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PostHeaderIcon Caterham Seven Sprint Sold Out In 7 Days

Earlier this month, Caterham unveiled the Sprint, a limited-edition of the Seven paying tribute to the original car built by Colin Chapman in the 1950s. Only a week has passed since the Sprint revealed its retro-inspired look to the world, and all 60 units have been sold, making it one of the quickest-selling sports cars launched in recent years.

The achievement is that much more impressive given that Caterham sells around 500 cars per year, which means that the Sprint helped the company sell more than 10 percent of its annual sales figure in just a week. And all this while the Sprint, which is based on the entry-level Seven 160, was priced at £27,995, or as much as a more powerful, better equipped Seven 420.

“We have been overwhelmed with the response to the Sprint. We knew of course it was a great product but the reaction we got is unprecedented. It’s been the perfect scene-setter to our 60 Years of Seven celebrations,” said David Ridley, Caterham’s chief commercial officer.

Despite all 60 units being already accounted for, customers may still have a chance to purchase a Sprint. According to the brand, not all have been sold to customers, with a few examples set to be delivered to British and European dealers. While this may be great news for enthusiasts that didn’t manage to place an order in time, the remaining Sprints are likely to be sold with a massive premium. It has happened in the past with rare, limited-edition models, and the Seven Sprint is likely to have a similar fate.

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Toyota: FJ Cruiser 4X4 TRAIL TEAMS AUTO REARCAM 2010 toyota fj cruiser 4 x 4 trail teams auto rearcam 28 k 095921 texas direct
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PostHeaderIcon Toyota Supra

If there is a car that is included on almost every list of “greatest enthusiasts car” it’s the Toyota Supra. The little two-door sports car was originally bolted together as a response to the Z cars coming from competitor Datsun, but it eventually grew into a special machine with a cult-like following. Now after years of rumor, speculation and dreaming, it looks like the new Toyota Supra is all but official. With Toyota having launched the FT-1 concept in 2014 and with sporty prototypes spotted on the road in 2016, it looks as if the next-generation Supra isn’t far from becoming reality.

The story of the Supra may start in 1978, but it was in 1987 with the introduction of the first turbocharged model that it began to truly build its performance legacy. This third-generation Supra was fitted with more than a powerful engine. It featured adjustable suspension and brake systems that helped make it great around a racetrack as well. It became a cult icon in the auto enthusiast world, and everyone has been clamoring for a new model since the old one was pulled from U.S. showrooms in the late 1990s.

With more info and rumors coming out on a regular basis about the next-gen Toyota Supra, it was only a matter of time before the first prototypes hit the streets. This finally happened in September 2016, basically giving confirmation that the new Supra will arrive in dealerships pretty soon. Based on the spy shots, we created a rendering of the upcoming sports car, to go with our speculative review Read on to see our thoughts on the matter and stay tuned for updates.

Updated 09/07/2016: The upcoming Toyota Supra was caught testing for the first time, meaning of course that all those rumors were true! Expect an official debut to happen sometime in 2018.

Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming Toyota Supra.

PostHeaderIcon Lexus UX Concept

The Paris Auto Show is right around the corner, so new car and concept announcements are flying off our printers at record speed. Lexus already gave us a teaser shot of the UX Concept that is set to be the highlight of its stand in Paris, but the luxury brand has finally dropped more details about it and given us a good look at the interior. In Lexus’ original release, it said that the concept showcases “imaginative technologies for an immersive driver experience, while the interior marries traditional craftsmanship with high-tech manufacturing techniques.” The first part of that statement is right, but after looking at the inside, there’s nothing traditional about that craftsmanship. In fact, it’s the most futuristic concept that we’ve seen in quite a while.

When I say futuristic, I’m not just talking about technology. There is a lot of that, and this model does have a few holograms inside, but the overall design of the cabin itself is out of this world. It looks like a combination of a personal space shuttle and a futuristic race car all tied together.

Stephan Rasmussen, a designer at the ED2 European Design Center, said, “Our brief was to create a new genre of compact crossover; a vehicle that could create something unique from a customer’s point of view—an innovative, three-dimensional, fully immersive user experience.”

