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Archive for the ‘Range Rover’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Self-Driving Range Rover Sport Unleashed on UK Roads

The first-ever Self-Driving Range Rover Sport has been out and about on UK’s public roads recently. It was a trial, to tell you the truth, the £20 million government-funded Autodrive project. But that doesn’t take away from how impressive the whole feat was vis-a-vis the technologies used. 

What all that means is, do not expect to see that Self-Driving Range Rover Sport in the showrooms anytime soon. You may however, see a watered down version in the near future. How that works is that technologies used i the autonomous version will trickle down to production models as driver-assist features. Chances are the next Range Rover you’ll buy will already be semi-autonomous.

Among the main technologies in this Self-Driving Range Rover Sport one can mention the modified Adaptive Cruise Control. It’s been improved to take in data from additional navigation sensors, RADAR and LIDAR. This enables the vehicle to handle roundabouts, traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles on complicated roads. Right now JLR has no plans to make an offroad version of this. But that wouldn’t make sense, anyway. People take their Range Rovers offroad because they want to enjoy conquering nature in them. What would be the point if the vehicle can do that all by itself?

Mark Cund, Jaguar Land Rover Autonomous Vehicle Research Manager, said: “The Coventry Ring Road is known for its complicated slip roads and exits. It makes for very challenging conditions, especially when under pressure in the rush hour. Our self-driving car is not impacted by the same pressure, frustrations or fatigue that a driver may experience and so it’s capable of turning a potentially very stressful situation into a completely stress-free one.”

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PostHeaderIcon Overfinch Range Rover 2018 Is a Mega SUV!

These days every auto maker and tuner wants to build at least one super SUV. Overfinch wants that too, but their idea of what makes a SUV super differs from the rest. With the new Overfinch Range Rover 2018 they have boosted the luxuriousness instead of sportiness, making the world’s first Mega SUV. 

Let’s be honest, making a car faster and more flamboyant is such a boring thing to do nowadays. It’s been done to death. What we need is for tuners to try and make the car they’re working on more special. And no one does it better than Overfinch. Don’t get me wrong. There is still plenty of sportiness to be found in the Overfinch Range Rover 2018. For one thing, the car is drenched, it seems, in carbon fiber. But even so, it is not ostentatious. The Overfinch RR remains royally cool.

The Overfinch Range Rover 2018 treatment on the outside include revised front and rear bumpers plus a lot of carbon fiber garnish. Most of them, of course, are optional — stuff like the carbon side vents, dynamic skirts, rear spoiler, and the wheels that also feature carbon fiber accents. For the interior they have devised a new theme called LumiÃ-RE, with Bridge of Weir leather or more exotic hides.

There also different packs you can have your Overfinch Range Rover 2018 in. There is the Black Pack in which all the exterior bright work is finished in black chrome and the interior trim in piano black, Platinum Pack with bright chrome everything and velour carpeting for the interior,and the Gold Pack featuring gold and rose gold accents and details all around the vehicle.

The post Overfinch Range Rover 2018 Is a Mega SUV! appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Glohh Launches “Dramatic” Taillights for Range Rover Sport

Following the success of GL-3 Dynamic taillights for Range Rover Sport in 2013, UK firm Glohh has now come up with GL-5i. The new fancy taillight is designed for the latest RR Sport (L494) and it features an innovative feature called ‘dynamic start-up display’ or DSD. 

To Glohh taillights are such a big deal, they have put a lot of thought in their latest product. The GL-5i features a three-dimensional brake-light, enhanced aerodynamics, an ultra-sharp sequential indicator and hidden-until-in-use reverse-light. Mind you, these lights are not something you can enjoy yourself, as you won’t get to see them, hardly ever. You spend a lot of money on these lights basically to impress the guy behind you. And it will only be guys going wow upon seeing these fancy, dancing lights. Don’t think you will impress any chicks with them.

Speaking of money, Glohh’s GL-5i is not a cheap item to have. A pair of these cost £949.00 for the UK market, €979.00 for the European market, and $1199.00 for all other countries. For that you get the DSD feature mentioned above which is like what we used to get on old, 1990’s stereos that when you turned them on some blinking LEDs did a little dance number, sequential indications, three-dimensional brake lights, and an aerodynamic design.

