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Archive for the ‘Volkswagen Golf’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport by ABT Sportsline

When you have a car that already holds the Nürburgring lap record for a front-wheel drive production car, there’s little reason to expect the car to be capable of bigger and better things. While that may be true in a production sense, the aftermarket world is a different beast altogether. Previously thought of to be improbable are being made possible with the right program and no more is that evident than ABT Sportsline’s newest aftermarket program, one that specifically takes on the record-setting Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport, otherwise known as the king of the ‘Ring as far as FWD cars are concerned.

So how exactly did ABT Sportsline get to improve on a car that already packs 261 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque in standard guise and a ridiculous 305 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque in its more powerful “S” configuration? The short answer, of course, is tuning know-how. The German automaker is one of the most respected tuners in the aftermarket scene, a level it has attained after years of churning out impressive tuning kits for a wide range of makes and models.

ABT’s program for the Golf GTI Clubsport is no different as it packs a comprehensive list of upgrades that includes a new aero kit, interior upgrades, suspension improvements, and of course, an engine program that revolves around the tuner’s award-winning New Generation tuning module.

The results on the Golf GTI Clubsport and the Clubsport S are significant. The GTI Clubsport, for example, gets its power up to 335 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque while the Clubsport S sees its output shoot up to 365 ponies and 339 pound-feet of torque. For a hot hatch that already boasts of being the standard-bearer among all hot hatches, it seems unfair that both versions of the Golf GTI Clubsport still has a room for improvement.

Then again, that’s why ABT Sportsline is considered as one of the best in the business.

Continue after the jump to read more about the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport by ABT Sportsline.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf R-Line Package

The Volkswagen Golf may not be regarded as a flagship model but it is an important one to the German automaker as it continues to pick up the pieces left behind by the disaster that was Dieselgate. With the model having recently undergone a facelift, the Golf is beginning to exude confidence again, which is likely a big reason why Wolfsburg is releasing a new optional R-Line package specifically for the hatchback and wagon versions of the company’s little mighty mouse of a car.

Nope, the Volkswagen Atlas isn’t the only one getting the R-Line treatment. The Golf is getting one too, and judging by the options included in this particular package, there are plenty of them to go by for discerning would-be Golf owners. Exterior and interior upgrades abound in the Golf R-Line, most of them coming in aesthetic and cosmetic varieties. Some of these options come with aerodynamic improvements too so that’s another pretty important selling point, especially when you take into account one of the R-Line package’s most important attributes.

Essentially, think of the Golf R-Line in the vein of the model’s range-topping variant, the Golf R, minus the extra power that the latter has at its disposal. The Golf R-Line doesn’t carry the same power and performance numbers as the actual Golf R, but at the very least, the package helps the Golf look a lot like its more powerful sibling. That in itself makes the Golf R-Line that more appealing because ultimately, if you can’t add on to a car’s power numbers., might as well just make the said car look the part of one instead.

Continue after the jump to read more about the Volkswagen Golf R-Line Package.

PostHeaderIcon 2018 Volkswagen Golf R Comes With More Power And Better Looks

In November 2016, Volkswagen launched the facelifted, seventh-generation Golf, unveiling all versions of the popular hatchback save for the range-topping R. With 2017 just around the corner, the German car maker has quietly revealed the Golf R too. As expected, the beefed-up hatchback arrives with a slightly more powerful engine and an updated exterior.

Design-wise, the R model received the same updates as the rest of the Golf lineup. Up front, there’s a revised radiator grille with a chromed lower strip that extends through the new LED daytime running lights. The LED headlamps are also new and included in the standard package. Below, there’s a redesigned bumper with a larger opening in the middle and revised side vents with black-painted surrounds. The new bumper gives the Golf R a more aggressive stance compared to the outgoing model, which looked rather bland. Around back, notable changes include taillights with a new LED pattern and larger lamps in the bumper. The hatchback also rides on new, double-five-spoke wheels.

