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Archive for the ‘video’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Bugatti Announces First Deliveries Of Chiron To Remind Us We're All Still Peasants

You there, common man! Cease your work at the engine lathe for one moment and direct your attention to northeastern France, as the esteemed artisans at Bugatti bid farewell to the first examples of the dream-come-true Chiron hypercar. One by one, as the initial three roll away from Bugatti’s atelier in Molsheim, each a pinnacle of luxury, rapidity, and engineering, they are giving a fond “adieu” before being whisked away to the loving arms of customers in Europe and the Middle East.

This trio of incomparable motor vehicles is but the first of 70 such Chirons slated for production this year. While the exquisite tastes of the individual customer shine through in personalized touches to the bodywork and cabin space, each Chiron comes outfitted with an 8.0-liter quad-turbo W-16 engine capable of producing 1,479 horsepower. With ample application of the throttle, owners will enjoy breathtaking acceleration and speed, with a pace of 60 mph achieved in a mere 2-and-a-half-seconds, and a maximum velocity of 260 mph. How exhilarating!

While the rabble is rightfully restricted to second-hand enjoyment of the Chiron, they will be permitted to gaze upon it with wonder at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show.

And with that, your break is now complete. Return to your work post haste!

PostHeaderIcon Dodge Challenger Demon Has Industry-First Launch Assist That Prevents Wheel Hop

Dodge has already launched seven teasers for the upcoming Challenger SRT Demon and it has been pretty clear that the muscle car was designed to destroy any competition at the drag strip. Still skeptical about that? Well, it’s time you find out that the Demon is equipped with a range of race-hardened parts and that it has tech that protects the driveline from damage during hard launches. You can also forget about wheel hop, as the car’s Launch Assist system uses the wheel speed sensors to watch for signs that the tires are slipping or sticking.

What this means is that if slip is detected, the SRT Demon’s control module reduces engine torque to maximize traction almost instantly, without the driver having to lift his foot off the throttle. Launch Assist also reduces loads in the driveline from wheel hop by more than 15-20 percent, thus reducing component damage. This is an industry-first feature and should help the Demon deliver impressive quarter-mile runs.

Dodge also upgraded several components in order to improve durability and power delivery. For instance, it upgraded the torque shaft by using high-strength steel and a 20-percent increase in tube thickness and heat treated stub-shafts, which increases torque capacity by 15 percent. A new differential housing made from heat-treated aluminum alloy also enhanced torque capacity by 30 percent. Additionally, upgraded 41-spline half shafts deliver 20 percent increased torque capacity. This was accomplished through the use of increased diameter high-strength low alloy steel and eight-ball joints that improve torque capacity while reducing operating temperatures by more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Drivetrain upgrades aside, Dodge revealed that the driver will be able to use a new four-point harness bar at the track. It’s made by Speedlogix and it can be installed without cutting or drilling anything in the car, as mounting points were made accessible in the back. As a quick reminder, the Demon doesn’t have rear seats.

Stay tuned for another teaser next week and don’t forget to tune in for the full update from the 2017 New York Auto Show in April.

PostHeaderIcon Samsung: The new S8 Won't Blow Up Your Car

Last year was a rough one for Samsung. That glorious and amazing Note 7 Phablet hit the market and everyone into carrying phones the size of cinder blocks that don’t have an apple on the back was super stoked. Well, until those phones went rogue and started self-destructing in people’s pockets, homes, and even cars. Truth be told, who knows if Samsung really told the truth, but the problem was supposedly related to the batteries used in the would-be halo phone.

There were some crazy videos out there that included a lithium-charged explosion in someone’s pocket, but one of the more recent stories before the phones were disabled was the story behind a family that nearly avoided tragedy thanks to their need to stop at home and offload something before continuing about their day of yard-sell hunting.

Long story short, a Note 7 was left charging in the center console, and next thing you know the family jeep found its Jeep heaven. Fast forward a few months to today, and Samsung is set to make its next big release, this time in the form of the next-gen Galaxy S8 lineup. As such, the brand is doing everything it can to prove that these new phones won’t explode and take out your home, Jeep, or girlfriend checking out your phone in the middle of the night.

