., so expect the new model to also be a rare bird. Talking about birds, the GP will once again mark the swansong of the third-generation Mini Hatch with a new one coming soon.

PostHeaderIcon Lexus UX F

Lexus needs to infuse its image with some extra sportiness because even though it does make good, credible sporty cars, it is still perceived as a brand addressed toward SUV loving soccer moms and your elderly aunt who decides to spend most of her life savings on a new luxury car to treat herself. One such vehicle could be a spiced up version of the UX crossover, the newest and smallest crossover to join the Lexus range.

If Lexus made a UX F, it would be the closest thing it could ever make to a hot hatch. The UX is already a low-to-the-ground vehicle with excellent cornering capability, so making it lower, harder, and more powerful in order to make it faster sounds like a good plan. Plus, it could also benefit from a sporty exterior makeover to go with its unusual, swooping shapes (which are not bad, just different and take a bit of getting used to).

If Lexus challenged some hot crossovers and hot hatchbacks with its spruced up UX F, then it could dramatically shift the perception of the brand and genuinely attract new types of buyers that, before this vehicle, may not ever have considered buying a Lexus.

PostHeaderIcon McLaren Officially Has No Desire to Offer An SUV – Ever

An SUV is not part of McLaren’s plans, now or in future. McLaren’s design chief, Mark Roberts, made that clear at an event preceding the 2019 Canadian International Auto Show. According to Roberts, McLaren isn’t going to stray away from its core identity as an automaker that delivers the “ultimate driving experience.” Since McLaren believes that developing an SUV strays from that identity, it’s not a question of “if” the company ends up building one, as it is “when” we’re going to stop thinking it will. It’s not happening. Not now. Not in the future. So stop wishing for a McLaren SUV to one day enter our lives. Unless the automaker undergoes a dramatic shift in philosophy, you have a better chance of seeing a 150-horsepower Ferrari city car than a McLaren SUV.

PostHeaderIcon The 2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Won’t Look Like the 2015 Santa Cruz Concept After All

Four years after dropping jaws on the floor of the North American International Auto Show, we learn the Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept could finally come to our lives in the next few years. Just don’t expect the production version to look anything like the concept that caused a ruckus in Detroit back in 2015. Time is the biggest culprit behind this shift. It’s been four years since Hyundai unveiled the Santa Cruz, and a lot has changed within Hyundai during that time. The company’s new decision-makers are taking a different approach from the regime that championed the concept’s production back then. It remains to be seen how the different stylistic approach affects the production model’s appeal, but that’s also just one of many questions that Hyundai needs to answer before the production pickup arrives.

PostHeaderIcon Mercedes-AMG Wants to Make You The Perfect Set of Gloves for your ONE Hypercar

There are cars in this business that are exclusive, and there are cars in this business that are exclusive. The Mercedes-AMG ONE belongs in the latter group. It’s so exclusive that Mercedes-AMG only plans to build 275 units of the Formula One technology-derived hypercar. It’s so exclusive that each of the 275 units costs almost $3 million. It’s so exclusive that, apparently, Mercedes-AMG sent all 275 prospective owners a box with a template inside it. The customers are required to imprint their hands on the template so AMG can make them the perfect pair of driving gloves. And if you’re wondering how much these customers had to pay to reserve one slot for the ONE, the answer is around $565,000 based on current exchange rates. That’s only the deposit, folks. The freakin’ deposit.

PostHeaderIcon The 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Might be Offered in Two States of Tune

Ford Mustang GT - $35,095

Back in 2017, Ford axed the V-6 engine option for its iconic Mustang muscle car, leaving a rather sizable gap in terms of price and power between the base trim-level four-cylinder and the upgraded V-8 GT. Now, it’s looking like the Blue Oval might change that with the upcoming 2020 model year update.

PostHeaderIcon The 2020 Hyundai i20 Will Hit the Market to Take on the Ford Fiesta ST and Renault Clio RS

Hyundai is slowly but surely shifting its image from what it used to be a decade ago to one of a manufacturer that is on par with more established rivals. This is being achieved not only by making better everyday cars but making sportier cars too. The next one in line is the 2020 Hyundai i20 N – a model that’s slated to take on the Ford Fiesta ST and Renault Clio RS.

PostHeaderIcon Is There Be Room in the VW Range for an Even Hotter 2020 Volkswagen Jetta R?