Inside, the R carried over with almost no changes in terms of styling, but got a wide array of new tech, starting with a new touchscreen with gesture control. There’s also a new fully digital instrument cluster measuring 12.3 inches and offering five different information profiles. Other novelties include the Media Control App, which provides an infotainment interface for tablets and smartphones, the Security & Service package with various apps and access to immediate assistance in the even for a crash or a breakdown, and an online anti-theft alarm.

Under the hood, the turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine received a mild power hike. Much like the Seat Leon Cupra, the Golf R now benefits from extra 10 PS (10 horsepower), which takes the total output to 310 PS (306 horsepower). The hatchback needs 4.6 seconds to hit 62 mph from a standing start on its way to a top speed of 155 mph. European pricing starts from €40,675 for the hatchback with the manual transmission and from €44,800 for the Variant wagon version with the DSG. U.S. pricing information is not yet available.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen e-Golf

Unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the e-Golf went on sale globally in the summer of 2014, about two years after the Golf Mk7 it is based on made its public debut. In the U.S., the e-Golf arrived in late 2014 as a 2015-model-year vehicle. Essentially a standard Golf with the gasoline engine swapped for an electric motor and a battery pack, the e-Golf crossed the pond to North America with 115 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque. The EPA rated the hatchback at 83 miles on a single charge, which put it on par with EVs like the Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf. For 2017, the e-Golf received a comprehensive update that added new technology, a new battery, more power, and an extended range.

Unveiled only a few weeks after Volkswagen debuted the regular Golf range, including the performance GTi model and the GTE hybrid, the facelifted e-Golf benefits from the same upgrades as the standard hatchback. While exterior changes are minor, customers now have access to new technology and features, including the optional gesture control function that Volkswagen unveiled in 2015. The revised e-Golf offers better performance, with the tweaked motor and larger battery delivering more horsepower and torque. Also quicker and able to reach a higher top speed, the e-Golf comes with 50-percent more range than the outgoing model.

The new tech and powertrain puts the e-Golf above its traditional rivals, but it’s not yet ready to go against the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt. Find out how it compares with its most important competitors in the review below.

Continue reading to learn more about the Volkswagen e-Golf

PostHeaderIcon Volswagen Golf R – Driven

The Volkswagen Golf R has been long awaited here in the U.S. where customers have pining for this Europe-only car to make its appearance Stateside. Now with the 2016 model year, that wish has finally come true. The anticipation is justifiable when considering Volkswagen first debuted the Golf R32 back in 2003. It featured the first dual-clutch gearbox in any production car and had VW’s then-new 3.2-liter VR6. It set the bar extremely high in the hot hatch segment.

Volkswagen has plenty of competitors out there, but the Golf R still holds its own. It comes with 4Motion AWD, a standard six-speed manual or the optional six-speed DSG automatic, and of course, the 292-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Those mechanicals are good for a sub-five-second launch to 60 mph and more fun on public roads than Johnny Law will allow.

At the same time, the Golf R is still… well, a Golf. It boasts 52.7 cubic feet of cargo room with the second row folded. There’s still 22.8 cubic feet of room with the second row locked in place. That means the Golf R is not only fun, but it’s functional. Obviously, that’s the appeal of a hot hatch. There’s little compromise unlike a 2+2 sports coupe or larger, heavier crossover.

I recently spent a week with the Golf R fitted with the DSG, DCC, and no N-A-V. Punny acronyms aside, the car was well equipped, but not loaded. Thankfully it had Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto) so I was able to use my iPhone for navigation. So what’s it like to live with the Golf R? I’ll let you know below.

Continue reading for the full driven review.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen to Reveal Updated Golf in November

Volkswagen has just announced that the updated version of the seventh-generation Golf will make its official debut in early November 2016. The German brand describes the facelift, which is less than a month away, as a “major update,” but gives no specific information as to what the new hatchback will bring to the table. Instead, Volkswagen brags that it has sold more than 32 million Golfs between the nameplate’s introduction in 1974 and the end of 2015, whle also listing other records the hatchback has broken so far.

For instance, it reminds us that the Golf outsold the iconic Beetle in 2002 and that it is being built in five different factories and exported to 155 countries. Volkswagen also takes pride in the Golf being the only car in the world that is available with five drivetrains: gasoline (petrol), diesel, hybrid, electric, and gas.

