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Archive for the ‘Toyota Prius’ Category

PostHeaderIcon This Video Showcases Just What Happens In Vancouver When it Snows

I don’t know about you guys, but where I’m at up here in the mountains of northern California, Mother Nature has decided to dump a winter’s worth of snow in just a few weeks’ time. It’s great for the skiing and snowboarding, but if you don’t have the right equipment at your disposal, you’re gonna have to improvise – as the folks in this video quickly found out.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius

Toyota has pulled the wraps off its refreshed Prius at the 2018 LA auto show which brings a more toned down appearance and optional all-wheel drive to the table. It isn’t any significantly more efficient or any faster, but its less aggressive styling will be a pleasing comeback for some, while the new all-wheel drive is apparently going to be really popular.

Projected sales for the Prius AWD-e say up to 25 percent of all cars sold will have the option, despite the fact that it does have a small negative impact on overall efficiency – the main reason you went for a Prius in the first place. The most frugal Prius, the L Eco trim, can still hit a claimed 56 mpg combined.

Aside from the subtle restyling and addition of all-wheel drive, the 2019 Toyota Prius also gets interior updates, extra tech, and a simplified trim structure to help buyers and dealers alike understand the range better.

PostHeaderIcon 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars of All Time

From hatches to muscles, cars of all shapes and sizes are adopting green technology. Whether autonomous cars will become a reality or not is a different question; electric cars are the future. Even though the ‘EV’ cars were introduced barely a decade ago, the kind of transformation and innovations we’ve seen in the last couple of years makes the whole thing look like a yesteryear concept. In this article, we’ve listed out the ten most fuel-efficient vehicles.

But before that, let’s just put the basic questions to rest once-in-for-all: the difference between EV, Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid – an electric vehicle is the one that runs solely on electric power. You don’t have a combustion engine here whatsoever. A hybrid engine is the one where the car will charge its own batteries on the run with the gasoline engine. As for the plug-in hybrids, the car can be plugged into electricity points to charge the batteries. Now that we have clarified the obvious and bored you enough, let’s move on to the heart of the article.

PostHeaderIcon Rumor: Toyota Finally Realizes that the Prius is Ugly; Plans Facelift for 2019

There’s no denying it; the Prius is an ugly car. Just look at it – it looks like a double-chinned angry guppy that wants to eat your face. The current model is pretty much the strangest-looking car on the market, but that could all change soon enough as reports are coming in that Toyota is planning a mid-cycle redesign that will focus on the front and rear ends. Praise Jesus!

PostHeaderIcon TopSpeed’s Top 5 Picks For Long Holiday Travel

Welp, it’s that time of year again. Late December triggers the mass migration season for the majority of humans residing in North America, and that means the roadways will be clogged in every direction with stressed families clinging to the final shreds of their holiday cheer. But fret not, because it doesn’t have to be that way. Indeed, this travel season could actually be quite enjoyable, if you’ve got the right ride to ferry you to and fro, that is. As such, we’ve put together the following list of vehicles we think are perfectly suited to tackle the long holiday travel.

To make the most of it, we threw in a variety of picks for whatever your preferences might be. Granted, most of these are a bit on the pricey side, but hey, if you want the best, you’re gonna have to pay for it. Of course, the bank account can take a beating this time of year, so if you’re a bit strapped for cash, then no worries – we’re kicking it off with something relatively accessible.

Continue reading to learn more about TopSpeed’s Top 5 Picks For Long Holiday Travel.

TopSpeed’s Top 5 Picks For Long Holiday Travel

The Efficient Option – Toyota Prius Prime

2017 Toyota Prius Prime – Driving Impression And Review - image 691345

Yeah, yeah, we know – there’s more than a few of you out there that are balking at the addition of anything Prius to any list, ever. Unless, of course, that list catalogs the worst automotive styling ever, amirite? Haw haw.