Volkswagen has launched a new 2020 Jetta GLI that borrows a lot of Golf GTI visual cues, as well as its powertrain and more advanced suspension. But the new GLI is only so extreme and, in fact, in China and other markets, you can actually get an even more powerful version of it that isn’t branded as anything special. The GLI is only the most powerful Jetta you can buy in North America.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen ID Crozz

With an impending approach of the numerous Volkswagen ID electric cars, the spy photographers come into their own finally having a proper reason to film camouflaged Volkswagens. The latest that fell victim to a spy photographer’s lens is a curiously uncovered Volkswagen Tiguan. It was wheeling, silently, in nearly the same way as that Golf Sportsvan I wrote about earlier. As it turns out, this one famously hides the body of the next Volkswagen ID Crozz. It is definitely one of the most important electric vehicles that will appear in the next year or two, and this is essentially all that we know about it.

PostHeaderIcon Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Launched in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque pioneered the luxury compact SUV market, prompting other premium brands to either join the niche or improve upon existing models. Come 2018, and Land Rover has introduced the second-generation crossover, placing it again high above the competition.

Redesigned on a brand-new platform, the second-gen Evoque ditched its old Ford-sourced engines and adopted JLR’s new four-cylinder diesels. More importantly, almost all drivetrains are now 48-volt mild hybrids, with a plug-in hybrid set to join the lineup in 2019. Land Rover took a rather evolutionary approach to the Evoque’s design inside the out, so it remains familiar. The redesign is more of the facelift variety styling-wise, but everything is new under the shell.

Update 02/12/2019: We’ve updated this review with a bunch of new pictures taken that the 2019 Chicago Auto show. Scroll on down to the gallery below to check them all out!

PostHeaderIcon Don’t Expect a BMW 9 Series to Arrive Anytime Soon

BMW has no plans to expand the top of its lineup. That doesn’t bode well for those who are dreaming of one day seeing a 9 Series sit a true flagship model. It might be time to wake up because that dream isn’t going to happen. BMW has confirmed that, even though it finds the appeal in a potential 9 Series, it’s not going to happen, in part because the automaker already has a model that competes in all the top-tier segments it wants to be involved in. More importantly, a business plan for the 9 Series just doesn’t make sense given that volume for models in the super luxury sedan segment — that’s the most likely spot for the 9 Series — are already low enough as it is.

PostHeaderIcon BMW iNext tested at the polar circle

Do you remember the BMW iNext? Yes, the one with that Bane face from Batman? Well, it has been spotted testing in some extreme conditions. The iNext was seen going through vigorous testing in the cold weather in Swedish Lapland. It looks like BMW has a lot of expectations from the electric crossover. A little off-topic, but didn’t you notice that even the camouflage is not able to cover the huge kidney grille?

PostHeaderIcon A Hot Lexus UX F Crossover Could Be in the Works – Here’s What it Will Look Like

Lexus does make some nice sporty cars, but it’s not really perceived as such because most of its sales volume consists of cushy sedans and high-riders, most of which are also electrified. Having an electric motor on board to boost performance and economy certainly doesn’t hinder sportiness, though, so don’t be surprised if Lexus starts churning out hot F-badged electrified models, the first of which could be its new UX baby crossover.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen ID Neo

After the first journalist drives of the Volkswagen ID Neo prototype, we can almost understand what Volkswagen wants to do with its compact electric car. The Volkswagen ID Neo is a Golf-sized hatchback created on top of Volkswagen’s new MEB architecture, and it will be unveiled later this year. It is a close competitor to the Nissan Leaf. Yet, as Volkswagen promoted it as a car with the size of a Golf but roominess of the Passat, I am sure it will embark on its way to steal some buyers from the likes of the Kia E Niro, the Hyundai Kona Electric, or other similarly sized electric cars and crossovers.

However, the car that hides under the body of the Golf Sportsvan shown here is probably a bigger, family version of the same kin. Make no mistake; this one is also based on the same ID Neo architecture. Apparently, Volkswagen has plans to introduce as many as 50 new electric models by 2025. The ID Neo will create an electric VW avalanche and, at first, it will be priced in a similar bracket as the Golf Diesel. I believe that the electric Golf Sportsvan’s brother will cost a tad more.

PostHeaderIcon High-Performance SUVs are Becoming a Trend as Hyundai Preps a Tucson N for 2021

Gone are the days when SUVs were just spacious vehicles with a basic engine that just about did its job. SUVs are now replacing sedans in almost all the aspects. The big vehicles are now refined, have better on-road driving manners, and come loaded with features and equipment. A lot of automakers have also been getting into performance SUVs lately. The latest entrant to that niche is Hyundai with its upcoming Tucson N. The Tucson N will hit the roads in about two years and will come on the back of 340 ponies.

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