So far, the brand has released three different ads, two of which include quick peeks into the testing each phone goes through before being shipped out and put on the shelf. In the video above, you even get to watch the battery get punctured by what one could only describe as a freaky mind probe from a science fiction movie, but it doesn’t blow up. The phone is even shown operating in excessively cold temperatures and being bent under pressure without any big boom taking place.

Apparently, the brand now has what it calls a seven-point battery test that ensures each battery is free of defect. But, let’s be honest; won’t a part of you wonder if the S8 will try to kill you too? Check out the video above to see Samsung’s “toughest safety testing ever.”

PostHeaderIcon Drivetribe Takes A Spin In The Audi R18 LMP1: Video

Prototype racers are on another level. The technology and engineering that goes into these machines is simply baffling, making them not only unbelievably fast, but incredibly reliable as well. These aren’t some point-and-squirt drag racers that need a complete engine overhaul every 1,320 feet. Don’t get me wrong – I have massive respect for Top Fuel cars, but compared to an endurance prototype, you could call them a little… delicate. After all, competitors in the top class of the World Endurance Championship are expected to run at 200 mph for hours on end, all while dodging traffic through variable track conditions. Audi knows all about that kind of action, as evidenced by its dominating performance in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in which the Four Rings has collected a record-setting 13 wins in the past 17 years. But now, Audi has decided to exit the WEC to instead focus on Formula E, leaving us with this – the R18 LMP1. Drivetribe recently had a go behind the wheel, and documented the experience with this 8-minute, 11-second video.

After a little history and background, Drivetribe’s Jethro Bovingdon gives us a break down of the specs, from the diesel hybrid powerplant and AWD system, to the materials and suspension under the skin. Bovingdon then straps into the fighter jet-like cockpit, fires it up, and puts it around Audi’s test track in Neuburg, Germany.

Understandably, Bovingdon doesn’t go 10/10’s, but getting an insider’s perspective and hearing about the experience is a treat nonetheless. “Even on a freezing day on treaded tires, it beats a GT3 car on slicks for braking and cornering, and accelerates in the lower gears like a P1 GTR running nitrous,” Bovingdon explains enthusiastically. “It’s simply the purest, most exciting driving experience I’ve ever had.”

PostHeaderIcon Cristiano Ronaldo Drives the Bugatti Chiron, Takes it Home

Much like its predecessor, the Veyron, the Bugatti Chiron is the kind of supercar that doesn’t need anyone’s approval. The fact that it’s super powerful, super fast, and very, very expensive turns it into an instant hit with car collectors. Yet Bugatti felt the need to get the seal of approval from Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Okay, I’m not exactly serious. Bugatti obviously doesn’t need Ronaldo’s approval for the Chiron, but it can certainly benefit from the massive attention he gets on and outside the pitch. After all, he’s been named World Player of the Year several times, he’s the reigning European Champion with Portugal, and winner of many titles with Real Madrid. He’s one of the greatest superstars alive, and he’s also a big sports car fan. All solid reasons for Bugatti to want him in its latest hypercar.

The so-called test video is pretty much of the commercial variety, lasting a little over a minute and being packed with special effects. In the end, Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace asks Ronaldo to give the key to the car back, adding that he has to call Bugatti if he wants to keep it. You’ll have to find out the outcome for yourselves, but it’s safe to assume that Ronaldo already paid for his Chiron and maybe even taken delivery of the car.

Not bad for an ad for a super expensive vehicle rated at 1,479 horsepower and all the luxury you can get, but I’m not sure Ronaldo is the best man to approve it. He may own several supercars, but he also crashed at leas a couple of them. He’s not the best driver out there.

PostHeaderIcon Hunting For A 6-Second Pass In A Nissan GT-R R35: Video

We all know the Nissan GT-R is an absolute beast – after all, in stock form it’ll lay down a blacktop-churning 565 horsepower thanks to its twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6 powerplant, six-speed automatic transmission, and high-performance AWD drivetrain. But per usual, tuners the world over see these figures as not much more than a starting point to build something bigger, badder, and a helluva lot faster. Enter Chicago-based tuner AMS Performance, a legendary shop with a long history of producing simply outrageous speed machines. One of its latest creations is this – the aptly named Alpha G GT-R. Total output is rated at a staggering 3,000 horsepower, which is enough to motivate this lightened and drag-slick-shod Godzilla to a low 7-second pass down the quarter mile. 1320 Video highlights the Alpha G in his 5-minute, 33-second video as its owner chases sixes.