Pretty impressive, but this says nothing about the upcoming update. So what will change with the facelift?

To be honest, not much. The Germans may view it as a “major update,” but the facelifted Golf VII won’t get more than just a few nips and tucks. If the past is any indication, Volkswagen will only meddle with the front grille, add new wheel designs, and maybe a couple of new exterior colors. More changes are in store inside, but mostly in the technology department, with the design layout to remain unchanged. If previous reports are accurate, the Golf should get the infotainment system and instrument cluster from the Golf R Touch Concept. The 9.2-inch display should also include gesture control, a feature that Volkswagen debuted at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Continue reading for the full story.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Clubsport by Speed-Buster

The Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Clubsport S made headlines in April 2016 for breaking the Nürburgring lap record for a front-wheel drive car when it posted a time of 7:49.21, besting the Honda Civic Type R’s time by 1.4 seconds. It was an impressive achievement that didn’t go unnoticed by aftermarket tuner Speed-Buster, which is now offering a tuning program for the less-powerful Golf VII GTI Clubsport with the promise of bringing its output up to 326 horsepower and 306 pound-feet of torque, head and shoulders clear of the output of the “S” version.

While I’m off the belief that Speed Buster should have developed a similar program for the Golf VII GTI Clubsport S, I can’t complain about what it was able to do for the standard model. With the resulting power under its hood, the Speed-Buster-tuned Golf VII GTI Clubsport is not only more powerful than the standard S version, it also clears past the Golf R, thus establishing itself as a bonafide hot hatch on wheels.

The only caveat to this program is that it’s strictly made up of an engine tune. That means that it has no exterior and interior upgrades, no suspension modifications, and no new set of wheels. But where it lacks in those sections, those who are interested in the engine tune should take comfort knowing that they’re getting a legitimately more powerful Golf VII GTI Clubsport without having to burn too many holes in their wallets.

Continue after the jump to read the full review.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf Club Sport GTI by ABT Sportsline

ABT Sportsline is adding another program to its long list of tuning upgrades for Volkswagen models. This latest offering is for the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport and just like past kits for VW’s resident hot hatch, this one comes with a mix of everything, from exterior upgrades to performance enhancements that bring out as much as 340 horsepower and 318 pound-feet of torque out of the car’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

As suave as the work on the engine is, the aerodynamic upgrades are just as important. True to its reputation, ABT Sportsline built an aero body kit that touches on all sections of the hot hatch. Likewise, the Golf GTI Clubsport’s chassis and suspension modifications weren’t spared from the tuning prowess of the German aftermarket company. The only thing missing from the kit are interior upgrades, although knowing ABT Sportsline, don’t expect these enhancements to go past the usual tuner-sourced pedals and floor mats.

All told, the kit is what you’d expect from an aftermarket company as renowned as ABT Sportsline. The tuner has been in the game for a long time and it’s with kits like this one that provide a clear example of the experience that comes with having some years in the business.

Continue reading to learn more about the Volkswagen Golf Club Sport GTI by ABT Sportsline.

PostHeaderIcon EVO Pits The Ford Focus RS Against The Volkswagen Golf R In A Hot Hatch Drag Race: Video

The Volkswagen Golf R and the Ford Focus RS present an interesting conundrum for those looking for a hot hatch worth its salt. Both models can arguably claim to being the best of the lot and both make valid points for doing so. On paper, the Focus RS has the edge. It’s got almost 50 horsepower and 67 pound-feet of torque over the Golf R. It also has a smoother gear transition, particularly on the lower gears, making it easier for the Focus RS to get off the block quicker than the VW rival. On the flip side, the Golf R is around 80 pounds lighter than the Ford and that lighter weight makes up for some of the VW’s perceived shortcomings.

And so, when it comes to figuring out which of the two is better, there are some ways to do it, including having both the Golf and Focus RS line up side-by-side for good ‘ol fashion drag race. EVO took the task of doing just that by setting up a race between the two pocket rockets. As expected, the Focus RS shot off the line much quicker than the Golf R, quickly establishing a 0.5-second gap in the race to 60 mph. But just as quickly, the Golf R comes roaring back and by the time the two cars hit the quarter-mile, the Focus RS’s lead drops to just 0.2 seconds, the same difference between the two cars when they both hit the half-mile.

