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Archive for the ‘Koenigsegg’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Manny Khoshbin’s Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon Crashes at Factory


Self-made billionaire Manny Khoshbin is a well-known figure in the world of hyper cars for his unique taste and, of course, his vast collection. Sadly, though, his efforts to expand this magnificent collection has hit a bump as his one-of-a-kind Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon crashed before they even delivered it to him.

So what happened is a Koenigsegg test driver took Manny’s Gryphon out for a run on their test track but for some reason or another he ended up in a ditch. The brand-new, multi million dollar hypercar suffered considerable body and mechanical damage, which means Manny is not going to get it. Not to worry, of course, as Christian von Koenigsegg himself has pledged to build Mr Khoshbin a one-off Agera RS. This one is going to be repaired and used as a factory test car. As for the test drive who crashed the Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon, we reckon he’s not going to be allowed behind the wheel anytime soon!

Don’t feel bad for Manny, though. It’s not like he is short of hypercars to enjoy himself while his bespoke RS is being built. Here’s just a little taste of what his personal garage looks like:

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This is what Manny Khoshbin himself had to say about the incident on Instagram: “Yes it’s true! After mourning the past few days I am sad to announce My Gryphon while being tested by factory driver went off the track and suffered body damage. Fortunately no one was hurt and I was contacted same day by Tariq and Christian himself with sincere apologies, as well as offering different solutions to situation. The one I liked the most, is that the factory repair and keep the Gryphon, as a factory test car and then build me a brand new Agera RS with a very unique specification. I must admit having dealt with many car manufacturers, I’ve never seen more genuine, professional company than Koenigsegg. Accidents do happen but how they respond is what makes them!

The post Manny Khoshbin’s Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon Crashes at Factory appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Agera RS1

As the car world goes absolutely bananas over the release of the quarter-mile killing insane-o-mobile known as the Demon at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, Koenigsegg is providing anyone with muscle car overload with a little respite. Say hello to the Agera RS1, a speedy Swedish meatball that’s far more car than the domestic straight-line one-trick pony from Dodge.

Koenigsegg first launched production of the Agera in 2011, and updated it by adding upgrades and special iterations every few years. The most notable of these is the venerable One:1, which was released at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 with an incredible one-to-one power-to-weight ratio, producing one horsepower for every kg of curb weight.

The Agera RS could be considered a follow up to the One:1, using a lot of the same equipment but with a slightly less bonkers power-to-weight ratio. That said, it’s still very fast, offering an impressive 0.83 horsepower per kg.

Regardless, the Agera RS is an absolute performance powerhouse, framed as “the ultimate track tool” for buyers. This RS1 model is the first example off the production line, bearing a bespoke exterior and interior worthy of such a machine.

Only 25 Agera RS models will be built, all of which were spoken for as of January of last year. Read on for more info on what makes this thing so damn beastly.

Continue reading to learn more about the Koenigsegg Agera RS1.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg CCX

Founded in 1994 with the precise goal to produce a world-class supercar, Koenigsegg launched its first production model in 2002. Dubbed CC8S, it was the result of eight years of development and an improved version of the CC prototype, which is said to have been inspired by the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40. The CC8S was followed by the CCR in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2005 that Koenigsegg introduced its first state-of-the-art supercar, the CCX.

Short for Competition Coupe X, the CCX was built to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the completion and test drive of the first CC prototype and was the company’s first global car. Designed and engineered to comply with global safety and environment regulations, especially those required by the U.S. market, the CCX features significant alterations compared to the CCR. It also had a brand-new, designed in-house engine, a choice of two transmissions (a first for Koenigsegg), and ran of 91 octane fuel, making it suitable for the United States and meeting the strict Californian emission standards.

It was also the first Koenigsegg to be produced for more than a coupe of years, with the last example being built in 2015. A total of 30 CCX units were produced in ten years, plus another 19 special-edition models such as the CCXR, CCXR Edition, CCXR Special Edition, and CCXR Trevita. One CCX was used for crash tests and one was kept by the factory as a test car. Some CCX cars have later been upgraded to CCXR specs.

