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PostHeaderIcon The Mazda MX-30’s rear doors are a cool tribute to the RX-8, but what’s the point?

Mazda just launched its first all-electric vehicle, the MX-30, at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s quite an exotic crossover in a sea of dull-looking haulers. And that’s mostly because it has tiny, rear-hinged doors like the RX-8, a sports car that Mazda built from 2003 to 2012. Needless to say, it’s a cool feature to have, but it ruins the practicality of the MX-30 and makes me wonder why Mazda went with such a design.

PostHeaderIcon Mazda’s Skyactiv-X Technology Could Make the Wankel Rotary Engine Feasible Again

The return of rotary engines in Mazda’s stable has been a constant rumor ever since the last Mazda RX-8 left the factory what seems like an eternity ago. The Japanese manufacturer acknowledges this and, now, with the introduction of the Skyactiv-X engine in the new Mazda3, we might finally see the Wankel technology return in a modern guise.

Mazda unveiled the new Mazda Mazda3 at the L.A. Auto Show this week and it’s a looker, there’s no doubt about. It gets better when you realize that it also features some neat technology in the form of the Skyactiv-X engine which attempts to replicate the way diesel engines work with a gas engine. This new technology might be the gateway to a return of the rotary engine. We already know Mazda plans to bring the Wankel back and use it as a range extender for some of its hybrid cars in the future but we’re hoping for more, we’re hoping for a new RX, and this might be the way to get it.

PostHeaderIcon New Rumors Point To 2019 Release Of Mazda RX-9, Tokyo Motor Show Debut

When you get right down to it, Mazda’s lineup is just begging for a new RX. Never mind the demands from the fan boys – here we have an automaker that infuses each and every model its got with a little “zoom-zoom” magic, from its sedans to its SUVs. At the moment, the sportiest Mazda on the market is the MX-5, one of the most epic compact drop-tops that money can buy. But in an age of four-figure hypercars, the 155-horse MX-5 can’t always cut the mustard, no matter how well it handles. What Mazda needs now is something bigger, faster, and more powerful, a coupe with the soul of the Miata, but the beating heart of a high-end performance machine. Something like, I dunno, a new RX? Welp, rumor has it that’s exactly what we might get in October at the Tokyo Motor Show, with an on-sale date sometime in 2019.

That’s the news from our friends over at Motor 1, who cite “several Web sites in Asia” claiming Mazda might introduce a new generation of its rotary sports car this year. Of course, Motor 1 is quick to point out that the rumors are flimsy at best, and to take them with an appropriately sized grain of salt. But hey, hope springs eternal, especially amongst RX fans, so read on for some of the juicy details.

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PostHeaderIcon Mazda Says No To Rotary Engine and Larger Sports Car

Mazda is famous for many things, but the rotary-engined sports cars are the company’s most iconic creations to date. So, it’s by no means surprising that enthusiasts have been clamoring for a successor to the RX-8 ever since the four-door coupe was discontinued in 2012. However, despite recent rumors that the Japanese automaker is working on a rotary sports car, it seems that Mazda doesn’t have any actual plans to build a production model.

Speaking to Automotive News, Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai broke heartbreaking news for rotary fans, saying that Mazda isn’t yet ready to produce an engine that would meet future emissions regulations.

“We ended production of the RX-8 with the rotary engine. But if we were to restart production of the rotary engine again, we need to make sure it wouldn’t be just short-lived. We need it to meet future emissions regulations. We are still conducting our r&d activity to overcome any issues we have with emissions and fuel efficiency,” he said, adding that a range-extender rotary is more likely to arrive first.

“Considering regulations such as the zero-emissions vehicle mandate, electrification is a technology we need to introduce in the near future. The range extender would be the first,” he added.

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop here, as Kogai also told the outlet that a larger sports car that would slot above the MX-5 is out of the question right now. Kogai’s firm “No” comes as a blow to the head following reports claiming that the gorgeous RX-Vision Concept is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2019 with the RX-7 moniker. Needless to say, it could still happen in the future, but Kogai made it clear that such a car isn’t even on the drawing table. It may take a while…

Rotary aside, the CEO also confirmed that Mazda is working on a new generation of SkyActiv technologies that will find its way into production cars by March 2019. The Japanese carmaker also wants to move upmarket and distinguish itself from the other mainstream brands from the country. This overhaul will begin with the next-generation Mazda6, Mazda3, and CX-3, which are set to get “major updates.”

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