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PostHeaderIcon Tesla Makes A Bulletproof T-Shirt to Celebrate the Glass-Shattering Incident

The Cybertruck’s glass-shattering saga will remain fresh in our minds for a very long time. It’s not because of what happened on stage, but because Musk and his team don’t want us to forget.

Tesla is channeling all the hype it has received through memes and internet jokes into merchandise sales. On that note, the company is launching a new T-shirt featuring the incident, along with other Cybertruck-themed apparels and accessories. This is modern marketing 101 right here. The only downside – it’ll set you back by $45.

PostHeaderIcon 2021 Genesis GV80 Details and Picture Gallery

After four years on the market, Genesis has finally launched the GV80 – the brand’s first SUV and the model that pushes it into all-new, more competitive territory. The GV80 will be available as a two- or three-row SUV with a fairly luxurious interior that mimics the original GV80 concept quite well. Unfortunately, the massive display screen from the concept doesn’t carry over, but the infotainment display is rather wide for what it is. It’s a good thing too, as it’s not that tall and screen real estate isn’t exactly plentiful here. The two-spoke steering wheels is rather unique, however, the design of the center console feels like a major misstep as it would have been an ideal place (with the right angle) for a massive, Tesla-like display.

For now, the GV80 is only available in South Korea, and it’s only available with a 3.0-liter turbodiesel that’s good for 278 horsepower and 434 pound-feet of torque. It goes on sale later in January 2019, though, so this egg is ready to hatch. Shortly after the official on-sale date, Genesis will introduce a 2.5-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder that’s good for 304 horsepower and a 3.5-liter six-cylinder that pumps out a cool 380 horsepower. According to Genesis, the 3.5-liter is good enough for a 5.7-second sprint to 60 mph.

There’s no specific date as to when the GV80 will circulate to the rest of the world, but there’s a good chance that we’ll start seeing it arrive in Europe and the United States by the end of 2020 or early 2021 as Genesis can’t drop the ball on this and needs a home run if its first-ever SUV is going to take off. Once the GV80 is released in full-scale, expect the GV70 and GV90 flagship to start getting some serious attention.

PostHeaderIcon GMC Yukon

What do we have here? Fresh off the debut of the all-new Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, GMC has launched the more upscale Yukon and Yukon XL. Right away, we have to give GMC credit for making such a bold statement in a world where any SUV that’s going to succeed stands out. The new Yukon comes with a larger footprint, more third-row legroom, an updated engine lineup, and more upscale materials inside. Can it finally compete in the premium segment that it was meant for?

PostHeaderIcon BMW X7 – Driven

The BMW X7 is one of the newest models in Bimmer’s lineup, and it serves a noble purpose as the brand’s flagship SUV (or Sports Activity Vehicle, if you listen to BMW’s “we-need-to-be-different” nonsense.) It was announced back in 2014, and shown off in concept form (the BMW X7 iPerformance Concept) in 2017, but wasn’t available at dealers until March 2019. Since then, we’ve been itching to get behind the wheel of one, and BMW was happy to oblige.

As you might expect from a flagship model, the X7 is about as luxurious as you can get without dipping your toes in the six-figure range. It comes close, with the X7 XDrive50i commanding an MSRP of $92,600, but it won’t cross that big mark unless you start checking off option boxes. Even the M50i falls just shy of six figures at $99,600. Under the hood of our xDrive50i sat a 4.4-liter V-8 (the same one that may be discontinued soon enough,) and it was good for 456 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The sprint to 60 mph was rated at 5.2, but we got there in just a hair over 5 seconds, mighty impressive for a vehicle that weighs 5,617 pounds.

Interior space of the X7 was great, but what really caught our attention was the air suspension that would raise or lower as needed. Loading something into the rear? No problem, the suspension will drop to make it easier for you. Going over rough roads? Raise it up a notch. Spirited driving? The suspension will help keep things level. It’s like there’s nothing it can’t do. Comfort was on par with what you would expect, while materials and fit and finish were top notch.

We’re busy writing out in-depth review and driving impression of the 2020 BMW X7 right now, but until we’re done, we’ve posted our awesome photo gallery in the slider above and further down the page – be sure to check it out.