But here’s the deal – the Toyota Prius Prime is actually pretty damn good at what it was designed to do; that is, getting you from A to B comfortably and efficiently, and that’s exactly why we added it here. Powered by a 1.8-liter hybrid four-cylinder, the Prime won’t be snapping any necks with its acceleration, but it will return a mighty 54 combined mpg, which means you’ll be ticking off the miles with the best of ‘em. What’s more, the interior spec is quite nice, complete with tons of tech, a splash of luxury, and an undeniably cool sci-fi vibe. Hell, thanks to its independent rear suspension, it isn’t a total turd in the corners, either.

Read our full review on the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime.

The Nearly Self-Driving Option – Tesla Model X

2016 Tesla Model X - image 722484

While still billed as a system that’s in development and not suitable for taking away complete on-road responsibility, Tesla’s Autopilot feature is still one of the most advanced autonomous technologies on the road, if not the most advanced. Indeed, if you simply can’t wait to participate in our inevitable autonomous future and wanna get in on the ground floor of robot chaufferism, then the Tesla Model X is a great option.

In addition to assisting with the tedious driving bits, the Model X also has the space to bring the whole family, with three bench seats and spots for seven passengers total. Leather upholstery keeps it comfy, while a full spread of infotainment features keeps the boredom at bay. Go for the biggest battery option, and you’ll get upwards of 289 miles of range-per-charge as well – definitely enough to over the river and through the woods, as it were.

Read our full review on the 2017 Tesla Model X.

The Comfortable Option – Mercedes-Benz S-Class

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class - image 713887

If you’ve got the right car, it won’t matter how long the trip might be, because you’ll be at ease regardless. Enter the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a solid slab of four-door German engineering that perfectly exemplifies the idea of moving about in luxury and style. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in one of these things, you’ll have just about every comfort of home at your disposal, assuming you live in a penthouse suite, that is. Sumptuous leather upholstery is everywhere, with brushed metal and high-quality wood trim to match. Individual infotainment screens take up residence in the seat backs, while the Rear Executive Lounge Seating provides more room than some apartments I’ve lived in. And with up to 463 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque on tap, the S-Class has the right stuff to get you there early, if desired.

For best results, please add one (1) hired driver.

Read our full review on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The Fast Option – Bugatti Chiron

2018 Bugatti Chiron - image 667477

If you’re looking to significantly cut down on that travel time, there’s always the option to just go faster, and few four-wheeled vehicles embody that philosophy quite like the Bugatti Chiron. In terms of specs, this multi-million dollar eater-of-worlds has some of the craziest. In the middle of the machine, Bug planted an 8.0-liter W-16 gasoline engine, which gets boosted by a whopping four turbochargers. Peak output comes to an incredible 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque, good enough to propel the Chiron to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Top speed is rated at over 260 mph. Yep, making it there on time for dinner shouldn’t be an issue with the Chiron.

So it’s quick, that much is obvious. What’s more, the Chiron offers loads of AWD grip in case the roads get a little slippery. And then there’s the interior, which is just… well, look at it!

Read our full review on the 2018 Bugatti Chiron.

The Wet Option – The Car Submarine

2008 Rinspeed sQuba - image 232224

Wanna beat the traffic? Simple – just go around it, or under it, as the case may be. Okay, so maaaybe we’re cheating a little bit with this one, but come on – you know you want it.

One word of caution, though – don’t rely on your standard GPS when it comes to piloting a personal submersible. We’d recommend sonar instead, plus maybe some charts and whatnot. You know, submarine stuff.

PostHeaderIcon 50 Miles Later, This Prius Owner Finds a Bobcat in her Car’s Grille

Imagine driving 50 miles to work and then finding out when you reach your destination that during your journey, an animal somehow got stuck in your car. A woman from Richmond, Virginia didn’t have to imagine such a situation because it actually happened to her when a bobcat — yes, a bobcat! — got stuck in the front grille of her Toyota Prius while she was traveling the 50-mile route to her workplace. Chalk this one incident up to the list of “improbable things that can happen to you on your morning commute.”