As mentioned these lights are for the Range Rover Sport, which is bought by the kind of people that can’t be bothered little stuff like that. So we reckon tuners will be the main customers of Glohh lights as GL-5i adds a nice touch to their body kits and makes it look like they’ve made an effort.

The post Glohh Launches “Dramatic” Taillights for Range Rover Sport appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Range Rover Sets New Fastest Two-Wheel Mile Record at Goodwood

We still don’t know what’s with SUVs and wanting to drive up on two wheels at major motoring events, nor do we know what would that accomplish. But we readily admit that it’s an entertaining spectacle, and congratulate Land Rover for their partaking in the stunt in which a Range Rover Sport SVR set a world record for the fastest mile completed on two wheels.  

The venue for this stunt was, of course, the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 and the driver to accomplish the feat was Terry Grant, the man who has done some other impressive things in Range Rovers before. Terry had a bunch of attempts at completing the lap, but they kept failing until a dramatic lap on Sunday afternoon in which he guided the 575 horsepower super SUV on two wheels all the way through the hill and even hit 60 mph at one point. The time of 2:24.5 bought Range Rover and Grant a new Guinness World Record time.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is quite a remarkable machine with a 0 to 60 mph time of 4. seconds and a top speed of 174 mph. And yes, it still does work offroad as well. Now we know that it is also quick on two wheels, should you ever fancied to try that for some reason…

Stunt Driver, Terry Grant, said: “It really shouldn’t be underestimated how difficult a two-wheeled speed run like this is; you are always fighting to keep the car balanced right on the edge, as it tries to tip either one way or the other. You need to be conscious of everything, from the camber of the road to the strength of the wind. Thankfully, conditions were excellent and the Range Rover Sport SVR was the perfect precision tool for the job.”

The post Range Rover Sets New Fastest Two-Wheel Mile Record at Goodwood appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Lumma Range Rover Velar Wide Body Is Simply Awesome

You may have seen this thing in the renderings the tuner released a while back, but Lumma Range Rover Velar is now ready in the flesh in all its wide body glory. And it is, hands down, one of the best looking cars we’ve ever seen. And we don’t even like the red accents!

The Velar is a naturally beautiful car and it does not really need all the extra work. Upgrading the looks of this car would be like Megan Fox getting a boob job. The standard ones are pretty amazing, but still, you wouldn’t mind a pair of banging double Ds on her, would you? And that is the case with the Lumma Range Rover Velar CLR GT. It takes a hot car and makes it completely irresistible.

The styling package for Lumma Range Rover Velar CLR GT wide body includes a front grille, LUMMA bonnet covers and the three-piece LUMMA rear spoiler lip, plus of course the fender extensions on the front rear complete with the dynamic side skirts that connect them.This particular CLR GT you see here is finished in black and garnished with red accents, a combo that is also mirrors on the 12×22 inch CLR LN1 wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport in the dimension 305/35.

As for the interior, the tuner promises such goodies as exclusive steering wheel, ergonomically shaped and with contrasting piping, LUMMA floor mats, a LUMMA trunk mat and LUMMA aluminum pedal set.

The post Lumma Range Rover Velar Wide Body Is Simply Awesome appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Range Rover 6×6 Pickup Proposed by Coachbuilder

Okay, this is something Range Rover themselves would never do. They know that a six-wheeled Range Rover 6×6 ends up being a catastrophically vulgar thing, not in keeping with the brand’s values and prestige. But they can do nothing to stop other people make such a thing and make big bucks. 

That is what T.Fotiadis Bespoke Design is going to do and they have come up with some computer generated images to show us the finished product. This obviously is an answer to the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6, only the Range Rover 6×6 Superyacht Land Tender as they call it is an altogether more serious proposition aimed at a different kind of customer. The G63 6×6 is pretty ostentatious too, but with that car, taking into account its unique looks and all, it kind of works. This Range Rover, it’s fair enough to say it’s not a classy thing.

Fotiadis’s Range Rover 6×6 SLT is six meters long and features a pickup bed at the end, just like its rival. The double axle at the back and the one on the front are equipped with shiny, super deluxe wheels, and one can only imagine the level of luxury inside the cabin, which is yet to be revealed. Given the standard Range Rover’s offroad capabilities, the 6×6 version should be even better in dealing with rough ground, unless the addition of the second axle has somehow ruined had adverse effect on ride and handling.