Hit play, and you’ll get a walkaround on the Alpha G, from its carbon-laden exterior, to the exposed boost-makers and air elements in the nose, to the side exhaust, to the fat Hoosiers in the corners, to the parachute in back. Afterwards, we get to watch the Nissan strut its stuff, attacking the drag strip in a flurry of six-cylinder blasts, turbo spool, and barely contained traction.

You’ll have to watch the whole thing to see if the GT-R manages to dip into the six-second range, but trust me, there’s plenty of entertainment to be had along the way.

PostHeaderIcon The Ariel Nomad Might Be The Perfect All-Terrain Vehicle

The BBC’s Top Gear has a new segment called Rory Reid’s Road Trips, and it’s fantastic. In it, the new host takes a long drive through an interesting place while driving an even more interesting vehicle. This time, it’s the Ariel Nomad. Now you’ve surely heard of Ariel, the small British automaker that hand-builds open-air, street-legal cars. They’re best known for the Atom, a super lightweight rocket powered by any number of four-cylinder (or even a V-8!) engines with big, sticky tires and the ability to out-handle supercars. Well, the Nomad is the Atom’s tough cousin.

Built for off-roading adventures, the Nomad is built on a similar skeletal chassis as the Atom, but has big shock absorbers, meaty tires, and tall ground clearance. Though it doesn’t have 4WD, its low curb weight and Honda-sourced four-cylinder with 235 brake horsepower allow the 1,477-pound Nomad to dig its way over any obstacle – including a rally circuit. Oh, and on dry pavement, it’ll hit 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds!

As Rory Reid finds out, the Nomad is a fantastic drifter, both on the road an on the dirt. It performs even better with the legendary rally driver David Higgins behind the wheel. Reid gets schooled on throwing the Nomads rear around a corner, while the throttle pedal is hammered to the floor. Having a handbrake lever doesn’t hurt either.

So this begs the question: is the Nomad the perfect all-terrain vehicle? Well, before we answer that, it’s important to look at the Nomad’s intended function. It’s lack of 4WD means it isn’t intended for deep mud or rock crawling. Rather, this thing is built for moderate to high-speed blasting. Granted, traction isn’t much of an issue thanks to the engine and transmission being directly over the rear wheels. So yeah, it can probably go 75 percent of place anyone in a Jeep Wrangler is willing to go. And if push comes to shove, the Nomad can be fitted with a Warn recovery winch.

In our eyes, the Ariel Nomad might indeed be one of the best all-terrain vehicles sold today. Its open-air cabin, outrageous power-to-weight ratio, and go-anywhere tires and suspension make it impossible not to want.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

PostHeaderIcon Watch the Lambo Huracán Performante Flex Its Muscles at the Nürburgring: Video

Since its unveiling at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the Lamborghini Huracán has already spawned three new versions — the Spyder, Super Trofeo, and GT3 — with two more iterations underway. I’m talking about the lightweight, high-performance version of both the coupe and spyder, which will be unveiled in 2017. It’s not yet known which will arrive first, but logic dictates that the coupe should break cover earlier. This will happen at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March according to Lamborghini’s latest teaser video.

The 43-second clip shows a beefed-up Huracán on the Nürburgring track. The supercar is equipped with active aerodynamics front and rear, and also has a large wing atop the decklid, which makes it safe to assume that it’s not a regular Huracán. Lambo showcases its mobile front spoiler and rear wing, which can provide either maximum downforce for better stability or minimum drag for enhanced acceleration. The firm also announces March 1 as the date we will find out more, but doesn’t say anything else about the car. Not even a name is mention, so we don’t know what badge this new Huracán will sport.

If the previous Gallardo is any indication, the coupe should be called the Huracán Superleggera, while the Spyder should be christened the Performance. However, some sources claim that the latter is more likely to be used for the coupe. But whatever the name, it’s pretty obvious that the upcoming iteration of the Huracán will be incredibly fast and loud. We will find out more in March so stay tuned for updates.