Well give him credit, as this concept is about as unique as you can get, and it’s definitely three-dimensional. Does it preview a compact SUV of the future as Lexus says it does? Maybe in the distant future, but let’s dive on in and take a better look.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lexus UX Concept.

PostHeaderIcon Venturi VBB-3 Becomes The World's Fastest Electric Car

Land speed records have been falling by the wayside at the Bonneville Salt Flats as another team has staked claim to an FIA world speed record. There’s a sense of familiarity with this team because it’s Venturi, the same outfit that has already broken the world EV speed record several times in the past. It did so in 2009 and again in 2010. Now it’s done it for the third time with the VBB-3 “Venturi Buckeye Bullet,” which hit a staggering average of 341 mph on its way to setting a ridiculous top speed of 358 mph at the Salt Flats.

To put things in perspective, the last time Venturi set the EV land speed record in 2010, it posted an average speed of 307 mph with the VBB-2.5. That was six years ago. The team, which is made up of a cooperation between the Monaco-based company and students from Ohio State University, had initially planned to use the VBB-3 as early as 2013, but those plans were scuttled by challenging weather conditions that prevented the team from making any clear runs. Even when the team got a chance to go for glory in 2015, it only managed to reach 240 mph, well short of its intended goal.

Speaking of that goal, its new FIA world speed record of 341 mph – average speed isn’t even the team’s real goal. It wants to hit 400 mph, which sounds ridiculous when you think about it but is actually within the sights of Venturi with the proper modifications placed on the carbon fiber-clad VBB-3. It’s hard to imagine a vehicle that already produces 3,000 horsepower and over 2,000 pound-feet of torque to pack even more power, but that’s the goal the team is striving for. Given how patient it was to wait three years before unleashing the VBB-3, there’s no stopping Venturi from achieving its goal of breaking the 400-mph barrier. When that’s going to be is the question.

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PostHeaderIcon Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard

When you’re wealthy and in power, people want to kill you. So, how do you get out of the mansion or office without fear of being shot up or blown up by a roadside bomb? You ride in something like the car you see here, the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard. The S 600 Pullman Guard is based on the S600 Guard but has been extended to accommodate four rear passengers. The S 600 Guard was the first non-civilian vehicle to be rated with ballistics protection level VR10, but due to the extended length, the Pullman Guard is only rated at VR9. Be that as it may, it’s still certified for blast resistance in accordance with Directive ERV 2010 and, at ballistics rating VR9, it can sustain multiple shots from high-powered weapons such as the M60 machine gun, M14 rifle, or FAL FN chambered in 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308).

To go along with this protection, the occupants of the S 600 Pullman Guard ride in the definition of luxury, comfort, and exclusiveness. There are two executive seats in the rear for the man of the hour and his VIP guest and two fold-down seats for the less-important – you know military advisors, translators, etc. With healthy doses of leather inside as standard, and extended length and height, there’s lots of open space for conducting business.

The world is a crazy place, and high-profile people need the utmost in protection. That’s why cars like the Audi A8L, BMW 7-Series High-Security, and the S 600 Pullman Guard exist. The bombs can go off, and the bullets can fly, but chances are that if you’re inside, you’ll be just fine. And, if not, at least you’ll die comfortably, right? Either way, let’s dive on in and take a closer look at the new Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard.

PostHeaderIcon Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

Although it was launched for the 2016 model year, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is actually a facelifted version of the FF that the Italian company introduced in 2011. Essentially a successor to the 612 Scaglietti, the FF/GTC4Lusso is the company’s sole full four-seat sports car and Ferrari’s only four-wheel-drive model to date. The FF was introduced with a 6.3-liter V-12, an engine that got a power bump when the car’s name was changed to the GTC4Lusso. At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled a new, entry-level version of the four-seater, powered by a turbocharged, V-8 powerplant.