This road yacht will be unveiled later this year at the Monaco boast show.

The post Range Rover 6×6 Pickup Proposed by Coachbuilder appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Range Rover Sport SVR Sets Record at Tianmen Road

Land Rover have been smashing records lately their super-SUV, the Range Rover Sport SVR. The latest stunt they’ve pulled off is setting a new record at the Tinamen Road in China, a 99-turn stretch of tarmac that is ideal for a time attack course. The SVR is now the king of this hill, having beaten Ferrari 458’s record. 

The Fezza had gone through the Tinamen course in 10 minutes 31 seconds. Then this Range Rover Sport SVR came along and did it in 9 minutes 51 seconds. That is a huge amount of time the SVR has shaved off the Ferrari’s. And that leads us to believe the 458 was driven by an idiot when it set the record because the discrepancy is inexplicable.

For the Range Rover Sport SVR though, LR took no chances and put behind the wheel Panasonic Jaguar Racing driver Ho-Pin Tung. The man utilized the SVR’s 575 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque, and its 4.5 second 0 to 100 km/h sprint, to tackle the course in record time. During the e 11.3km ascent, he maintained an average speed of 68.8 km/h. The SVR is no doubt a very capable car, but it’s still baffling how much faster it was at Tinamen than a full-on, red-blooded supercar.

Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s Ho-Pin Tung said: “I am used to the high speeds of racing but this was even more demanding. Maintaining concentration was the biggest challenge as the road twists and turns constantly, with huge drop-offs to the side. The consequences of getting it wrong would have been really serious so I focused on establishing a rhythm and the Range Rover Sport SVR made this easy – it may be an SUV but it has the performance and agility of a supercar and can take you to places a supercar can only dream of.”


The post Range Rover Sport SVR Sets Record at Tianmen Road appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Geneva Preview: Startech Range Rover Velar

Pretty much everyone agrees that the Velar is by far the most beautiful car Range Rover has ever made. But not everybody realizes how much more beautiful this thing can get. At least not until they lay eyes on the new Startech Range Rover Velar.

Created by the subsidiary of Brabus, specializing in SUVs, the Startech Range Rover Velar is a superb thing to look at from every angle. The key to that, we think, is that the tuner has not overcooked it. Yes, the kit on this velar is a wide body treatment. And yes, it is far from understated. But they could have gone for something Lumma-esque and ridiculous, which they didn’t. This is just the right amount of spice to make the Velar tastier.

The visual treatment that makes Startech Range Rover Velar wide body such a handsome car begins with a new front apron. It includes a body-color chin spoiler, lip and new aggressive air intakes. On the sides we have the fender extensions and a pair of dynamic skirts. And around the back there is a diffuser insert plus a new STARTECH light cluster. We would very much like to see this car in a bunch of livelier colors. No word yet on any performance upgrades, but who cares really when the thing looks like that?

You can see the Startech Range Rover Velar in the flesh at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.


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PostHeaderIcon 2018 Range Rover Sport PHEV Climbs 999 Steps to Heaven’s Gate

In one of the most daring challenges Land Rover has ever taken up they sent a 2018 Range Rover Sport PHEV to China for a hill climb. It wan’t an ordinary hill climb,mind you, as the course included 99 turns and 999 steps. It was the Dragon Road the hybrid Range Rover crossed to reach the Heaven’s Gate rock arch.

The petrol-electric 2018 Range Rover Sport PHEV (plug-in hybrid) thus becomes the world’s first SUV to accomplish such a feat and reach the heavenly gates of, well, Heaven’s Gate. The vehicle was a showroom standard Range Rover Sport P400e with Terrain Response 2 system in Dynamic mode, piloted by Formula E driver Ho-Pin Tung. Though the practice for this challenge has proved rather difficult, the Range Rover covered the 11.3km Tianmen Mountain Road without breaking much sweat. Then at a flick of the Terrain Response system the SUV was ready to tackle the daunting steps.