“As soon as it identified the animal and the perceived threats of its predatory instincts, rescuers from the RACC immediately sedated the cat before it manipulated the bumper to set it free”

The incident was first reported by local news outlet WTVR, and it’s a doozy. According to the report, the woman admitted to hitting something on her way to work, but since she was unaware of what it was, she opted to keep driving. Only until she reached her destination an hour later did she discover the poor yet ferocious feline wedged in the grille of her car.

The woman immediately contacted Richmond Animal Care & Control, who arrived on scene to lend some help. “We got on scene, and it really was true,” RACC officer Barbara Jones told the news outlet. “It’s really a bobcat stuck in the front of a Prius grille.” As soon as it identified the animal and the perceived threats of its predatory instincts, rescuers from the RACC immediately sedated the cat before it manipulated the bumper to set it free. Somehow, the bobcat escaped serious injury, suffering only a small cut on its back. It’s currently under the care and supervision of the RACC, which plans to return it back to the wild as soon as it’s healthy enough to go on its own.

The story has a happy ending for all parties concerned. That’s especially true for the bobcat, which miraculously escaped without any serious injuries after going through such an ordeal.


Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius - image 738280

Read our full review on the 2017 Toyota Prius.

PostHeaderIcon What Happens When A Toyota Prius Has A Dead Battery?

Remember when the Toyota Prius was new and everybody was worried its battery would fail and would cost a small fortune to replace? Me too. Well, it turns out that hybrid battery packs do indeed fail and are very expensive to replace from Toyota – roughly $4,000. On an older Prius, that could theoretically exceed the value of the car, leaving it totaled according to your insurance company. Thankfully, there’s a way around this mess.

Automotive journalist and YouTuber Tyler Hoover bought a 2005, second-generation, Toyota Prius for $1,500 suffering from just that – a dead battery with no more life juice to squeeze. Interestingly, the Prius will drive just fine with a dead battery, though the 1.5-liter four-cylinder is solely responsible for moving the car, making it even more doggishly slow. Naturally, it also makes the Prius’ fuel economy drop like a rock.

But, rather than spending $4,000 at the Toyota stealership… errr, I mean dealership, Hoover went to the aftermarket. These days, third-party companies dealing in hybrid batteries are growing in number and popularity. Used Prii (yep, the official pluralization of Prius) are everywhere now, and folks aren’t willing to spend big money on OEM replacement parts. One such company, Electron Automotive, sells an entire bank of battery cells. See, the Prius’ battery pack consists of 28 individual, iPad-sized cells. These are what fail but generally do so individually. That means some of the cells are still good. Electron Automotive takes these good cells from old Prius batteries, pairs them with other working used cells, “rebalances” the cells to work together, and sells the rebuild kit for $1,000. There’s also a warranty, too. That’s a pretty good discount off the price Hoover says Toyota is asking.

Best of all, replacing the cells within the battery pack isn’t all that hard. In fact, the process seems almost plug-and-play once the suitcase-sized battery pack is removed from the trunk. So, check out Hoover’s video from his YouTube channel, Hoovies Garage. It’s a fun watch.


Toyota Prius

2006 Toyota Prius - image 94430

Read our full review on the 2005 Toyota Prius.

2016 Toyota Prius - image 645154

Read our full review on the current 2017 Toyota Prius.

PostHeaderIcon Budget Direct Renders 9 Everyday Cars With F1 Style

We love it when we get our hands on a fresh batch of renderings. Sometimes, it’s lifelike speculation on some hotly anticipated next-gen model, while other times, it’s an imaginative mash-up of the unexpected. This particular set of renderings (nine of ‘em total) falls firmly into the latter category, mixing everyday rides like the Toyota Prius and classic Ford Mustang with the styling cues inspired by Formula 1. The images come courtesy of our friends over at Budget Direct, and long story short, we think they look awesome.