All told, the CCX was an extremely important car for Koenigsegg, one which ultimately helped the Swedish company to develop the Agera and the One:1. That’s why we decided to have a closer look at the supercar that basically turned Koenigsegg into a global manufacturer.

Continue reading to learn more about the Koenigsegg CCX.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Heads To Geneva With A Pair Of Regeras That'll Turn You Green With Envy And Red With Lust

A few years back, Koenigsegg wowed the world with the debut of the Regera at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. In case you’re unaware, the Regera is an absurdly fast high-powered plug-in hybrid hypercar capable of spinning the world backwards like Superman turning back time. Now, the manufacturer from Sweden is heading back to Switzerland to show off the initial pair of customer-bound Regera models, both of which are still hot off the floor from Keonigsegg’s production facility in Angelholm.

These latest Swedish meatballs represent the first time Koenigsegg has built two individual cars simultaneously, and demonstrate the rapid expansion that the niche automaker has experienced over the course of the past year. That expansion now includes two specific model lines on tap (the Regera and the Agera), a growing dealer network, and a staff that’s nearly doubled in size.

And that’s to be expected when considering the quality of the product on hand. For example, the first Regera slated to show in Geneva is draped in an exterior color similar to British Racing Green. That emerald-like hue is courtesy of a green-tinted clear coat, which shows the carbon fiber weave hiding underneath if you look close enough. Inside the cabin is Saddle Brown leather upholstery with a basket weave, while flat leather is used for the seats, rear wall, doors, and steering wheel. In the corners are Tresex hollow-core carbon rollers, which offer a 40-percent reduction in weight when compared to traditional alloys. The tires are Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S compound.

Joining the green Regera is another sovereign automobile, this time finished in candy apple red with bare black carbon running up the middle. This example also gets bare carbon for the side intakes, while the cabin gets a black leather interior with Lingonberry trim. Meanwhile, the wheels are three-spoke carbon units in a custom design.

Both owners are expected to take delivery of their respective Regeras in the next few months.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Agera RS ‘Gryphon'

Koenigsegg had a real winner on its hands when it introduced the 2010 Agera. So much so, that a number of other models like the Agera R, Agera S, and Agera X all came to be within just a few years. Then, in 2015, we were introduced to the Agera RS, a car that is billed as the “ultimate track tool” and slots above the Agera R, but below the One:1. Through a means of improved aerodynamics and weight reduction, the RS truly became a powerful track demon. Only 25 RS examples were built, all of which sold out quickly, with the first 10 being spoken for before the car even went into production. Now, two years later, Koenigsegg is coming back to the Geneva Motor Show with a new version of the RS, but this isn’t exactly a version you want to take on the track, even if it’s more than capable. Fitted with the optional 1MW engine, and doused with healthy doses of gold flake, this baby is the definition of special editions.

But, it’s not all about the gold flake and horsepower when it comes to the Agera RS Gryphon. This thing is prepped to be fully compliant with U.S. road regulations, which means you can drive this 1,360-horsepower beast from coast to coast if you really want to. There are plenty of cabin comforts and driving aids, and the roof can even be stored under the front hood. It’s a beautiful and well-appointed special edition, so let’s dive on in and take a closer look at it, and what makes it so special.

Updated 03/27/2016: We added a series of new images for the new Agera RS ‘Gryphon’. Check the “Pictures” tab to check them all.

Continue reading to learn more about the Koenigsegg Agera RS ‘Gryphon’.

PostHeaderIcon This Is What A Naked Koenigsegg Regera Looks Like

Supercars and hypercars, by their definition, are meant to scream for attention. Whether it’s with their outlandish looks, colorful bodies, or their stomach-churning power, these cars are as likely to be as ignored as discounted freshly baked bread. I say this because Koenigsegg is back at it with another one of its employee renderings and the latest design study is a shining example of a stylistic approach that eschews all-around flamboyance in favor of a simpler look meant to showcase the hypercar in about as raw a state as it can be.

This rendering comes by way of Koenigsegg’s current facility manager and overall longtime employee Chrille. According to the Swedish automaker, Chrille (no last name was mentioned) has been around Koenigsegg so long that he’s probably worked in just about every division in the company. Apparently, he’s worked in the composites branch, the finishing station, and the service area, and that doesn’t even include his current occupation as facility manager.