2018 Range Rover Sport PHEV features a 300PS Ingenium petrol engine and 116PS electric motor. The SUV is one of the most frugal inits class (taking into account its awesome capabilities) and even offers 50 km of zero-emission electric driving. Of course, no Range Rover Sport buyer is ever going to put the car through such hardships. But still, it must feel pretty good to know the Sport is capable of dealing with extremely rough ground should the need arise to do so.

Ho-Pin Tung said: “I’ve experienced Formula E, Formula 1 and won at the 24 Hours of Le Mans but this was without doubt one of the most demanding driving challenges I’ve ever faced. The Range Rover Sport PHEV performed brilliantly as it inspired real confidence on the mountain road and climbed the stairs up to Heaven’s Gate effortlessly.”

The post 2018 Range Rover Sport PHEV Climbs 999 Steps to Heaven’s Gate appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Range Rover SV Coupe Announced for Geneva Debut

This year’s Geneva Motor Show will see the debut of something rather special from Land Rover, something we haven’t seen since the 70s. It’s called the Range Rover SV Coupe, and it’s a two-door version of the full-size luxury SUV featuring a “seductive” design and an ultra-refined interior. 

They have only released a photo of the interior so far, but that is enough to make us long for this Range Rover SV Coupe. The original Range Rover launched in the 1970 as a two-door model, but that form kind of went away, featured only on a version of the Evoque. The SV, though, it’s not a downsized Range Rover or anything pathetic. It’s full-size, they say, and it’s going to blow you way with its sexiness, luxuriousness, and overall coolness.

Range Rover SV Coupe will not appeal to those who buy a SUV because they need the practicality… because it’s just not going to be as practical as the four-door variant. That’s just a fact. It also has four seats instead of the usual five.This car will be the SUV of choice for those who buy a Rolls-Royce Wraith instead of a Phantom, and an AMG S65 Coupe instead of a Maybach. It’l become like a must-have accessory for the rich and famous. So you can expect most rappers to get one, reality TV stars, and the rich kids of Instagram, of course.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, said:“The Range Rover SV Coupéis a highly compelling design with peerless refinement and uncompromised sophistication from its breathtaking exterior proportions to its sumptuous, beautifully appointed, interior. This is a vehicle that will resonate on an emotional level.”

The post Range Rover SV Coupe Announced for Geneva Debut appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon 2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography – Specs, Details, Pricing

Land Rover has released the first details of the new 2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography ahead of the luxury SUV’s debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The range-topping version of the new facelift series will become available to order tomorrow (Nov. 29) with unmatched levels of luxury and refinement, priced from £167,850.

Powering the 2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography is the new 404hp plug-in hybrid electric-petrol powertrain that makes RR SUVs among the greenest in their class. But since most people who are interested in the top-of-the-line trim have little regard for economy and all that, a 565hp V8 supercharged petrol engine is also available. The SVAutobiography comes exclusively in  in long wheelbase because it has a special rear passenger compartment that rivals that of luxury private jets.

And that brings us to what really set 2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography apart from the other available trims. This model features reclining airline-style seats with deep foam and up to 1.2 meters of leg room. There is also hot stone massage function and heated calf and foot rests. You also get power-closing rear doors like those on the Rolls-Royce Phantom which shuts the door at the touch of a button. Other notable highlights include Electrically deployable rear tables and integrated 10” Touchscreen rear entertainment screens with 4G internet access, concealed refrigerator between the twin rear seats, and Power Deployable Veneered Loadspace Floor.

The SVAutobiography has a party piece too, in form of an exclusive new Zenith clock on the rear centre console, inspired by the Elite 6150 watch. The knurled bezel  of the timepiece complements the finish on the start/stop button, gear selector and pedals. Stay tuned for more pictures and video of this high-end Range Rover over the coming days.

The post 2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography – Specs, Details, Pricing appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Official: 2019 Range Rover Hybrid (P400e PHEV)

Along with the regular versions of the new Vogue, JLR also revealed the first plug-in hybrid Range Rover for the new modelyear. The 2019 Range Rover Hybrid, sporting the P400e PHEV badge, makes all the other variant of the luxury SUV look pointless since it delivers the same sort of performance but with much, much better efficiency. 