PostHeaderIcon Subaru Doesn’t Give F.U.C.K.S About Naming Its Special Edition Car; Issues An Apology After Getting Mocked And Trolled

The Subaru Forester has been around for over two decades and has made a name for itself in the industry. Although it is on the verge of becoming an icon for the company since it’s the kind of compact SUV that sells itself, Subaru recently made a blunder.

At the Singapore Auto Show, Subaru brought a special edition of the SUV called ’Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special.’ This created a huge uproar and people couldn’t stop mocking the FUCKS acronym. Subaru later apologized for it once it realized the unfortunate mistake. But, can you control the wildfire once it’s started?

PostHeaderIcon Watch out, Bollinger: GM is Bringing Back the Hummer as an Electric Car

main image

Rumors about an all-electric version of the Hummer have been soaring over the internet for a while, but it looks like they will finally come to fruition thanks to GM.

According to a report concocted by The Wall Street Journal, General Motors will breathe life into the discontinued Hummer nameplate as it wants to place it on a new electric pickup truck.

PostHeaderIcon Lincoln Aviator – Driven

The Aviator name was revived back in 2019 as a replacement for the Lincoln MKT. Ever since, we’ve been dying to get our hands on one to see just how well it actually represents Lincoln as a brand and if it can actually handle the stiff competition in the premium SUV segment. Well, our requests were finally answered and a Lincoln Aviator showed up at TopSpeed HQ with full tank of gas and the paperwork that said we could drive it for a week. And, drive it we did.

Any negative preconceptions we had about the Lincoln brand or the Aviator in general were axed the second we stepped inside. The cabin, for the most part, feels highly premium and the layout was very spacious. We didn’t have the hybrid model, so all our power came from the 3.0-liter V-6 that was good for 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque, two figures that proved themselves to be more than enough for a vehicle this caliber.

We were equally impressed with the amount of available cargo room (up to 77.t cubic-feet with all the seats folder flat, and the technology inside felt really upscale compared to what we expected based on previous experience with Lincoln models. Our model started out at $51,100, but our tester was fitted with a couple of options that made it a little more expensive. We’re busy putting together an in-depth buyer’s guide for this very vehicle, so until then check out the full, high-resolution photo gallery that we’ve added to the slider above or the body of the page below.

PostHeaderIcon The World Now Has an Electric Fire Truck – Let’s Just Hope the Battery Doesn’t Die En-Route

Just like any other piece of hardware meant to make our lives easier (or save them, for that matter), fire trucks have evolved and improved over the years. While the very first fire-extinguishing tools were mere hand-action pumps that took water out of a bucket or large tub and sprayed it onto burning buildings, we can tell you with certainty that there’s now an all-electric fire truck ready to report for duty.

Revealed in prototype shape back in 2016, Rosenbauer’s fire truck, still dubbed CFT (Concept Fire Truck) was unveiled by the Menlo Park Fire Protection District’s fire chief with firm assurances that the department will buy one such vehicle to complement its firefighting fleet.

PostHeaderIcon BMW iX3

Like most automakers out there, BMW announced plans to add a large number of electrified models, but while some companies are already offering a handful of EVs and hybrids, BMW doesn’t have much to offer beyond the i3 electric hatchback and the i8 hybrid sports car. But that’s about to change soon, as BMW developed a new-generation eDrive platform that will underpin a number of vehicles in the future. The new drivetrain made its debut in the iX3 Concept, which previews a production model based on the familiar X3 crossover.

Showcased at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show, the iX3 is a mildly revised X3 on the outside. This is a sign that BMW wants its electric lineup to be familiar to company enthusiasts and it’s a hint that upcoming EVs will share design cues with the conventional Bimmers instead of getting their own unique styling, like the i3. Specs and performance details are slim as of this writing, but BMW promises an innovative drivetrain layout, an output of at least 270 horsepower, and mileage of at least 400 km (249 miles). A prototype of the production model was already spotted in the wild, so it may be unveiled early next year. Let’s find out more in the speculative review below.