So when pressed to create his very own interpretation of what a Koenigsegg Regera should look like, Chrille took a far different approach with his rendering compared to what everyone else before him has done. Instead of dressing it up in fancy colors and saying that it’s been inspired by this-or-that, Chrille went back to basics… and barely touched the Regera.

Sure, his rendering has tone-on-tone black stripes, anthracite-finished brake callipers, and an optional aerodynamic kit, but the body of the hypercar, by and large, is devoid of any color. We all know that since Regeras are built largely from carbon-fiber, what’s left of the body without any color is the carbon-fiber, or at least in this case, naked carbon-fiber in its complete, unaltered, natural shade. That fact alone makes this particular Regera rendering a true sight to behold, even if it does look a little too close to the Raven Black Regera designed by Koenigsegg’s own art director, Lisa Johansson.

Say what you will about Chrille’s design choice, but you can’t argue that a naked carbon Regera looks just as good as all the other renderings we’ve seen in recent weeks. It may not have their flash and panache, but it is natural. At the end of the day, that counts for a lot too.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg's Design Chief Dresses Up Regera In A Popsicle

Well, this is a little different, isn’t it? Koenigsegg’s on-going Regera rendering exercise has yielded some impressive results over the past few weeks. We’ve seen the megacar dressed up in fancy colors like Bordeaux Red and Battleship Grey. We’ve seen the Regera get the all-black treatment. We’ve even seen one Regera rendering inspired by the late music icon Prince. Today, Koenigsegg is back with a new rendering from no less than its chief designer Joachim Nordwall, whose interpretation involves turning a flashy eye on the Regera.

Six renderings into this admittedly impressive exercise, we finally get a Regera in colors typically associated with performance cars of supreme ability. Take a look at it. The orange and white treatment is flashy, flamboyant, and difficult to take your eyes off of, for all the right reasons. If you’re seen driving a Regera in these colors, you better be prepared for the waves of attention you’re automatically going to get. That comes with the territory of having a supercar that pops out even more because of how it looks in vivid color.

This particular Regera rendering also tells us something about the styling preference of the man who led the design effort of the car in the first place. Joachim Nordwall is Koenigsegg’s design chief so you can be sure that when the company was developing the look of the megacar, it had to get the approval of Nordwall before it could proceed to develop and subsequently build. It’s nice to see then that Nordwall isn’t above this particular exercise and it’s even better that he didn’t pull any punches with his interpretation because, at the very least, his rendering of the Regera is definitely not for the meek of spirit. It explodes with color and personality, just like what the Koenigsegg Regera is supposed to be.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Regera Gets Another Shot Of Red And Black

Koenigsegg’s Regera rendering exercise is going on its fifth week now and I think speak for a lot of people when I say that Koenigsegg’s employees have done well for themselves in showcasing their skills in the art form that is rendering. For the most part, the employees have come up with some incredible works of art, most notably the Bordeaux Red Regera by Johan Bjurmar, Koenigsegg’s sales director for continental Europe and Scandinavia and the Battleship Grey Regera by Mattias Vox, the Swedish automaker’s Prototype Manager and so-called “vehicle builder extraordinaire.” The latest rendering comes from Jonas Voss, Koenigsegg’s director of electrification (or “EV propulsion,” according to his LinkdIn profile), and his interpretation brings together one of the coolest two-color combinations you’ll see used on a beast like the Regera.

Red and black are arguably two of the best colors used as body colors on cars if done properly. Combining the two can yield impressive results. In some ways, Bjurmar accomplished that with his Bordeaux Red interpretation a few weeks ago. It wasn’t just the predominantly red finish on the Regera that was attractive; it was also the use of black as a secondary color and the burst of yellow streaks throughout the body that brought the whole color combination to life. By contrast, Voss’ interpretation also features black as a secondary color, but does do away with the yellow streaks, instead using white streaks to create a well-balanced three-color combination.

It’s admittedly not the sexiest rendering (that, in my opinion, still belongs to Bjurmar) nor is it the one that I’d want to be seen driving (Vox’s Battleship Grey version takes the cake there), but it’s arguably the one that’s going to get the most attention, as if the Regera needs more of it to begin with.

