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SmG Gaming

Discord Server

SmG Gaming is a community that specializes in gaming and the perfect place to find your next group to play with! There are over 50,000 members participating in their vast community.

When they wanted to expand their community, Auctions was the perfect spot to advertise their services to the world.

During their time at Auctions, they were able to 3x their total member count.


Discord Bot

Hydra is a music bot which specializes in playing music in your Discord server! Currently, the bot can be found in around 7 Million Discord servers and is an example of how fine-tuning a single feature can build a terrific product!

During the kickstart of the bot, their owner Xavin used Auctions regularly to advertise the bot on tags specifically focused on its focused feature set.

In 20 weeks, the bot grew from 5,000 to 65,000, which gave it a massive boost to set its foot in the major music bot competition.

Raid Helper

Discord Bot

Raid Helper is a Discord bot that specializes in helping you organize and plan your raids and events! It's a great tool for anyone who is dedicated to their raiding group and wants to make sure that everything is well organized. As of right now, it is about to hit 150,000 servers, which makes it one of the largest bots on Discord.

By using auctions they were able to increase their total amount of servers by over 550% from from 15,000 to 100,000!.

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Gain millions of impressions for your app or community on the #1 platform for bot and server discovery

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