In the end, the Focus RS nudges past the Golf R in the race to 130 mph, beating the Volkswagen by 0.6 seconds. For a car that supposedly has close to 50 horsepower on the other, that’s not much of a difference. All this points to one undeniable truth: both the Volkswagen Golf R and the Ford Focus RS are worthy contenders to the title of the best hot hatch in the market.

And since the Focus RS is finally headed to the U.S., it’s now important to look at the price comparison between the two. Not surprisingly, it’s almost dead even too as the Volkswagen Golf R retails for $36,595 compared to the Focus RS’s starting price of $36,605. That’s a $10 difference, by the way.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf R Mk VII By O.CT Tuning

The Volkswagen Golf Mk VII has been around since 2012 and in the past four years, it has evolved into a favorite among aftermarket tuners. Programs from ABT Sportsline and MTM have been released in the past few years, and now O.CT Tuning is jumping aboard with its own tuning kit for the VW hot hatch. The biggest thing about this particular program is its versatility, specifically with the number of engine upgrades that are available, including one that bumps the Golf R’s output to an impressive 450 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.

All in all, the tuner is offering a total of four engine upgrades for the Golf R. Each of these kits come with its own set of advantages that are created to address the needs of a particular Golf R owner. Some might prefer the powerful version whereas others may be content with either of the first two stages of the program. The point is that there’s an engine upgrade for every discerning customer.

Obviously, some people might frown upon the absence of anything relevant outside of the modifications to the Golf R’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine. That’s something O.CT Tuning can’t escape from, but the tuner knows that already. In its mind, this particular tuning kit is all about extra power and extra performance, and for what it’s worth, it did a great job addressing those needs. Sometimes with a hot hatch like the Golf R, that’s really all the car needs to really take its chops to the next level.

Continue after the jump to read the full review.

PostHeaderIcon Eight Cars That Give the Word "Sleeper" New Meaning: Video

Okay, humor this situation for a minute. It’s 1:00 A.M. on a Friday night. You’re sitting all alone at a four-lane intersection in your 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. As you’re sitting there waiting for the light to change, someone rolls up in a Volkswagen Golf MK2 and begins revving his engine, challenging you to a race. Of course, you have 707 ponies on tap, and there’s no way that German-made box on four wheels can beat you, right? So, you decide to give this kid a beating he won’t forget, but as the light turns green, it becomes blatantly apparent that something is wrong. That’s no regular Golf – that’s one hell of a sleeper with 1,200 horses screaming at you as your Challenger meets its first pair of taillights. Bummer!

Unfortunately, we don’t have that on video… yet. But, what we do have is a video that showcases eight different “sleepers” that will really make you question the next car that tries to race you. For the record, the Challenger Hellcat is nowhere near being a sleeper, so you won’t see one in this video, but there is a 1,200 horsepower Mk2 Golf, a Volvo with a 2JZ engine swap, and a clunker of a Suzuki minivan with a freaking rotary engine crammed into it, to name a few.

Needless to say, this is a video you want to watch because, well, it’s just amazing to see how much potential some of these otherwise boring cars really have. My favorite is the MK2 Golf that is displayed first in the video. You get an inside view of the launch, and let me tell you, this thing hits 62 mph (100 km/h) almost instantly. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, though, so if you like fast cars and entertain the idea of sleepers, hit play and enjoy the video.

PostHeaderIcon Riding Shotgun in a VW Golf R Driven by Scott Speed: Video

VW has finally unveiled a new set of high-res images of the 2016 Golf R. Check them and our review of it at

During our recent visit to the Texas Motor Speedway with the Texas Auto Writers Association’s Springtime Auto Roundup, we had the privilege of riding shotgun with famed racing driver Scott Speed. The action took place in a bone-stock 2016 VW Golf R – a 292-horsepower, AWD hatchback with a proper six-speed manual transmission and a light, 3,300-pound curb weight.