PostHeaderIcon Top Gear's Official Trailer For Season 24 Already Looks Better Than Most of Season 23

The 24th season of Top Gear is scheduled to premiere on March 5 in the U.K. and March 12 here in the U.S. We already know the details to that. What we still don’t know, or have little knowledge about at this point, is whether or not this new iteration of the show is going to better than the disaster that was last season. It is pretty funny that our expectations have dramatically dropped in a season’s time, but that just points to how bad season 23 was for the show and the BBC. But things are now looking up for Top Gear, and if this new trailer is any indication, the hit motoring show could be rounding into form at just the right time.

It’s safe to say that Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid will never have the same kind of chemistry that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May had. Last year’s host, Chris Evans, tried to dip his hands into that barrel, only for the barrel to blow up in his face. But after watching this new trailer, it appears that the BBC should have gone with the trio of LeBlanc, Harris, and Reid to replace their iconic predecessors in the first place.

Sure, the dialogue may have been kept at a minimum in the 60-second ad, but all three appear to finally be in their element. That’s especially true for LeBlanc, who’s Hollywood background made him an odd choice for some people last year. But give credit to Joey Tribbiani for coming into his own. He seems more relaxed now and his commentaries, limited as they were in the trailer, now come from a place of confidence. The same can be said for Harris and Reid, who themselves look to have come into their own given how happy they seem to be in the trailers.

We’re not going to pass judgment of Top Gear ahead of season 24. That’ll happen at some point in the next few months. But as far as promising trailers are concerned, this new one hits a lot of our sweet spots.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Gets Drag Mode, Promises to Win Races

Hey folks, another week has passed and it’s time to watch a brand-new teaser for the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Dubbed “Third Law,” the 20-second clip showcases the car’s suspension system and ends with a photo of the Demon doing a massive burnout at the drag strip. You guessed it, this thing is going to post some amazing quarter-mile times and dominate just about any amateur drag race across the U.S.

As it has done in most recent teasers, Dodge compares the Demon to the Hellcat yet again. This time around, the brand argues that while the Hellcat’s supercharged engine produces all the power required to run quicker and faster quarter-mile sprints, the car was tuned for the perfect balance between “drag strip brute force, road course competence and street car civility.” By contrast, the Demon was designed to perform best in Drag Mode, which in combination with its all-new suspension system maximizes weight transfer and traction and control for mind-boggling quarter-mile runs.

“The “old school” solution was pretty simple – get the quickest reacting springs up front, the softest rebound front shocks that wouldn’t restrict the springs’ reaction, remove any restrictions (sway bar) and increase the compression of the rear shocks,” Dodge explained. “This combination resulted in extremely efficient weight transfer, but provided minimal lateral stability in the event that directional corrections were required. Demon combines the best of both mechanical and electronic tuning to deliver maximum launch force while still maintaining precision directional control.”

Dodge also claims that the SRT Demon is the first-ever factory production car with mechanical/electronic drag-race-specific suspension tuning. The system includes 35-percent lower rate front springs, 28-percent lower rate rear springs, 75-percent lower rate hollow front sway bar, 44-percent lower rate rear sway bar, and drag-tuned Bilstein adaptive damping shocks.

Unfortunately, there’s no word as to how quick the Demon will be on the drag strip, but we should find out closer to launch. The Drag Mode is also set to be showcased in the “coming weeks,” so make sure you stay tuned for updates.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota's Street Fighter-Themed Commercial For the C-HR Is The Ad The Super Bowl Should Have Had

Excuse us for getting a little too pumped up about a car commercial two weeks after the Super Bowl. We’re making an exception here because this ad by Toyota for its new C-HR crossover is that good.

The commercial takes a page from Japan’s rich culture of developing the most iconic video games in history. Toyota, presumably with the help of Capcom, released this commercial of the C-HR for the Japanese market. That’s the not the news here, though. Rather, it’s the treatment of the ad, which puts the C-HR inside the world of Street Fighter II, arguably the biggest and most popular fighting game in history.

The ad starts off with the CH-R lining up to battle Ryu, the Hadouken-throwing protagonist of the video game franchise. But instead of fighting each other, Ryu instead hops inside the CH-R before going on a tour of sorts to the home stages of the game’s other characters. In the process, it gets a car wash from E. Honda in Japan, performs a drift with Blanka in Brazil, and does a wheelie with Zangief in Russia, all before ending up in Thailand to face the game’s final boss, M. Bison.