Update 12/19/2019: BMW hasn’t decided to show off the production version of the iX3 EV quite yet, but it has filled us in on some vital information. Find out what we know in our “Update” section below.

PostHeaderIcon Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevy has finally revitalized is full-size SUV lineup by updating the 2021 Chevy Suburban and Chevy Tahoe. With the update comes a new exterior look that’s bolder and more muscular than before, and a new interior with crazy amounts of new technology. What is arguably more important than any of this, though, are the changes that happen under the skin. Chevy made an all-new chassis, and with it comes a revised adaptive air suspension and a longer rear multi-link suspension that will drastically improve ride quality and handling abilities. On top of this, the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V-8s carry over, offering 355 horsepower and 420 horsepower, respectively. A new Duramax, 3.0-liter, inline-six joins the mix as well, and it offers up 277 horsepower, 460 pound-feet of torque and what Chevy believes fuel economy ratings that will meet or exceed the best in the segment. Towing figures or official fuel economy figures have yet to be released.

On the inside, the biggest change comes in the passenger and cargo room departments. Since Chevy managed to stretch the Tahoe’s wheelbase by 4.9 inches to 120.9 inches total, the Tahoe now offers 42 inches of second row legroom (a 3-inch increase) and 34.9 inches of third row legroom (an impressive increase of 10.1 inches.) Cargo room was also increased by 10.2 cu-ft to 25.5 cu-ft with all the seats in place and 28.2 cu-ft to 122.9 cu-ft with all the seats laid down. On top of that, if you select the right trim an options, you can have up to five display screens:

A standard 10-inch infotainment display Optional 8-inch digital instrument cluster 15-inch Head-up display Two 12.6-inch rear seat displays for second row passengers

Overall, Chevy has made major improvements to its full-size SUVS, and pricing has yet to be announced but don’t expect prices to increase too much. The usual trim levels will carry over, including the Z71 and High Country, among others, and you’ll be able to get your hands on the all-new Tahoe when it launches in Mid-2020.

PostHeaderIcon Chevrolet Suburban

Christmas has come early in 2019 with the surprise release of an All-New Chevy Suburban. In this case we mean, there’s actually a lot of all-new. Interested in more legroom, the Suburban has you covered with an extra 2.3 inches in the second row (now 42 inches) and 2.2 inches in the third row (now 36.7 inches). Cargo room is even up by an impressive 23 cubic-feet with all the seats laid down. All this extra space comes courtesy of the Suburban’s new, 134.1-inch wheelbase, an increase of 4.1 inches
(overall length only increased by 1.3 inches.)

It’s more than just space that makes the 2021 Chevy Suburban special, though. When fully optioned, the cabin can be fitted with a total of five display screens:

Two rear seat display screens A 15-inch Head-Up display 8-inch digital instrument cluster 10-inch diagonal infotainment display

Under the skin, you’ll find that Chevy’s 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V-8s carry over. For 2021 the 5.3-liter is good for 355 horsepower while the 6.2 comes correct with 420 horsepower, the latter is only standard on the High Country trim. More important than this is the all-new 3.0-liter, Duramax, inline-six. GM says it will be available on all trim levels with exceptions of the Z71 and that it delivers 277 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. It’s supposed to offer superior fuel economy and it’s a step up for Chevy as no other full-size SUV that it competes with actually offers this diesel engine. Fuel economy has yet to be released.

For now, pricing is a mystery, but the 2021 Chevy Suburban and the 2021 Chevy Tahoe are expected to go on sale in Mid-2020.

PostHeaderIcon Here’s How You Can (MAYBE) Watch the Tesla Cybertruck Live Stream

We’ve been told that the reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck will be live-streamed at 11:00 PM EST (8 PM PST) but we’ve yet to see an official stream anywhere on the internet. Musk has refrained from using the official Tesla Youtube channel for live streams, so it probably won’t happen there, and your best bet is to see the official stream on social media or the Tesla homepage, which was the case last time.

However, there are a few independent youtube channels, at least a couple of which claim to actually be at the event. If things fall through, you might be able to get a good first look in the videos below.

