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Archive for the ‘Volkswagen’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen is approaching the end of the development phase of the new Volkswagen Golf 8 – the most connected Golf of all time. But before I proceed with bombarding you with all the incredible things I’ve learned about it, let me just give you a glimpse of its importance through my experience.

It was 2004, my finishing year of elementary school when Volkswagen revealed the Golf MkV GTI. I remember that day vividly because that was the day I was directly exposed to the culture of the Volkswagen Golf aficionados that I subconsciously wanted to avoid. That day, during recess, one kid came running in the schoolyard carrying a ProAuto car magazine in his hands and basically yelling, “New GTI, New GTI.” He did not buy lunch out of his pocket money, but a car magazine with a GTI on its cover. Every single kid that had heard him charged at him to see what kind of a Golf the new GTIwill be. I ran too. I was struggling to see what the new Golf looks like and we all jostled each other to get a glimpse of the car.

That moment alone changed my perception of Golf for a lifetime. And, believe it or not, that car magazine I was telling you about – I started working there some years later.

Now, exactly 15 years after I saw the Golf MkV GTI for the first time, I have the opportunity to witness the reveal of the Golf 8 (and I believe the GTI). 15 years ago, Volkswagen proudly chanted in its press release “It is [Golf GTI] stronger, better and more sought after than ever.” The Golf MkVIII will be exactly that – stronger, better and more sought after than ever. But also, more connected than ever.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Presents Lego T2 Camper Van And We’re Already Dreaming Of A Life-Sized Lego World

The Volkswagen Type 2 is one of the German automaker’s most enduring designs and was even kept in production in Brazil until 2013. Volkswagen sold countless numbers around the world and, while the T2 generation isn’t as cute as the original T1, it has its place in history. At the Leisure and Travel Fair in Munich, Germany, the T2 made an unexpected appearance in Lego form, proving that making full-scale recreations of cars out of thousands of Lego bricks is now a thing.

The second generation of Volkswagen’s world-renown compact multi-purpose van debuted in the Summer of 1967 and was kept in production until 1979 for the American and European markets. The Argentinian market enjoyed the T2 as late as 1986 while over in Mexico you could buy a new T2 up until 1994. However, the T2 was most popular in Brazil where Volkswagen built it at the São Bernardo do Campo plant until 2013 when the production officially ended with a run of 600 Last Edition vehicles.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Jetta GLI35

The new 2020 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is just right. Presented at the 2019 Chicago Motor Show, the new hot Volkswagen compact sedan gained the much-needed overhaul with a fine upgrade that came from none other than the parts bins of the Golf GTI and the Golf R. It is a thoroughly improved car, with a 2.0-liter, turbocharged, gasoline engine, a fresh new look, and a far more advanced suspension compared to the lesser units. Let me just say it – rear multi-link. It has it.

With the new model introduced in Chicago, Volkswagen USA officials actually noted that the new car will come with two trim levels, while the limited edition GLI 35 serves as sort of a high-end model of the GLI world.

Now, we’ve already learned a lot about the new Volkswagen Jetta GLI, but what about the Volkswagen Jetta GLI35?

PostHeaderIcon Is There Be Room in the VW Range for an Even Hotter 2020 Volkswagen Jetta R?

Volkswagen has launched a new 2020 Jetta GLI that borrows a lot of Golf GTI visual cues, as well as its powertrain and more advanced suspension. But the new GLI is only so extreme and, in fact, in China and other markets, you can actually get an even more powerful version of it that isn’t branded as anything special. The GLI is only the most powerful Jetta you can buy in North America.

PostHeaderIcon 2020 VW Jetta GLI vs 2019 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Volkswagen has finally given its Jetta sedan for North America the power, exclusivity, and extra sporting edge that some enthusiasts felt were missing from the package. The new 2020 Jetta GLI has addressed all those concerns and is now a model with enough brawn and sophistication to go head to head with all the sporty sedans in its size and price brackets. If you’re into fast driving, then you will be happy to note the new Jetta GLI gets the exact same engine as the (Golf) GTI, a standard limited-slip differential, and a snappy six-speed stick shift.