With Ryu behind the wheel of the CH-R, the crossover somehow defends itself from M. Bison’s attacks by popping up its hood before shooting off some hadoukens from its headlights to finish off the big baddie. Who knew the CH-R came with that option?

It’s an incredible ad that touches on the two things at the core of Japanese culture: cars and video games. It sets up as one of the most memorable we’ve seen this year. And for what it’s worth, that final scene of all the Street Fighter II characters celebrating the CH-R’s win with Ryu polishing it off with a shoryuken uppercut is as fitting a conclusion to a commercial as you can get.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Car Throttle Gets Technical About Getting Sideways: Video

The term “drifting” gets thrown around a lot these days. Hell, some manufacturers will even add it as a specific driving mode. But what is drifting really, and how is it different from any other form of ass-out oversteer? Car Throttle decided to drill down and figure it out in this nine-minute, 51-second video. Commence the tire smoke.

At the heart of the video is the difference between powersliding and drifting, which is explained by Car Throttle’s resident “Driving Badass” Alex Gassman as such – “drifting is everything you do on the way into a corner and powersliding is what happens after the apex.”

Sounds simple enough. Playing the part of tire killer for this demonstration is BMW’s M2 coupe, which manages to kick out the rear with ease thanks to the 365 horses provided by a front-mounted turbocharged six-cylinder. It also looks pretty good doing the whole sideways in slo-mo thing.

Gassman not only demonstrates both types of oversteer, but also provides some helpful hints if you wanna try it out for yourself at your local closed course. Of course, if you do decide to explore either drifting or powersliding, make sure you do it legally in a safe, controlled, environment.

PostHeaderIcon Ford Mustang Recreates "C'était un Rendez-Vous"

If you’re a car fanatic, you’ve probably seen C’était un Rendez-Vous, a film made back in 1976 by Claude Lelouch that showcased a car hauling ass through Paris early in the morning. It was an interesting short, to say the least, and showed off various landmarks and areas of Paris. For the 40th anniversary of the movie short, Ford has decided to do a reboot of the original, this time with 360-degree views and a woman behind the wheel of the 2018 Ford Mustang.

Of course, things have changed since 1976, which means there are a few things missing from what was shown in the original video. But the anniversary video, which is being called Re-Rendez-Vous,” does follow a similar route and shows off landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, and Sacre Coeur Basilica, among others. On top of that, the driver in this video is a female who ultimately meets up with her boyfriend after a delightful cruise.

With that said, I won’t break down the video any more than that, so go ahead – click play and enjoy the reboot for yourself.

PostHeaderIcon Petrolicious Takes A Look At One Man's Passion For The Toyota 86, Both New And Old: Video

Some cars are just so incredibly good, they manage to transcend time itself. The Toyota AE86 is one such car. Made in the ‘80s using tin cans and old plastic bottles, the AE86 sought driving nirvana via an age-old formula – engine up front, power in the back, and very little weight in between. The recipe worked wonders, giving birth to one of the most iconic enthusiasts’ cars to ever hail from the Land of the Rising Sun. And that’s saying quite a lot. It was so good, in fact, Toyota decided to give it an encore several decades later. Southern California resident Ron Ng owns an example of both the new and old 86, and Petrolicious decided to highlight them both in this eight-and-a-half-minute video.

If you wanna be specific about it, Ng owns a 2017 Toyota 86 and a 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS. Both are finished in a classic white and black two-tone panda paint scheme, offer cog swaps through a three-pedal manual transmission, and equip high-revving four-cylinder engines under the hood.

But the similarities don’t end there. “Driving the new Toyota 86, it definitely has the characteristics of driving the older Corolla,” Ng says. And just like the old Corolla, the new 86 isn’t about burnouts and quarter-mile times. “It’s a momentum car. You always have to push it. You’ve gotta learn your brakes points properly to keep your RPMs up,” he explains, later adding, “The new 86 is a tool that teaches you how to achieve a high driving IQ.”

Which would you rather have? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out our review of the new 86 here.