Of course, this opens up possibilities to a whole range of F1-themed rides. Never before has a Smart car looked so good, or a Jeep looked so quick, or a Prius looked so desirable. Of course, there are a few sports cars tossed in for good measure, like the Audi R8, Porsche 911, and Subaru WRX, all of which make the transition into the world of high-performance a little more easily. Read on for a breakdown on each, and don’t forget to post your favorite in the comments below, plus your suggestions for other street models that need the F1-treatment.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius Crossover Doesn’t Look Half Bad

prius crossover

The JDM-only cars – that is, cars from Japanese car makers that only go on sale in their domestic market – are often way too weird and eccentric to work in Europe and America. But every once in a while we come across one of these cars that could potentially do well outside Japan, and this Toyota Prius Crossover is one such thing. 

Called Toyota Aqua in Japan, Toyota Prius Crossover is based on the Prius C hatchback and features, among other things, a jacked-up suspension system, slightly larger wheels and tires, and a set of body parts that give it a, sort of, rugged and outdoorsy look. The package consists of front underbody plate, side skirts, fender flares in black, and a rear underguard. None of these, of course, will in any shape or form enhance the vehicle’s offroad-ability, but they do give it a refreshingly sporty look which is what customers really want.

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The looks are all that matter with stuff like Toyota Prius Crossover as they are bought predominantly by those who have no need for the capabilities of a real SUV, or a real crossover for that matter, but quite enjoy the styling that comes with it. That is whole foundation upon which the concept of trendy crossovers is built. That is also why the Crossover does not get any special treats in terms of mechanical features and has to make do with the standard, asthmatic, 99 horsepower hybrid powertrain. And forget about AWD or terrain control and other offroady equipment.

Via Carscoops

The post Toyota Prius Crossover Doesn’t Look Half Bad appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius TRD

We here at TopSpeed don’t shy away from exploring the weirder and wilder side of performance vehicles. In fact, we relish in it. Any chance we come across to break away from convention and blow your mind is worth it, especially if it gets the unruly mobs up in arms. And that’s exactly the sort of reaction we’re expecting with this – a performance-oriented Toyota Prius TRD. Here’s the formula – ditch the eco tires, slap on some real rubber, boost the engine, stiffen the suspension, add the proper cabin gear, and voila – the perfect solution to a dearth of jimmy rustlin’.

But here’s the thing – we’re actually totally serious. This isn’t some April Fool’s joke. We legitimately think there’s a real case to made for a performance Prius. Don’t believe us? Then read on. We dare you.

Continue reading to learn more about the Toyota Prius TRD.

PostHeaderIcon The Grand Tour Isn't Too Fond Of The Toyota Prius

Yes, those are three Toyota Priuses, or at least they were Priuses before they became the unwitting victims of The Grand Tour’s latest promotional stunt. It’s widely known that Jeremy Clarkson isn’t a big fan of the Toyota hybrid and, apparently, his disdain for the car has been turned into a marketing and branding ploy to raise even more awareness of The Grand Tour’s impending debut, as if it needed any more hype to begin it.

One of the three Prius models can be found in London while the other one, or what’s left of it, is in Berlin, Germany. A third one popped up much later and guess where it’s located? America! The one in London just in front of King’s Cross station looks to have survived its crash far better than its counterpart, but the front section of the second-guess Prius is in pretty bad shape as the hood has been crumpled up and the bumper and fenders have been completely dislodged. Still, it fared much better than the third-generation Prius found in Berlin’s Hackescher market and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, just beside some of stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The one in Berlin, for one reason or another, appears to have burst from the floor before getting stuck halfway through its apparent escape. Then there’s the one in LA, which looks to have made a beeline straight through the floor, before getting stuck in its own right as well.