Here’s what I do know: these Koenigsegg Regera renderings don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon and for what they’re worth, I hope Koenigsegg’s employees don’t get tired showing them off on a weekly basis. I can’t imagine what Mondays would be like without them now.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg's Latest Regera Rendering Is Ready For Its Close-up

At this point, these Koenigsegg renderings of the Regera have become important events in our weekly automotive calendar. That’s been the case since the calendar flipped to 2017 as we’ve been treated to a weekly dose of renderings from people inside the Swedish supercar maker. Copywriter Steven Wade kicked things off with a Prince-inspired purple Regera before Johan Bjurmar, Koenigsegg’s sales director for continental Europe and Scandinavia, followed suit with his Bordeaux Regera. Then last week, it was art director Lisa Johansson’s turn and she opted for a Raven Black Regera that looked sexy to the hilt. Now it’s the turn of Mattias Vox, the automaker’s Prototype Manager and so-called “vehicle builder extraordinaire” whose interpretation of the mega car involves dressing it up in a classy grey finish with white trim and plenty of clear carbon fiber.

Vox’s treatment isn’t as eye-popping as the Bordeaux Regera nor is it as flamboyant as the purple Regera that was designed to honor the bombastic music icon. But this one is arguably the cleanest and most stylish of the four Regera renderings we’ve seen so far. The choice of colors are ideal complements of one another and the use of the clear carbon fiber further elevates its aesthetic appeal.

Yes, I know that I’ve spent the past four weeks gawking at these renderings and marvelling at the creativity of those who work for the Swedish automaker. Admit it though; they are impossible to ignore, especially with the level of originality that was put in the creation of these renderings. All four so far are as unique as the tastes and preferences of the people behind them.

Now that we’re four renderings into this admittedly awesome exercise, let’s all hope that Koenigsegg keeps this up. It’s going to feel weird waking up on a weekend without going to Koenigsegg’s Facebook page and gawking at the latest Regera rendering to come from its employees.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon The Koenigsegg Regera Turns Dark In Raven Black

Let’s face it – the Koenigsegg Regera looks great in just about any color. Whether it’s dressed in purple or burgundy finishes like the two previous examples we’ve seen so far of this admittedly awesome exercise Koenigsegg’s doing, the Regera speaks for itself in more ways than one. That being said, take a good look at this beauty. This Regera rendering is the work of Koenigsegg’s art director, Lisa Johansson, and like somebody who leads some of the most creative minds within Koenigsegg, Johansson’s interpretation of the Regera is a work of understated style and class.

There is an obvious appeal to an all-black look for a car, especially when the car in question is a supercar. It creates a perfect contrast to the car’s incredible and attention-grabbing power and performance capabilities. You might even say that the black finish from nose to tail helps undersell the Regera’s hardcore abilities. Most of all, black is just sexy as heck no matter what era it’s from. It’s a timeless finish that fits in well with the enduring character of the 1,500-horsepower supercar.

Johansson’s all-black Koenigsegg Regera is without question a decidedly different approach from the Prince-inspired purple Regera we saw two weeks ago and the Bordeaux-finished version last week. These three different Regera renderings create three different aesthetic interpretations. It certainly goes without saying that whichever of the three you prefer, you’re not going to hear too many complaints from us.

They all look fantastic and Johansson’s all-black interpretation of the Regera puts some pressure on the next rendering to keep this design exercise’s momentum going. Like I said last week, keep it going, Koenigsegg!

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Employee Renders A Tribute Regera For Late Music Icon

If you’re an artist as universally loved as the late Prince, your influence usually extends long past your death. Well, the man behind the song “Purple Rain” died on April 21, 2016 and apparently, someone over at Koenigsegg is such a big fan that he decided to dress up the 1,500-horsepower Koenigsegg Regera in a special purple carbon exterior finish mixed in with white striping and clear carbon side intakes.