PostHeaderIcon New Teaser Confirms that the Dodge Challenger Demon Will Have Tremendous Grip

Another week has passed and Dodge has launched a new teaser for the upcoming Challenger SRT Demon. The sixth out of 14 to be released before the muscle car makes it’s debut at the 2017 New York Auto Show, the new teaser is called “Multiplication” and showcases the car’s tires and torque converter. The actual clip doesn’t provide much information beyond the fact that the Demon can buckle its tires just like a dragster, but luckily Dodge also released a statement with precious bits of information.

For starters, it says that the 315/40R 18 Nitto NT05R street-legal drag radials, which are 12.6 inches wide, were designed and developed specifically for the Challenger SRT Demon using a new compound and unique tire construction. This enables the muscle car to handle higher launch torque loads, which prompted Dodge to give the Demon more torque multiplication. Specifically, the coupe is fitted with a higher stall speed torque converter and 3.09 rear axle gears, which returns significant improvements in various departments compared to the Challenger SRT Hellcat.

For instance, the special tires give the Demon a 15-percent larger tire contact patch and more than twice as much grip. Also, both converter torque multiplication and rear axle torque multiplication increase by about 18 percent. In all, these upgrades enable the Demon to generate more than 35 percent higher launch force than a Challenger Hellcat.

No wonder those tires bend like they’re made of bubble gum…

The next teaser will be launched on February 23, while big unveiling is set to take place in April. Meanwhile, check out the short teaser above and stay tuned for updates.

PostHeaderIcon Porsche's Top 5 Rarest Factory Models As Told By The Man Who Takes Care Of Them

Creating a “Top Five” or “Top 10” list is always an exercise in caution because these rankings are largely of the subjective variety. One person can have a his top five on a specific topic only to see another person with a different top five of his own. In such instances, we usually rely on persons of authority to make these definitive calls. When it comes to making a legitimate top five list on the rarest Porsche factory models no person is better suited for the task than Dieter Landenberger, the manager of Porsche’s own Historical Archives.

The latest episode of Porsche’s always fun and informative “Top Five” series brings us to the Porsche Museum where Landenberger is its chief archivist. As somebody who knows pretty much knows as much about Porsche as anybody alive today, Landenberger is the perfect person to make a list of the rarest Porsche factory models in the world. The list itself is indicative of Porsche’s long and proud history and all the cars that Landenberger named each carried a storied history behind its exclusivity.

It’s fitting too that Landenberger’s choices come from a number of different Porsche generations spanning over 50 years of Stuttgart’s finest creations. Most of us probably know what the number one spot on this list is, but watching the episode and seeing Landenberg pull the sheets off of each of the cars that comprised the top five also made us realize just how awe-inspiring this museum is and just as important, how incredible Porsche’s history really is.

So without further adieu, check out the top 5 rarest Porsche factory models in the eyes and words of no less than Dieter Landenberger himself.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Top Gear's New Trailer For Season 24 Is Off To A Promising Start

There are times when you just have to wipe the slate clean and start over from scratch. Such scenarios typically happen when someone goes through something disastrous and they’re left with nothing more than hope for a sunnier future. You could say that it happened to Top Gear last year as the popular motoring show suffered through one of its worst seasons in history. Everything that could have gone wrong with that show did, but now, on the heels of the 24th season, Top Gear is returning with a fresh outlook in life, and judging from the newest trailer of the show, that positivity could soon pay off.

Gone are Chris Evans, Sabine Schmitz, and Eddie Jordan, and we’re left with what could very well be said as the three presenters that really made a good account of themselves in the last season: Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid. It is funny to think though that while LeBlanc and Harris were regarded as solid hires a year ago, Reid was the biggest question of the group. Good for him that he was able to prove his worth. Also, to be fair, Schmitz also did well for herself last year.

So, about the trailer. The new one dives back deep into the dry comedic wit that made the show famous in the first place. In it we see Harris, LeBlanc, and Reid sitting inside the BBC’s insurance department as they’re grilled about the insurance costs they needed for the show. Throughout the whole scene, we’re also treated with snippets of the 24th season of the show, including Harris taking the wheel of the Ferrari FXX K, LeBlanc doing what could very well be an ill-fated impersonation of James Bond, and Reid crashing into what might be one of the show’s production trucks. All the while, the three hosts continue to uncomfortably sit in the insurance department as they take questions from the head of the insurance department. It’s good for a few laughs, which is probably all that the BBC is looking for at this point.