Obviously, these three setups are nothing more than gratuitous branding for The Grand Tour. It’s the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. If for nothing else, these setups were excellently executed because we’re talking about them today, just as we’ll do when the show premieres on November 18.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius Prime

With more than 30 gas-electric models on the market, including the Prius (aka the first-ever mass-produced hybrid vehicle), Toyota is justified when it claims to be the “world’s hybrid leader.” But in order to maintain its battery-assisted superiority, the Japanese automaker must continually produce the bleeding edge of green technology and set the trend when it comes eco-oriented transportation. These days, that means the inclusion of a plug-in model. The previous Prius plug-in ended production in June of 2015, but now, it’s back, offering more MPGe, more standard features, and a new look, making for what Toyota calls “one of the most technologically advanced, best-equipped Prius in the model’s history.”

It’s called the Prime, and first things first – it offers upwards of 120 MPGe, which, according to the manufacturer, is expected to be the highest MPGe of any plug-in hybrid on the market. That in itself is a significant statement in the world of max-miler passenger vehicles, but this frugal fuel consumption is also backed by more all-electric range, with up to 22 miles of emission-free driving off battery power alone, effectively double the EV range of the previous model.

So then – the Prime sounds like it’s got the goods, but with gas prices remaining so low, is it enough to spark the interest of consumers?

Continue reading to learn more about the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime.

PostHeaderIcon Preview: Wald Toyota Prius Sport Line

Wald Toyota Prius-prv-1

Building on Toyota’s own effort to make the new generation of the Prius hybrid look more sporty, Japanese tuner Wald International has come up with a styling kit which, to be frank, gets a bit carried away with the whole idea. There’s no other way to put it: Wald Toyota Prius is freakin’ ugly!

The body kit previewed in this pictures is a Sport Line kit which explains the heavy emphasis on the aero parts. It even comes with little cabin flaps on the front bumper which seems like an overkill on a Prius. They serve a function on something like a Ferrari Speciale, but on Wald Toyota Prius, they just make the whole think look silly.

But the flaps are nothing compared to what Wald has done grill/bumper combination at the front. It makes Wald Toyota Prius Sport Line look like a horrible genetic mutation of an already hideous lizard. It should not survive, and it probably won’t.

The rear-end design of this car is not much better than the front, but it’s more Toyota’s fault than Wald’s. What Wald has done here is add a sporty diffuser and tailpipes – parts that look good on their own. When paired with the weird shape of the Prius’ bottom, however, they lose all sex appeal.

Wald Toyota Prius-prv-2

The post Preview: Wald Toyota Prius Sport Line appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius – Driving Impression And Review

If you gotta blow your nose, you’ll probably ask for a Kleenex. If you need a cotton swab, you’ll look for a Q-Tip. If it’s hybrid transportation you’re after, the Prius is the standard. Rightfully so – the Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, selling 3.5 million models worldwide since its introduction in 1997. But unlike hygiene products, hybrid technology has come a long way in the last two decades, and Toyota’s green icon is under pressure to evolve. Enter the fourth generation, which brings a new design, a new platform, tons of tech, and a compelling effort to broaden the appeal of this eco-conscious torchbearer. I was invited to southern California to try it out.

Los Angeles is a great place for a test like this. The Prius is hugely popular amongst the local population, especially celebrities, offering easy driving in crowded freeway traffic jams, and low emissions to curb air pollution. And in a town where you need a car to get anywhere, the high mpg doesn’t hurt either.

But Toyota says hybrids aren’t just about fuel efficiency anymore, and customers will no longer compromise to skip a trip to the pump. Conversely, the fourth-generation Prius aims to transform from something you should drive to something you want to drive. How does it stack up? Read on to find out.

Continue reading to learn more about the 2016 Toyota Prius.

PostHeaderIcon Official: 2016 Toyota Prius Facelift

2016 Toyota Prius-0

The world’s best selling hybrid car with over 3.5 million units shifted is coming back with an all-new fourth generation model. The 2016 Toyota Prius is going back to its roots in the sense that, like the early models, it is once again featuring a bold and rather controversial design. The car is way too advanced for the conservative design recent models have.

Going on sale in Japan by the end of this year and then globally next year, the 2016 Toyota Prius has grown in size rather significantly, boasting a 60mm longer length. It also sits lower than the previous model by 20mm, all of which means it now sits on the ground with more presence and it should be more stable on the road as well.