The man behind creating the Prince-inspired Regera is Steven Wade, a copywriter at the Swedish automaker who also happens to be a big fan of the departed music icon. Whereas his job description with the company calls for him to be good with his words, Wade is also apparently pretty good at dressing up the Regera. In his own words, he describes his creation as an ode to the man whose death almost a year ago still has him in mourning and the fact that he thinks that Koenigseggs look absolutely sexy “in purple.” Hard to argue against that sentiment.

Wade did admit that he toyed with the idea of doing a purple-and-gold two-tone scheme, but ultimately decided against it, presumably because purple and white just fit Prince’s character much better. His work on the Regera even extends to the car’s interior where the whole cabin was dressed in “snow white” leather to go with a basket weave seat pattern. He also did point out that while the rendering shows blue contrast stitching, the actual Regera – if Koenigsegg does end up making one – will have the purple stitching.

Regardless of his motivations in rendering the Regera in honor of Prince, the result is actually pretty spectacular. Maybe Koenigsegg boss Christian von Koenigsegg should take a look at his copywriter’s work here and reevaluate his position in the company. Copywriter/designer seems a more apt job title for Wade, doesn’t it?

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon You Can Now Ask Santa To Buy You The Koenigsegg One:1 Prototype…Again

If at first you don’t succeed, ask again. At least that’s the strategy I’m using with Santa now that the Koenigsegg One:1 prototype, the same model that coincidentally went up for sale at exactly the same time last year, is back on the market.

All joking aside, the hypercar has been listed for sale two times in the past. It has yet to find a buyer, which largely explains why it’s back to looking for one again. According to SuperVettura, the asking price still stands at $6 million, which makes it almost twice as expensive as the other six models Koenigsegg built. The price is definitely up there, but Koenigsegg and SuperVettura are banking on the car’s unique history as its biggest selling point.

On that end, they wouldn’t be wrong. This particular One:1 is unlike any of the other that were built, largely because this is the actual prototype that was used in the development of the other models. That plays into the uniqueness of the model because it’s the same model that was shown at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It’s also the same model that was used as a test vehicle to develop the car’s array of technological features and it’s the same model that was used to set lap records for a production car at the Suzuka and Spa Francorshamps race tracks. In terms of having the Koenigsegg One:1’s entire history attached to it, this is the model that you’re going to want to have.

On the other hand, this One:1’s busy life comes at the cost of it being driven ragged by Koenigsegg’s engineers. It’s a surprise that it still only has 7,100 miles in its odometer given the thousands of miles of testing it’s been subjected to. Fortunately, any interested buyer still has Koenigsegg’s assurance that the car remains in pristine condition and will be delivered complete with an “extensive factory refresh,” just as it also promised 12 months ago.

It’s still anyone’s guess if somebody will take up the offer to buy the One:1 prototype for $6 million given the quirks – good and bad – that it comes with. My guess is the price would have to be lowered a little bit, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if a deep-pocketed collector bites at the asking price.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Agera XS

The Koenigsegg Agera was launched in 2010 as the company’s second nameplate after the CC, which spawned the CCR, CCX, and other limited-edition models. Built until 2013 in just seven units, the Agera received several updates. The Swedish brand launched the Agera R in 2011, the Agera S in 2012, and the One:1 “Megacar” in 2014. The latter is the most powerful Koenigsegg built to date and it also delivers the greatest power-to-weight ratio. However, the Agera saga continued into 2015 with the RS, built in 25 units, and in 2016 with the Agera Final. Although the Final was the last Agera-based supercar, Koenigsegg unveiled a new bespoke supercar at the Monterey Car Week.

Dubbed Agera XS, it’s a one-off vehicle with custom features inside and out, as well as the first Agera created specifically for a U.S. customer. Just like the RS it is based on, the XS is an evolution of the One:1 and incorporates much of the technology developed for the “Megacar.”

“It is a true pleasure for us to present the Agera XS at this year’s Monterey Car Week, especially as this is the first Agera RS that will be fully homologated for use on American roads. Our re-entry into the U.S. market is a watershed moment for our company and the Agera XS is the perfect car to emphasize this occasion,” said Koenigsegg boss Christian von Koenigsegg.

Keep reading to find out more about it and stay tuned for updates.

Updated 08/18/2016: Our guy Jonathan Lopez is present at the 2016 Monterey Car Week and he took a series of shots for the new Koenigsegg Agera XS. Check them out in the picture gallery.

