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PostHeaderIcon Why the Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Better Than the Rivian R1T

The war of electric pickup trucks is hot right now and, while there are multiple players in the segment like Fisker, Atlis, and Bollinger,
all eyes are on Rivian and Tesla. The former has already announced most of the features and specs for its R1T pickup, but there’s not much we know about the Tesla pickup. We’ve yet to even see the actual truck, and despite this, there are a lot of reasons to believe that the Tesla pickup truck, called the Cybertruck for now, will be better than the R1T.

PostHeaderIcon The Tesla Cybertruck To Be Revealed On November 21 2019, But Will It Be Used as a Military Truck Too?

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Tesla pickup truck, now called the Cybertruck. In the past couple of days, the biggest news is that it will be revealed on November 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory in Los Angeles at a standalone event. The reveal date coincides with the Los Angeles Auto Show, but we all know how Musk operates. Does he give a damn about it? Of course not!

On the other side of the spectrum, there was some incorrect reporting that Elon Musk was pitching the “Cybertruck” as a military vehicle. He has since said that was far from the case, and we’ve got the scoop on that below too.

PostHeaderIcon Will the Tesla Pickup Go by the Name Cybertruck?

The upcoming Tesla pickup truck is the next big thing in the pickup truck industry. There are quite a few things we already know about the truck, like its towing capacity and starting price, but we still don’t know what it’ll be called; well, we didn’t know until now. During Tesla’s third-quarter 2019 earnings conference call, Musk referred the pickup truck as the “Cybertruck” while calling it the company’s “best product ever.” Was this just a nickname, or will it just be called “Cybertruck?” And what happened to the “Model” moniker?

PostHeaderIcon Big Surprise –The Tesla Model Z Pickup is Delayed

As the battle of electric pickup trucks between Ford, Rivian, and Tesla rages on at an annoying slow crawl with nothing but teasers and overzealous gloating (I’m looking at you ford with your train-pulling stunt), Tesla’s Elon Musk as pushed the debut of the Tesla Model Z Pickup even further back. So when will we actually get to see it? Well, with Musk’s overly optimistic history, it’s anybody’s guess, but we at least have a rough idea.

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