If we get right down to the numbers, 2019 Range Rover Hybrid packs 404hp (297kW) and 640 Nm of torque from a sophisticated hybrid system featuring a 300hp (221kW) 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine with an 85kW electric motor. Naturally, the system is four-wheel-drive and that helps it accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds and top 137 mph flat out. The V8 supercharged model, for comparison, is about 1.5 seconds quicker to 60 mph.

But whereas the V8 goes through the fuel like there is no tomorrow, the P400e returns a barely believable 101mpg (2.8 l/100km) with 64 g/km CO2 emissions. What’s more, you get 31 miles of zero-emission electric drive. And the best part is, none of the SUV’s legendary off-road capabilities has been lost in the PHEV version. 2018 Range Rover Hybrid truly and completely offers the best of both worlds.

The Hybrid system in Range Rover P400e features two unique driving modes. You have the SAVE function which prevents the battery charge dropping below a pre-selected level, and the Predictive Energy Optimisation (PEO) function which utilises in built GPS altitude data for the selected route, to intelligently combine the electric motor and petrol engine to maximise fuel economy. The car also features a 13.1kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery which can be fully charged in 2 hours 45 minutes with a rapid charger.

Prices for 2019 Range Rover Hybrid P400e in Vogue trim start at £86,965. Vogue SE starts at £93,465, and the range-topping Autobiography from £105,865.

The post Official: 2019 Range Rover Hybrid (P400e PHEV) appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon 2018 Range Rover Vogue Revealed – Pricing and Specs

Land Rover decided it was time they gave a mid-life refresh to the Vogue to keep the old gal in working condition for a few more years. So the 2018 Range Rover gets a facelift here, some botox there, and a healthy infusion tech in form of new gadgets and accessories. All this cement the RR’s position at the top of luxury SUV tree. 

The biggest highlight of the new 2018 Range Rover is the addition of a hybrid variant, the PHEV P400e. It’s the same system that powers the new Sport PHEV and eliminates the only weakness of this car, which was its thirst for fuel. You still get the big V8 in the Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic if that’s what you want. The 565 hp monster sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, giving you some ideas as to what it would be like to strap rocket boosters to Buckingham Palace.

The new Vogue is more refined than ever, with a cabin that is subtly upgraded to feel even more luxurious without looking too posh so as to become vulgar. You get executive rear seats like those on a private jet, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Among the main tech highlights of 2018 Range Rover Vogue one can mention the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with twin high-definition touchscreen controls which they call a digital butler. The gesture sunblind is also a cool new feature, if a bit gimmicky. There is also a new head-up display and activity key. In short, there is nothing lacking here and you may not even have time to explore all the features of the new model.

Our customers are very clear about what they want from any new Range Rover. ‘Don’t change it, just make it better,’ they tell us, so everything we’ve done has been about enhancing our flagship SUV.After nearly 50 years the fourth generation Range Rover is the finest so far, ensuring the original luxury SUV remains the choice for discerning customers the world over.” Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover

2018 Range Rover UK Pricing: 

3.0L TDV6 258HP
TDV6 Vogue Diesel £79,595.00
TDV6 Vogue SE Diesel £86,195.00
TDV6 Autobiography Diesel £98,595.00
4.4L SDV8 339HP
SDV8 Vogue Diesel £86,700.00
SDV8 Vogue SE Diesel £93,300.00
SDV8 Autobiography Diesel £105,700.00
2.0L P400e PHEV 404HP
P400e Vogue Petrol PHEV £86,965.00
P400e Vogue SE Petrol PHEV £93,465.00
P400e Autobiography Petrol PHEV £105,865.00
3.0L V6 S/C 340HP
V6 S/C Vogue SE Petrol £86,565.00
5.0L V8 S/C 525HP
V8 S/C Autobiography Petrol £109,530.00
5.0L V8 S/C 565HP
V8 S/C SVAutobiography Dynamic Petrol £141,580.00
4.4L SDV8 339HP
SDV8 Autobiography LWB Diesel £112,900.00
SDV8 SVAutobiography LWB Diesel £167,850.00
2.0L P400e PHEV 404HP
P400e Autobiography LWB Petrol PHEV £113,065.00
P400e SVAutobiography LWB Petrol PHEV £168,015.00
5.0L V8 S/C 525HP
V8 S/C Autobiography LWB Petrol £116,730.00
5.0L V8 S/C 565HP
V8 S/C SVAutobiography LWB Petrol £177,030.00

The post 2018 Range Rover Vogue Revealed – Pricing and Specs appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon 2018 Range Rover Sport Takes on Swimmers in Water Challenge!