Continue reading to learn more about the Koenigsegg Agera XS.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Brings Together Clients For First-Ever Owner's Tour: Video

Spotting a Koenigsegg in the wild is hard enough in it of itself. But to have 13 in the same place, at the same time? Clearly, such an occurrence would have to have been planned. That was certainly the case when Koenigsegg hosted its first-ever Owner’s Tour for a significant number of its loyal and deep-pocketed customers.

The multi-day event began in earnest at the Hotel D’Angelterre in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark where participants spent the night in the city before embarking on a long road trip to Sweden, specifically Koenigsegg’s production facility in Angelholm. Once there, the automaker treated its customers with a nice lunch inside the facility before opening up the test track facilities where the supercars could stretch their legs. The rain was a party pooper, but it didn’t mess up the fun too much as owners appeared to have had enough fun getting their Ageras, One:1s, and other Koenigsegg exotics up to their supercar paces.

More scenic rides took place after the much-needed quality time in the test track as the traveling party navigated around back roads before spending the night in Bastad. The next day featured more rides, culminating in a stopover in front of the Kokkedal Castle in Denmark where all the Koenigseggs were displayed for the guests and tourists.

Given the exclusivity that comes with being a Koenigsegg owners, don’t expect these gatherings to grow tenfold in the coming years. The Swedish automaker plans to make it an annual event, but unless you have a Koenigsegg in your garage, there’s absolutely no chance for you to be part of the tour.

That’s what the pictures and videos are for.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg Wants to Shorten the Time it Takes to Deliver its Supercars

Koenigsegg counts itself as one of the few automakers who don’t rely on production volume as a measuring stick for success. That’s completely understandable seeing as one Koenigsegg model routinely costs north of $1 million. But even so, Christian von Koenigsegg has made it clear that he wants a faster turnaround in the production of the company’s supercars in an effort to increase the family of Koenigsegg owners all over the world.

The Swedish company didn’t elaborate on how it plans to do this, but it did shoot out a tweet confirming those plans as it appears that the 30-month wait for a customer to take delivery of a car has become a little too long even for Koenigsegg’s liking. Given that the company only builds one car a month, the slow production time has resulted in a backlog of customers who have to wait 30 months – that’s two and a half years! – to get their hands on their orders. That timetable may have aided in establishing the exclusivity of the brand, but it’s also making customers wait a long time to take deliveries of their hypercars.

That’s what the automaker plans to address in the wake of its first-ever Owner’s Tour where only 13 Koenigsegg owners showed up of the around 150 cars around the world. If the company wants to build on that number in the coming years, it’s going to have to address the production time it takes to build one. Look for more developments coming out in this regard, possibly detailing what Koenigsegg plans to change in its production procedures to accelerate the build of its supercars. Don’t expect a full overhaul of these procedures, though, because the Swedish automaker is going to understandably cautious in striking a balance between faster production times and retaining the company’s exclusivity.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon This Is What Caused The Koenigsegg One:1 To Crash At The Nürburgring

A few days ago, the automotive world was shook to its core when aKoenigsegg One:1 crashed at the Nürburgring. The accident not only caused a lot of people to faint, or come close to it like I did, but more importantly, it opened up a lot of questions on what exactly caused the One:1 to careen straight into a barrier. Well, the One:1 was immediately sent back to Koenigsegg headquarters where company engineers immediately did an examination of both the damaged car and its on-board telemetry. Apparently, the culprit behind the crash is the left front ABS wheel sensor.

We theorized as much when we saw the skid marks left by the One:1 as it went off the track. Those marks indicated that something went wrong with the ABS, and after careful examination, Koenigsegg not only confirmed our suspicions, it also dove into the details of what exactly happened in the moments leading up to, during, and after the crash.

According to the automaker, the supercar had a front axle brake lock-up while it was going at a speed of 106 mph on a section of the track known as Fuchsröhre. The lock-up caused the driver to lose control of the car, resulting in the One:1 hitting the fence at Adenauer Forst at a speed of about 68 mph. The impact sent the One:1 flying to the air for an estimated 22 meters while turning 180 degrees. It eventually landed on its left rear wheel and pivoted to land parallel with the fence that it just hit. All of the car’s safety systems, including the airbags and the fuel shut-off, deployed as they were supposed to do.