The arrival of the GTC4Lusso T is by no means surprising. Rumors of a V-8-powered variant surfaced long before the FF was updated and renamed the GTC4Lusso. As the “T” in the name suggests, motivation comes from the same 3.9-liter V-8 available in other turbocharged models, making the GTC4Lusso the third Ferrari to benefit from forced induction. Also, it is the first full four-seat Ferrari with a turbocharged V-8 and the first “Prancing Horse” to be available with a choice of two engines. Also, because the GTC4Lusso T is a rear-wheel-drive model only, it makes it the first Ferrari nameplate to offer RWD alongside the AWD setup.

Set to hit the road alongside the California T and 488 GTB, Ferrari’s other turbocharged model, the GTC4Lusso T is part of the company’s recent plans to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions across its lineup. Some details are still under wraps as of this writing, but we’ll be back to update the review as soon as Italian company spills the beans.

Continue reading to learn more about the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T.

PostHeaderIcon Apple In Talks With McLaren; McLaren Denies

These days, rumors in the automotive world are passed around like the dirtiest of diapers. One outlet publishes it, and 30 more outlets extend that reach. Take the most recent rumor originally brought to the surface by Financial Times that claimed apple was looking to buy McLaren – the maker of cars like the McLaren F1, McLaren 675 LT Spider, and the upcoming McLaren P16. These so-called talks, according to FT, were leaning toward apple securing full ownership of McLaren, but strategic investments were also said to be part of the discussions. This would have been a huge move for Apple’s Project Titan, which is rumored to bring us the world’s first Apple Car, but McLaren wasted no time in shooting down the rumor.

A McLaren Spokesperson has told multiple media outlets that “There’s no takeover, no strategic investment. It’s completely untrue.” McLaren has also released a statement that says, “We can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment.” Even with these statements, Tim Bradshaw – one of the reporters responsible for FT’s original article – has taken to Twitter saying: “Obviously we stand by our story despite McLaren’s statement.”

So the question is, who is right? Is McLaren trying to keep such talks a secret or is the whole thing fabricated? If the rumors are true, and Apple is looking to purchase McLaren, why would McLaren deny having any talks with them at all? It’s hard to say for now, but the New York Times is reporting that Apple was also in talks with Lit Motors, a company that makes electric motorbikes. Perhaps FT’s “sources” misinterpreted the situation altogether. We’ll be watching this closely and will update you as we learn more, so stay tuned.

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PostHeaderIcon Beefier Version of the BMW M2 Could get its Engine from the M4

There’s been a lot of talk about BMW working on a more powerful version of the M2, and rumors keep pouring. Word of a beefed-up M2 got out in 2015, speaking of the coupe being in line for a package similar to the M4 GTS, but with a “CSL” badge on its trunk lid. Now, a new report claims that the upcoming model could be named the CS and borrow its drivetrain from the BMW M4.

That’s the word from German outlet Bimmer Today, which claims that BMW will launch a more powerful M2 Clubsport (CS) for the 2018 model year with a new version of the N55 twin-turbo inline-six that motivates the M3 and M4 instead of the current single-turbo six-cylinder unit. The new mill would bring a power bump compared to the current M2, but don’t expect the new rating to be identical to that of the M4. In order to maintain a gap between the two performance coupes and prevent nameplate cannibalization, the M2 CS would arrive with some 400 horsepower. That’s 35 horses more than the standard M2 and 25 horsepower less than the M4.

The report also claims that M2 CS could also receive suspension components from the M4, thus making it even more track-focused than the standard model. The recipe is similar to what Porsche did with the Cayman GT4, which features various chassis parts from the 911 GT3. Interestingly enough, the M2 is already a solid competitor for the Cayman GT4 if we ignore the radically different engine layouts and prices. Naturally, the M2 CS will also employ new lightweight measure, with curb weight likely to drop by around 100 pounds.

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PostHeaderIcon 2016 Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept

Hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes, land slides, tornados – all natural disasters that interrupt normal life and put people in hard situations. First responders and search and rescue team members have the job of finding and saving people caught in Mother Nature’s way. Nissan, at the 2016 Hannover Motor Show, debuted a concept truck build specifically for the rigors of search and rescue. It’s based on the Navara pickup, and it’s called the EnGuard Concept.