It does not come as a surprise that Range Rovers are good at tackling small ponds and rivers. But what this new 2018 Range Rover Sport has achieved is quite remarkable, even by their standards. This hybrid, sporty, urban SUV raced two open-water swimmers across a flooded causeway. And it won. 

The water challenge for the 2018 Range Rover Sport was actually a thorough test of its off-road capabilities. The SUV faced many different conditions during the race, from soft sands and rocky surfaces to tidal roads. Then it waded into the waves up to 850mm deep on its 14km (8.7-mile) inland drive from Bantham Beach to Burgh Island in South Devon, UK. The coolest thing about this race was that the driver won the challenge sitting in comfort in the luxurious cabin with the air con on, while the swimmers thoroughly exhausted themselves.

The 2018 Range Rover Sport that won the challenge was P400e electric-petrol model. This new version is powered by a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technology, combining an 85kW (116PS) electric motor and a 2.0-litre Si4 300PS (221kW) Ingenium petrol engine to produce 404PS (297kW) and 640Nm of torque. Land Rover claims a combined fuel consumption of 101 mpg for this car with 54 g/km CO2 and 31 miles of electric range. Meanwhile, Terrain Response 2 system ensures that none of the legendary off-road-ability of the RR is lost in the hybrid model.

Nick Collins, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover: “Only a Land Rover could blend electrified sustainable performance with the absolute capability required to take on two open water swimmers. The introduction of the latest PHEV technology broadens the appeal of the Range Rover Sport. Whisper quiet in EV mode, it brings a new level of serenity to the driving experience and the transition to combined power is seamless, delivering an addictive performance boost at the top end.”


The post 2018 Range Rover Sport Takes on Swimmers in Water Challenge! appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Range Rover Velar Earns 5-Star Safety Rating from EuroNCAP

Gaining yet another feather for the major plumage in its cap, the new Range Rover Velar is named a 5-star car in EuroNCAP latest crash tests. The luxury SUV achieved such high scores in every test, the NCAP are calling it one of the safest SUVs they have ever tested. 

The Velar scored 93% for adult occupant protection, 85% for child occupant protection and 74% for pedestrian protection. That is partly due to the design of the car which had crash protection in mind from the very beginning, and partly because of all the advanced safety systems the SUV boasts. The NCAP testers were particularly happy with the Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, a demonstration of which can be seen in the video below:

Euro NCAP’s findings state: “Tests of the autonomous emergency braking system at highway speeds demonstrated good performance, with collisions avoided or mitigated in all tests. In both the side barrier test and the more severe side pole impact, protection of all critical body areas was good and the Range Rover Velar scored maximum points.”

So luxury, style, prestige, and now safety. Range Rover Velar seems to have it all. And the best thing about this car is, it’s not even the most expensive Range Rover. The Velar makes both the Vogue and the Sport look rather pointless really. We don’t know what JLR was thinking when they green-lighted this model.

Velar’s advanced driver assistance systems include:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection uses a forward-facing stereo camera to determine if a collision is imminent – full braking is triggered automatically to avoid collisions altogether, or to mitigate the effects
  • Reverse Traffic Detection uses radar to monitor vehicles approaching from either side when reversing. An orange warning illuminates in the door mirrors to alert the driver to any potential danger
  • Matrix-Laser LED headlights extend the range of full beam to 550 metres. The Adaptive Front Lighting system matches the light beam to the steering wheel angle, while the matrix technology selectively dims individual LEDs to maintain optimum light distribution without dazzling oncoming traffic
  • Lane Keep Assist detects unintentional lane drift and applies corrective counter-steering to maintain lane position
  • Driver Condition Monitor senses driver fatigue by monitoring steering, brake and accelerator inputs to provide alerts when tiredness is detected
  • Intelligent Speed Limiter adjusts the vehicle speed when entering new speed limit zones
  • Traffic Sign Recognition informs the driver of the current speed limit using the driver’s message centre instrumentation screen 

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PostHeaderIcon 2018 Range Rover Sport Hybrid Does 101 MPG

Turns out Jaguar Land Rover area already taking serious steps towards the electrification of their entire range by 2020.They just unveiled the 2018 Range Rover Sport Hybrid powered by a plug-in system, and it is the most efficient Range Rover of all time with an average fuel consumption of 101 mpg, CO2 emissions of just 64 g/km, and 31 miles of electric range. 