The video above is Scott showing us just how capable the Golf R is around a road course. If the video makes the car look slow – its an illusion. Speed and his skills push the car around the track with each tire screaming for mercy, the tachometer nudging redline, and the brakes letting of their distinctive smell. Speed simply makes it look easy.

Race fans from several genres of motorsports will instantly recognize the name Scott Speed. He started as a youngster racing karts before graduating to open-wheel racing in 2001. A year later Speed was racing for RedBull in Formula Three. Speed soon moved up to Formula One, becoming the first American to compete since Michael Andretti in 1993. He spent time racing GP2, Gran Prix, ARCA, and even several NASCAR series.

Nowadays Speed can be found co-driving with Tanner Foust for Andretti Autosport and Volkswagen in the RedBull Global Rallycross. In a mix of dirt-road rally driving, drifting, and stadium-truck-style jumps, Rallycross is one of the fastest growing motorsports. Speed and Foust pilot a 560-horsepower VW Beetle with AWD a sequential six-speed gearbox, and a full safety cage. Missing from every Rallycross car is any sort of traction aid – meaning slides and wild maneuvers are a common sight during a race.

That’s why Volkswagen had Speed on hand to demonstrate the 2016 Golf R’s abilities on track. It’s easy to appreciate the Golf R’s smooth clutch, notchy shifter, versatile AWD system, and weighty steering when driving on the street, but it’s another thing altogether to experience the car with a man who’s completely familiar with the chassis, tires, and handling characteristics. For more on our Golf R driving impressions, click “continue reading.”

Continue Reading for more information

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat

In June of 1976, Volkswagen introduced a sportier variant of the Golf, dubbing it the GTI. In the four decades that followed, this speed box helped define the very essence of the term “hot hatch,” offering tire-roasting output, corner-carving suspension tuning, and even a place in back for cargo. Now, in celebration of that history, VW is introducing a custom one-off called the Heartbeat, and it’s bringing all the stock GTI goodness, plus showstopper styling, a monster stereo, and a considerable power boost under the hood.

The Heartbeat is actually part of a duo of one-off show concepts VW is debuting at the 35th annual Worthersee car meet this year. Held on the banks of Lake Worthersee in southern Austria, the event regularly attracts tens of thousands of enthusiasts from around the world, who arrive to rejoice in all things within the VAG spectrum. 

Since 2008, VW has brought along a new GTI project car to help fan the flames. The custom rides are produced as part of the Volkswagen Vocational Training program, which offers VW apprentices the chance to create their vision of the ultimate GTI. This year, 12 fresh-faced trainees designed and built the Heartbeat in less than nine months, honing their skills in five different areas of expertise. The team consisted of five women and seven men, aged 20 to 26, and included interior fitters, vehicle paint technicians, automotive mechatronics technicians, a technical product designer, and a process technician specializing in plastics and rubber engineering.

So what do you get when you leave 12 young and talented VW devotees alone with a GTI? Read on for the details.

Continue reading to learn more about the Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S

The GTI event at Lake Worthersee has officially kicked off, and with that kickoff, Volkswagen has debuted the new king of the Golf GTI lineup: The Golf GTI Clubsport S. The car is based on the Golf GTI Clubsport, but has gone through numerous upgrades and refinements to make it the fastest and lightest Golf GTI yet. In short, Volkswagen engineers were able to reduce the car’s overall weight to 2,998 pounds while upping permanent engine output to an impressive 306 horsepower – that’s a 30 horsepower increase over the standard Golf Clubsport. The Clubsport S will be produced in just 400 examples.

The whole idea of the Clubsport S came about during the testing of the final version of the Golf GTI Performance. Karsten Schebsdat, the Head of Chassis Tuning, said, “It was obvious to all of us that this GTI had immense potential, so we decided to get the most performance possible out of this car. A small team went through the entire process, from bottom to top, pretty much like it was back when the first Golf GTI came into being.” Needless to say, it wasn’t an easy task and VW engineers had to put in a lot of work, but that work paid off.