Nissan started with a conventional Navara Double Cab Tekna and added features to nearly every square inch. It’s all done in an effort to make search and rescue operations safer and more efficient, saving time and lives.

Included is a DJI Phantom 4 drone that remotely sends a video feed to foldout monitors in the cargo bed. Nissan also developed a portable battery supply designed to power rescue equipment with zero emissions and no flammable fuels. The battery pack is charged by the truck’s turbodiesel engine and can be easily carried into harms way.

Aside from the headline-leading tech, Nissan also gave the EnGuard Concept some old-fashioned upgrades. A two-inch suspension lift and meaty tires allow the truck to traverse rough terrain. A winch provides an insurance policy should the truck get stuck. It can also be used to lower rescuers into ravine or to pull debris off roadways.

There are plenty of other goodies packed onto this truck, so keep reading for more.

Continue reading to learn more about the Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept.

PostHeaderIcon Honda S Dream Streamliner Sets Speed Record At Bonneville Salt Flats

Triumph’s attempt to set the land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats may have been scuttled, but that wasn’t the case for Honda and its Honda S Dream Streamliner, which set a new FIA world record for a vehicle in its class (Category-A Group-1 Class-4) by hitting an average top speed of 261.875 mph over the flying mile at the Salt Flats. It also posted an average of 261.96 mph over the flying kilometer.

The Dream Streamliner accomplished its goal using a heavily modified version of the 660-cc engine that’s based on the three-cylinder engine that was designed for the Honda S660. Using that 660-cc engine to set the world speed record was always the company’s number one objective, as project leader Keisuke Tsuta admitted in a press release.

The record-setting run may have looked easy as the posted time of 261.865 miles over the flying mile was already faster than the 227.776 mph it set on the first day of the shootout to break the FIA record. Getting there, though, proved to be the difficult part as the team poured through every nook and cranny of the S660 engine and reworked a host of its components to get three times the power than the engine was capable of producing in stock form. Several runs soon took place, including some at the Bonneville Speed Week where the team was unable to reach the speed it needed to break the record.

Despite all of the issues that the team had in preparing the Dream Streamliner, the vehicle stood tall when it was finally time to attempt the world record run, not only becoming the fastest vehicle in its class, but also becoming the fastest vehicle Honda has ever developed, eclipsing the BAR Honda F1 race car that hit an average top speed of 246.9 mph over the flying mile at the Salt Flats in 2006.

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PostHeaderIcon Professional Stuntman Eddie Braun Succeeds Where Evel Knievel Failed

Just when you thought stunts couldn’t get crazier, here comes stuntman Eddie Braun who recently did something that even the legendary Evel Knievel couldn’t do. With his steam-powered rocket Evel Spirit doing most of the work, Braun launched himself a few thousand feet over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in one of the most hair-raising stunts we’ve seen in quite some time.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Braun was estimated to have travelled with a maximum velocity of around 400 mph, which only gave him a total of four seconds of flight time before he had to pull the parachute that helped him land safely back on the ground, 1,400 feet away from where his rocket lifted off.

A video posted by 2NewsBoise captured Braun’s launch right up to the moment where his parachuted landed on the other side of the canyon. There were a few suspenseful seconds in between as the sun made it difficult to spot Braun’s parachute, but once he was spotted, the gathered crowd let out what can only be described as a combination of excitement and relief in seeing the stuntman accomplish the feat that his hero couldn’t.

Congratulations, Eddie Braun! Here’s to hoping your senses are still intact!

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PostHeaderIcon Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2 by Novitec Torado

The entry-level Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2 is barely a year old – it was introduced at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show – and yet, it’s already established its own corner as Lambo’s most affordable current model. The rear-wheel drive Lambo also holds the distinction of being touted as the “purest expression of a Lamborghini to date,” a description that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the aftermarket world. Novitec Torado, for instance, understands the potential of a tuned Huracán LP580-2 so it went ahead and developed a kit that brings that potential to reality. The result is a car that packs a whopping 830 horsepower, more than any other stock Lamborghini today, including the range-topping Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce.