The straight skid marks left by the front tires before the car hit the fence came as a result of the ABS system’s backup feature working to specification. This feature, according to Koenigsegg, allows the rear wheels to continue spinning in the event of an ABS malfunction that results in the front wheel locking up. This was put in place to prevent the car from rotating. When the One:1’s ABS system malfunctioned and the front wheels locked up, the rear wheels kept turning, helping create the skid marks that were left by the front tires.

As bad as the crash was, there is a silver lining to all of this misery. First and most important is that the driver of the car didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Second is that the One:1, despite looking like a mangled heap, can still be rebuilt. The carbon monocoque chassis, doors, and removable roof are all intact and properly functioning. Apart from a small fire that ignited when the carbon fiber rear panels and the exhaust made contact upon landing, the car suffered no fuel, oil, and hydraulic fuel leaks.

As expected, Koenigsegg plans to rebuild the car and will continue performing testing at the Nürburgring. There will be some delays given the unexpected developments, but once the car has been rebuilt, it will return to the scene of the crash to continue its test runs. Koenigsegg didn’t give out an exact date on when the One:1 will be rebuilt, but in true company fashion, it left the door slightly ajar for a possible return to the track within this year.

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PostHeaderIcon What Happened To The Koenigsegg One:1 When It Crashed In The Nurburgring?

The Nürburgring has hosted plenty of crashes in its long history, but none have arguably been as expensive as the crash that occurred yesterday when a Koenigsegg One:1 crashed into a barrier, turning the $3.1 million megacar into a crumpled mess.

According to Motor Authority’s eyewitness, the crash occurred at the Adenauer Forst section of the Nürburgring on Monday afternoon. Apparently, the driver of the One:1 came into the section with more speed than he intended, causing him to slam the brakes of the car. The One:1 eventually slid off the track before crashing through a barrier and into an embankment.

Koenigsegg has since come out with a statement, confirming that a One:1 was involved in a crash during testing at the ‘Ring and that the driver was taken to a hospital but was released the same afternoon. The automaker didn’t dive into the details of what caused the crash, but looking at the scene of the accident revealed a bit of information on what may have caused the One:1 to careen into the barrier.

The most telling detail are the set of straight tire marks that the One:1 created. Considering that the megacar has anti-lock brake systems, it shouldn’t be leaving long, uninterrupted skids like that when it’s braking. But this one did, which suggests that some kind of mechanical failure may have occurred that prompted the wheels to lock. That or the driver simply braked too hard too late and the ABS failed as a result.

It’s also worth noting that the way the barriers bent and the One:1 going over it suggested that the car may have gone airborne for a few seconds, possibly as a result of it bouncing on the grass before crashing into the barrier. The end result is far from a pretty picture. It’s unknown if the car is completely totalled, but the rear section of the megacar is a complete mess. Bits and pieces are hanging off, the rear axle appears to be broken, the rear end is even facing upwards with most of its parts affected in some way. The front section isn’t any better. The whole bumper is gone, the wheels have been damaged, and like the rear end, a number of components are hanging from underneath the car.

It’s unclear how this crash will affect Koenigsegg’s planned attempt at the Nürburgring lap record, which ironically enough was one of the reasons why the One:1 was in the ‘Ring in the first place. In addition to working on ongoing vehicle development, the One:1 was participating in Industry Pool testing because it was preparing for its run at the track’s lap record.

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PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg One:1 Destroys Vmax200 Speed Record

The Koenigsegg One:1 doesn’t play by normal automotive rules. That much has been established as the One:1 has set just about every record it has attempted to break. But as awesome as the One:1 is, nobody could’ve expected it to set and break a speed record three times in one day. Turns out, the One:1 did just that, hitting a personal best 240 mph at the Vmax200 to secure the speed record of the prestigious event.

For those who don’t know, the Vmax200 is considered as one of the premiere U.K.-based, top-speed driving events where owners of sports cars, supercars, and hypercars come together at a private runway to showcase what their prized exotics are capable of. In other words, it was an event that perfectly suited the One:1 to showcase its all-conquering capabilities, which is exactly what the megacar did.