The presence part is further boosted by employing some unique head and taillights that give the car a decidedly Japanese look and make it recognizable form a mile away. Looks like Toyota has taken a leaf out of Lexus’s book here. You get new colors as well, including one “Emotional Red”. As for the interior, Toyota has once again gone with the layered construction that separates the “display zone” from the “control zone” which is now closer to the driver.

Built on Toyota New Global Architecture with a new chassis that is 60 percent more rigid than before, the 2016 Toyota Prius benefits from improved driving dynamics. Toyota has not yet revealed the specs of the engine, but they way 40 percent of the powertrain is new. Safety-wise, all models will feature the Toyota Safety Sense package, which includes (depending on grade and market) Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beam and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

2016 Toyota Prius-1
2016 Toyota Prius-2
2016 Toyota Prius-3
2016 Toyota Prius-4
2016 Toyota Prius-5
2016 Toyota Prius-6
2016 Toyota Prius-7
2016 Toyota Prius-8
2016 Toyota Prius-9

The post Official: 2016 Toyota Prius Facelift appeared first on Motorward.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius

Toyota unveiled the Prius hybrid back in 1997, and since then the model has been through three generational changes — the latest was revealed in 2009. When Toyota released the Prius, it quickly became known as the face of hybrid vehicles. With competition becoming fiercer each year, Toyota needs to keep improving the Prius to keep it in the No. 1 slot in the hybrid market in this next generation.

Well, the new, fourth-generation Toyota Prius was finally unveiled in Las Vegas and as expected, Toyota went for a new look. The Japanese automaker is also using the New Global Architecture platform, making it lighter and cheaper to build, making the Prius the first model to implement the company’s effort to cut development costs by 20 percent through sharing platforms, parts and powertrains. The revised look gives the Prius a sportier look than the current model, much like the difference between the last-generation Corolla and the current model.

Updated 04/20/2016: Euro NCAP released safety tests results for the new Prius. Check the “Safety” section for more details and hit “play” to see the Euro NCAP crash test for the 2016 Prius.

Click past the jump to read more about the 2016 Toyota Prius.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Considers Prius SUV

Like Donald Trump running for President again and yet another Jurassic Park sequel, you can put this one in the ‘things that were probably inevitable’ file: A new Toyota Prius crossover SUV is reportedly in development and will hit the market within the next few years.

Auto Guide reports the new hybrid SUV is a product of the new partnership between Toyota and Mazda, who entered an agreement to share powertrain and platform technology earlier this year. The new SUV is likely to be a production version of the 2016 Toyota C-HR concept shown at the 2014 Paris Motor show and will be the fifth model in the Prius family, which already includes the 2014 Toyota Prius, 2015 Toyota Prius c, 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and 2015 Toyota Prius v.

The new variant is likely to be powered by the same drivetrain as the normal Prius, which consists of a 98-horsepower 1.8-liter engine and 36-horsepower electric motor. The combined 134 horsepower is channeled to the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission. Though, Toyota also might also be interested in using Mazda’s 1.5-liter SkyActiv diesel engine, which would make for quite a torque-happy hybrid.

A source close to the project told Australian site Motoring that the potential diesel-powered Prius SUV will have a range of well over 500 miles per tank and provide a superior driving experience to a gasoline-powered Prius. Both engine options could be on the table to appeal to both European and American buyer sensibilities.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Current Toyota Prius Plug-In Goes Out Of Production This June

The plug-in version of the Toyota Prius is the most recent addition to the Prius lineup, but it will also be the first departure. In a brief statement, Nathan Kokes, brand manager for Toyota’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Marketing, announced that the current Prius Plug-in will be phased out in June.

Showing how integral internet forums are these days, Kokes broke the news on Prius Chat. As for the future of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, he said: “we are hard at work developing the next generation Prius Plug-in Hybrid and we are looking forward to sharing more details with you as we approach our launch date.”