It’s easy to get mesmerized by the massive power gains that Novitec Torado is offering. Trust me; I was transfixed too. But to simply focus all of our attention on that is doing the rest of the program a disservice. For instance, the kit also includes a aerodynamic body kit whose components are made entirely out of carbon fiber. There’s also a fresh set of wheels and upgrades to the suspension that help round out the Huracán LP580-2 into the pure driving machine that it is.

There’s no word yet from Novitec Torado on when this program will become available. When that time comes though, I expect plenty of Huracán LP580-2 owners to give this kit a serious look because of what it can do to their sports cars. I’d do the same thing too if I had a rear-wheel drive Huracán.

Continue after the jump to read the full review.

PostHeaderIcon Audi S7

The large, four-door hatchback or “Sportback” body is one of the coolest and stylish styles you can find. Prior to 2012, Mercedes was nailing the luxury Sportback niche with the Mercedes CLS Coupe. That dominating presence led BMW to develop the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and Audi to develop the A7 Sportback. The A7 Sportback hit the scene in 2010 and the S7, a beefed up version of the luxury family hauler came two years later. Powered by a 4.0-liter V-8, the S7 is capable of hitting the 60-mph sprint in 4.3 seconds while looking good and hauling a couple of kids. The S7 went through an update for the 2015 model year, which means the spy shots you see here are our first look at the second-generation S7. Right away you can see some Audi Prologue DNA in there, and we’re betting that it will even pack a little more power too. But, more about that later.

While there is next to nothing known about the next S7, we’re just happy we’re getting a good look at it this early on. You can easily spot design cues from cars like the Audi Prologue Avant Concept, but this is the first time the S7 has been caught in the wild, so there’s still more to the car than what meets the eye. With that said, let’s dive on in and talk a little about what this model could bring to the table in the next few years.

Continue reading to learn more about the Audi S7.

PostHeaderIcon 2016 Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck

Mercedes-Benz has announced an all-electric commercial truck designed to replace diesel-powered trucks on local, short-run delivery routes. It’s called the Urban eTruck and it runs off lithium-ion batteries that power two electric motors at the rear wheels for a clean, quiet, ride with zero local emissions.

The truck is said to have little trade-offs in relation to its diesel and gasoline-powered counterparts. It has a range of up to 124 miles and a maximum payload capacity rivaling diesel trucks. Its cabin comes chocked full of Mercedes’ latest technology from FleetBoard, including real-time traffic information with alternative route planning, driver and dispatcher communications, and emergency route guidance back to home base should the truck run low on its charge.

The Urban eTruck comes with three choices in battery size. The standard setup includes three battery modules with a total capacity of 212 kWh with a range up to 200 kilometers, or 124 miles. Battery modules can be factory ordered for truck with longer delivery routes and those that frequently travel at higher steeds, or trucks with larger payloads but travel fewer miles.

Mercedes says production of this type of truck is conceivable to begin at the start of the next decade. Whether the automaker will achieve that goal is unknown, but knowing how Mercedes generally succeeds at its goals, it’s likely vehicles like the Urban eTruck will become a reality.

This product concept comes on the heels of Tesla’s “Master Plan, Part Deux,” which details the electric automaker’s plans for building all-electric commercial trucks and public transportation. Undoubtedly Elon Musk has to feel the pressure.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck.

PostHeaderIcon Mini John Cooper Works Clubman

Mini showed off its new design language in the 2014 Mini Cooper, and since then, Mini brought us a four-door version of the hatch and revamped the Mini Countryman. Then in late 2015, Mini finally pulled out all of the stops and offered the next-gen Mini Clubman for the 2016 model year. The biggest change came in the size department as the Clubman is now 12.4-inches longer and 4.6-inches wider than before. Other styling changes include things like larger headlamps and fog lamps, new taillights, and exhaust pipes that are integrated into the rear bumper. At launch the Clubman was offered with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder or a 2.0-liter four-banger in the Clubman S. The latter offered 189 horsepower and a 6.9-second sprint to 60 mph. That’s great and all, but there was still room for something better, and Mini has finally made it happen with the new John Cooper Works Clubman.