One of the new Jetta GLI’s main rivals is the2019 Honda Civic Si sedan, a very hard contender indeed. The Civic Si has a smaller displacement engine than the Jetta GLI, and has less power, but it is also quite a light car, one renowned for its excellent handling and road manners. It also looks somewhat sportier than the Jetta too, especially if you see its trunk lid-mounted wing, the center exhaust, and the aggressive overall design and stance.

If this were purely a visual comparison to discover which car looked more aggressive, that distinction would automatically go to the Civic Si. But it’s not all about the visuals, especially since the Jetta is more powerful than the Civic and it also has a more sophisticated independent rear suspension that VW doesn’t offer on any other Jetta model.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen ID Crozz

With an impending approach of the numerous Volkswagen ID electric cars, the spy photographers come into their own finally having a proper reason to film camouflaged Volkswagens. The latest that fell victim to a spy photographer’s lens is a curiously uncovered Volkswagen Tiguan. It was wheeling, silently, in nearly the same way as that Golf Sportsvan I wrote about earlier. As it turns out, this one famously hides the body of the next Volkswagen ID Crozz. It is definitely one of the most important electric vehicles that will appear in the next year or two, and this is essentially all that we know about it.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Jetta GLI

The 2020 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is the latest performance-oriented version of the compact sedan. It’s based on the seventh-generation Jetta what was unveiled for the 2019 model year, and just like its predecessor, it rides on underpinnings borrowed from the Volkswagen Golf GTI. More aggressive than ever design-wise, the 2020 Jetta GLI is also the most powerful GLI ever built. Powered by a turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, it comes with 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. For the first time ever, the Jetta GLI comes close to the Subaru WRX, although it still doesn’t have an all-wheel-drive system. Find out more about the new Jetta GLI in the review below.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen gives 2019 Passat for Europe its midlife nip and tuck

Volkswagen has updated the current Euro market Passat and as with all new products from the German giant, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. But it is certainly different if you look at details like the Arteon-infused styling refresh as well as the long list of new tech features added along with the facelift.

PostHeaderIcon 5 Reasons the 2020 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Needs a GTI Badge ASAP

The Jetta GLI returned to the market at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, and needless to say, it’s cooler than it has ever been. Although the previous model was nothing to sneeze at, the seventh-gen GLI is a proper four-door GTI. The only thing that bugs is that Volkswagen didn’t drop the “GLI” badge for a proper Jetta GTI name. And here’s why I think it should have.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen ID Neo

After the first journalist drives of the Volkswagen ID Neo prototype, we can almost understand what Volkswagen wants to do with its compact electric car. The Volkswagen ID Neo is a Golf-sized hatchback created on top of Volkswagen’s new MEB architecture, and it will be unveiled later this year. It is a close competitor to the Nissan Leaf. Yet, as Volkswagen promoted it as a car with the size of a Golf but roominess of the Passat, I am sure it will embark on its way to steal some buyers from the likes of the Kia E Niro, the Hyundai Kona Electric, or other similarly sized electric cars and crossovers.

However, the car that hides under the body of the Golf Sportsvan shown here is probably a bigger, family version of the same kin. Make no mistake; this one is also based on the same ID Neo architecture. Apparently, Volkswagen has plans to introduce as many as 50 new electric models by 2025. The ID Neo will create an electric VW avalanche and, at first, it will be priced in a similar bracket as the Golf Diesel. I believe that the electric Golf Sportsvan’s brother will cost a tad more.

PostHeaderIcon The Rumors Were True! Volkswagen Really is Making a New Beach Buggy, and It Comes to Geneva

Fifty years after the Beach Buggy took the U.S. by storm, Volkswagen is reaching back into its retro vault to introduce a new buggy concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The new concept will sit on VW’s Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) platform and will carry the identity of an all-electric dune hopper. Specific details are still scant at the moment, but if anything, the new concept is the perfect shot in the arm for those who have been waiting for a new buggy to come out of Volkswagen in the last five decades. The yet-to-be-named concept — for now, Klaus Bischoff, Head Designer at Volkswagen, calls it the “e-buggy” — will make its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show this coming March.

