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PostHeaderIcon Watch Shmee Show Off a Custom Bugatti Chiron Key Fob That Might Cost More Than the House You Live In

In today’s tale of the excessive and outright ridiculous things you’ll see in the auto industry, we present to you the Awain Phantom Key for the Bugatti Chiron. Mind you, the Phantom key is not your typical car key. It’s not even a traditional car key. It’s a special key fob that’s synced to a Bugatti Chiron, and if that’s not cool enough, the Phantom Key is also obscenely expensive.

How expensive you ask? Believe it or not, but it costs around $550,000. That’s almost the expected price tag of the super exclusive and all-new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which means that the Awain Phantom Key might very well be the most astonishing piece of automotive hardware you’ll see in a long time.

PostHeaderIcon How Much Does It Really Cost to Own a Bugatti?

There’s no point in explaining to you how Bugatti operates in the rarefied air found in the car industry’s stratosphere. You know very well that such a business model entails sky-rocketing price tags attached to any of the French carmaker’s products, but that’s one side of the iceberg. However, buying a Bugatti is one thing, while owning one and properly maintaining it is a whole different equation. A costly one too, as you’re about to find out courtesy of Manny Khoshbin.

PostHeaderIcon The 2020 Sierra AT4 Comes With Stronger Off-Road Specs, But Can It Beat The Ram Power Wagon In Its Own Yard?

The Ram Power Wagon has proved its mettle as the ultimate off-road truck many times before. However, there’s another contender – an unlikely one, too –
that has the potential to give it a run for its money: meet the GMC Sierra AT4.

The GMC Sierra, despite its intimidating size and structure, is known for its luxuriousness and towing prowess. But the folks at TFL decided to pit the two against each other to see how the underdog performs out of its comfort zone. Do you think the Sierra AT4 can take down the Ram Power Wagon?

PostHeaderIcon Watch the 2021 Jaguar F-Type’s Global Debut Video Here (updated)

Jaguar is no stranger to crazy car aerobatics and stunts, and with that teaser video that was posted to social media not that long ago, you can bet the 2021 Jaguar F-Type is going to do a full-on loop-do-loop during the debut live stream.

The stream hasn’t been launched yet, but we’ll be posting it just down below as soon as it is available. Until then, you can check out the latest F-Type design leaks,
our recently updated speculative review of the 2021 Jaguar F-Type, or you can read up more about that crazy Hot Wheels Teaser video from last week. Check back for updates soon – they are coming.

Updated 12/2/2019 @ 3:03 PM Jaguar skipped a live debut stream altogether and quietly released images and a few videos of the 2021 Jaguar F-Type. Check out the videos below.

PostHeaderIcon Engineering Explained Exposes Why the Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ford F-150 Tug of War Was a Scam

When Tesla announced the 300,000-pound towing capacity for the Cybertruck, Ford was quick to release a video of its F-150 electric prototype that pulled 1.25 million pounds. Instead of immediately replying to this, Tesla took its own sweet time to throw a punch at Ford. In turn, Tesla tied the Cybertruck’s ass to a Ford-150’s with a rope and engaged in a good old fashioned tug-o-war challenge.

You must’ve seen the video; the Cybertruck pulls the F-150 with utmost ease, even on an inclined surface. However, this was as gimmicky as it could get. Famous YouTube channel Engineering Explained has put out a video explaining why this battle made no sense and it is much simpler than the “two-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive argument.”

PostHeaderIcon Guy Martin Pilots The World’s Fastest Tractor to a Record Top Speed of 153.7 MPH

Guy Martin has added another record to his long list of accolades. As if owning the world record for the fastest speed on a gravity-powered snow sled and the highest speed on a Wall of Death aren’t impressive enough, the British racer and all-around crazy man has added the world record for driving the world’s fastest modified tractor to his long list of accolades.

Martin’s latest triumph came alongside the JCB Fastrac Two, which hit a top speed of 153.7 mph, destroying the previous record of 103.6 mph that was also set by Martin a little over four months ago.

PostHeaderIcon Watch Ken Block Hoon His Way to Heaven’s Gate in Climbkhana Two

Ken Block is one of the best professional drivers out there. Although he’s been in the business for a long time, it is the Gymkhana video that got him the fame he deserves. Since then, Block has been doing what he does best, only upping the skills each time. All his videos have the oomph and pizzazz that can make you go wow in an instant.