Powered by a twin-turbo, 2.0-liter, the JCW Clubman delivers 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque which makes it the most powerful and torquiest production car that Mini has made to date. As is the usual case with JCW models, the new Clubman gets its own unique features like Black 18-inch wheels, performance seats, and tuned suspension. It also comes equipped with Mini’s latest iteration of the ALL4 all-wheel drive system to help keep things from getting squirrely during spirited driving or extreme maneuvers.

Thomas Felbermair, the VP or Mini of the Americas, said,” Performance and versatility are part of our DNA and our heritage so naturally there has always been a plan in place to bring the John Cooper Works variant to the Mini Clubman model. The addition of the John Cooper Works design and performance enhancements and the new ALL4 all-wheel drive system to the already versatile Mini Clubman model we have once again raised the bar in the premium compact segment.”

With that said, let’s dive on in a take a look at all the finer details of the Mini JCW Clubman.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mini John Cooper Works Clubman.

PostHeaderIcon Bentley Bentayga Diesel

Introduced in late 2015, the Bentayga is Bentley’s first-ever SUV. It’s also the most expensive and luxurious, factory-built SUV in the world as of 2016, as well as the quickest to 60 mph and the fastest in terms of top speed thanks to its brand-new, 600-horsepower W-12 engine. The people hauler is also equipped with Bentley’s latest convenience features and the finest leather and wood trim available on the market and the company’s most customizable vehicle to date. All told, until Rolls-Royce launches its SUV later this decade, the Bentayga is the fanciest option you have if you’re in the market for a luxury SUV. In 2016, Bentley enlarged the Bentayga family by adding a diesel drivetrain, making the SUV its first-even vehicle to use an oil burner.

It’s no secret that Bentley plans to turn the Bentayga into a full-size lineup of vehicles, with both a gasoline V-8 and a hybrid version being in the making. However, the big news for 2017 is the arrival of the Bentayga Diesel, the company’s first vehicle to use a different type of fuel other than gasoline. The reasoning behind it is that Bentley wants to provide a more fuel-efficient alternative to the W-12 Bentayga, as well as reduce its overall carbon footprint in anticipation of upcoming, more stringent regulations for automakers in both the European Union and the United States.

Much like any recent Bentley automobile, the Bentayga Diesel borrowed its drivetrain from other Volkswagen Group products. In this case, the engine came from the performance-oriented Audi SQ7. On the other hand, the Bentayga Diesel retained all the fancy features available in the W-12 model, including its incredibly expensive options. Find out more about it in our detailed review of the SUV.

Updated 09/21/2016: Bentley dropped the official details on the Bentayga Diesel.

Continue reading to learn more about the Bentley Bentayga Diesel.

PostHeaderIcon Triumph Crashes During Land Record Speed Attempt; Postpones Attempt Due To Course Conditions at Bonneville

Challenging world speed records can be tricky, especially when factors outside of your control step in to make things more complicated. That was the case during Triumph Motorcycles’ land speed record attempt at the Bonneville Salt Flats when tricky course conditions brought about by continuous rain in the location over the past few weeks resulted in an incident that led to the postponement of the record-setting attempt.

Although it didn’t specify the severity of the incident and the damages incurred by its Infor Rocket Streamliner, Triumph did say that the ride “lost traction on a damp section of the salt surface,” causing the machine’s rear end “to step out of line.” The streamliner is now expected to undergo a full inspection before it takes another crack at setting the world record.

Fortunately, rider Guy Martin wasn’t injured from the incident and is expected to take the wheel of the streamliner when it returns to the Salt Flats to attempt to set the land speed record. When that’s going to be is the tricky question. The team said that it plans to resume the record attempt once conditions allow it, but conditions at the Bonneville Salt Flats has become increasingly unpredictable in recent years as a handful of events have been called off, including the 2014 and 2015 editions of the Bonneville Speed Week event.

Absent of further details, all that’s left for is to sit and wait for updates from the team.