PostHeaderIcon Here’s What The 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk. 8 WIll Look Like

Volkswagen is renowned for playing it really safe with the design of most of its cars, and there’s no better example for that than its lineage of Golf models. It may have grown in size quite a bit over the years, but if you line all generations of the model side by side, you will undoubtedly be struck by just how little it has evolved from one generation to the other. You can certainly see progress if you skip a couple of generations or more, but not as much as you see from other long-running nameplates out there.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Amarok by Arctic Trucks

Remember the name ‘Arctic Trucks’? They are the same folks whose claim-to-fame was when Jeremy Clarkson and James May drove a customized Toyota Hilux at the North Pole. This company is back in news and this time for working on the Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck. Arctic Trucks calls is the ‘Icelandic-spec’ version of the VW Amarok.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

The Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR is a hardcore GTI focused at amateur track day enthusiasts, and it’s heavily inspired by one thing – the TCR competition. No, it is not a race car, but a production, roadworthy hot hatch that spruced out of a four year long TCR competition. Volkswagen has been part of the TCR touring car series since 2016 with the awesome GTI based racer.

Since the inaugural TCR season in 2015, the TCR touring car series saw a number of cool entries. Including the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR, the Subaru WRX TCR, and, as you may have noticed if you followed our coverage of the 2019 Detroit Motor Show, the Hyundai Veloster N TCR. It is quite an impressive competition that already gave birth to some cool cars. Like the N badged Hyundais for example.

Back on the streets, the new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR will fight its fight against the Hyundai i30 N, the Honda Civic Type R (also in the TCR competition), the Renault Megane RS and the RS Trophy, among many others.

PostHeaderIcon The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – 2020 Volkswagen Passat

This car is nothing short of a legend, and when it goes down, it will be remembered as one of the longest running and the most successful sedans to have graced the Earth. Sounds like a tribute, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because the 2020 Volkswagen Passat may very well represent the last time the German company invests its time, money and resources into this car. The 2020 Volkswagen Passat was displayed at the Detroit Auto Show and, even though it is a very good package overall, we might give it a miss in favor of say, a crossover.

Nevertheless, here is a list of the things that work in the 2020 Passat’s favor, and some things that don’t:

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen’s Cooking Up A Challenger For the Land Rover Defender

It’s no secret that crossovers, SUVs, and electric vehicles are on top of Volkswagen’s to-do list. Apparently, there’s no such thing as too many SUVs for the German automaker because a new report indicates that VW is working on creating a new model that will compete against the Land Rover Defender. Tentatively called the “T-Rug,” the new SUV will sit on the same MEB platform that Volkswagen uses to underpin its lineup of I.D. electric vehicles. Just as important, the T-Rug will be offered in both three- and five-door body styles. The new SUV is due to come out in 2022.

PostHeaderIcon Is Santa Bringing Back Volkswagen’s Beach Buggy?

Bruce Meyers’ Manx buggy was one of the huge automotive hits of the ’60s and, channeling the spirit of those years; it was a full-on DIY project that turned into a phenomenon. Now, Volkswagen, the company that powered Meyers’ dreams via the Beetle platform, teased a potential revival of the buggy as an electric concept part of the I.D. family.

This year, Volkswagen’s traditional Christmas card features the muscular silhouette of an open-top rugged off-roader with Santa in the driver’s seat. This suggests that the German automaker is looking to unveil yet another concept under the I.D. umbrella inspired by the buggy that was paramount to the creation of the Baja Rally.

PostHeaderIcon Volkswagen Golf Match Edition

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular models in the company’s lineup. To make it even better, the automaker has decided to replace the SE and the SE Navigation trims with a better, value-for-money variant, dubbed Match edition. However, these changes are limited to the U.K. market for the time being.

PostHeaderIcon The 2020 Volkswagen ID Visits South Africa as Part of It’s Final Testing Phase

Volkswagen will put the ID all-electric hatchback into production in 2019, but we still have to wait until the vehicle is officially revealed. We expect it to have a more restrained and toned down design compared to the concept that previewed it, but at the same time, it will retain its overall shape and several design details.

PostHeaderIcon Want to Know what the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Looks Like? Here’s Your Leaked Images

Volkswagen is readying a more rakish-looking, coupe-like variant of its Atlas high-rider and these leaked shots show us exactly what it’s going to look like from the outside. The overall shape remains true to that of the Atlas Cross Sport Concept shown this year at the New York auto show, but pretty much every detail has been toned down.

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