Now, he is back again with another terrifyingly-awesome video that’s titled ‘Climbkhana Two’. In this video, you can see the master rule the Tianmen Mountain in China. But, guess what? It’s not in some sleazy Subaru, as Mr. Block chose the F-150 Hoonitruck this time!! So, are you ready to have your minds blown?

PostHeaderIcon Can a Tesla Model 3 Really Beat an Acura NSX in a Drag Race?

The Acura NSX is one of the sexiest vehicles available today. But it is not just about the looks: the car can sprint to high speeds quite effortlessly. The NSX has fans all across the globe and it has proved its mettle a number of times over the years. But, does it have what it takes to compete with the new breed of evolved cars? Unfortunately, no.

The Acura NSX recently took to a drag strip to challenge the Tesla Model 3, but just couldn’t take it down. Is this a sad plight for the petrolheads out there, or a happy one for EV lovers? You decide.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E Video Compilation

You might not agree with Ford’s decision to use the Mustang name (of the Mach name, for that matter) on a crossover, but at least it does carry some Mustang DNA. Either way, as an all-knew model, there’s a lot that we need to do to actually get acquainted with it, the first of which is browsing our new Mach-E gallery. Then, you might want tolearn the finer details and get in tune with the Mach-E’s charging time and range. Finally, we’ve posted all the Mach-E videos we have to help you push your knowledge on Ford’s latest and greatest to the next level.

PostHeaderIcon 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Video Compilation

You might not agree with Ford’s decision to use the Mustang name (of the Mach name, for that matter) on a crossover, but at least it does carry some Mustang DNA. Either way, as an all-knew model, there’s a lot that we need to do to actually get acquainted with it, the first of which is browsing our new Mach-E gallery. Then, you might want tolearn the finer details and get in tune with the Mach-E’s charging time and range. Finally, we’ve posted all the Mach-E videos we have to help you push your knowledge on Ford’s latest and greatest to the next level.

PostHeaderIcon Watch a Toyota Supra, Dodge Demon, and a BMW E30 Go Head to Head in the Desert

You don’t get to see a Dodge Demon every day. Then again, you don’t get to see it as it stretches its muscles during some good ol’ drag racing in the company of a Toyota Supra, a BMW E30, and Savage Garage’s Ford Raptor. Oh, and this is no prep drag-race, by the way, as the whole scenario unfolds in the desert, between bursting clouds of sand.

Now that we have your attention, get ready to be amazed by the Supra, which proves extremely apt at putting down the power and generating enough grip to shoot ahead of its rivals, literally leaving them behind, choking on its dust.

PostHeaderIcon Watch an Old Yellow Jeep Save a Range Rover That’s Stuck in the Sand

Land Rover Range Rovers are highly touted for their off-road prowess as much as their upscale and luxurious reputations. But every so often, even Superman needs some help. That proved to be the case in this video when a Range Rover, as capable as it is, got stuck in soft sand. Helpless in their predicament, the owners of the Range Rover called upon, of all things, a Jeep, arguably the only off-roader that’s as capable as the British SUV. To be fair, the Jeep is a recovery vehicle so it’s set up specifically for that purpose. Still, it is amusing to see a Jeep pulling a Range Rover out of its perilous predicament. It just goes to show that even one of the best luxury off-road SUVs sometimes still needs a little help.

PostHeaderIcon The Rivian R1T Was Spotted During a Commercial Shoot in Canada

Rivian’s pickup truck, the R1T, was spotted during commercial filming in Canada. The R1T was seen driving around completely undisguised, giving the residents and onlookers a preview of one of the most exciting vehicles coming to the market in the near future.

PostHeaderIcon Video: If You Put a Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo E-Hybrid and a Mercedes-AMG E63 S on the Drag Strip, Who Wins?

So, what are we looking at here? A traditional wagon with a twin-turbo V-8 pitted against a squished one from the House of Zuffenhausen that, besides the twin-turbo V-8, packs a hybrid system. The Porsche is over $190,000 while the Merc starts at little over $110,0000. While you might as well buy the E63S and head for your nearest Porsche dealership to buy an $81,000 718 Cayman GTS, things aren’t ever that simple, right?

Porsche decided its Panamera four-door sedan could use some extra practicality and the Super Turismo wagon was born. It’s sleeker than most wagons but this doesn’t scare Mercedes-Benz AMG, which has been making insane family carriers for the better part of three decades.