We are so used to gas guzzling Range Rovers that we think of high consumption almost an intrinsic part of these cars. But 2018 Range Rover Sport Hybrid is a revolutionary car in that sense, adding a healthy dose of efficiency to the Sport’s unique blend of luxury, style and performance. Oh yes, it might be a hybrid, but this bad boy is still very much a Sport at heart. The plug-in hybrid system in this SUV churns out 404hp (297kW), 300 of which comes from a 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine. It does 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds and tops out at 137 mph.

Known as the Range Rover Sport P400e in the range, 2018 Range Rover Sport Hybrid also provides 31 miles of silent, zero-emission electric drive. This is the EV mode. You also have the Parallel hybrid mode which itself splits into SAVE function which prevents the battery charge dropping below the level which has been selected, and Predictive Energy Optimisation (PEO) function whci uses GPS data to maximize fuel economy on any given route. As for the plug-in bit, with rapid charging a full charge can be achieved in as little as 2 hours 45 minutes at home using a dedicated or 32amp wall box. The battery can be fully charged in 7 hours 30 minutes using the 10 amp home charging cable.

Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director, Jeremy Hicks said: “The current Range Rover Sport has performed exceptionally well in the UK market since it was introduced in 2013 selling just shy of 50,000 vehicles to date. Its perfect blend of performance, comfort, utility and off-road prowess make it the perfect all-round luxury vehicle. These 2018 updates make the Range Rover Sport an even more attractive proposition with CO2 emissions down to 64g/km and a 101mpg on the combined cycle coupled with new infotainment technology making life simpler. Our efficient diesel and petrol engines are our cleanest ever and remain utterly relevant today on our journey to electrification.”

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PostHeaderIcon Urban Automotive Range Rover Velar


Upgrade packages are starting to surface for the new Range Rover Velar, albeit in rendering form, as the luxury SUV begins to hit the market. This one is proposed by UK firm Urban Automotive who says they have already received fourteen orders for the package, though they won’t say how much it costs.

That implies UA sees their Range Rover Velar kit as a sort of built-to-order bespoke project that they are not going to offer as bits in your local tuning shop. While that makes the whole thing more exclusive, there really isn’t anything that special about the treatment. Sure, they have modified the front and rear aprons and put in some nice new grilles and intakes, but it’s not exactly coachbuilding.

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In any case, Urban’s Range Rover Velar features a cool aero kit with front spoiler lip and rear diffuser featuring twin tailpipes and a spoiler to boot. These go really well with the 23 inch staggered wheels and painted brake calipers. The tuner has also removed all Range Rover badges and repalced them with URBAN going with the whole bespoke thing discussed above.

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PostHeaderIcon 3 Reasons NOT to buy an Evoque (but to lease one instead)


Depreciation is the number one factor when it comes to leasing a car; a car’s predicted rate of depreciation will decide your monthly repayment figure as well as the mileage figure you’ll be expected to adhere to.

Cars that have covered a significant amount of miles depreciate significantly faster than their low-mileage counterparts, hence why lease companies charge high amounts to customers who go over their mileage allowances.

An Evoque is less likely to depreciate quickly than a lesser brand SUV model

Depreciation is also the reason why many expensive cars are relatively ‘cheap’ to lease (in comparison with how much they’d be to buy, anyway). High-end cars such as Range Rovers are largely expected to ‘hold’ their value, bringing their monthly hire price down for customers.

Thanks to the Evoque’s tendency to keep its core value over time, the monthly costs of leasing an Evoque are likely to be considerably lower than the monthly costs of purchasing an Evoque.

From a safety perspective, driving a newer car is bound to be safer for you and your passengers than driving an older car. This is largely because newer models have high-tech safety mechanisms (such as automatic emergency braking) and are therefore more likely to meet current safety standards.