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PostHeaderIcon Jaguar F-Pace R

Announced at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and previewed by a concept car, the Jaguar F-Pace entered production in 2016 as the company’s first foray into the SUV market. Equipped with powerful, but efficient four-cylinder and V-6 engines, the F-Pace was received with great enthusiasm, helping Jaguar build on the success of the F-Type, the car that basically revived the brand as a top-level sports car manufacturer. Much like the F-Type, the F-Pace is scheduled to spawn several iterations, including R and SVR models. While the extreme SVR is still in its infancy, the F-Pace R is already well underway, with the first test model being spotted on public roads.

Thanks to our sneaky paparazzi, we have our first look at the upcoming R-badged SUV, which will make its global debut sometime in 2017. As with most prototypes, the SUV is wrapped in swirly camouflage, meaning that most of details that set it apart from the base model are hidden under wraps. Despite this, we know that we’re looking at the F-Pace R thanks to the exhaust note sounding a lot more aggressive than that of the V-6-powered, F-Pace S model.

Once it hits the market, the F-Type R will become Jaguar’s most powerful and aggressive-looking SUV, at least until the more extreme SVR is unleashed. Find out more about the company’s upcoming performance crossover in the speculative review below.

Continue reading to learn more about the Jaguar F-Pace R.

PostHeaderIcon Toyota Supra Prototype Caught on Video

Much has been said about the long-awaited return of the Toyota Supra and for as long as we’ve all waited to see the car in action, I have to say that watching this video of the camouflaged Supra leaving BMW’s M Test Center at the Nürburgring has made all that waiting worth it.

We don’t get to see too much of the car, but we do hear the sound of its engine, and for what it’s worth, it sounds everything that I expected it to be. Now the roar isn’t as throaty as some might have expected, but that’s likely because a hybrid engine is sitting under its hood. There have been reports that the Supra will come with a number of different engines with a hybrid V-6 serving as the range-topping variant. Should that be the case, what we just saw may be that model underneath all that camouflage.

Speaking of which, the camouflage does its job in hiding most of the Supra’s exterior details, but if you pause the video, there are some details that are worth pointing out. The first is what appears to be rectangular headlights that I’m not sure how to feel about. On the one hand, it does point to a lineage to the Supra line, but on the other hand, rectangular headlights in 2016? Interesting choice, if it does end up looking like that.

On a more positive note, if you pause the video at the right time, you’ll notice how sloped the front nose is, almost as if it’s lying completely diagonal. Could that be a design inspired by the Toyota FT-1 Concept? Last but not least is the rear section, which is a far departure from what we expected it would look like. At first glance, it looks a lot like the rear section of the pre-2017 model year Toyota GT 86 with the round taillights and the dual tailpipes sitting on opposite ends. The bumper does appear to be much lower than the old 86 and the presence of that fixed rear spoiler creates the striking aesthetic difference that leads me to believe that there’s more underneath that camouflage than what meets the eye.

PostHeaderIcon Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Twin Turbo Black Line by Geiger Cars

The Cadillac ATS-V Coupe was launched in 2014 as Cadillac’s response to the growing number of high-performance coupes that are making a name for themselves in the market. Models like the BMW M4 and the Audi RS5 are considered some of the segment’s best and the aftermarket world has taken notice of that. But don’t sleep on the ATS-V Coupe just yet because it has also received some tuning attention, none more recently than Geiger Cars, which prepared a program that gives the the high-powered ATS model a new output of 508 horsepower and 486 pound-feet of torque.

The program is largely meant for European owners of the Cadillac ATS-V Coupe, a lot of whom will probably admit to needing one considering how many tuners offer programs for the M4 and the RS5.

In addition to the engine upgrades, it also includes a flashy new set of 19-inch wheels and upgrades to the car’s suspension unit. The last part is particularly important given the extra horses that were squeezed out of the coupe’s 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine. There is a lack of exterior and interior upgrades, but given the car’s already impressive aerodynamic qualities, it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to consider that the ATS-V Coupe doesn’t need them as much as some people think.

That said, it wouldn’t hurt if Geiger paid attention in that department too. But alas, the program is limited in that respect, although owners of the car who prefer upgrades to the engine won’t be disappointed with what they stand to get from the German tuner’s newest tuning kit.

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SuperTune Kit:
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