PostHeaderIcon There’s Nothing Better Than Watching This Honda Z600 Rip Up an Indoor Go-Cart Track

Go-karting is super fun with those tiny, low-slung, low-power karts ripping the specifically-designed tracks. But what happens when you bring around a mainstream hatchback and drive it there? Just think about it. It sounds so much fun. Obviously, you’ll need precision and impeccable driving skills to actually have fun; or else it could get really frustrating when you have to reverse your car on a sharp turn. Well, here’s a video uploaded by LeMans Karting where you can see a 1972 Honda Z600 being ripped around an indoor go-kart track. Guess it’s time to move on from those big, bulky builds from SEMA and enjoy this cargasmic video in the shrunken reality.

PostHeaderIcon Carfection Just Used an Apple iPhone 11 to Record a Video Review of the Ford Mustang Bullitt

Those gearheads keeping close tabs on YouTube’s top car-related content producers know that Carfection has become a benchmark when it comes to the amount of quality baked into their videos. So when CNET launched the challenge to shoot an entire car review on an iPhone 11 Pro, Carfection was happy to accept it.

The idea that smartphones have evolved to such technological heights that they can now replace specialized hardware such as professional cameras has been floating around for some time. Photographers and videographers have, on several occasions, shown that it’s more about HOW you use skill and creativity, the available surroundings, and lighting conditions than WHAT you actually use. Enter Carfection’s review of the Ford Mustang Bullitt, shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro – not without a few struggles, though.

PostHeaderIcon Veterans Day Special: Cool MIlitary Vehicles

It’s Veterans Day, and all of us here at TopSpeed would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to those brave men and women that have served our country. In honor of this day, we’ve put together a video compilation that highlights some of the more interesting machines used by militaries across the world. Included is a list of 25 cutting-edge ground vehicles, a look at how vehicles are tested before they are put into service, and a list of the top five military trucks and armored cars.

If you’re looking for a way to help out a veteran, has a nice list of charities to check out, including the Wounded Warrior Project, Homes For Our Troops, and the USO. You could also check out volunteering opportunities at Veterans Affairs hospitals and facilities, or possibly get involved with the Veterans Initiative at Canine Companions for Independence. You can also simply say “thank you” to a veteran.

Continue reading to check out the videos.

PostHeaderIcon Watch the Genovation GXE Electric Corvette Hit a New Top Speed

An all-electric Chevrolet Corvette might have seemed like an odd idea a decade ago, but it’s an acceptable thought in 2019. That’s because Chevy already announced plans to electrify the Corvette but, more importantly, it’s because some companies actually converted existing Corvettes to accept EV drivetrains. Genovation is one of the companies, and its modified C7 Corvette is capable of top speeds in excess of 200 mph. Specifically, the GXE just hit a top speed of 210 mph, a benchmark that many sports cars and even some supercars can only dream of.

PostHeaderIcon Can a McLaren 720S Really Beat a Porsche 918 Spyder Down the Quarter-Mile?

Since McLaren got in the game of making road-going supercars, the British company known for its motorsport success has produced some pretty astonishing pieces of kit including the mind-boggling P1, the track-destroying Senna, and the 720S. The latter’s been the subject of a number of stories here on focusing on its prowess on the drag strip which isn’t surprising given its 710 horsepower output and the cohort of computers helping it get off the line as fast as an EV. However, can it really beat Porsche’s 918 Hybrid halo hypercar?

We know, given the pace at which the automotive world is moving nowadays, a car released back in 2017 can no longer be considered as ’fresh’ but the McLaren 720S that was first shown to the public at the Geneva Auto Show a couple of years ago is still pretty much what dreams are made of, not only because it looks incredibly well but also because it’s an incredibly competent machine. Potent enough to take on the 875 horsepower and 944 pound-feet of torque of one of the members of the Holy Trinity. Is, then, no need in this world for the P1?

PostHeaderIcon TopGear Drag Races the Tesla Model S Against the Porsche Taycan But the Results Are Controversial

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sort of battle that has the potential to change the EV segment forever. So far, Tesla’s viciously quick Model S has been kicking supercars and muscle cars to the curb in drag races around the world to the delight of Elon Musk’s fanbase. However, it looks like the electric sedan has met its match and then some in the squeaky-new Porsche Taycan. TopGear took the two EVs out for a spin that culminated with both a drag race and a top speed run on the Autobahn. Let’s see how that went, shall we?

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