The payoff came when the Golf GTI Clubsport S smashed the lap record at the Nürburgring for front-wheel-drive production cars. With Benny Leuchter behind the wheel, the car hit the lap in 07:49:21 – that’s 1.4 seconds faster than the previous record that was set by a Honda Civic Type R. To make this possible, the Clubsport S received a special sport chassis, refined interior, and an extensively adapted engine control unit that all helped to raise the crowned Clubsport S above the standard Golf GTI Clubsport it was based on. So, with that said, let’s take an in-detail look at what makes the Clubsport S so much better than the regular Clubsport.

Continue reading to learn more about the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Back in June of 2015, Volkswagen dropped news of the Volkswagen Golf TCR that was basically a 2013 Seat Leon Cup Racer with a Golf body. That car was a concept that was designed to see how the gold could stand up in racing events. Its final testing was completed by Liqui Moly Team Engstler, which led to a win at the Red Bull Ring in Austria in 2015. With that initial testing Volkswagen was able to add the finishing touches to its customer-focused race car, and now we’re graced with this – the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR.

You’ll notice a striking resemblance to the Golf GTR concept that proved itself at the Red Bull Ring, but the finalized product is a little more refined and sports its own subtle little differences. It still boasts a rather powerful four-cylinder engine and still has the blood of the Seat Leon Cup Racer flowing through veins, but this car will surely find itself right at home at the track, just as the Golf TCR did last year, and the Seat Leon Cup Racer has for the past few.

This car is an exciting development, and if you’ve had a chance to drive the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport or the lesser 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI, you already know why. The road going variants of the Golf are responsive and handle quite well, which is why the Golf – at least in some form – deserves a place on the track. There’s just something about a hatchback racer that works, and this Golf GTI TCR is no exception. Keep reading to find out more about Volkswagen’s new race car.

PostHeaderIcon Auto Express Lines Up The Ford Focus RS Against The Audi RS3 And The Volkswagen Golf R: Video

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is already being hailed as one of Ford’s most impressive cars in recent years. Surely, the hype has been real for a lot of people, including yours truly. But, has the Focus RS really ascended to the top of the hot hatch pound-for-pound rankings? It’s a fair question to ask considering that there are other hot hatches that can make a case for that (mythical) title.

Auto Express sought to answer that question by lining up the Focus RS against two of its German counterparts, namely the Audi RS3 and the Volkswagen Golf R. Both the RS3 and the Golf R have their own claims compared to the Focus RS. The Audi, for instance, has more power than the Ford whereas the VW has less power, but is also cheaper than the Focus RS.

Each model also offers its own line of benefits that its two rivals don’t have. But even when you use the tale of the tape, differentiating one from the other two really boils down to what a customer wants in his hot hatch. All three are great options and offer, in their own way, a sporty experience in a practical package. That is, after all, the essence of what a hot hatchback is supposed to be.

So which one did Auto Express pick from the three? No spoilers here, so you better watch the video to find out the verdict. I can tell you that picking among these three cars is harder than it looks.

PostHeaderIcon EVO Drives The 2016 VW Golf GTI Clubsport: Video

2016 is the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI, and in commemoration of that, Volkswagen has built the 2016 Golf GTI Clubsport. The car still isn’t available for sale quite yet, but EVO has managed to get a little bit of time on the track with one of the three pre-production models. As noted in EVO’s video, it’s not as powerful as the Volkswagen Golf R, but it does put out 261 horsepower, with the occasional boost up to 290 horses.

In the video we get to see the car make a lap or two around the track, as it is compared to the standard Golf GTI and the Golf R. The most notable part of the driving experience is that the aerodynamic enhancements (mainly in the rear) actually help make this every-day driver just as comfortable on the track as it is on the road.

So, is the most powerful GTI ever going to be the best? Well I won’t ruin that part for you, but I will say that I wish I could have the opportunity to drive one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will ever cross the big drink to the U.S, but if you live over in the U.K. you should be able to snatch one up mid-to-early next year. You might want to hurry though – we have no idea how many will be produced, and it is a special edition, so don’t expect it to be around for long. Enjoy the video!

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

As one of the biggest automakers in the world, Volkswagen’s got a lot on its plate, so much so that I can understand if some of its models don’t get nearly the same amount of attention as the others. But what’s happening with the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is a real head-scratcher even by VW’s standards.