Speaking of the BBC, the network has yet to announce the schedule for the 24th season of the show. But we all know that it’s coming; it’s just a matter of when, not if. Hopefully, the 24th season fares a lot better than the last one when it does arrive.

Continue after the jump to read the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Hear the Challenger SRT Demon Roar in Dodge's Latest Teaser Video

Dodge has just released the fifth video teaser of the Challenger SRT Demon, revealing more details about the upcoming muscle car. Along with the clip, Dodge also unleashed four new high-resolution photos. Both the video (called “Forced Induction”) and the pictures highlight the coupe’s supercharger and “Air Grabber” system.

There aren’t any significant hints about engine data or the size of the new supercharged, but the soundtrack includes the roar of the 6.2-liter V-8 when idling and under full throttle. And needless to say, it sounds amazing.

Other than that, the video shows air entering through the two intakes flanking the headlights and the massive scoop atop the hood, which includes the “Air Grabber,” described as the largest functional cold air intake ever installed on a production car. The system drops the air temperature by more than 30 degrees compared the Hellcat.

The Challenger SRT Demon is set to break cover at the 2017 New York Auto Show in April. Until then, Dodge is set to release nine more videos. The next one will hit the Interwebz next Thursday (February 20). Stick around for updates.

PostHeaderIcon We'll Remember These Five Super Bowl Commercials For A While

So, Super Bowl LI was a pretty remarkable game, wasn’t it? It had generous helpings of drama, including the greatest comeback in the history of the game. That tells you the magnitude of what Tom Brady and the New England Patriots accomplished when it rallied from 25 points down to beat Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, 34 to 28.

Apart from the history-making game though, Super Bowl LI will be remembered for its commercials. That’s been a recipe of the Big Game for years now, and just as it was back then, this year’s game featured plenty of commercials, including a significant number of ads from the auto industry. There were definitely a lot of them, and while some of those commercials bordered on the bad to the outright ridiculous, there are those that stood out, including the five commercials you’re going to read about below.

These ads are, for lack of a better term, the most memorable car commercials of Super Bowl LI. As you can expect the treatment of these ads differ from one another. There’s one that used the power of a celebrity to get its message across. There’s also another that touched on its own future. Then there are the ads that carried with them deeper societal meanings that extended well into the treatment of their commercials.

Remember, this isn’t a list of the best commercials among automakers during Super Bowl LI. It’s a list of commercials that stood out in different ways, whether it’s through laughs or empowerment. Personally, I liked all of them, and for what it’s worth, all five do place in my rankings of best car commercials during Super Bowl LI, which itself will be otherwise remembered as the Super Bowl that solidified Tom Brady’s place as the greatest of all time.

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PostHeaderIcon Jay Leno Gets Under The Hood Of A 1,000-Horsepower '65 Mustang: Video

You gotta love old Mustangs. The look, the smell, the tire-squealing torque – it’s all classic muscle car stimuli that’s sure to evoke something if you’re even the least bit interested in cars. As such, it’s a platform that’s seen a ton of reimagining over the years, from light modification to complete overhauls. This particular restomod falls towards the more extreme side of that spectrum, boasting an incredible 1,000 horsepower at the rear wheels. Responsible for the build is Timeless Kustoms, a speed shop based out of southern California, which took its outrageous pony car down the road a little ways to Jay Leno’s Garage in order to give the former Tonight Show host and lifelong car guy a looksee.

“Today’s featured vehicle,” Jay begins, “1965 Ford Mustang Fastback, so far from stock that it’s hilarious. This is exactly the kind of car that just gets the comments section going.”

What started as an unblemished six-cylinder coupe was transformed into what it is now through 10,000 hours of exhaustive tweaks, tuning, and modifications. Timeless Kustoms did a complete teardown before hitting it full force with the upgrades, and clearly, pulled no punches in executing the build.

But let’s get to the party piece under the hood. Providing motivation is a 5.1-liter Coyote V-8, which gets a supercharger and two turbos to stuff an insane amount of air into the cylinders.

At over 23 minutes, the video is a bit on the long side, but there’s plenty of footage of the build and a healthy amount of tech specs to get you excited for your own wrenching adventures.

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