Driving a new car is safer, and better for the economy

The problem with driving a new car, though, is that they are expensive to buy, and they do depreciate, making it harder for you to sell them on. The best advice for buying a car is to forgo top-of-the-range models buy a car that’s already had time to depreciate in value (roughly around three years), and keep it for a number of years after that. The problem with this, though (as we have already mentioned) is that older cars just aren’t great. They aren’t as safe as newer cars, and they’re more likely to fail their MOTs and require replacement parts, costing you a fortune.

So how do you get around the problem of wanting a new car but not being able to afford to buy one? Well, the best solution is to hire a car. Leasing a car isn’t necessarily going to be cheaper than buying a three-year-old car, but it’ll give you the chance to drive something that’s safer, kinder to the environment, and less likely to fall apart than an old car without having to worry about its depreciation rate.

We’ve already mentioned repeatedly that leasing a car can be cheaper than buying one based on depreciation rates and general value for money (new car versus old car).

Let’s say you buy a Range Rover Evoque that’s worth £32,000

Leasing is cheaper

Although Evoque’s are renowned for their ability to hold on to their value, they still depreciate (albeit at a slower rate than other cars). Over a three-year period, it would be safe to assume that your Evoque will have lost around 50% of its value, bringing its value down to just £16,000. This ultimately means that, as a buyer, you have lost £16,000 in three years – £16,000 that you aren’t going to be able to get back.

If you lease an Evoque, on the other hand, you will be expected to pay a deposit up front (just like you would if you bought one). Let’s say that this deposit is around £3,000. You will then have to pay around £300 per month for the next three years. All in all, you will have spent around £14,000 on your Evoque. Have a look at Evoque deals from vantage leasing and other places to get a proper idea of cost but what we do know is that leasing is undoubtedly cheaper, and saves you the trouble of having to sell the car at the end (remember, there’s no guarantee you’d even get that £16,000 back!).

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PostHeaderIcon Range Rover Sport SVR by Kahn Design


It is inevitable for every new Range Rover that comes out of the factory to get a Kahn treatment, and so, even though it did take a while, here it is now, the Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR Supercharged which the tuner calls Pace Car. What Kahn have done here, in their own words, is taking the most accomplished SUV RR has ever made and turn it into the “ultimate blend of luxury and performance.”

That is a noble goal, but what they have done with the exterior of the Range Rover Sport SVR may not sit well with the connoisseurs. Building on the SUV’s sporty characteristics, Kahn have given the SVR a wide body kit with blue-accented bumpers featuring stupidly large grilles on the front. Blue accents continue on the grille and side vents, but fortunately the SVR is saved from utter humiliation thanks to a set of classy Kahn 23” RS alloy wheels and Volcanic Volcanic Rock Satin paint.


The interior is much more sophisticated, as Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR gets quilted and perforated leather, vented aluminium pedals and stainless steel door entry sill plates. As you would expect, such richly flavoured Range Rover does not come cheap. A loaded car with all the aforementioned bells and whistles costs £124,999.

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PostHeaderIcon British Boxer Gets Bespoke Range Rover SVO

bespoke range rover svo

Jaguar Land Rover gives British boxer Anthony Joshua MBE a proper moral boost by delivering his Bespoke Range Rover SVO prior to his ‘Super Title’ match versus Wladimir Klitschko on April 29. Based on the range-topping SVAutobiography Dynamic, this special Range Rover features a range of enhancements by Special Vehicle Operations.

Besides all the extras and all the bespoke features Joshua’s Bespoke Range Rover SVO comes with, it is also the first car in the world to feature the new SVO Design Pack the highlights of which include unique front and rear bumpers, integrated quad tailpipes, new side vents, side sills and a bespoke grille.

As for the unique highlights of the boxer’s own Bespoke Range Rover SVO, it comes with bespoke exterior colour named World Champion Graphite, unique to this vehicle, bespoke diamond-quilted leather interior, finished in ebony and pimiento red and featuring Anthony Joshua’s signature embroidered on the driver’s headrest, a bespoke sports equipment storage unit in the boot for training equipment, finished in black with red stitching with an ‘AJ Boxing’ debossed logo, chrome B-pillar badge featuring Anthony’s signature, door handles with unique boxing glove pattern surrounds, engraved Anthony Joshua signature aluminium letter box finishers on door cards and Anthony Joshua-inscribed treadplates.

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