PostHeaderIcon Tesla Cybertruck Reveal – Performance Expectations and Specs

The Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to make its debut at 8pm PST \ 11pm EST on Friday November 21, 2019 and, since it’s less than 48 hours away, it’s time to look at our expectations of what is, arguably, the most anticipated debut of 2019. Let’s take a brief look at towing capacity, range, performance, and utility.

PostHeaderIcon The 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E Promises 459 Horsepower and 300-Mile Range, But Not at the Same Time

The Mustang has a long and vibrant history, but the future is here, and the Mustang Mach-E is the proverbial looking glass into the future of not only the Mustang name but Ford as a whole. The Mustang Mach-E is the first production electric Mustang, and it’s the first crossover to bear the Mustang name too. It comes with a promise of up to 300 miles in range, up to 459 horsepower, and access to 75-percent of America’s charging infrastructure, but there’s a catch.

PostHeaderIcon Chevrolet Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition

Unveiled at the 2019 SEMA Show, the 2021 Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition is, in fact, the road-going, street-legal offspring of the Silverado 2500 HD Carhartt concept car shown back in 2016. Only this time, you will be able to actually get one from your Chevy dealership, provided you show enough patience to wait until the fall of 2020 when deliveries are slated to kick off.

Details are scarce for the time being and the 12-month waiting window is certainly far from appealing, but there are plenty of reasons to jump for joy. The Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition is based on the Silverado 2500 LTZ, which means that in theory, it should be available with a V-8 engine. The only question is which one, as Chevy is offering a choice of two V-8s for the LTZ: a 5.3-liter and a 6.2-liter.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition

With a manufacturing facility sitting deep in the heart of the state, Toyota is always a lock to be in attendance at the Texas State Fair. Past years have shown the automaker debut models like the Toyota 4Runner Nightshade Edition to go with SX versions of the Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma.

This year, Toyota is returning the to the fair with a more functionally inclined special edition model called the 4Runner Venture Edition. The exclusive touches are mostly of the cosmetic variety, but there’s enough of them in the 4Runner Venture Edition to go around to pique the interests of prospective owners of the special edition SUV. The Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition is already available for order so if you’ve got an eye for a new roof rack, among other things, you can buy Toyota’s latest special edition SUV for a tidy sum of $45,405.

PostHeaderIcon These Ford Ranger and F-150 Leveling Kits Are Your Ticket to Ride Off-Road

When Mopar said that Jeep Gladiator owners spend on an average roughly $1,000 on accessories for their cars, Ford listened. It also took note that most of those parts comprise of lift kits and rock rails, so it complied.

That’s why today we can tell you more about the lift kits and tuned suspension setups Ford Performance has just introduced for the Ford Ranger and Ford F-150 pickup trucks.

PostHeaderIcon Kia’s SUV Madness Has No Boundaries: The Koreans Could Build Yet Another Crossover

Like most automakers out there, Kia took the SUV market by storm and launched a handful of vehicles in recent years. But even though it already has nine crossovers spread over various markets, the Korean brand isn’t ready to stop just yet. According to Kia Europe’s head of product planning, the firm could add yet another SUV in the near future.

PostHeaderIcon Can The 2020 Land Rover Defender Tackle The Harsh Desert in Dubai?

Land Rover is finally bringing back the Defender as a 2020 model. The rugged SUV was in production from 1983 to 2016, after which it went on a short exile for a few years. The company has teased the new Defender a few times, and this time, it decided to put out a video that shows the SUV doing test runs in some extreme conditions. The new Defender prototype was taken to Sharjah and handed over to the Red Cross Experts to test on the mighty sand dunes in the desert. Is the 2020 Defender still as tough as its previous iterations?

PostHeaderIcon MG Extender

MG, the iconic British brand, is making a comeback of sorts. The company has not really been in news as much as the other mainstream automakers, but with its latest offering, it sure should. From building fancy two-door sports cars, MG has moved to the commercial trucks fray. The company is fondly remembered for its two-seater sports cars from the 1960s and 1970s like the MGB and the MG Midget. Fast-forward to 2109, and the company has a pickup truck in its hands – the MG Extender. This is arguably the best segment to draw in volumes. For now, MG will be launching the Extender only in Thailand.

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