With World Endurance Championship driver Oliver Webb behind the wheel, the One:1 immediately set the bar for itself by going 230 mph over the 1.4 mile track at Bruntingthorpe, in the United Kingdom. That broke a three-year old record set by a heavily tuned Porsche 911, which went 229 mph back in 2013. Unfortunately for the One:1, it’s record was broken less than a few minutes later by another tuned Porsche that went 231 mph and when rain hit soon thereafter, it appeared that the One:1 would have to be content with a second-place finish on the record books.

But Webb was undaunted and even a slightly damp strip and a passenger riding shotgun couldn’t stop from going 235 mph, once again giving the One:1 the record. The attempts could’ve stopped there, but the BHP Project, the people that brought the One:1 to this event, wanted one more crack at setting a new record. As expected, the One:1 did not disappoint by going an incredible 240 mph, 11 mph than the record that stood when the event began that day.

It’s hard enough to set one record in one day, but to do it three in a space of a few hours is the stuff of automotive immortals. That’s a status reserved only for the best and there’s no denying that the Koenigsegg One:1 has earned a seat in that table.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg One:1 Touches Down On The Nürburgring: Video

In what could be the automotive equivalent of LeBron James’ NBA debut back in 2003, the Koenigsegg One:1, regarded as the eventual successor to the Bugatti Veyron (or the Hennessey Venom GT) as the fastest production car in the world, has finally been spotted at the Nürburgring.

This is big news for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is Koenigsegg’s promise to return to the ‘Ring when the track removed its temporary speed limits. Well, the Nürburgring did just that in March and in a matter of just two months, the Swedish automaker came through on its promise.

Judging by the video, the One:1 doesn’t appear to be gunning for a lap record, at least not yet. The vicious sound of the car’s 1,340-horsepower engine is evident though and yet, it does look like the One:1 is yawning its way around the ‘Ring. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would look and sound like if the megacar is set to pounce on the Porsche 918 Spyder’s 6:57 record around the track. It already owns lap records at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium and Suzuka in Japan so a single hot lap around the world’s most famous race track will almost certainly result in another lap record.

Hopefully, Koenigsegg does decide to go for the kill at some point in the future. The ascendance of the One:1 appears to be imminent anyway so why not just make it academic to show the world who the new king of production cars is.

PostHeaderIcon Koenigsegg And Qoros Working On 1.6-liter Engine That Could Produce More Than 400 Horsepower

It wasn’t that long ago that I gave you a run down on how the FreeValve camless engine works. Then, at the Beijing Auto Show, it was announced that Qoros will be the first manufacturer to use FreeValve’s camless engine technology. At the time, it was displayed next to the 2016 Qoros Qamless Concept, a car based on the Qoros 3 Hatchback and a preview of what production model may be the first to use the technology. It’s been nearly a month since then, but in a recent interview between Carbuzz and Christian von Koenigsegg, it was disclosed that Koenigsegg is working on a 1.6-liter engine that could produce 400 horsepower or more.

We’re not sure if it will be the engine that will be used in production model derived from the Qamless Concept, but it looks like Koenigsegg and Qoros are working together on the project, so it is quite possible. At this time, the two brands are simply developing a concept proof, but that is the next step in the usage of a camless engine in a production vehicle.

In the interview, CvK said, “We are currently working on a 1.6-liter engine with Chinese carmaker Qoros that will have the potential to produce 400 horsepower or more. The same principles with which we designed the Agera and Regera engines can be applied to these smaller engines. By reducing the bore and elongating the stroke of the piston, we are able to lessen the heat losses from the engine.”

Granted, it’s not a lot of information to go by at this point, but it does show that both Qoros and Koenigsegg are serious about evolving the internal combustion engine. While this new conceptual engine may not be the exact model that will go into the production version of the Qamless Concept, it probably won’t be far off from the production engine. The ICE may be slowly dying off as we make the transition to alternative fuels like the electricity and hydrogen, but the camless engine may extend the life of the ICE for a little while longer.

Keep reading for the full story.

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