With the next-gen Toyota Prius expected to debut for the 2016 model year, the cancellation of the Prius PHEV probably wasn’t too big of a surprise for green-car enthusiasts, but it does show that the more advanced, plug-in version of the hybrid will live on after a brief hiatus. The new Prius Plug-In will likely be introduced for the 2017 model year.

Complementing the Prius Liftback, Prius c and Prius v, the Prius Plug-in was introduced for the 2012 model year, which provided added benefits that included 11 miles of driving range in EV mode, a top speed in all-electric mode of 62 mph and an EPA-rated 95 MPGe.

Continue reading to learn more about the current Toyota Prius Plug-In.

Current Toyota Prius Plug-In Goes Out Of Production This June originally appeared on on Tuesday, 5 May 2015 07:00 EST.

read more

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius Plug-in – Driven

The Prius name may be more than 15 years old, but Toyota’s a more recent iteration of the hybrid is this – the Prius Plug-in. And as the name implies, this Prius has a trick up its sleeve for how it goes about charging.

As with any conventional Prius, the Plug-in can be charged on the go. Tap the brakes or coast down a hill, and the electric motor harnesses the wheels’ rotational energy, feeding it back into the battery. However, this model goes one step further, offering customers the ability to charge the car while it sits in their garage.

Plug the included power cord and transformer box into any 110-volt wall outlet, and the Prius Plug-in will trickle charge it’s batteries for three hours, giving the car an advertised 11-mile, all-electric range. Pop the charging cord into a 240-volt, and the deed is done in one and a half hours.

So how well does the added plug-in feature work? To find out, I spent a week with the Prius, testing out its electrified abilities first hand.

Continue reading for the full review of the 2014 Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-in – Driven originally appeared on on Thursday, 16 April 2015 07:00 EST.

read more

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Prius v

Since 2001, Toyota has offered the Prius in one form or another, giving buyers the roominess of a sedan or a liftback (2004 and on) with fuel economy that was almost impossible for traditional cars to match. In 2012, after other automakers started hopping on the hybrid bandwagon and gobbling up sales, Toyota saw a gap in the market for a hybrid wagon and launched the Prius v. With the 2015 model year upon us, and Toyota looking to inject a little youth into its customer base, the automaker has given the hybrid wagon a facelift that gives it a slightly sportier look than before without abandoning its reserved personality altogether.

With this refresh comes a handful of changes to the front fascia and a little tuck on the backside. Unfortunately, Toyota left the drivetrain unchanged. Allowing its main competitor to easily trump it in terms of performance.

Does the Prius v still have what it takes to dominate the hybrid wagon market?

Click past the jump to read more about the 2015 Prius v and find out.

Toyota Prius v originally appeared on on Monday, 9 February 2015 16:00 EST.