Volkswagen released the seventh-generation 2013 Volkswagen Golf Mk. VII in 2012. Since that time, the model has given birth to a handful of variants, including the 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen, the 2017 Volkswagon Golf Alltrack, and the 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf, to name a few. Conspicuous by its absence in that list is the Golf Cabriolet, which has yet to receive a seventh-generation makeover. Well, Volkswagen has just announced the first details of the 2016 Golf Cabriolet and the key takeaway is…it’s still based on the sixth-generation 2009 Volkswagen Golf.

Yep, Volkswagen’s soldiering on with the Mk6 Golf Cabriolet in a dumbfounding attempt at trying to convince the market that there’s still some appeal left in a version of the Golf that has been replaced three years ago. I mean, really, Volkswagen?

The obvious reaction here is “why?” but if you look past the notable changes on the car and read between the lines of the announcements and press releases, it does appear that the company’s just releasing the Golf Cabriolet just for the sake of releasing it, as if there’s an absence of conviction in trying to make the model a viable competitor in a market that’s already teeming with new offerings from rival brands.

Volkswagen did give the new-old Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet some new exterior and interior digs. At least those things are worth something, right?

But overall, the 2016 Golf Cabriolet still has the look of a car that was built half-heartedly by a company that now doesn’t appear to be interested in building a seventh-generation-based Golf Cabriolet. Hopefully, that’s not the case, but with a move like this, it might very well be.

The 2016 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet will make its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Continue reading for my full review of the face-lifted Golf Cabriolet.

PostHeaderIcon Audi RS3 VS Volkswagen Golf R: Video

From just a glance, it is plainly obvious that the 2013 Audi A3 and 2013 Volkswagen Golf are related. Both are built on the VW MQB platform, and they’re built will the same purpose in mind. But the two cars wear different badges, and so different approaches were used to make them, and this become ever more clear when you move up the range to the top-end performance versions of the two cars, the 2015 Audi RS3 and the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. This video will take a look at the two cars in order to determine just how different they really are, including a lap around the track.

There is a substantial price difference, and Audi is good enough to include a big power bump to go along with all of that extra money you’ll be shelling out. There is also a nicer interior and the chance to say that you drive an Audi, although one would hope that the latter isn’t something that Audi is banking on too heavily. You might think that these cars are so similar that the difference in power and price would lead to a predictable conclusion from the comparison, but the result will probably surprise you.

It’s more than a little bit troubling that the VW wins this comparison. The Audi gets a nod for the better interior, subjective though that may be, but for such a huge price difference, Audi has much to answer for with these results. It would be interesting to see if different testers achieved different results, but there is no reason to doubt the impartiality of this test. One positive aspect of the video is the reviewer’s description of the all-wheel-drive system as “like front-wheel-drive with infinite traction,” which is apt.

PostHeaderIcon Next Volkswagen Golf GTI Could Deliver 300 HP

The Volkswagen Golf lineup is set for realignment at the top end of the performance spectrum, with new eighth-generation fast Golfs on the way, including a 300-horsepower Golf GTI, 350-horsepower Golf R and a new Golf RS variant with 400 horsepower. The next GTI will retain front-wheel-drive, while all-wheel-drive will be saved for the R and RS. We’ll likely get a preview of this new hierarchy when a production version of the 400-horsepower Golf R400, based on the current Golf, debuts later this year.

According to Automobile Magazine, the eighth-generation Golf is expected to arrive in 2019 and will be an evolution of the current car. It will be built on Volkswagen’s new MQB architecture (internally called MQB evo), with improvements focused primarily on drivetrain and electronics. The next Golf should be lighter too, with the new GTI weighing between 50 and 100 pounds less than current one.

The GTI’s new engine will be more or less the same EA888 2.0-liter four-cylinder from the current Golf R and mated to either a six-speed manual or optional dual-clutch automatic transmission. Other options will include bigger brakes, adaptive dampers and an electronic limited-slip differential (which it definitely needed to manage all that power going to the front wheels).

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Next Volkswagen Golf GTI Could Deliver 300 HP originally appeared on on Friday, 29 May 2015 18:00 EST.

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