read more

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1959 Chevrolet Other Pickups deluxe 1959 chevrolet pickup apache fleetside big window project V/8 1959 GMC
End Date: Monday Jun-10-2019 20:17:43 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $6,000.00
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1984 Chevrolet Other Pickups k10 CHEVY K10 4X4 PICK UP GREAT SHAPE NO RUST LOADED
$4,750.00 (47 Bids)
End Date: Monday Jun-3-2019 8:00:06 PDT
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End Date: Saturday Jun-22-2019 9:18:33 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $44,000.00
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1957 Chevrolet Other Pickups 1957 BIG back window CHEVY PICKUP!.very solid! Chevrolet 3200 glass nice patina
End Date: Sunday May-26-2019 20:34:43 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $3,995.00
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1972 Chevrolet Other Pickups Custom Deluxe 1972 Chevrolet C/K 10 Series for sale!
$5,400.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-28-2019 22:09:00 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $6,400.00
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2011 Chevrolet Other Pickups LT 3500 Chevrolet Dually
$18,628.00 (7 Bids)
End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 15:30:48 PDT
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1951 Chevrolet Other Pickups 1951 Chevrolet 3600 Pickup Truck: Nice body, runs and drives, Original condition
$2,025.00 (5 Bids)
End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 17:00:00 PDT
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1970 Ford Mustang Convertible 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible
End Date: Monday Jun-3-2019 10:46:46 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $19,900.00
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2011 Ford F-150 Lariat 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat 86,372 Miles Pale Adobe Metallic 4D SuperCrew 5.0L V8 FFV
$10,100.00 (27 Bids)
End Date: Monday May-27-2019 16:15:53 PDT
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2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT 2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT 26,643 Miles Black 2D Coupe 3.6L V6 SIDI VVT 6-Speed A
$2,000.00 (23 Bids)
End Date: Sunday May-26-2019 12:57:45 PDT
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1969 Ford Mustang S Code 390 4 BBL 1969 Ford Mustang S Code Coupe 390 4 BBL Top Loader 4 Speed
$31,500.00 (62 Bids)
End Date: Saturday May-25-2019 12:18:45 PDT
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1966 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 1966 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
$10,100.00 (6 Bids)
End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 20:30:08 PDT
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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 1969 Mustang Mach 1
End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 12:44:32 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $22,500.00
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1966 Ford Other Pickups Custom ford econoline pickup 1966 NO RESERVE
$6,500.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Sunday May-26-2019 9:05:21 PDT
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1950 Chevrolet Other Pickups 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Napco 4x4 restomod build
$1,500.00 (7 Bids)
End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 19:00:00 PDT
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2000 Chevrolet Corvette C5 2000 C5 Corvette
$14,100.00 (4 Bids)
End Date: Saturday Jun-1-2019 23:00:44 PDT
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1960 Chevrolet Other Pickups 1960 GMC Custom Crew Cab Truck
$1,625.00 (11 Bids)
End Date: Saturday Jun-1-2019 4:00:44 PDT
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1991 Ford Mustang Convertible GT NO RESERVE!!! 1991 Mustang GT Convertible 5.0 1987 1988 1989 1990 1992 1993
$3,550.00 (19 Bids)
End Date: Wednesday May-29-2019 18:00:33 PDT
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1971 Chevrolet C-10 Base 1971 Chevrolet C-20 Dually
$400.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-28-2019 10:00:00 PDT
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$35,100.00 (20 Bids)
End Date: Monday May-27-2019 13:02:30 PDT
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1957 Chevrolet Other Pickups Deluxe 1957 Chevy 3200 Pacific Bell Utility Truck
$9,000.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Friday May-31-2019 11:56:21 PDT
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1969 Chevrolet C-10 1969 Chevrolet C-10 C10 Custom one of a kind. Be the center of attention. Trades
End Date: Sunday Jun-23-2019 6:34:45 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $69,500.00
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1969 Chevrolet C-10 Base 1969 chevrolet c-10 shortbed stepside
End Date: Sunday May-26-2019 8:55:00 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $4,500.00
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1965 Ford Mustang Convertible 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible 289 V8 Automatic Matching # WORLDWIDE AUCTION
$6,300.00 (27 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-28-2019 17:54:33 PDT
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1946 Chevrolet Other Pickups Pickup 1946 Chevrolet Pickup - 350CI V8 - Automatic - Power Steering - Air Conditioning
$10,100.00 (19 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-28-2019 11:28:04 PDT
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1964 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Conv 327/365 Frame Off Resro 4 Spd Black/Black Nice !!!
End Date: Sunday May-26-2019 10:35:57 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $54,250.00
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2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe S Coupe Automatic Back up Cam Sunroof 6.2L V8 2017 2016 2015 Camaro rs ss 1ss
End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 17:00:00 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $32,950.00
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1934 Ford Other Coupe 383 stroker 1934 Ford 5 Window Coupe Coupe 383 stroker 700R4
$38,100.00 (14 Bids)
End Date: Saturday May-25-2019 8:59:00 PDT
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1965 Ford Mustang coupe 1965 Ford mustang
End Date: Friday Jun-7-2019 16:23:17 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $18,000.00
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